Store Owners Arm Themselves Amid Ongoing Protests Over Death Of George Floyd | NBC Nightly News

2020 6/04
Store Owners Arm Themselves Amid Ongoing Protests Over Death Of George Floyd | NBC Nightly News

Defending property has turned deadly in places like Philadelphia, where police say a gun store owner shot and killed an armed looter.
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Store Owners Arm Themselves Amid Ongoing Protests Over Death Of George Floyd | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (158件)

  • Unicorn Lion says:


  • Tyler says:

    wanna be friends?

  • supersegways 117 says:

    Just wanted t o say three things
    1) Good for everyone who is defending their businesses with their second amendment rights
    2) Shame on the media channels that have been saying these riots are justified. Literal destruction of property and murder are never justified.
    3) Justice for Floyd- may the officer get the charge that he absolutely deserves.

    • TheScotchaholic says:

      ALL looters and vandals need to be shot. Less criminals and agitators in the world, the better.

    • Velociraptor 1961 says:

      @TheScotchaholic And do you want to get a proper body count…Not everyone will escape…..

    • Tracy Gossett says:

      @Edmund Tozzi Actually there are many viewpoints not just two, the country is split into Far Left, Left, Middle, Right, Far Right and Libertarian. There are some people who avoid politics altogether, they could be right or left, but we’ll never know. 1 out of 6 people may share the same viewpoint as you.

    • Edmund Tozzi says:

      @Tracy Gossett yeah,

    • Zo Han says:

      @spookyguns 2cod Oh yes, they do. Only a mass movement like this revolution will change that. Talk will not do anything.

  • Mufti Humaidy Hussain Official says:

    This is America!
    American police also similar to BANGLADESH police!

    • UtubeProfit says:

      Third world America

    • B P says:

      UtubeProfit third world people brought in what do you expect

    • Debbie Badger says:


  • David Ellis says:

    The 🔫 keeps the looters at bay.

    • Unworthy Servant says:

      Yes, these businesses are important because their presence improves the quality of life in our communities.

    • happy idiot says:

      David Ellis as a 10 year old what I learned is when I open a business, at least get a cheap 9 mm pistol because there probably will be a second outbreak in my life

    • Don Christiano says:

      Shotgun a day keeps the criminals away !

    • Joseph Maleiuch says:

      I’m not sure how a Squirt Gun is gonna keep hoodlums at bay but sure maybe they don’t want to get wet.

  • Surfer Franco says:

    Will Gal Gadot sing “Imagine” again?

    • wow i am lost says:

      Haha……better she should stop acting

    • Mark Victor says:

      Madonna version is better.

  • Bilal Abd-AlRahman says:

    Keep the 2nd amendment alive and make it stronger – pull back restrictive gun laws.

    • TheScotchaholic says:

      We need a national Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws!

  • Wendell Ellis Edwards says:


  • Enigma Man says:

    If America is no longer your home Europe welcomes you back

    • Custis Longly says:

      Oh boy! The liberals hate America anyway and always threaten to leave. Take them. Please.

    • Fuckus O’Reilly says:

      They all threatened when Trump was elected, but strangely, they’re all still here. Even people who hate America refuse to leave it

  • Lou Chris says:

    Arm yourself!! Well, serves them right!! Don’t be looting and rioting!

    • Jay Kelly says:

      @TheScotchaholic There you go again with the bigotry. Do find comfort in labels? I never said don’t be angry, and I didn’t defend looting or other crime. I’m not even attacking gun laws here, just adolescent reactionary attitudes, like yours. Shoot them all? Come on… You’ve got a pretty creepy interpretation of the golden rule. (Isn’t that about treating others as you’d like to be treated? Rather than treating them as you perceive they would treat you? Cos that would be more bigotry).
      I’m not gaslighting. If any of this is going to be put back on track, the hurt and anger have to be seen as legitimate, both of the protesters and the victims of looting. That’s how you care about each other.
      Divisive labeling doesn’t help. I’ve taken the time to share my thoughts with you. Thanks for all the love, respect and tolerance. Good discussion.

    • Jay Kelly says:

      @Fire Storm Fox Yesterday, I watched a video of a teenage girl stealing a cheesecake. You’re going to have a hard time convincing me that she deserved to be shot for that. Surely, that’s not really comparable with terrorism? Think about your own actions, and your words. If your opinion changes, well that’s growth, not weakness.

