Some Police Officers Show Support For George Floyd Protesters | NBC Nightly News

2020 6/04
Some Police Officers Show Support For George Floyd Protesters | NBC Nightly News

Amid growing protests over the death of George Floyd, some police officers denounced his death, and sometimes joined the protests.
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Some Police Officers Show Support For George Floyd Protesters | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (101件)

  • Anwar Hussain says:

    Very good public

  • magdaline says:

    So heartbreaking 💔💔

  • PAUL PARIA says:

    All Fake , blood against blood, killed against killing , the policeman should be killed by George family…..
    Should be taken revenge…..

  • Рина Дан says:



  • Vaughn Brady says:

    Peaceful protests are a god given right, and I say thank you to all of those who are doing it. But the peaceful ones are being infiltrated by gutter scum with no other desire other than to cause mayhem and destruction, please people, turn these people in to the police and everyone can go home safely to their families. It’s also sad that some people will still call these officers pigs instead of kneeling with them.

  • Ali Bhori says:

    Indian army’s extremist activities in Kashmir are more disgusting than this police man

  • Elodie Tamba says:

    You people don’t really have choice

  • Raul Benítez says:

    Ser latino ser piel morena no puede ser condenado a muerte tienes derecho a vivir

  • Hena H says:


  • Muhammad Rizwan says:

    Intially America is red indians and all are white forms are out siders

  • Constantin Belsky says:


  • Tyle Wilson says:

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  • Jessica says:


  • Esther Berujeau says:

    Nous sommes tous des êtres uniques mais à l’intèrieur nous avons tous un même coeur❤Nous sommes tous les créations du Trés Haut de L’univers….
    Comme disait ROBERT NESTA MARLEY..
    The color of the man skin is no more significant then the colors of the eyes…ONE LOVE…ONE HEART..

  • Edna Fey says:

    Its time to love one another, no other colors of skin instead we are all the children of God.. I am sorry for the Family of Mr. Floyd and I am sympathize their Heart brocken.. May he rest in Peace.
    IF no hate, No War, no envy, our World is the better place.. Its time to give Love and not hatred

  • help I lost my dignity ;-; says:

    After this year can we re-name America because we need to start fresh❤👏🙏

  • Jose George Duran says:

    “for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”
    ‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭1:7‬ ‭ESV‬‬ So let us seek God’s love and way by reminding us what Jesus did for us on the cross ✝️🙏🏽. Actions can be taken but with kind,hope,respect,humbleness and the commandment that Jesus gave us., Love

  • Frank Illuminati says:

  • aghemhen lucky says:

    They killed a reincarnated BLACK gods… That’s the reason why the protest is so strong…. They ( 4 police ) will die… Nothing stops that…. Simply bcos, GEORGE FLOYD was a BLACK gods.

  • oim moi says:

  • syed syed says:

    And now they are trying to people trust cops…no that doesn’t happen again….they must be stop…stop killing blacks people #icantbreathe

  • Rachid Morea says:

    God created black and white and created this difference to test us, but unfortunately we did not have this in the test

  • Ramesh Aryan says:

    Highest number of covid 19 cases-US
    Highest death toll for Covid-US

    this donkeys are still not afraid goin out there , looting n having mass gathering…

    Poor peoples attitude in the dicipline

    The govt sucks under Trump.chg the president.and everything will chg subsidely.

  • Ramesh Aryan says:

    There is alot more ways to protest.but during this pandemic, please, NO.u guys are killing your own son n daughters especially the young ones , kids….brainless morons..

  • Aicha Bua says:

    Iam not an American but when i saw how the cop take the live of George i cry,racist is a disease so stop.

  • Jimoh Cherif says:


  • Wayne Harper says:

    If these people stopped commiting crimes all the time we would not have these problems. The dumb cop that killed the poor man should be punished ,not the entire country.

  • Kayla Zhao says:

    I don’t believe in god but I do agree that we are ALL equal. Like my dumb comment if you agree

  • Araceli Dorsey says:

    Jeez it’s becoming comical. America is like a big joke in earth.

  • Mitchell Hu says:

    The man got charged with third degree murder so stop

  • Mei Zu says:

    #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter

  • 灭涵 says:


  • JKaY Too shay says:

    This made me cry 0:15

  • Eustache NIYOMBIKESHA says:

    We all born the same but without our choice. No reason to descrimanate who is the way he/she did not choose to be.

