Family Of George Floyd Calls For Officers To Be Charged With Murder | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/30
Family Of George Floyd Calls For Officers To Be Charged With Murder | NBC Nightly News

Police clashed with protesters as outrage grows over the death of George Floyd, a black man who was heard saying “I can’t breathe” as an officer pinned him to the ground with his knee to Floyd’s neck. The Minneapolis mayor called for the arresting officer to face charges.
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Family Of George Floyd Calls For Officers To Be Charged With Murder | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (106件)

  • Max Mozart says:

    No need for charges no need for trial we all witnessed the murder vigilante justice is called for you reap what you sow

  • lowkey_depress says:

    This is truly disgusting. Those Policies need to be put in jail. Rest well George 🙏♥️

  • Aaron Wesley says:

    police union are scum

  • Mike Smith says:

    They need to charge him with manslaughter not murder. They’ll never get a murder conviction and he will walk free. Guaranteed. And if the problem is going to improve it’s necessary to get a conviction.

  • Kevin Needham says:

    Somebody should Neal on the cops neck till he dies

  • Rue Jun says:

    That video is so traumatic but it needs to be seen he looks terrified

  • Rue Jun says:

    I cant imagibe what he went thru he look like family not my blood just a black brother

  • David Rousseau says:

    Cop was just taking a knee for justice

  • Ninnee says:

    MURDER you mf gone pay if you don’t give JUSTICE

  • Zeus Zeus says:

    Doesnt matter if is black or white those police officers what they did it biggest BS I ever seen.

  • MRTNPRODUX says:



    My heart go out to the family of this man that was treated so bad begging for his life sad that he couldn’t even breathe did not deserve to be treated like that way he kept saying he can’t breathe I feel so bad for his family and for him😢😪 and prayed for God to give them strength and guidance through this ordeal I will continue to pray for your family and his friends everyday

  • Yeonjey says:

    If i’m there i killed that too police😈

  • CEILING GANG says:

    how bout muslims

  • It’s Me Cami says:

    I would of pushed the officer no matter if u would of went to jail or get murdered myself

  • yosua Langi says:

    minneapolis need joker

  • Tammy Forbes says:

    Fired is a start but accountability is what we need now! ✊🏾

  • BOX PICTURES says:


  • Renee Lemke says:

    Make charges idc if we are together or divided charge him

  • Bay Tran says:

    This’s murder

  • Darla Long says:

    WHY? WHY?WHY?….🤐

  • Popular Media says:

  • ERICK and The Ourbacks says:

    I say the murderer cop should be charged and convicted today! One day trial for first degree murder. This was a non violent crime and this cop was just a hateful racist who treated Floyed like an animal. This cop needs the ultimate punishment! The other 3 officers should also be charged as
    accomplices to murder if they get a get out of jail free card people will rise up all over the United States and the message will be heard from coast to coast!

  • voczy says:

    Is that Chinese fat chungus police officer fired aswell??

  • InkyAk86 says:

    how about someone calling for the gangsters to stop burning down stores

    • Glambyykayy says:

      How about others stop killing innocent people for the color of their skin.

    • InkyAk86 says:

      @Glambyykayy yea burning down stores and looting is always a way to show respect to the man and his family.Represent!

    • Glambyykayy says:

      InkyAk86 I never said this was the right way. That never came out of my mouth so don’t say I said that nor was there any implication. If black people were treated equally, the riots would not be going on. Simple. If blacks didn’t have to walk around in fear daily and only feel powerful and heard through the riots, the riots and protests would not be happening. Before putting the blame on them, put the blame where it needs to go first.

    • InkyAk86 says:

      @Glambyykayy i agree,the cops should of been arrested and charged,they should be in jail right now but the crap they are doing needs to stop,they are destroying other peoples lives and it’s very disrespectful to the memory of George and his family

    • Glambyykayy says:

      InkyAk86 You are missing the point. The stuff they are doing is just a bigger representation of what the black community endured. They have to walk out frightened. Their innocent lives are taken. They get disrespected. Whether is family approves of it or not they understand where the protesters stand and think of the situation. The tear gas the cops used? Target refusing to sell milk and water to the protesters? Even while protesting civilly they are treated unfair. I wouldn’t protest in such an unsafe way but I understand where these folks are coming from.

  • Antonio Bocanegra says:

    This is not right no matter what color were all human they should be charged with murder and im white

  • Antonio Bocanegra says:

    If the doj thinks like that all killer should be let go

  • patty m says:


  • patty m says:

    Charge that officer or eye for an eye!!!!

