Former President Barack Obama Sends Letter Honoring Nipsey Hussle | NBC News

2020 5/29
Former President Barack Obama Sends Letter Honoring Nipsey Hussle | NBC News

Nipsey Hussle’s business partner and friend Karen Civil reads a heartfelt letter from former President Barack Obama honoring Hussle.
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Former President Barack Obama Sends Letter Honoring Nipsey Hussle | NBC News



コメント一覧 (154件)

  • Mary Matejka says:

    Barry was never our President!! He’s a fake

    • Andrew Sullivan says:

      No he was indeed our president, your comment is just as bad as all the racist black people saying Trump isn’t their president!

    • IKE UNGB says:

      John Wayne Pettimore racist black people… lol.. We’re officially in the twilight zone

    • Andrew Sullivan says:

      ill will.. there’s more racist blacks than whites these days!

    • OTHER says:

      @Andrew Sullivan Define racist.

  • Larry Mitchell says:

    No matter what, he still our President!!!

    • monae williams says:

      Donovan Mitchell he your president everybody don’t claim him

    • Andy Pham says:

      Why mr Obama didn’t helping black people .he made black people on welfare.. Mr Obama faked

    • Jae Icon says:

      @Andy Pham u expect that man to help every black ppl?????

    • Jae Icon says:

      @Donovan Mitchell ur president not ours

    • Ben Chillin says:

      He isn’t anyones’ President. That’s not how it works. Donald Trump is your President.

  • Madelyn Mathers says:

    What an awesome tribute from one of our country’s finest Presidents!

    • Donovan Mitchell says:

      Madelyn Mathers I wouldn’t say finest but I agree!

    • Clay FKN Brown says:

      Obama was a lame duck president.

  • rosegoldbb says:

    That wig.. but ok

    • rosegoldbb says:

      Jernel Strong I’m just saying that’s all I see

    • bee t says:

      Almost all black girls have wigs and weave nowdays, so u pointed out the obvious…

    • rosegoldbb says:

      bee t I pointed out how wiggy it looks
      Y’all doing the most it was a joke
      But all I see is it taking half her forehead with a little hump..ijs 👆

    • Jernel Strong says:

      @DontNeedToKnow84 lmfao

    • Jernel Strong says:

      @rosegoldbb the point is at a time like this do u really think yr comment was necessary that’s the least important thing to worry about

  • Kendrah Terrell says:


  • CrimsonTide says:

    Biden 2020–>Obama Legacy Restored!

  • Kevin Poole says:

    Right On Barack let us Move Forward on Nipseys Legacy

    • Adaryll Kelly says:

      If Obama would have done a fraction of what Our beloved Brother Nipsey was doing, we would have had a great day of reckoning for the Black Communities across the country. Obama had no interest, and unfortunately his policies proved it. So let’s not get side tracked with who praise Nipsey, but who follows Nipsey path of Greatness. Rest in paradise 👑 Nipsey

    • Jacob Alfaro says:

      @Adaryll Kelly if Obama didn’t have people shutting everything he tried to do down we would be better. WTH? Lol

    • Adaryll Kelly says:

      @Jacob Alfaro Not true, he implemented executive orders only when it was convenient for him. No real fight in that guy for the people. Research it.

  • Pelt Down Posse says:

    Who shot the punk? Stop shooting each other up!

    • Omar Avalos says:

      Your step dads name wasnt mentioned what punk would you be talking about?

    • Antonio Goode says:

      It you don’t have nothing to say don’t say it you sound stupid for your comment

    • Pelt Down Posse says:

      @Antonio Goode Stop shooting each other!

    • Antonio Goode says:

      Not even black person shooting each other white people do it to the problem is that the newspaper don’t print it they print black only

    • Pelt Down Posse says:

      @Antonio Goode Big time wrong! They media does not want to use the word “black”…So stop it. There was three young girls in Florida yesterday. They were naked in the middle of the day…outside…in the middle of the day. Someone called the pOlice….and when the pOlice arrived..the young girls tried to run them over…one had a baseball bat…I’m thinkin…Who does that?
      It was black girls! Why bro? Why? So stop your crap. I’m black too!

