Reagan’s Joke Lead To Red Alert | Flashback | NBC News

When President Reagan joked about outlawing Russia and launching bomb strikes, he probably didn’t expect to put the Soviet system on war alert.
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Reagan’s Joke Lead To Red Alert | Flashback | NBC News

85 thoughts on “Reagan’s Joke Lead To Red Alert | Flashback | NBC News

  1. Viq Reply

    Drunk Russian. HAHAHAHA!

    In typical Russian fashion.

  2. Steel CAD Reply

    Don’t think it was the Ruskis that were Pissed ?

  3. Michael Green Reply

    even back then the libtard, elitist, trend-sucking dilettantes in the media would grasp at any innocuous thing to attack a conservative politician

    • accatt2204 Reply

      How are they attacking him? That’s the news, no bias no saying, Good Job! Just this is what happened. That’s supposed to be the new not state run media.

    • royals1231 Reply

      If he thinks this is liberal bias, then I don’t even want to know what CNN and MSNBC are now to them…

  4. Joe Johnston Reply

    Reagan was so awesome! He took on Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko. None could keep up with Reagan in the Cold War. It finally led to Reagan and Gorbachev ending the Cold War. American Hero! World Hero!

    • Joe Johnston Reply

      Stefan, I’m not sure if you were old enough during those years to understand what was going on at the personal level.  I was.  The nuclear clock kept inching closer to WW3.  It was a game of spending and a game of chicken.  Brezhnev, Andropov, and Chernenko’s healths failed, because they were very worried with the prospect of WW3.  At the personal level, their fear of WW3 perpetrated by Reagan made them sick.  Reagan came up with SDI (Star Wars) knowing fully that it may not get completed or function.  He basically turned it into a game of chicken.  He was not afraid to raise the game of chicken to the highest level.  Brezhnev, Andropov, and Chernenko were too afraid to even communicate directly with Reagan.  Gorbachev began communicating with Reagan and realized that not only can WW3 be averted, that Reagan was willing to provide an exit strategy for USSR that would save Gorbachev’s face (to some extent).  The Eastern bloc defeating themselves is a myth.  If you lived in the 70’s and 80’s, you would understand the constant fear of nuclear warfare that peaked in the early 80’s.  You won’t understand this today from wikipedia or videos or newspaper/magazine articles.  You had to live through it.  We, in the US, were very afraid that the draft would return.  Anyway, if you think the Eastern bloc fell on its own, you underestimate the immense effect Reagan had on everybody … Republicans, Democrats, allies, and adversaries.

    • Joe Johnston Reply

      +Stefan Genov  Why do you think the Eastern bloc (communism) was failing?  Because instead of spending on basic life necessities, Reagan forced USSR to spend massively on weapons of mass destruction, and to try and come up with some SDI system of their own.  Reagan’s strategy was to make USSR spend itself into the ground.  As for the state of the world today, I don’t think you can say there is any country that is doing great, including China.  All countries are economically interdependent on each other.  There will no longer ever be big winners in today’s global economy world.  That said, I still think the US and China have the strongest economies today.  And you probably would never guess what race I am, based on you jumping to conclusions by bad mouthing the US.

  5. Chris6134 Reply

    I agree with Reagan all the way!! He should have pushed the button back then already!
    Go Donald Trump!!!

    • Ashy Husky Reply

      Go Trudeau!!

    • Ashy Husky Reply

      @buster rymes America not so great

    • Chet Pomeroy Reply

      @Jeshkam If the Russian Federation goes the way of the old Soviet Union, who will control all those nuclear missiles in Russia after the implosion?

    • Jeshkam Reply

      @Chet Pomeroy Good people?

    • Chet Pomeroy Reply

      @Jeshkam Well, let’s hope so!

  6. Guiller Raval Reply


  7. gerald6919 Reply

    I love former US President Ronald Reagan peace through strength huge arms race build up that ended cold war with former Soviet Union. America was only Nuclear power back in 1945 President Ronald Reagan should of been President made sure US was only Nuclear Power. US President Ronald Reagan was Nuclear Cowboy gun shooter. President Ronald Reagan wanted peace through strength.