    • Fire Storm Fox says:

      @Jay Kelly well just because she was walking around with the cheesecake doesn’t mean that she’s the one that broke into the factory,
      and my opinion about businesses defending themselves won’t change what happens in the long run, hopefully no one gets shot.
      This protest should not cause any more deaths.

    • peter tran says:

      @Jay Kelly stealing is stealing period!!

    • Jay Kelly says:

      @peter tran Hey man, when you use the term “period”, you don’t get to use exclamation points. It’s just something you say. So you might have just typed “Stealing is stealing.” – and who could argue that effective statement? Not me. Stealing is indeed stealing. Welcome to the conversation. (Sorry for the rant, but you didn’t give me much to go on). Don’t be so quick-fire. Read the comments before assuming this is an opportunity to choose a side. I’m just highlighting bad attitudes here. People who think violence solves violence, without realizing they are part of the problem. Online, those comments reflect so negatively on the American people. Work with me here.

  • Lyla King says:

    This is disgusting. America has problems

    • lilbeserk says:

      Like all countries of the world.

    • Lyla King says:

      @lilbeserk speak for yourself. My country is great.

  • Dondada says:

    Robbing a gun store is suicide…. better shoot the person dead than have those guns in circulation on the street

    • J.J. Man says:

      Undeniably agreeable. Shoot all of them dead to help further cleanse society even more. We don’t like troublemakers and vermin who will cause destruction to our society.

    • Julian D says:

      @J.J. Man, you ARE the troublemaker and vermin that will cause destruction to your society.

    • J.J. Man says:

      @Julian D You know what, I just LOVE the stupid and poor of society. We need more of them. WHY? So other people can silently and shamelessly study, observe, agree, and politically side on the EXACT OPPOSITE of these stupid and poor troublemaker vermin who think they can get whatever they want by getting as loud and whiny as possible throwing around their F-bombs in attempt of intimidation to force their viewpoint down our throats when they’re not successful , like having a homeless bum telling somebody how to rich, a fat person giving fitness advice, an English using bad grammar, etc. If you want to be poor and dumb like them, go right ahead agree, do, and side with them to create LESS COMPETITION at the top for those who want to be rich and successful do the EXACT OPPOSITE while we enjoy our champagne and caviar from our Ivory, watching the firework chaos down below you vermin.

    • Edmund Tozzi says:

      Okay, I thank you kindly,

    • Gene says:

      They should try looting Dragonmans

  • karen doyle says:

    should not have fired those three cops – they should have charged them and then displayed them in handcuffs being led into jail. That’s what people want to see. That will calm them down. But hey, in six months, or a year, when a jury of their peers acquits them and lets them all go – including the cop who did the actual killing – then what? The USA’s racism is so ingrained there really isn’t any hope to change it.

    • urinfamousr79 says:

      no its not most want to steal and riot its wide spread, cops already arrested and yet this still goes on people want to rob and steal and destroy

    • Mark Victor says:

      When they are acquitted and let go the next thing that will happen is they will be murdered. Problem solved, lesson learned.

    • cgsimons1187 says:

      The action taken to fire all officers involved and arrest the one directly responsible for the murder was swift. Far quicker than what happened during the time of the black riots of 1992 in LA. Though this is proving that regardless of what white people do, blacks are a waste of time to try reasoning with.

    • urinfamousr79 says:

      @Mark Victor u should be right among them

    • urinfamousr79 says:

      @cgsimons1187 you got too many young men w/o fathers being raised by emotional females this is what yo get when they let the m off the leash

  • Zo Han says:

    Owners have a right to protect their property too and they should. All the looting is distracting the real prize of the protest

  • Zo Han says:

    Media is focusing on all the negatives of the protest.

    • Mark Victor says:

      Yeah, the good thing is that people have stopped talking about COVID19. That was getting SO tiresome!

    • Velociraptor 1961 says:

      @Mark Victor That’s True we’ll get ratings back up on The Covid-19 after we deal with Covid-45….

  • Maggie Hea says:


  • Joey Campos says:

    NBC supports looters

    • B P says:

      Who owns nbc? Ya, they’re promoting this

    • Joey Campos says:

      @B P Their fake news and othe msm has caused this violence.

    • J.J. Man says:

      Need chaos in order to have news. Peaceful time equals no news and no money for network.

  • UtubeProfit says:

    They should be more concerned about the government looting them than the looters…How many businesses destroyed from this bullcrap pandemic…just keep wearing your mask and living in fear you fools….

