Bundle Packing For Wrinkle Free Clothes | Carry-On | NBC News

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Ben Popken shows us how to pack like a pro with this ‘bundle packing’ technique for wrinkle free clothes.
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Bundle Packing For Wrinkle Free Clothes | Carry-On | NBC News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar chenzenzo says:

    This may take my OCD to a new level…

    • Avatar GetRekt Loominaty says:

      Your OCD is OVER 9000!!!!!!

    • Avatar Joshua Benton says:

      @GetRekt Loominaty 9000!!!!!! IMPROSSIBUR!

  2. Avatar Zahra Jawad says:

    it was absolutely waste of time doing this. i ironed all of my husband’s clothes and when he opened them in France all had wrinkles! what did i get after watching your video? i wasted 3 hours ironing my hubby’s clothes. plz no one follow this. it is far better to take an iron with u n iron them wherever you are going

    • Avatar Deb Williams says:

      well I am actually : ) but I’m a wife not a servant!

    • Avatar JV Hamner says:

      Zahra Jawad Savvy travellers don’t take irons. They take carry-ons to avoid baggage fees. This does actually work if you do it the right way. I hang my clothes when I get to my location in the shower and steam them straight again. Easy.

    • Avatar SharronC says:

      Zahra Jawad Happened to me and when i was heading back to New york from hong know they ask me about the bundle

    • Avatar le pham thi says:

      duyên phận karaoke

    • Avatar Chavasampurna Chava says:

      Ashes threatened species the other day that the other night I Jawad

  3. Avatar Vinzent Wuttke says:

    Hi there for people that still are struggling to pack wrinkle free clothes (especially suits) we have developed a suitcase that can do just that: carry your suits wrinkle free in a carry-on while providing some additional neat features for frequent travelers. Have a look if you are interested: http://uncrate.com/stuff/vocier-c38-suitcase/

    • Avatar evelyn woolston says:

      vinzent Wuttke do you have a video showing you case in action?

  4. Avatar Louis Pattinson says:

    This is bullshit

    • Avatar Patrick94GSR says:

      No it isn’t, I’ve been packing this way for a couple of years now and it works amazingly well.

  5. Avatar Di F says:

    So where do you pack your shoes and all the other hard items ?

    • Avatar Orianteri says:

      i guess you just put them inside that fricking burrito and jump on it and after that you can suck and eat it

  6. Avatar Mrs January Flower says:

    I love this but I have a question: how do I do bundle packing with shirt and dresses?

  7. Avatar Angela Copley says:

    I tried this, but am not concerned about wrinkle free. It took a stack of clothes and made it compact. It definitely worked for me in that respect.

  8. Avatar Angela Garcia-Lewis says:

    what about dresses?

    • Avatar Ana Farrell says:

      Put them in as if they were tops

    • Avatar Purple Ash says:

      Pack them the same way

  9. Avatar MyxCakeyxLife says:

    Y’all should’ve said not tsa friendly before the video started. I burriotoed already!😑

    • Avatar le pham thi says:

      got out

    • Avatar Leonila Vizcayno says:

      le pham thi .

    • Avatar Joanne Listrani says:


    • Avatar NotATroll says:

      amarietsunami I would hope that you were joking, would you not watch the video through first to see if you like the ending before you do it? Dumb girl

  10. Avatar Laura p says:

    Looks like a good idea. Except for traveling overseas. If they search your suitcase it could be a mess 😁

    • Avatar Only Mango says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking 🙂 It could also look a little suspicious to people who don’t know this technique…

  11. Avatar Nina Edwards says:

    It worked for me thanks a lot!!

  12. Avatar Ana Farrell says:

    I done it and it worked extremely well. No wrinkles anywhere at all. I have used this method many times for all different types of holidays and get aways. Each time it worked and I am very suprised that it didn’t work for other people. It definitely worked for me

  13. Avatar Zack Zeysto says:

    Thank you i packed it as explained. Hope it will work!

  14. Avatar Nathan Michael says:

    Liking for “Garment Burrito”

  15. Avatar El Studente says:

    Let’s see what happens when we need to change t-shirt on the way… Really great :c

    • Avatar Ja0798 says:

      El Studente just put a spare shirt on top….