  • You Tuber says:

    People should ask why the police department lied to the public at the beginning ?! Why they claimed George Floyd was resisting arrest?
    Where is the footage of the three white policeman’s bodycamera? If we don’t focus on the deep cause of the death of George Floyd, more tragedy is awaiting!!

  • Mas Rey says:


  • Kerice Aka Little Ranks says:

    Not all cops are Bad but there are some thugs , racist cop out there and they need to be stop because they are Badboys

  • Perro Pulgoso says:

    Wake up citizens, we live in the most human and civil rights violating nation in the world.

  • JosieAO007 AO007 says:

    God blessed they are needed to read a 📖 bible study 🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Miguel Ayala says:

    Good cops, this is what I want to see. No violence

  • Deanna Johnson says:

    Let us love one another. All we are asking is that we love one another. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  • BEAST Hunter says:

    Stop lying police

  • Christian Torres-Rossi says:

    That poor young man crying at the end of the video Jesus

  • Berlian Indonesia says:

    Proud of the officer like this. 👍



  • FLORENCE Florence says:


  • Pastor Gajendran says:

    Us government is gentle government, the protesters statement’s are not true, I m respect the police officers who are kneeling before the protesters we can’t see like this police officers in the world, we are praying for USA,

  • Wai Lee says:

    I heard that Floyd was an angel. Looters? Those were nice guys just picking up what they deserved but taken away from them by all other races. Where was the police when they were needed? No one dares to break in and loot Korean business venues because every Korean immigrant male had military training and they are not afraid to shoot to defend their properties. I would welcomed the looters with my 12 gauge shot gun if I had a business.

  • Steven Bauer says:

    If you’re gonna protest do it the way Martin Luther King Jr advocated, NON-violent;
    Not anarchy, riots etc….

  • Pablo Celestino says:

    I say lets stop this nonsense of George Floyd

  • M H says:

    Why George Floyd Was Killed in Police Custody in front of the cameras…this is not a simple case …something big is in the heart of this tragic event. The whole scene -which does not seem arbitrary- is maybe part of a big conspiracy in which the real actors hide in the shades and the target is yet to come.
    we’ll see what the future holds

  • gylion bakunawa says:

    They shout for justice for floyd where is the people that will shout for jusctice to those innocent people rob by looters and destroy bussiness, property and lives of an innocent people please shout for their justice not only for floyd

  • Tiktok Official says:

    Obama Makes First On-Camera Remarks About George Floyd Death

  • danny blue says:

    was floyd a hero? what’s wrong with you people? his an outlaw for God’s sake

  • omark151 gamer says:

    I feel bad i cryed

  • real truth 2019 yup!!!!!!!! says:

    No reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mary Poff says:

    New video of arrest! You bumped me off

  • Burn'n Down the house says:

    A blood test will tell if a family member is killing someone they’re related too.

  • DivineDragon Fire says:

    for some reason comment dont know about riots and robens . looters . they are all ANTIFA and they are take advantage on the true Protests or mess them up .you haven’t seen police officers been attacked or protect real protests to make sure none of ANTIFA mix them in . i was protests and one officers (brown guy cop) told me dont moving far away your mobs (protests) to lets them observing who was looter and robens (ANTIFA)

  • Vinicio Rafael Gonzales says:

    Q asco

  • Arthur Kaubrys says:

    Cops will never change and all this is going on for so many years now and it’s still here… so have a little protest but that won’t change anything just government will give you a lot of promises and they just do nothing with them it’s always like that…

  • The19pumas says:

    Go after the people that are destroying the country by braking into business and steeling those are the people you need to go after not the protesters

  • Titoo Martinez says:

    Are we missing something here? I mean this gentle giant was murdered by a uniformed police with a knee to his neck and all of a sudden every police officer decides to hit their knee, excuse me but that doesn’t bring comfort personally I find it horrifying as well as insulting especially at this time, it was a man in uniform with his knee to this gentle souls neck, My God really this picture! this pose! Adds insult to injury… Why not just lose the roit gear and mourn with those who mourn…

    • John says:

      Makes sense!!! One cop killed a man by choking him out with his knee, so for the rest of time every single action another officer takes with his leg is an act of racism!

  • Baria Doly says:

    In Obama’s time more police brutally offend Black peoples. So , The Blacks told Obama is white inside .

  • Jonmanuel Olivares-Alvarez says:

    Trumps Ametica he is a racist

  • Join The cult says:

    What would of happened if a white man was killed?