    • TheScotchaholic says:

      Yep, the entire nation just got tested for the next big thing.

    • Velociraptor 1961 says:

      Hahahaha….No pandemic.. it’s just little flu….. Hahahaha…Nah no racism in U.S.. just a little misunderstanding,.Hahahaha..We will see….

  • Fulcher Overman says:

    The news man ask the lady what if the camera wasn’t there what she thought would happen. Those murderous slime balls called law enforcement would have killed her just like there corrupt government they work for would want them to do.

  • Epic Prince says:

    what’s wrong with a couple free 40s?

  • Wu-Flu Chan says:

    They looting start shooting

  • Paula Garcia says:

    I hope person’s who know of any of these looters (thieves) should do the right thing and turn them in. Its not about snitching its doing the right thing and teaching consequences of actions!

    Opportunist using these peaceful and meaningful protest are just disrespecting the cause & Floyd’s memory in my opinion!

  • Bill Wisniewski says:

    these protests will fade away only after mr. trump tenders his resignation; then mr. soros will call off his antifa war dogs.

  • Anonymous Lifestyle says:

    It’s not going to stop, history shows us that riots don’t just stop or go away they get put down by force and that’s what needs to be done and no riots don’t make things better they make them worse.

    • Julian D says:

      No, history shows the opposite actually. In democratic nations, once people have expressed themselves for a few days, demonstrations gradually dwindle. Your hyperbole about ‘riots’ is nonsense. While some rioting happened at first, most people are demonstrating lawfully and peacefully.

  • Debbie Badger says:


  • Enrique Amaro says:


    • vshah1010 says:

      The cops automatically assume the black woman is guilty. If there was a white woman in a group of black people, they probably wouldn’t arrest the white woman.

    • cgsimons1187 says:

      Yep, we can’t get along together. Separation is the only way for peace.

  • Bruce Thao says:

    Shoot the looters…..Love the protestors

  • jeremy hoggatt says:

    To the armed store owners across the country, hit record when its go time. Cops show up, show them the evidence!

  • B P says:

    They’re turning the majority against them…

  • Ray Delaserna says:

    I don’t belive there so many criminals in America oh my god

    • Julian D says:

      Founded on land theft and genocide, America was established by criminals.

    • Liberty Constitution Legacy says:

      Unsurprisingly mostly blacks..

    • IlluminatiMLG says:

      @Julian D Nature has no law except survival of the fittest. It’s illogical to call it criminal because there was no laws preventing them from doing it. Native Americans were killing each other years before the colonists came. Every nation and group is responsible for what something which would be considered an injustice by today’s standards, the only reason America gets heat for it is because in the end they proved to be the victors.

  • B P says:

    Looters and rioters have become the enemy!

    • XNorthEast says:

      They were always

    • Julian D says:

      so prior to this looters and rioters were allies?

  • nebojsa borkovich says:

    Maga hipster queens.

  • The 66 Leadfoot says:

    I feel bad for that lady being assaulted by looters.

  • david nichols says:

    Fire at will!

  • Tom Meyers says:

    Why do Americans need high capacity magazines? Now we have the answer.

    • TheScotchaholic says:


    • Julian D says:

      To protect yourselves from other people who have high capacity magazines. you have no answers, and aren’t even asking the right questions.

    • Jacob Xiongnu says:

      No matter what All lives matter and the 2nd amendment too, dont provoke a war with a responsible gun owner or war will come your way.

  • Tom Meyers says:

    police say a gun store owner shot and killed an armed looter….. His last words? …. “I POOPED MY PANTS” ….. Expect to see it on signs at every protest….

  • Christian Nava says:

    Don’t stand for the madness. Defend your property!

  • Eva Braun says:


  • desedez88 says:

    Come on folks, Let’s get real. The protesters are protesting racial injustice. The looters are out because of the covid-19 unemployment rate. Even without George Floyd’s death, this was bound to happen at some point this Summer. There’s NO WAY that 40 million+ unemployed people, most of them young, many of them minorities, were going to just sit patiently and wait for things to get better.

    • Poor Producer says:

      This is like saying we’re gona die anyways, so why not dying now.

  • My Ukulele Daily says:

    Why are you surprised that people will shoot when a crook decides to loot?

    • Issac Taylor says:

      @Edmund Tozzi that’s not the system, the system is the police system, not your communities. If protestors die because they decided to attack the wrong people then I say they got what they deserved.