    • Avatar Dan Colibasanu says:

      El Studente d

  16. Avatar Wreak__ says:

    what about my shorts

  17. Avatar tormeslc says:

    That’s very nice but where does the shoes go?

    • Avatar Inia Varca says:

      just don’t bring any shoe, cos your feet got you

    • Avatar Patrick94GSR says:

      Bundle the clothes directly into the carry-on bag. Place shoes in a plastic bag into the carry-on first, then bundle the clothes in the remaining space.

    • Avatar DianeCanDo Flamtaps says:

      I just packed like this just before Christmas. After I got my bundle of clothes inside, i hade some extra space on the side and top where I put my shoes and a jacket. In my backpack I put electronics, gloves, and other essentials. Since I don’t want a hassle with TSA, I always buy travel size shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant etc when I get there. I know this doesn’t work for everyone, but I hate getting my liquid stuff thrown out at the gate!! I think it is possible to take that stuff with you but look at the regulations beforehand.

    • Avatar CJ So Misvit says:

      On ur feet

    • Avatar David Thaler says:

      I also didn’t see him pack any underwear, socks, or toiletries. Apparently, he’s planning on “going commando” and not bathing.

  18. Avatar velia garcia says:

    I watched your video, packed my clothes the way you did, and wow, it worked, thanks

  19. Avatar dixie normous says:

    until costomes get there hands on your luggage

  20. Avatar Toprak Kaya says:

    thanks a lot !

    • Avatar games basha Praveen says:

      Nice bro

  21. Avatar Clorox Bleach says:

    TSA agent: *Sir, I’m gonna have to search your carry on*

    • Avatar Tonya Johnson says:

      That’s what I’m worried about! I do all that work folding everything so neatly and then they mess it up when searched!

  22. Avatar Joseph Rauch says:

    It was fun to watch how to pack a bag in bundles. Now I know how to pack

  23. Avatar Phoenix Airbender says:

    that’s great for guys but how about us ladies who wear dressy outfits with jackets, skirts etc???

  24. Avatar flpmrtnz says:

    roll and get an iron wherever you’re going

  25. Avatar halsey GOLD says:

    i was thinking of using this hack on my clothes when i’ll travel but not until he said that it’s not tsa friendly😂

  26. Avatar Dance Moms Life says:

    It sucks it doesn’t work z😡

  27. Avatar Billy Graham says:

    unless u stole,no one packs and travel like that,ppl wear particular clothes a day they cant unravel everything of that and repack like that and travel

    • Avatar Patrick94GSR says:

      It only doesn’t work if you’re having to live out of the suitcase and travel every day. If you’re going to a destination and staying a few days this method works awesome, although I personally prefer bundling the clothes directly in the suitcase.

  28. Avatar Edward Robinson says:

    this was amazing!

  29. Avatar Rosetta says:

    when you gwt yur clothes its going to be a hassle taking it out i do not recommended using this method

    • Avatar Isabel Nevins says:

      Instead of this I usually bundle back my outfits. Put my shirt and socks inside my gym shorts and roll that up, the same for each outfit of the day. For dresses and skirts, I fold them up and lay them flat on the bottom of the suitcase. It usually works out well for me

    • Avatar Patrick94GSR says:

      It’s not a hassle at all. Also “bundle pack outfits” doesn’t really work if you want to pack light and use just a few pants combined with a bunch of different tops to make different outfits.

  30. Avatar Lilac says:

    What about skirts???

  31. Avatar Rohaan Samdani says:

    Packing my life into a suitcase for University thousand of miles and 2 days travel away – Does this technique actually work those who’ve tried?

  32. Avatar Patrick94GSR says:

    Folks, travel doesn’t always mean flying. This method works awesome for road trips, also, since a carry-on bag will save a bunch of space in your car.

  33. Avatar SharronC says:

    Cant do these when heading back to New york from Hong Kong they’ll check your bag and if it is in a bundle its going to look werid

  34. Avatar Naked Spoon says:

    All that time spent unfolding your clothes from your drawer, then re-folding, just to unfold all your clothes again when reaching your destination just to get to a item that’s at the core… when you could have just ranger rolled all your clothes from the start and literally dumped them from drawer into suitcase with no (or minimal) worry of wrinkles.

