‘Educate Yourself!’: George Floyd’s Brother Calls For Peaceful Protests | NBC News NOW

2020 6/03
‘Educate Yourself!’: George Floyd’s Brother Calls For Peaceful Protests | NBC News NOW

George Floyd’s brother, Terrence Floyd, held a prayer vigil at the site of his brother’s death in Minneapolis, Minn., and have a passionate speech calling for peaceful protests.
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‘Educate Yourself!’: George Floyd’s Brother Calls For Peaceful Protests | NBC News NOW



コメント一覧 (108件)

  • Demore Gains says:

    The other 3 cops J Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Thou Tao also need to be arrested.

  • Sacrificial Lamb says:

    Respect for this guy

  • to chou says:

    “Relying on universal suffrage to govern the country is like a seaship sailor who lost its way around Cape Horn: they don’t study the wind direction, the climate and the use of the six-pointer, but they vote to choose the path and declare that the majority’s decision is not wrong.” By Karl Marx

  • J says:

    That brought tears to my eyes. so powerful. I stand with you!

  • to chou says:

    Release the Black Panther Party, they’re not guilty

  • Nathan Kimmett says:

    Ahhh you cut the part where he explains his family is God fearing…

  • April Ledbetter says:

    Screw you Biden….. Really Biden needed to put an ad on here? Pathetic….

  • Amy Awesome says:

    My heart goes out to your family!!! You’re so right!!!! Thank you for your beautiful speech!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • April Ledbetter says:

    Mr. Floyd I am truly sorry for your loss. Your brother was murdered by those police and I would get behind peaceful protest! You have spoken the truth in this speech. People need to do their research before voting!

  • KhmerMan says:

    “educate yourself” american

  • vineofthedead says:

    Educate yourself and don’t only vote for people, vote to reduce the scope of the corrupt criminal justice system and stop blindly choosing between democrats and republicans. They are both sides of the same coin and no matter which side it lands on, its still the same coin.

    This year is an election year, so listen to Terrence Floyd, don’t let his brother George Floyd’s death be in vain. Don’t forget what was said, educate yourself about your local politicians and bills and please for the love of peace don’t bite into either turd sandwich being forced down your throats by the corrupt two party system all they want is to distract you, control you and limit your freedom.

    Rest In Peace George Floyd and may your unjust and untimely passing benifit all of mankind! You shall forever be a hero!

  • Jaely Manso says:

    Amen God bless

  • your dad says:


  • VB Enterprise says:

    How about instead of running this clip a million times ,let’s talk about the racism,domestic terrorism and police brutality in this country !!!!!! How about that !!!

  • paranormalgangsta says:

    This is not about his brother! Its about systematic white supremacy!! His broth3death was the last straw!

  • Greg Chesson says:

    Looters are not looting to honor George Floyd, they are using it as an excuse to commit crime.

  • Sam says:

    Looters must be silenced. Literally.

  • Mark Criss says:

    This man is a hero

  • Az Rahman says:

    The family looking for the bag…

  • Lew King says:

    Best thing anyone could say. Some people always love to incite hatred and violence… punks, Antifa, thugs, etc. I don’t condone violence but if it’s brought to my life and family, I will retaliate. Most people live peaceful lives, but when pushed in the corner,,,,
    Take a rattlesnake for good example. Never looking for a fight, but will strike deadly if necessary. Listen to this brother and heed his words.

  • Mike Jones says:


    • Андрей Коробов says:

      white people must pay reperations to blacks

  • VC VIDEOS says:


  • Mrs. Conscious says:

    They must have paid him already. Why we gotta always be submissive to white people will? Why we gotta be peaceful, they didn’t treat his brother peaceful. Why black people NEVER want that smoke? I mean dam

  • Mrs. Conscious says:

    The saying no justice no PEACE.. is just that .. no fukin peace…. things are NOT changing for blk people globally being peacful we are a bunch of Kowards and scared to confront whitey on sooo many levels. they want us peacefull… okay masser.. there is no such thing as a peaceful protest.. dam we weak af

  • Hong Le says:

    Lesbian movies

  • Aaminah Adam says:

    educate yourself and know who you’re voting for. completely agree.this man is so very strong never seen someone so powerful and humane and strong. may George Floyd rest in peace no one deserves this #alllivesmatter

  • omnatio omnatio says:

    Dear brother Terrence, all people of good will are with you. Thank you for the leadership you showed and for doing your best to honor the faith of your family, for not answering evil with evil but answering evil with good. This is the path forward. God bless and comfort you and your family, and bring healing to our needy nation.