    • Edmund Tozzi says:

      Look I don’t have the answers. The system is hiring and giving to much power to cops, for too many years, this is the result.

    • CAPITAL r says:

      @Edmund Tozzi One thing we have to do is take that power away. Vote for tbe right people and prioritize turning your neighborhood into a militia.

      The cops can’t do anything to us if we defend each other and do not require their services. When seconds matter, a cop is minutes away, but your gun will be immeditaley availible.

    • Agu Kokobaba says:

      Edmund Tozzi So when you’re mad at the cops, take it out on your local corner store

    • IlluminatiMLG says:

      @Edmund Tozzi “Hey guys, lets go rob liquor, electronics, and jewelry stores to stop racism! That will definitely send the police a message!” You really think private business owners are “part of the system?” Get out of town.

  • Dark Mavis says:

    Hells to the yes.

  • Robert Phillips says:

    Good for them!

  • Gill Ashkettle says:

    Good for the shopkeepers arming themselves. What a disgrace to see the clergy attacking a president. All I see is a country attacking their leader. At least you enjoy that right. Don’t take it for granted.

    • Julian D says:

      If that’s all you see then you’re not really looking. What the World can see is your leader attacking and eroding your nation’s most cherished principles and public institutions. Extremist Americans always imagine they’re the only country with rights lol. Others have those rights too and don’t need to shoot people to defend them.

  • Jason Lukiv says:

  • brian onyango says:

    Shoot them down

  • Lyes Drouctt says:

    A time to build , A time to tear down.Stop killing my people. Most P O Po r for the property owners not for the people.they r hired hit men for the governmemt .

  • Black Hole says:

    ​USA destroyed the middle east with riots and chaos let them taste a bit of what they cook

    • Tracy Gossett says:

      Maybe the middle east shouldn’t have hijacked 4 planes and crashed them into buildings or the ground. That’s what war is you simpleton, this is not wartime, not on our soil, not by our people. People are looting out of convenience, burning businesses to the ground, most don’t even care nor know who George Floyd was.

    • Black Hole says:

      @Tracy Gossett by the way I am not speaking about the war on Iraq. USA causes riots and chaos in any Muslim country that try to embrace democracy. The purpose of the Arab spring was to make Arab countries democratic. USA and Israel interfered and ruined the Arab Spring. You have made it Arab Autumn. Thank you! The world is like a circle, what you do to others today will come to you someday.

  • David Burgess says:

    Cops are not that smart, as are their leaders, which is why they let people loot, then come in and arrest people protecting their property

    • TheScotchaholic says:

      Politicians and cops are CRIMINALS! That’s why they arrest or shoot people Defending their lives and property, while letting criminals free!

    • Velociraptor 1961 says:

      @TheScotchaholic Hahahaha…

    • David Burgess says:

      TheScotchaholic not going to argue with that. lol

  • goletra says:

    If you are protesting the death of Mr. Floyd, you already lost. The narrative has been drowned out by rioters and looters.

    • Julian D says:

      Not really but that’s all you want to focus on because you didn’t care about the actual issue in the first place.

    • Edmund Tozzi says:

      You never cared to bigin with,

    • Skye Finley says:

      We do some dont

  • Andre Botha says:

    “The store owner killed an armed looter”

    Yeah? And? Was he supposed to gift wrap his guns and hand it over to the looter?

    You must be a special kind of stupid inbred to rob a gun store

  • Uchiha madara says:

    Guns… yeahhh 👍👍🤟🔥
    Protect yourself business men

  • Michael Gomez says:

    Why would you try to loot a gun store?

  • 엔리 says:

    폭도들은 잡아라 폭력주동자를 구속하라

  • Kim Lee says:


  • Anonymous Person says:

    They say that like its a bad thing a looter got killed LOL

  • Glenn Iannicelli says:

    The gun store looter was greedy. Couldn’t be content with Nikes.

  • Charles W R says:

    Systemic Racism: Police are at forefront; Donald Trump and GOP Senators closely behind; Republikkkan Trumo base is violent racist

  • scot maclean says:

    Lutters should be used for target practice

  • KJ Sky says:

    Anyone notice how the looting is worse in the states with the strictest gun control laws.

    • Julian D says:

      no, no one’s noticed that because you just made it up yourself.

  • Br1aNn says:

    I’m glad store owners fight back. It literally shouldn’t be seen as bad when a man defends himself.