  35. Avatar Dan Cabu says:

    it’s difficult for get out your clothes

  36. Avatar bashort1 says:

    Yeah, tsa is gonna unwrap that and send you off with a ball of disappointment.

    • Avatar Angela-Jean Campbell says:

      bashort1 that’s what happened 🙁

    • Avatar Laljibhai Ahir says:

      Angela-Jean Campbell and

    • Avatar Deanna Mitchell says:

      Not true. Do it all the time

    • Avatar Tape Productions says:

      Didn’t happen to me

  37. Avatar Anemon says:

    Well I knew this already so you were wrong to say what we know about packing is wrong. Look at that 😀

    You are not the one who discovered this homie…

  38. Avatar rawaneu says:

    Mind. Blown.

  39. Avatar Annas An'am says:

    This is a life saver. Tried this during my trip back home from Japan last year.

  40. Avatar Clpzouzo Clp says:

    That’s nice

  41. Avatar MichelleHernandezTV says:

    Makes perfect sense! Video: https://youtu.be/sINMK9FdBLM Vote me as Cancun’s Ceo!

  42. Avatar nyqt75 says:

    I am checking my bag of winter clothes going to Appleton Wisconsin for a two week training and I was having anxiety about how I was going to pack everything. I came across this video and followed the instructions and it worked. Will forever pack this way and will show friends and family. THANK YOU!!!!

  43. Avatar annu israni says:

    how to.find.middle shirt,we have to open full set ?

  44. Avatar Dog Sing says:

    what if i want to take my underwear aaarrrggghhhh….

  45. Avatar amanda Schmidt says:

    This is awsome to use when traveling

  46. Avatar Patty Support by Swane&Veena says:

    จะใช้ที ต้องรื้อออกมาหมด

  47. Avatar Sam Sam says:

    looks like pants to me 😂😂😂

  48. Avatar kschoeck says:

    What if you want to get one shirt out of your suitcase? Then you have to undo the burrito?

  49. Avatar Melanie M says:

    They gonna mess it up thinking that there’s drugs in it lmao

  50. Avatar Magictodoor says:

    why not use a garment bag to Avoid Wrinkled Clothes when you travel? recommend this :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_hjYVaG5dg

  51. Avatar Esraa says:


  52. Avatar jmbo72 says:

    It really is a space-saving method. Tried it and won’t go back…😏

  53. Avatar Echo Equani says:

    When you’re traveling and if your suitcase is selected to be randomly searched they’re going to undo all that work you just did. My friend said ever since he started putting things in clear Ziplock bags in his suitcase his suitcase hasn’t been searched in years.

  54. Avatar Fb Ff says:


  55. Avatar Ákos Egyedi says:

    Based on the comment, I could say I didn’t seen him peeing, so he is not going to pee… or he didn’t showered, so he not gonna shivering in the whole trip. I am sure there’s plenty of space in the smaller sackets on his bag.

  56. Avatar Russell Hogben says:

    Wow, I’ve just learnt more about packing in 2 mins than I have in my whole life. Thanks.

  57. Avatar JJ. vsp says:


  58. Avatar Robbie D says:

    … And then you have to try to get one item out of that bundle. What if travel requires living out of the suitcase. No thanks.

  59. Avatar Rex H says:

    This is only practical if you only have one destination that you will completely unpack at.

    • Avatar Dimitris B says:

      Thank you. Who even thought this was a game changer? Besides, I’ve rarely had literally every item come out wrinkled. If you pack a tight and neat suitcase, I doubt you’ll have an issue.

    • Avatar James K Onthank says:

      Rex H true but you could create two small bundles to separate the destinations too. I have done that for business trips utilizing packing cubes to keep it separate. This technique save a lot of space

  60. Avatar Jason Paisley says:

    Leave it to TSA to ruin a good thing.

  61. Avatar Al-Iqyan Fidvi says:

    Its a pain to unpack too

  62. Avatar Six9Guy says:

    Please don’t do this. Worst packing ever.