  • Anime Lover says:

    Respect man.all I have is respect,this brought tears to my eyes.

  • Anime Lover says:

    I’m deeply sorry for your loss and can not understand what you are going through but I hope u get your justice and hope everyone changes this to peaceful protests keep in mind EVERYONE

  • Christo Roppolo says:

    Everyone listen to this man. And god rest his brothers soul! To speak these words with a burden like the one he is feeling is a truly powerful thing. Stop the violence! Vote for a new administration. And George is seated in heaven god rest his soul Black lives matter! Peace Christo👽🐕🎶☮️🛸

  • Thiên Bùi says:

    God bless your brother! And god bless Donald Trump!

  • Rick says:

    The man is articulated and prophetic, Educate yourselves, stop being enslaved by democrat policies and inept democrat community leadership.

  • Rick says:

    ANTIFA is destroying black owned businesses, BLM is a marxist offshoot of antifa

  • joker-forever says:

    I can’t breathe
    George Floyd
    thesis not For you brother only thesis For justice with all black Community

  • F3ar_B1scuit_ YT says:

    The epic events of 2020(so far):
    Kobe Bryant’s death
    Corona Virus pandemic
    The riots of George Floyd’s death.

    Yup, 2020 is going to be an awesome year 👏 🎉 😎

    • Celina Velasco says:

      God is opening our eyes this year.

  • Daisy Luck says:

    Perfect Speech

  • Carmencita Davis says:

    Now isn’t this something, if George Floyd’s, brother wants the people to have peace, and stop the mayhem rioting and violence, this should tell them what they was doing is wrong, destroying innocent people’s, places of business, shooting police officers, fighting because of revenge and anger. but they are not honoring George Floyd’s memory by doing any of this, because they are no better than the police officer that killed George Floyd if they are acting like this, we all want the police officers to be held accountable and to pay for their crime but the people that caused this riot and mayhem also should be held accountable and pay for their crimes because you don’t solve violence with more violence because none of this at the end of the day is going to bring George Floyd back, rest in peace George Floyd⚰️🌹

  • Cathy Huang says:

    Black Live Matters !

  • Lilian_Nebula says:

    “Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars… Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
    Martin Luther King Jr.

    Rest in Power George.


    The New York Times: George Floyd had Fentantyl and Methamphetamine in his system when he died.

  • A says:

    Its a terrible thing goerge being killed by that officer I agree and justice will be served! But I hope you people do realize its not just innocent black people being killed by police! How come no one protested when that white woman was killed by a black man who shot across his partner through window of cop car when she was trying to get help! No one did anything for her! What her life didn’t matter and its always black lives matter! It should be all lives matter! But thats all I’ve heard is innocent black people are being killed by cops, no mention of any other race!!

    • Afi James says:

      Thank you.

    • A says:

      It’s the absolute truth and its a sad thing anytime someone is murdered innocently no matter the race! But the poor woman that was murdered was so sad! No protests started for her justice, but seems its always about the blacks!

    • Afi James says:

      @A yep and the MSM don’t care.

    • A says:

      @Afi James you are so very correct on that too! They don’t care! Thank you!

    • Afi James says:

      @A and never will

  • Joshua Gonzales says:

    Y do they not let us talk live

  • Niyah T. Ellis says:


  • Deb Frizzell says:

    This will be historic 🙌

  • GhostShock says:

    I wonder if Terrence has a black square on his social media – nah he’s out there doing something.