  • tiffany curtis says:


    • Jon Cooper says:

      tiffany curtis , You obviously have never had major medical problems, or you’ve always had big money to pay doctors & hospitals. I don’t know who this “Nipsey” was, nor do I care. I know who President OBAMA is. Because of HIM my family & I can go to any Dr. and hospital and receive care, without going bankrupted. I am not a religious man, I am a BLACK MAN who says this: “May God Watch Over You & Your Family, MR. PRESIDENT.”

    • tiffany curtis says:


    • OTHER says:

      He’s smarter than most. He knows that race is a social construct, so he’s not picking and choosing what color people he should make changes for. He made changes that impacted ALL. #43, 44, & 45 had a big impact on black communities.

  • unknown soldier says:

    The Presidency went from Black Excellence to white incompetence. Agolf Twitler can’t hold a candle to number 44!

    • 72 Nova says:

      The economy can.

    • Ollie Wood says:

      Exactly!! I love it “Agolf Twitler”…lol

    • 72 Nova says:

      @Ollie Wood dumb

  • Carol Johnson says:


  • KeepItReal says:

    Her eyelashes and tears are as fake are her dad..

    • Mel W says:

      KeepItReal you know that’s Karen Civil, she’s not an Obama

    • bee t says:

      Who is her dad ?

  • Zi21 BCballer says:

    That’s a real President right there.

  • Kochav Shavit says:

    Awww. Very sweet

  • THE KING PUG says:

    President Obama remember Nipsey for respect for family and friends

    • Ross Montoya says:

      Wanted ta thumbs up but im gonna leave that sixty instead.

  • KAYODE ORIJA says:

    Not even a tweet or condolence message from the 45th President of United States of American.Too bad Mr 45th President.

    • Baudilaire says:

      As much as I don’t care for Trump and respect what Nipsey represented I don’t think he is obliged to tweet or message. Barack for other reasons showed his respect but essentially to the rest of the world it’s just another life lost.


    OBAMA 💯💯💯💯

  • Diamond in the rough/ I am the Law says:


  • Jacinda Camacho says:

    This beautiful man is the real one 💯💪 Nipsey Hussle 🙏🕊️

    • Abdul Aliakbar says:

      Jacinda Camacho Nipsey was the ultimate Alpha Male…something that’s rare in today’s society.

  • Black Sunday Jess says:

    Obama for eight more!

    • Andy Pham says:

      Eighth more on black welfare

  • Scorp1983 says:

    Why everybody so hyped over Obama?! He did nothing!!! Nipsey did way more than Obama for his people.

  • clearisa26trinidad says:

    Marathon continues world need more legends like you.
    Your heart your soul can never be forgotten…
    You already made us love each other more.

  • Richard Diffley says:

    Nuppsy who?

  • Richard Diffley says:

    Never liked rap.

  • Brandi B says:


    • REDANDSILVER741 says:

      derrick terry Get out of here, the President was a better man than you ever could be.

    • Ben Chillin says:

      @REDANDSILVER741 You probably think gangbanging, drug dealing Nipsey Hussle was a great man too, so you as a judge of character fail all the way around.

    • REDANDSILVER741 says:

      @Ben Chillin no I don’t, but that is the reality of the situation in lower income neighborhoods where drugs a d ga vs run rampant. Nipsey tried to change that with his music. Your comments are that of hate. Say what you want, you will not be remembered as a great man by the actions you are doing but Obama will. Nothing you day will change that

    • Hot Lava Fire Jitsu says:

      There won’t be another number 44 ya your right lmao but u get what u saying yeah we just needa hang the number 44 jersey in the rafters of the whitehouse

    • dane jurasley says:

      He almost destroyed the country. But he will be the first president to go to prison

  • lotto says:

    Donald Trump wanted to show up and honor Nipsey but his family denied him. What a shame.

  • al jbug says:

    RIP . Too young to go .

  • Andy Pham says:

    Mr Obama faked .

  • J Stiles says:

    That young lady looks like a young version of Gabrielle union but it’s just me

    • Angel Johnson says:

      Michael Jordan i agree

  • Don Q Marino says:

    💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 Obama for president again

  • EaST CoAsT MaCHete says:

    Rip Nipsey wont be forgotten.

  • Jules M says:

    Wonderful words to a wonderful man. I appreciate this very much.