    • Sqvirlgirl Reply

      Never ever underestimate the complexity of why the Soviet Union crumbled. It crumbled from within. The whole Arms Race just made the system look old and tired. Thanks to Radio Free Europe, Solzhenitsyn and other outspoken critics countering the Soviet propaganda, the people of the Soviet Republics started to push back. They wanted their independence and they got it. If the people of the USSR had been united…..things would have ended very differently.

  8. IronFire Gaming Reply


  9. Bort Flong Reply

    Enemies of us have agency. If a joke makes them initiate war, that is on them.

  10. Walter Palmer Reply

    This is a lot more serious than Trump saying “I have a nuclear button that works” – yet people are making out that it’s a declaration of war.

    • hadas Moosazadeh, author Reply

      Pressing a button is just a lie. There’s no any button. A declaration of war will be taken only in the President’s announcement. Ronald Reagan’s announcement almost caused the Third World War. Every wrong announcement might be destructive.

    • Adam Reply

      Jeremy Hunt Are you some sort of stupid?

    • unknown user Reply

      @Adam he’s right…

    • Dead Channel Reply

      I mean, Reagan wasn’t serious. Trump is.

    • ozzy eMate Reply

      Paying attention to the media currently it’s like urinating into a strong wind we know the outcome but we always hope for different one

  11. eric zerkle Reply

    I remember this.. freaked out everyone!!!!!!

  12. Benjamin Crookston Reply

    We could have made them illegal 30 years ago….and now they interfere with our elections.

    • DUDAH Reply

      you got no prooof they manipulate your elections

    • Steel Wolf Reply

      more evidence that the DNC are up to that… accusing others of what they are doing…

    • G R Reply

      Benjamin Crookston I know, it’s terrible. Clinton and the Democrats should go to prison for what they did.

  13. Slappy Fistwad Reply

    Trump should have a hotmike moment like this:
    “My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw the Deep State forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.”

    • Alpha Beef Reply

      Haha, he would never dare to touch his jewish overlords of the deep state, he is their puppet like every other president

  14. David Lato Reply

    We should have bombed Russia. I spent 13 miserable months in that shithole, no one would miss them back in the 80s and no one would miss them now.

    • ProvableGrub 45 Reply

      David Lato I would miss them because of their rich history. The last 30 years of their history have been extraordinarily interesting. I don’t agree with them politically, with their an annexation of the Crimea, supporting Assad and a plethora of other things; but from a historical standpoint they are one of the most interesting countries in the world.

    • Jeshkam Reply

      I don’t have anything against ordinary Russian people, because most of them are good people, however I hope the balding, ex-KGB mafia boss from Kreml will be electrocuted soon.

    • Здравствуй, песня Reply

      @Jeshkam забавно, ведь большинство россиян его поддерживают

  15. Unregistered HyperCam 2 Reply

    USSR: How many levels of brinkmanship are you on
    US: Like, joking about bombing in a sound check, my dude
    USSR: You are like a little appeaser, watch this

  16. Clay Bailey Reply

    And the press explodes when trump says “I have a big red button”

    • BroncosBailey ‘99 Reply

      Clay Bailey but it turns out the big red button is just the button he presses to get a Diet Coke sent to his private study.

    • The Great King of Evil Ganondorf Reply

      One was clearly a joke in bad taste, one was a petty insult to a volatile nuclear power that could have ended in nuclear war. I recommend learning the difference

    • Adenoid Hynkel Reply

      Clearly St. Ronnie was just being “sarcastic.”

  17. Jonathan Sakks Reply

    Reagan made America great again

    • Bob Reply

      @rich duley Now THATS a good joke

    • unknown user Reply

      @Bob not as big a joke as you, bud.

    • Juan Figueroa Reply

      Reagan hated poor people

    • SgtBaker16 Reply

      @Juan Figueroa no he hated welfare trash

  18. Benjamin Trif Reply

    Might have been drunk ?

  19. nicolas Daliere Reply

    That was hillarious

  20. AJ12Gamer Reply

    0:12 – 0:13
    1:24 – 1:25
    When you reverse engineer the sound clip. You will realize the state run media’s brainwashing technique on it’s own people.

    • Forest Denizen Reply

      I mean it sounds like a compressed audio sample, but I don’t have access to Audacity right now.

      What does it say?