  63. Avatar Maria Garbacz says:

    thx soo much today i am going camping big time saver

  64. Avatar 潘正澤 says:

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  65. Avatar Reddad Sitli says:

    *when u did the tutorial and the TSA agent tells u that he is gonna have to search ur carry-on bag and then ruins everything….*

  66. Avatar hi says:

    Now what if I want to take out the innermost T-shirt immediately?

  67. Avatar romain duquesne says:

    “I called some packing experts” didn’t know that was a thing

  68. Avatar Vsauce micheal here says:

    i was travelling an tsa unwrapped everything

  69. Avatar Jaden Sanchez says:

    How do u make thu cor

  70. Avatar Denise Wilds says:

    Sir those so called “experts” lied to you. All you have to do is roll it up. Wrinkle free & easy access.

  71. Avatar Bhagath Bhagath Kumer says:

    get this man a 10 millions subscribers

  72. Avatar John C says:

    Been using a combo of rolling n bundling into my carry on for over 4 years. TSA inspected only once, in Ecuador. I simply removed the bundle whole so security could unzip the bag’s lining and check inside the lining. HOWEVER, I pack so much into my carry on it weighs too much to qualify as carry on and I always have to check it in.

  73. Avatar games basha Praveen says:

    Nice video

  74. Avatar Muhamad Ikhsan says:

    If you want to use a t-shirt, you must unfold all the clothes and then fold it again

  75. Avatar Montero CR says:

    What classifies someone as a “packing expert”

  76. Avatar Harish Shewale says:

    I like It

  77. Avatar LUU NGUYEN says:


  78. Avatar ExtraEmily says:

    I just ironed my clothes then I did this waited and came back to unfold it needless to say I have to iron again

  79. Avatar •green Paws• says:

    I mean the clothes was wrinkled before he started

  80. Avatar super awful person says:

    this is really useful for moving

  81. Avatar vvv vvv says:

    Brilliant. No longer need my travel iron

  82. Avatar george bucur says:

    De rahat, te trezești că ai dita pietroiu de haine care ocupa și mai mult loc și dacă vrei să mai scoți ceva pana la despachetare pula
    Mi am pierdut 10 minute din viață degeaba

  83. Avatar Vijayshree Bothe says:

    please show folding where we have to unfold cloths daily.i mean how to do in case of traveling road trip and have to unwrap cloths every day on trip.

  84. Avatar 黛安 says:

    im here because of lee know from stray kids

  85. Avatar Stackpack says:

    Here’s another idea, using lift-out suitcase dividers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKtoobGjl8E

  86. Avatar Tape Productions says:

    Every time I watch this video it’s because I have to pack and I always forget how to pack it this way.

    UPDATE NOVEMBER 26th 2019: Packing again

    UPDATE MARCH 7th 2020: Packing again

  87. Avatar Hend Karime says:

    You are the very best thank you xxxxxxxx

  88. Avatar David Wise says:

    By the time TSA gets through my luggage, it’s a mess. It won’t work for me. They’ll think I’m a smuggler. I’ll stick to my method, thanks.

  89. Avatar M L says:

    Looks like it saves space as well. Imagine putting it into a space saver bag and vacuuming out the air 😃 . I’ll be moving and will have one checked in luggage – seems like I’ll be trying this!

  90. Avatar kev2020 says:

    Go through all this and then forget that you need a pair of socks.

  91. Avatar Srigowri TN says:

    I tried it, it worked. Thanks.👌👌

  92. Avatar Luaxon - Japanese & Korean Polyglot for Introverts says:

    Yeah… okay. I think I’ll just stick to normal folding. 😅

  93. Avatar Pastel Kitten says:

    What about dresses?

  94. Avatar Leonid Valentinovich says:

    В аэропорту при досмотре долго придется все это распаковывать и потом ногой обратно утрамбовывать чтоб на самолет успеть.

  95. Avatar Gacha Lily says:

    Yo that’s a perfect pillow tho

  96. Avatar Sufyan says:

    lol, what will they think at the airport!

  97. Avatar Ally Forester says:

    Garment burrito.

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