  • Russ Serpico says:

    These officers kneeling reminds me of the scene from “Superman”, when the President of the United States kneels before “Zod”. Thank God, President Trump will never kneel before any thugs that pillage cities across the country. Hispanics SUPPORTRUMPENCE 2020!

  • huda channel 1 says:

    Woowo Thanks 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Deddy Trianto says:

    Klw bs makin kacau ya amrikkkkk amiinnnnn biar trompet lengser!!!!

  • Nandakumar Palani says:

    It’s illegal.. these cops should be punished by the govt..

  • Thunderbird88 says:

    Stupid Morons should be clearing the streets and protecting the City, not kneeling down to a bunch of Communists.

  • rehan rehan says:

    In America black and white in India hindu Muslim two Hitler’s

  • Chris Michael says:

    Time For Change!! Official I Cant Breathe T Shirts Here:

  • Gai Jin says:

    Please god let all the protesters get the 🦠 virus

  • Kimberly says:

    Very beautiful and brilliant I love it so much let’s stay strong 💪 ♥️🤍💙💜♎️😇🌎

  • Toni Lucero says:

    It’s about coming together and uniting. Let’s treat each other with respect and be grateful for each day we have. Let’s fight for those that can’t fight for themselves without looting, burning and destroying communities. Let’s march peacefully together. An old saying still rings true, “treat each other how you want to be treated.” Whether you believe in God or a higher power. We all must learn that change only comes from within and in order to make a difference we must lead by example. Let us all serve as a blessing to others and be a positive example to those around us. Despite the bad deeds of those that are being caused by those around us, let those actions not overshadow the true reasons behind the end goal WE are all
    Trying to achieve. This is the time for change, and let the message not be smeared by the actions of those who are ignorant but rather carried and voiced by those who truly want CHANGE and JUSTICE for all.

  • Arko Mallick says:


  • Ariel Malsi Real says:

    The Thumbnail:

    Hatred Has Left The Chat!

    Peace Has Joined The Chat!

  • Sara Aljaberi says:

    Thank you for the police Officers that show support for black people maters

  • Ariel Malsi Real says:

    Alright I’m Grabbing The Onions And DEPLOYS IT.

  • Val Mid says:

    Also MSNBC: Nothing unruly
    Background: *flaming building*

  • get a life !!! says:

    Are they kneeling down to sympathize or to reenact theor colleagues act of murder? Way to save themselve’s faces. I wonder how many of this pigs did criminal acts against other race and hid behind their badges! Hypocrisy.

  • Sylvia Garza says:


  • MavericK - says:

    Did that police just demonstrate how to kneel on ppl neck????

  • warlord official says:

    Why they killing black peoples???

  • christian macri says:

    Wow.. they managed to find 6 sympathetic cops… shame the other 4.5 million are racist pigs and high school bullies

  • Dilipkumar Gajbhiye says:

    Police officer must be arrested

  • La Lonster Empire says:

    Humanity over animosity…

  • N H says:

    From Corona to this, another Ditraction…

  • cinemaxxx movies says:

    they dont care they just kneel down doesnt mean they care

  • gnhansen29 says:

    It’s good to see people coming together on the same page.

  • Jephte Sala says:

    Stop killing us

  • karry sasfoot says:

    I see many black and white people standing together….united……don’t let media tear that apart

  • Venus Creek says:

    Thank for all my heart

  • mohamed dali says:

    Peace will not return to America unless those unjust Masonic gangs that rule America fell … The Masonic gangs that rule America are a mixture of Zionist ideas and those who have extreme colonial and racist ideas … Of course the majority of the American people are Christians and this means that minorities The ruling Zionism and Freemasonry is the one that governs the Christian majority America … and this is really strange … And here Christians must free themselves from the rule of the Zionist colonial thought that destroyed justice and peace within American society …. and destroyed The world has wars and the displacement of humanity and made it mired in poverty, backwardness, famines and debts …. And when the American people are freed from the rule of the Zionist Masonic gangs … the entire outside world is freed from poverty, debts, famines and sectarian wars … and A comprehensive peace is achieved in the world ….. Greetings to you

  • Jaden Walker says:

    Stop killing us

  • Gavesh Thangiah says:

    Thank god

  • Gavesh Thangiah says:



    You know what, white people good in acting. All police are white people. They just act like a good right now because scare.