  21. Gorgon Reply

    Who’s here from JK News?

  22. Chris gibbs Reply

    Reagan was speaking off air and it was the fake news liberal media that leaked the recording and caused the Soviet threat.

  23. Xereth Reply

    Laughs in drunk soviet.

  24. Big Jimmy Reply

    Good stuff

  25. Omid Ehtiati Reply

    Reagan told us Russia is the kingdom of evil that’s true…I wished USA has nuked Russia instead of least with 100 nuke bombs…

    • аб вг Reply

      Evil empire. He called it Evil empire. And it still is.

  26. Sir Phineas Lucius Ambercrombie, Esq. Reply

    Well, well, well. There you go again.

  27. Sandman Fu Reply

    Reds can’t understand humor????

  28. Fred Bloggs Reply

    The world was destroyed by a drunken Russian.
    They’ll never believe it.
    ‘Well meet again,
    don’t know where,
    don’t know when,
    but I know well meet again some sunny day’.

  29. wowalinbie Reply

    Iran got a taste of Russia’s puckering this day.

  30. Scott Prendergast Reply

    Heres my opinionon this serious matter
    1st i was NOT here
    2nd you did not see me
    3rd this NEVER HAPPENED
    4th NO COMMENT

  31. danger mouse Reply

    I can remember when he did that. The left lost their f-ing minds. It was beautiful.

    • SgtBaker16 Reply

      They thought he’d single handedly destroy the world. He didn’t.

  32. Anonymous Doe Reply

    Jesus I like Reagan but talk about a big blunder. It’s easy to laugh at this today but during the Cold War this no joke could have been how the world ends.

  33. Isaac Roebuck Reply

    Speculates that he might’ve been drunk?
    Of course he was drunk, that doesn’t mean anything.

  34. Pain2TheMax Reply

    it’s just a prank bro

  35. Andreas erik Reply

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Nobelprize winner and himself victim of the Bolshevikparty in Gulag.

    “You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred, they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media in the hands of the perpetrators.”

    “We cannot state that all Jews are Bolsheviks. But without Jews, there would never have been Bolshevism. For a Jew, nothing is more insulting than the truth. The blood maddened Jewish terrorists have murdered sixty-six million in Russia from 1918 to 1957.”
    – Alexander Solzhenitsyn.


    I’d like to hear: We will start arresting Antifa and George Soros in 15 minutes.

  37. Myst1cReaper Reply

    LMFAOOO “The russian might’ve been drunk”

  38. demiansvideos Reply

    Fake news, they don’t explain what happened til 2 minutes into their story and their fear mongering graphics showing a convoy sailing from Russia.

  39. TheSmithersy Reply


    Drunk Russians? No, I don’t believe it!

  40. Johan Retsler Reply

    But the way he said it…as if he was on a hurry to get to the bathroom or something.

  41. William Story III Reply

    Came here from The Americans. This plays in the background in a season 5 episode.

  42. Utoi Anime Talk TV Reply

    It’s a prank bruh

  43. ozzy eMate Reply

    You don’t give immediate any credit for anything let them carry on like fools Reagan used to laugh at the joke about them that’s when the media was full of adults

  44. UNagJac Reply

    Reagen wasn’t too smart ngl.

  45. finalbossd Reply

    “It’s just a prank, bro.” -Reagan, probably.

  46. Eric Woytasek Reply

    And 99 red balloons float by……..

  47. Eugene Savinov Reply

    It was beyond being unpresidential to make this joke. Trump also did this kind of thing lately, which could lead the country to another world war. Those among the republicans who support this irresponsible and unpresidential behavior should be dropped out of a helicopter to gulag.

  48. Hyper Sonic Reply

    Russia doesn’t seem to have a sense of humor.

  49. Charlie Hippler Reply

    Throwback to when Reagan almost accidentally started WW3. Oops.

  50. Jenna D Reply

    NBC can’t even spell “led” correctly. Our media is a joke.

    • Jenna D Reply

      PS “lead” is how you spell the metal (or the present tense of “to lead”). When.i was a journalist, we had standards.

  51. M. vdW. Reply

    Where is Ashton Kutcher when you need him? I thought this was another Punk’d episode..

  52. Premier Romanov Reply


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