  • Tosha Scott says:

    1st degree murder!! Brought me to tears.. Soo sad!! He needs to be charged now!!

  • Anoush niazian says:

    Yes yes yes

  • Neerus says:

    They took this man’s life. Eye for an eye if I were there to risk mine.

  • yeap cs says:

    Try to find out the address of the police officers, then you can many solutions to him.

  • swaquartimbo husky says:

    How can fat guy be the police officer???

  • GearrahHereMan says:

    “Remain peaceful my a$$” All of Minneapolis is on fire

  • Collin Schultz says:

    Truth murder and other officers standing by accessories to murder

  • Bidensthe Best says:

    Trump just tweeted that the Minneapolis protesters were black thugs and needed to be dealt with even if he had to take control to do it Trump did not send the FBI there in fact it was his right hand man William Barr who ordered no charges to be filed against the police officers

  • In Vino Veritas says:

    An eye for an eye.A knee for a knee.That officer need to be kneed to death also…..

  • Jb88 says:

    That was definitely murder. He’s pleading that he can’t breath wtf.

  • Chesco says:

    *Cop has no badge, no police force to protect him now. Release him into the public and let nature take it’s course!*

  • Bruh Seph says:

    They told him “Get in the car” and they had him pined down from the neck and most likely from the rest of his body too. And its sad because of these men’s decisions thousands of other genuinly good cop have to get their title dragged through the mud and THEY have to try and regain it back to a good status

    • Glambyykayy says:

      No. Cops work for a bad system. ACAB

  • Phoenix says:

    I am 100% with blacks and George Floyd. Please ask your people stop burning buildings. Come together doesn’t mean you have to burn the buildings. Learn from the great Martin Luther King Jr. and vote the democrats out of your State.

  • PJ says:

    This is a tragedy and massive injustice. I totally disagree in the riots, destruction and looting. That doesn’t solve anything only amplifies things in the wrong way!

  • Julie Giroux says:

    There’s more to this on a very clandestine level that will further fully incriminate all four of these pigs. It’s a hunch. Pay attention. Don’t stop digging.

    The reason why Minneapolis burned last night: 75 police officers in full riot gear were deployed to Derek Chauvins house yesterday to guard him into the night.

    Why weren’t they downtown protecting life and limb?

  • DMB_ Vlogs says:

    That’s so harsh he should be done for MURDER AND RASISM its the colour of his skin that got him murdered I am so peed of right now that is f**king ridiculous its a skin colour

  • A_ Futrell101 says:

    Can someone do the same thing to those officers so they can feel what the man felt? They should have to go through the Same thing. That’s so bad.

  • aurel Azhr says:

    Im fKING CRYING omg this too much for my heart ahhhhh r they really call themself a POLICE???????????

  • Fatima Saucedo says:


  • Fatima Saucedo says:

    This is America I am embarrassed FOR BEING AMERICAN

  • Optimistic Outreach says:

    another excuse to steal

  • Malcolm says:

    I’m sorry this happened. My thoughts; the cops thought they could do whatever they liked and could just explain it the way they wanted to justify how they handled the situation. Wrong. When will these cops learn chances are that you’re being recorded?

  • Urlocalbrown Girl says:

    Did he even know that the 20$ was fake? This is just so sad and disgusting to watch this man cry to death saying I can’t breathe and calling for his mom that passed away 2 years ago this is just so sad. Memory will live on this world forever. #blacklivesalwaysmatter

  • MEXIKING SS says:

    They need to be charged with murder just like everyone who kills a man. Not just because they are cops they can get away with it.

  • Anolis A says:

    Lesson…don’t RESIST arrest.

  • Fred Fufufnick says:

    All 4 cops need to be charged with MURDER. If it can happen to him it can happen to you and me. Furthermore, This protest is being handled all wrong. What we need is a multi racial peaceful protest in the style of Martin Luther King. If I lived anywhere near Minneapolis I would join in (I’m White). And I believe you could get that racial mixture in this protest. There’s no covering up how wrong this was and I am every bit as enraged by it as any black person is. This is a clear violation of police policy, constitutional rights and civil rights. If it can happen to him it can happen to you and me.

  • Brenda Herring says:

    Look how much taller george floyd may have been standing by the officer who held him, he was not resisting very much? and someone is definitely out of control
    Here and it was the officer that killed him by holding him down with his knee on his neck! WE JUST SAW A

  • badxbitch says:

    Just because they’re officers doesn’t mean they have some kinnd of higher authority. Murder is murder.

  • Tha Stan says:

    So sad. Racism is truly a disease.

