Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC Lessons | Long Story Short | NBC News

2020 5/29
Stephen Colbert's Super PAC Lessons | Long Story Short | NBC News

In 2011, Stephen Colbert launched a Super PAC to lampoon the new political entity. In the process, he illustrated some of the strangest facts about this newest player in politics.
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Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC Lessons | Long Story Short | NBC News



コメント一覧 (9件)

  • logitech9 says:

    It’s funny how he never brought this up again when Obama had billion dollar PAC backing him. Now Hillary has one. Colbert doesn’t think it is funny anymore?

    • Lenoah Chacko says:

      logitech9 PACs are debatable…. Super PACs aren’t…. His coverage was on the latter

    • Vu Nguyen says:

      every big politicians have their super pacs unless making super pac illegal

    • ZhangtheGreat says:

      His Super PAC was to make fun of the ridiculousness (and dangers) of the current political landscape after the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United. It wasn’t targeted at one specific candidate. You’re reading into it too much if that’s all you see.

    • nucksfordacup says:

      Absolutely wrong for Obama and Hillary as well. Money should be out of politics for both spineless Republicans, as well as spineless Democrats. This way there is in no way direct, indirect, or tacit corruption. There are candidates who don’t have Super PACs, and don’t take money(aka bribes) from corporations, and that should be the norm. All others who do are no longer representing the people, but instead entities, such as corporations.

    • 神崎アオイ says:

      Yes, and that’s why Everybody, republican and democrat, shoult Not be allowed to have Super PACs, period.

  • dexter guth says:

    the school made me watch this

    • Unraveled Lies says:

      dexter guth s a m e

  • Supreme Mathematics says:

    Nassau County caucus of black Democrats will become a Super PAC for local and State elections for campaigns