  • Greg A says:

    I think in order to make real changes, you need to take race out of this and focus on changing the law enforcement system. If you put race into this, it becomes a fight against racism, which is a loss cause. Racism is a choice and it’s not against the law, you can’t force racists to not be racists. You can however focus on police brutality and how they need to be held accountable and be held to higher standards. If you just focus on that, you can likely bring alot more cases of victims from all races to the front, which would force the government to take some sort of action. What we received from this tragedy if that this murderer had a ton of complaints against him and now we have to wonder if internal affairs even did their job thoroughly, this is something that can change. Possibly making consequences worse for people of the law, if they commit a crime is also something that can change. Making body cams mandatory to be on at all times is something that can change.

  • Yolanda Ramos says:

    That speaks volumes!!! God be with that family!!!

  • Patron_Provider PSL says:

    A lot of people stealing did NOT go out their houses with the intention to loot… when the opportunity to steal is before people’s eyes, a FEW will stick to their MORAL VALUES and not take what does not belong to them.

  • Robert Burns says:

    I want to vote for Terrence.

  • Wiibaz says:

    I gotta loot so i can have stories to tell when im a 👴

  • real me says:

    This is the USA!! Violence vs violence is not gonna solve the reason for his death. Send the armed forces and stop the looters!!

  • Codename Zero says:

    He’s a good guy

  • Missy Colson says:

    Rip George Floyd and many others 😢😢😢

  • Shannon Gaston says:


  • gameplayer1980 says:

    Most of those looters are opportunists. They don’t truly care about this case.

  • Anna Stephens says:

    People using this man death to loot and get new sh#t

  • Jack Obrein says:

    I’m sorry but there play book is old and worren out. The Government needs to examine their tactics.

  • mac 187 says:

    How much did they pay his brotha now?

  • watchthisbs says:

    Thank you for your message. I hope those destroying our city will now realize how wrong they were. There’s always another way. I love mpls. RIP

  • Celina Velasco says:

    GOD IS GOOD 🗣🙏🏻❤️

    It’s funny that some people were defending the actions of rioters because it seemed that was the only way to be heard/seen. Do not lean on your own understanding of judgement and timing. Gods timing, not ours!! And this is a GOD-FEARING family, as he said. Respect and condolences to the Floyd family ❤️

  • Eddy Grant says:

    Never thought I be liking an nbc video

  • julia petri says:

    You can’t solve hatred and violence with hatred and violence.

  • Mother Walrus says:

    Why does this only have 98k views

  • DJUniMekaju says:

    It sucks he has to come out and say this about the riots and looting. This should be common sense.

  • Asiphile Mute says:

    I think that cop should experience the way he killed George Floyd he must die the way he killed George Floyd no jail no noting just death⚰⚰⚰I think that some white people don’t like black people

    #Black Lives matter #George Floyd #The cop should die⚰

  • Megan LeDoux says:

    Rip George floyd❤️🙏🏻

  • Mr. says:

    Most of them who are doing that are white people. Watch the videos…

  • Tobias Tyler says:

    Cant we all just be people.. Black or white…one day

  • Christy Marquez says:

    Loved this speech. What an amazing person and brother ❤ My deepest condolences to George’s family. Cannot imagine the pain they are going through. RIP George Floyd

  • V Jeunesse says:

    RIP George Floyd. People need to see this. Let’s do another way. Go to vote, educate yourself!!

  • Johnny Bigballs says:

    Guy deserved his second chance at life, but lets not alter who George Floyd was, a career criminal(and not of the victimless kind) Good people die every day and don’t get exonerated of a lifetime of evil. What a disgusting martyr

  • DoubtlessCar0 says:

    I’m so happy he came out against this. We talked about this on school and I was considered racist for not being ok with the violence.

  • Kev says:

    This is beyond George Floyd

  • Feihui Weng says:


  • Adrienne c says:


  • Kids Kpadonou Kpadonou says:

    Why the dislikes tho

  • dante devilhunter says:

    White people get killed by American cops too, just saying!

  • Keyt Flores says:

    Black or white should be respected and their lives matters.