  • Cme says:

    I wanna be free but u left me lying there to bleed in slavery u sit and earns gunna turn to Saturn

  • DreadCannibal says:

    You are all sheep

  • Taqeem Hilton2.0 says:

    So we just gonna ignore that wig… ?

    • Angel Johnson says:

      Taqeem Hilton2.0 stfu rude

    • John Osborne says:

      That’s a weird comment to post about a woman, speaking at a funeral.. Why do you care about her

    • Eritrawe says:

      Taqeem Hilton2.0 I think you are bothered she is reading Obama letter.

  • LooxGood says:

    1 Dead, Others Hurt in Shooting During Nipsey Hussle Procession today in LA…let that sink in.

  • pmoney reno nv says:

    Nipseys death reminds me of Tupacs death in the magnitude of how big it is.

    • Justice Jay says:

      kinda look like Tupac is overrated tho. tbh

  • Inox Bradford says:

    When it comes to writing epitaph Obama is simply the best. Rest on Nipsey ,from Nigeria with love .

  • Miami305 says:

    44 the epitome of class.

  • Kristij Jones says:

    Barack obama!!!! If that aint love and respect I don’t know what is. #Powerful #RIHNipsey #YouHaveTouchMeInManyWays #BlackExcellence #BusinessOwner #Love

  • Terracotta Kim says:

    RESPECT 🙏🏾💙🙏🏾

  • Kristian Cheyenne Tirado says:

    Our president.

  • Herbo Turbo says:


  • Eddie G says:

    Obama is a lying POS. I will bet my last dollar that Obama’s self hating white bread daughters never heard of Nipsey Hussle before he was murdered. My nephew goes to Harvard and he told me that he never seen Obama’s daughter with a black person. She don’t hang out where the black people hang out and she don’t go to the parties or dances that black people attend. Obama, his wife and his daughters are enemies of black people.

  • widows son says:

    I think that is a disgrace to play a letter from someone who killed Gaddafi a Libyan leader who was going to transform Africa with oil wealth

    • chelsea curry says:

      This had nothing to do with Obama. This was not even during his time in office. So please STFU.

  • Stephen R says:

    Obama for Crenshaw

  • L M says:


  • Med nice says:

    Obama is a good man 👍

  • Anthony Harris says:

    God Bless you President Obama, forever my President.

  • Lynda Smith says:

    A president who cares. Thank you President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

  • Tha investor says:

    We always have Obama on our team. So Michelle Obama please be next president and get dat stupid uneducated mf outta office next election thank you

  • DimensionZombie says:

    NIPSEY HUSSLE did more for the BLACK COMMUNITY than al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and obama

  • Wilbert Martin says:

    Still my President!!!!

  • stickyfingaz says:

    Oh please…. 🙄

  • Inajya Harrington says:

    Donald trump somewhere Saying I wish I can spell 😍.

  • Inajya Harrington says:

    But rip to the legend

  • Tamara Ruke says:

    Democrat Party is a bunch of sickos. Jail time for Renegade (R) is coming.

  • Nikki says:

    Barack one of the greatest presidents of all time! ❤️

  • Altaye Desta says:

    I just say come to the chair the president off the world .

  • λεωνιδία Fakiola says:

    That flower wall is out of this world. It was a beautiful send off for a beautiful soul and a lovely touch from the former president there Nipsey would be made up with that. May he Rest In Peace

  • Miguel samson says:

    I wonder if Barack knew that vector 90 never had anything to do with lifting the eritrean American community

  • jaycee _ says:

    ex president cuz trump is president stupid title dont make sense

  • jb1nation says:

    Obama did nothing for the blacks … Nipsey did more R.I.P

    • Micah Atkins says:

      That is simply untrue. Opportunists will always make exaggerated claims like yours.

  • Good Golly Miss Polly says:

    What a wonderful entertainer. Genuine Soul.

  • TBlaze7 Brown says:

    Respect always to #44 President Barack Obama 🙌🏽❤️
    R.I.P. Nipsey Hussell🕊👑❤️

  • Shakespeare Fan says:

    Nipsey got more love than anyone else I’ve seen since Michael Jackson.

