Master P gives investment advice and says he ‘looks for problems’

2020 5/29
Master P gives investment advice and says he 'looks for problems'

Yahoo Finance interviews Master P and learns how he grew $10,000 to over $1,00,000.

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コメント一覧 (22件)

  • Chris says:

    Please have Master P on more

  • Roman Hashon says:

    Makem say


    • Johanne Immis says:

      NA NA NA NAAAAAA 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

  • Joel Bondurant says:

    Master P: Knowledge is money, and realize we can’t take it with us.
    Yahoo: I think we should trademark that line; we got the beef, we got the chicken.

    • Get It With Mar says:

      Joel Bondurant 🤣🤣 facts

    • Alexandra Hill says:

      Exactly like wtf 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Investing Education says:

    Trying to grow my portfolio to 1 million

  • LeoTheHero says:

    make em say UHHHHHH on the way to the bank

  • j2323j says:

    I’m tryin’ to have hundreds, stacked higher than buildings,
    Flip it into millions, roll into zillions,

  • Troy Thompson says:

    Master P # 1 hustla, always respected P hustle.

  • Demetrius Maston says:

    Dem shoes don’t look to bad

  • Reservoir Dayak says:

    Am here cos of master p!

  • Tabitha Taylor says:

    President Master P

  • TheBrandBuilder says:

    I love Master P. Great Entreprenour, and father; teaching his son. He teaches us all.

  • Awaken To Life says:

    He really matured as a person and has a great outlook on life. He wants to do business work and be successful but he’s smart enough to know more won’t go w you when you die and it won’t make you truly happy.

  • Branch Tana says:

    Master P’s grown a lot since the days of “I slang tapes like crack. My rhymes so pure hit it with 2, 7-8 come back.” LOL

  • Derek Mosley Tv #CarPorn says:

    I noticed how the hosts tried to bait Master P into talking about material things, but he redirected the conversation back to empowering the community. I salute Master P.

  • juan robles says:

    “Inheritance 10 thousand dollars”
    Probably dirty money but laundered it 💀

  • RL Greenleaf says:

    Salute! 👑💪🏾

  • Will Boykin says:

    So nobody peeped at 3:30 when he said dude couldn’t die because he that rich… think ab that

  • Delight Mkhanyeli Masuku says:

    I got lots of Respect for P

  • Frank Feliz says:

    Good interview P your a true inspiration/leader.