  • Keyt Flores says:

    Rip goerge floyd

  • Jose George Duran says:

    Jesus asked us to use his rule✝️🙏🏽love one another as I love you., remember Jesus died on the cross to save of from sin

  • saravanan appadurai says:

    voice from India arrest that cruel culprit corps

  • jain kumar says:

    रिप george from india

  • jain kumar says:

    Hang killers

  • Tina Dang says:

    Amen 🙏

  • Brett D says:

    This is profound. Well said little brother. Spoken like a rational intelligent human being. Not a black man not a white man not a Mexican man…..a human being.

  • rahulbosebose1 says:

    When people turn to looting and violence. People who organized the “peaceful” protests should take responsibility and call off the protests.

  • superjnova annularaurora says:

    First of all, I’m feel sorry and best wish for George’s family. I don’t know George but I’m gonna say from a unbiased perspective. It’s not my opinion to say who should die, face charges, getting fire but according to the law to protect those unpredicted victims. Did Georgia have criminal records? Did he moved to Minneapolis before or after his criminal record( if he does have criminal records). If he does have record before moved to Minneapolis, why. There are two motivates. 1- a second chance to restart his life. 2- a greener pastures for his criminal activities. The reason I’m asking these two questions is that we don’t know his reason for moving to Minneapolis. On the other hand, if he have criminal records after moved to Minneapolis than no question ask on this part. George and Derek Chauvin are ex coworker as security guards. Could this murder is personal. Could Derek use his power to killed George. Are those four especially the other three cops follow the protocol? If the 4 cops does followed the protocol than the protocol needs to be change. Are the other 3 cops are at fault? If they do, they sure face the consequences. If not, and fire them or put them in jail is not justice. Are we wants those whom is not at fault to go in jail just to satisfy our emotion? Let’s be honest, is the police institution( or individual )is racist against black community and the black community( or individual)is innocent or vice versa? People got to understand that we can’t control how people feels towards other. From this perspective, one can damage the image of the group. Those looters and arsonists are nothing but a thug using George’s death as an excuse for their own agenda. Racism is individual not institution. Institutions may seems racism but it’s not. It’s the man up in the institution that is racist and use the institution to enforce his hatred. The question is are we in for justice or just to satisfy our emotions. Each one of us will have to look in the mirror and answer this question. We can lie to others but not to ourselves. If a person have to lies to get his/her way this person is not a decent person.

  • James Mansfield says:

    Strong man.

  • thirsty pleb says:

    Thank you. May God continue to bless you and your family and may he bring you all comfort. George is up there right now in the arms of the Lord so thank you for calling out for “peaceful protests”. Thank you sir, only a real man of God could ask for peace after his brother was brutally murdered. May God have a great mansion waiting for you and your family. You and your family are an inspiration to all of us, not just across the nation but across the world. My heart goes out to you and your family. Love and peace be with you, from Kansas City

  • HASH HASH says:

    Black men gather up it’s time be on the driving seat….. Islam is the best there’s no white and black racism

  • Son Chaeyoung says:


  • Omar al_azawi says:

    That’s why Trump want to reopen the Country to prevent these suspected problems of loosing jobs and stealing etc..God bless USA, please vote for Trump just for Floyd blood.

  • iiSxnRay editss says:

    Remember this message If we die from this all I want to say is I love y’all and i want to take this to the grave People are being killed , dead people are being dishonored , because of a Racist white man that killed a black man , slavery ended people, it ended , so we need to stop this foolishness, if we stop it now The world will be peaceful how Jesus left it to be. Leave the world were Jesus left it to be.

  • Victoria Aktsioglou says:

    If u care about this family so much give them money all u protesters who are looting burning business

  • Daniel August says:


  • Sedra Al nakib says:

    R.i.p George floyed Rest In Peace🥺❤️

  • Viviana Saenz says:

    Your family has impacted you……I’m glad you decided to reflecte vs deflect,…

  • Krxlcifer says:


  • Nicholas manig says:


  • abdullatif almousa says:

    the speaker he use made in china …. cheap one