    • Jake Taylor says:

      Shakespeare Fan he was a true legend

  • Niecy Baker says:

    Thanks Obama 4 the love you showed love you and ms.michelle Obama

  • Wildens Leveque says:

    Marathon continues world need more legends like you. Your heart your soul will never be forgotten
    You already make us love each other. I am so sorry I never meet you I read your History I cried We Haitian love you and Respect you we support you all the way. Thank you Sir…

  • Blacbarbie37 says:

    He included both baby mothers👏🏾👏🏾

  • Le Her says:

    Obama…is a sell out…. Obama down with Terrace I have no respect for him


      So u hate obama

  • Farhiya Faisal says:


  • Pamela Bostick says:

    That’s My President Obama 💖

  • Erika Cordell says:

    Rip Nipsey u will be miss

  • Vontre Hines says:

    Karen Civil is a powerful Black Women. She really aims 2 make a difference 4 us on all levels. Peace baby.
    U r the truth 4real.
    Karen Civil 4 President.

  • Adaryll Kelly says:

    Please understand that this was a power grab for the Black vote for this up coming election, so Obama could endorse another corporate Democrat. Obama would have never acknowledge Our Brother 👑 Nipsey if LAPD wouldn’t have spoke so highly of Nipsey’s United Deeds, and heart warming Greatness, of solving some of our most devastating issues that we face in our Black Communities, followed by the mainstream news positive & fair coverage of him. So Obama risked nothing, and tried to gain something for acknowledging Our Brother 👑 Nipsey. Rest in paradise 👑 Nipsey

  • Lisa Tucker says:

    R.I.P Nipsey Hussle your legacy will forever live on , everyone spoke highly of you which made me feel you were a wonderful person . Sorry for your loss Laura London and family.

  • Trey Westdino says:


  • ኣብዓቕሊ ተስፋ'ሎ says:

    Am eritrea what i lernt from you that fo over nippsy hassul ya but thanks doughter obama !

  • SuperTruthful says:

    My president. I felt safe with him in the white house. Now, I don’t know if I should immigrate someone else till this fool leaves.

  • Gabriel Lopez says:

    A criminal president giving his condolences to an actual criminal, ironic!!!

    • Bidness100 says:

      Gabriel Lopez 😀

    • Micah Atkins says:

      Both claims are actually non factual . So,…………. I don’t get it.

  • lemmieatit says:


  • Pm N says:

    Obama the wimp and traitor to the America!

  • Pm N says:

    Fk Obama and his health care

    • Eritrawe says:

      Pm N toilet flash ur self.

  • MAKEOUTHILL_300 says:

    It would be great if he did that for X but still rip to all the legends

  • Jairo Rodriguez says:


  • Richard Billy says:

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  • Tanesha Lanehart says:

    He still my president

  • JX 10th says:

    Karen seems a little edgy , look at her body language

  • JX 10th says:

    She seems bothered by something ….. Her breathing is not normal

  • Malik Ervin says:

    🙏🏾👏🏾Thank you President Obama that was a good honor for Nipsey Hussle and his words.🙏🏾👏🏾

  • AstroBoyy_ 2XXL says:

    R.I.P Bro😭😢😔🙏🏾🙏🏾😇😇

  • Giselle Ashley says:

    Very nice words. #rip

  • Ds 7 says:

    Long live nip. 💙

  • Daniel Gutierrez says:

    Obama might have not been the best president from an economic standpoint but maaaaan he is hands down the most genuine human being to ever be called president

  • hossein_arpi8526 says:

    Bruh idc, nipsey is the second Tupac he was a straight up hustler

  • Londyn Harris says:

    2020 ANYBODY

  • Jesus Gutierrez says:

    Obama is a war criminal

    • Micah Atkins says:

      ……If you refuse to apply necessary context, maybe. In other words, the office of the presidency would automatically make one a war criminal, …by your standards. It’s literally impossible to defend and protect US citizens, without falling within someone’s perception of being criminal. In fact, why not just name every man that’s been elected, rather than the one you want to demonize today?
      Tell the entire story or continue trying to deceive . Your choice.

  • Danny Boy says:

    We all can down as Greats . Nipsey got all his knowledge from books . When he was a alive , he titled himself a Great and a King . Thoughts are powerful , speak it into existence and put fourth action behind it

  • Ennis Gaming says:

    Marathon continues