    The news covers the guy who killed the looter like he was a bad guy.

  • Br1aNn says:

    I find it funny how the news says it’s bad when the looter tries to rob someone and then get killed in the process, and they think it’s bad, that it’s a crime that the owner shot the looter.. this world is insane

  • Ken says:

    As major cities is being clamp down the looters(criminals) are going to move to smaller cities.My advice to Business Owners is use your 2nd Amendment.

  • Crystl Fire says:

    THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GEORGE FLOYD and everything to do with these terrorists being hired by bloomberg and soros to damage as much as they could using Floyd as a reason. So far several people and some blacks have died during these terrorist attacks but I guess THEY do NOT matter!

  • Crystl Fire says:

    WHEN NOTHING is being done behind the looting, the chaos and the destruction, you know this has nothing to do with George Floyd and everything to so with the leftist demonrat party! These are FAR LEFTIST MAYORS AND GOVERNORS who just watch and do nothing while these criminal terrorists destroy their state and cities while the innocent citizens are attacked over and over again.

  • Crystl Fire says:

    THIS IS WHAT THIS WHOLE NATION WILL LOOK LIKE UNDER A LEFTIST DEMONRAT PARTY PRESIDENT!! Thank God Trump won and is now sending in the military since the left governors do nothing to stop any of this! They have the national guard they can send out and not once has any of the left governors used them!

  • Willy Pete says:

    They loot you shoot. it just an excuse to be a thief! Understand this people, certain people in the government want looting. They need a reason to impose marshal law! get ready for the 3rd Revolutionary war!

  • matt golden says:

    “This is crime” this is what the world deserves burn it down start over

  • Darrick Ray says:


  • ardently100 says:

    Why do the media people and some politicians sound that they are condoning these lootings and riots? They blame the government and justifying the evil acts. They are just encouraging these devils.

  • Randy Hodder says:

    STORE owners are fighting to save their businesses….’re member 1 in the head two in the chest….!!!

  • MR HS says:

    America, champion of democracy, reels in pain.

  • Vinny VittiVooti says:

    Trump told you. When the looting starts the shooting starts! Oh…You thought he just meant police and NG? 🤣🤣🤣 You better hope a cop gets to before I do if I catch you looting my business. I’ll make it slow and painful!

  • look down says:

    I do not feel bad for the looters who got shot n killed.

  • Karang pnc Pnc says:

    Second amendement protect your First Amendement 👍.. protect your freedom to do bussiness 👍

  • Wheat Harvester says:

    Why aren’t more cops on patrol to prevent these riots from even starting

  • Prince Vegeta says:

    no sympathy for anyone looters who are shot during this. if police aren’t going to enforce the laws and protect their citizens and their properties, then owners needs to defend themselves.

  • Richard Johnson says:

    I stood with my neighbors with our guns against the Protestors/Looters/Rioters, They are cowards and they lost all interest when they realized they were going to be challenged.
    I had my faith restored in society when I saw how many other gun owners came out and showed that it was our community and not theirs to destroy.

  • SA PAX says:

    Shoot all looters3

  • Nick Zhu says:

    Store owners should shot any looters whom disregard their warning, people need to send a strong message that once you entered that store, your life have been forfeited. Promote restrained yet deadly violence is healthy for this society, people need to know things have consequences.

  • shortylickens69 says:

    If you dont even think to buy a gun until well after problems begin then you are just going to make things worse.
    Too many people are ignorant and untrained. You need several beginners classes before you are able to safely use a rifle or handgun and the vast majority of Americans never bother with that.

  • Simone Schultz says:

    Yeah sure let’s all devolve into the Wild West all over again when anyone with a gun could take justice in their own hands. The sad fact remains violence begets more violence

  • Tile Setter 191 says:

    A perfect weapon for the situation since we can’t own fully automatic weapons. They do have the semi automatic version of the Saw M249 just hook up a 300rd belt. set up shop inside wait for looters to break in and lit em up.

  • Jack Steele says:

    I love how people are protesting like this, in my opinion the protesters are wasting their time.

  • Chuck Austin says:

    Remember folks. Creepy Biden said Beto O’rourke will be in his cabinet, your guns will not..

  • S K says:

    They say we are innocent until they get caught

  • S K says:

    I don’t think these people ever interested in the death of George…they are just angry greedy savage

  • Gun Jack says:

    SH00T down the looters PLEASE