What a recession means for the economy: Yahoo Finance explains

2020 5/29
What a recession means for the economy: Yahoo Finance explains

Yahoo Finance’s Brian Cheung breaks down the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and the timeline that will determine whether or not we are actually in a recession.
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コメント一覧 (6件)

  • stillbreathing37 says:

    It means nothing to us real Americans. It’s not like we haven’t been living in poverty already, This will be no change for us. It’s you Parasites that are going to pay the price, And rightfully so. In the words of your own party members: “Let you die!” You parasites have been sucking off your host for too long anyways. Do us all a favor, and jump out of the nearest window. Sincerely, Real Americans.

  • TheRealHarsjan says:

    Great depression leading to WW3

  • Taylor says:

    So the short term we will be okay until new quarter statements get released. Short the heck outta SPY! Put calls @ 220!

    • Marco Deo says:

      Traders are 3 months ahead of bad news. The 30% drop we saw already was on the April monthly jobs report due out May1

  • M Unknown says:

    IM SO WORRIED!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GamerSky says:

    It’s ironic that Yahoo is talking about Finance.