  • Tom Gol says:

    Police should always give a proof that using force was necessary. This American system is so broken. Police always only claim something no real proofs. I don’t really understand why you guys give your police so much power over yourself…

  • Vanessa Nixon says:

    They hope the protest remain peaceful? We want you to stop murdering innocent people

  • Zani Zani says:

    Fucke 👮

  • fps70 says:

    I urge the US regime not to use violence against peaceful protesters in Minneapolis!

  • BLACK OUT says:

    I’m just glad I’m not black

  • Karen Jackson says:

    4 Officers committed 1st degree murder. Not officer. Over teens perception of counterfeit 20 dollars.

  • Charlie Hufft says:


  • Y0BoiSh vshs says:


  • MobileGamingTheMemer says:

    Thats why du30 hates barrack obama

  • Jeffrey Rusch Jr says:

    I want the one filming charged for Everything instead of filming could have called dispatch and said officers need help they are choking someone and dealing with an oblivious hostile and STUPID crowd

  • willy r says:

    new world order

  • Braiden Weston says:


  • Barbea F says:

    so sad I call Father God for justice for Floyd.

  • Psychic _N0VA says:

    Black lives matter!✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

  • Dalva Mattos Vilão. says:

    Muito triste saber que isso acontece entre nossos irmãos 😢

  • George Apirana says:

    Condolances to the family rest in peace buddy❤❤❤

  • Jesus Christ says:

    Treating another human like this is disgusting.

  • Hilda Gonzale says:

    in so sorry sister of george iste das seeing someone killing the one u love its hurts but the police didn’t care at all he didn’t feel nothing but we hope george is in peace now living happily with jesus in Paradise

  • artie patino says:

    Why haven’t officials questioned witnesses?

  • EkoTube says:

    Where is the civil war americ

  • Eugene Ramm4 says:


  • Jazmine Zaina says:

    😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭 I wish that policeman to punish our to die💔💔💔

  • james shinobi says:

    Like this post and I’ll do a list that happened this year

    Also they should be arrested and trump should shut up and put his small load of a million dollars in his mouth and tell his supporters to stop protesting about reopening and stop being armed while doing it

  • Spicy Shizz says:

    Check my video out, undercover cop was found and starting fires and smashing windows (AutoZone) and trying to blame it on the locals in Minneapolis, trying to change it into a violent protest!

  • GABE ITCHES says:


  • Nicholas Houzenga says:

    I am not a fan of organized protests. Herd mentality takes over the group. Which means they are no longer acting as individuals. This also means the group is operating at reduced mental capacity. If you want to protest, go out on your own. If you are too scared to do this. Then, you do not have enough to loose yet.

  • Nicholas Houzenga says:

    psychopathic personality- 1. A person whose behavior is largely amoral and asocial and who is characterized by irresponsibility, lack of remorse or shame, perverse or impulsive (often criminal) behavior, and other serious personality defects, generally without psychotic attacks or symptoms. 2. The personality of such a person.

  • Hey it's Boba Tea Plays YT says:


  • Ha Nguyen says:

    They better be charged with murder. Why do people have to suffer because others cant seem to learn?

  • Chris H says:

    Great another Black fool who didn’t know how to cooperate with psycho cops. now he’s dead and turned into a martyr, ridiculous.

  • OP Heartlez says:

    Can some one tell me why he was in trouble anyway?

  • Linkin Koen says:

    That is so most up

  • Nathaniel Hernandez says:

    Those officers should get there badge tooken away and go to JAIL!!!!

  • CrazyCookieToonz says:

    If I was sheriff of these cops, I would charge them for murder and they would be in death row for a day and sentenced to the chair..

  • Amanda Gomez says:

    How I wish this mayor was our president

  • Las cosas como son!!! says:

    What about the other 3 officers, they could have done something but just keept looking!
    Arent they here to serve and protect?
    By not doing NOTHING makes the other 3 officers part of the murder!

  • Benja James says:

    black out here just hate on him because I think he’s racist because he doesn’t feel emotion to something that could happen to him or his family even if he’s not black because we’re all human beings and I hate all of the way these type of people act oh it’s nothing awful its just like every other killing no it isn’t you stup_d f_ck like please stop with this I hope you understand when it happens to you black out

  • Yaneth Espinoza says:

    Why….what is wrong with this world 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Gentle Venom says:

    These officers should not get a chance to speak in court they need to be sent to the afterlife as soon as possible

  • short memes says:

    I hate the cops that murder!!But not all cops are like that

  • A-plus Production says:

    Africa unite (Bob voice) Together we are strong ✊