Washington D.C. Man Opens Home To George Floyd Protesters | NBC Nightly News

2020 6/12
Washington D.C. Man Opens Home To George Floyd Protesters | NBC Nightly News

Rahul Dubey opened his doors to dozens of protesters who say they were being corralled and pepper-sprayed by police.
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Washington D.C. Man Opens Home To George Floyd Protesters | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (102件)

  • Marcela C. says:

    If you were home that wouldn’t have happened.

  • SPacy sam aku holT says:

    MSNBC has labeled this guy a ‘good samaritan’? This is the same news network that less than two weeks ago sent a half-masked crew to Wisconsin to shame people walking alone outdoors who were not following guidelines. I guess if you’re protesting ‘racism’, you much less likely to catch COVID19 and therefore its OK to break the rules then? Such hypocrites! 🤣

  • aparna upadhyay says:

    Proud of you Rahul ❤️ Great work… Love and support from India

  • breath888 says:

    This makes me think about Anne Frank. What an open heart Mr. Dubey has.

  • reza siki says:

    A hero

  • Bharath Kumar says:

    Great and brave human deed. Hope police and politicians won’t harass him for this.

  • Jethro S says:

    Modern day Schindler’s list

  • Francisco Matthews says:

    That night, this man became a brother

  • Camie says:

    If we personally have a tendency to feel superior to others, we need to remember that “everyone proud in heart is detestable to Jehovah.” (Prov. 16:5) We would also do well to examine our view of those who belong to another race, nationality, or culture. If we harbor feelings of racial or national pride, we ignore the fact that God “made out of one man every nation of men.” (Acts 17:26) In that sense, there is just one race because all mankind has a common ancestor, Adam. Therefore, how absurd it is to believe that some races are inherently superior or inferior. Such thinking would suit Satan’s scheme to disrupt our Christian love and unity. (John 13:35) To fight Satan and win, we must resist all forms of improper pride.​—Prov. 16:18

  • COMUNIDAD says:

    Un gran hombre , y es Indu es la calidad de gente humana y el color de piel no es nada para que haya racismo contra ellos y nadie , justicia es ver al real humano y la diferencia del agresivo que no tiene sentimientos mas que arrogancia de sentirse reyes cuando son humanos pero sin nada en el cerebro.

  • Jeannette Hood says:

    Wow that was amazing. God bless you Sir

  • Yu Piao says:

    The Good Samaritan!

  • hamzah zziwa says:

    Is an Indian, just a good man

  • Stephanie Greenwood says:

    This reminds me of Korrie ten Boom hiding Jewish people in her bedroom, to protect them from Nazi soldiers? (I know there are a lot of differences in the two stories, but that is still what it reminds me of). I am so horrified that anything in the United States, in modern day, could remind me of Korrie ten Boom protecting innocent people by hiding them from Nazi’s. This man is a hero, I hope he runs for office.

  • Autonomous Free-Man says:

    Quit saying bless him and let’s bless him. What are his favorite things? Let’s get him a lot of those things. Cookies? Here’s a million of them….

  • Autonomous Free-Man says:

    What bed does the King of England sleep in? Let’s buy that for him.

  • Henry Clark says:


  • tad2 says:

    Wow! Incredible. This was one of my favourite stories of the past few days. Didn’t even think twice about it. What a kind soul, helping complete strangers.

  • Henry Clark says:

    They SHOULD lock that trader up

  • Musiq Lover says:

    Thank you Rahul for the sanctuary of these people

  • Šoph 19 says:

    My Gosh ….. makes my eyes spicy …. what kinda noble soul he is surely …. God bless him n all those who working for this cause

  • Kondensed Yah says:

    Mr. Rahul Dubey became a biblical neighbor to all those protesters because he showed them mercy (Luk 10:29-35 KJ2000). May God bless him for caring✌🏾.

  • Junior Stuffle says:

    God bless you ❤️❤️❤️☝🏾🙏🏾

  • Junior Stuffle says:

    I love you all ❤️❤️❤️🇧🇧☝🏾🙏🏾

  • Dave Best says:

    Good for him. Nice guy.

  • Jaguar2020 says:

    can OJ come in ????

  • AlwaysLoveOthers says:

    How about lets talk about the DC Blackout!?! From 1am to 6am. Real live ammo, ppl being arrested and shot at, videos of ppl being taken thru tunnels and stored then in the morning police power washing the streets. Its been days and these ppl are still missing!!!!!!! Report on this NOW!!!!

  • Diane Wilkins says:

    Thank you Raul. We are all American Citizens

  • Dontyu worrie says:

    DC man wanted to be on YouTube…wnc of story

  • Stacey Thompson says:

    What a wonderful man,God bless him.

  • Yasmin Ariana says:

    Disgusting filthy pigs, glad he opened up his door 💖

  • Lion Media says:

    Sad Song Video clip for his soul (New)(subscribe with us )

  • Masako Horino says:

    Race doesn’t matter anymore. What it matters is what you can offer to others as a human being. Beautiful people exist.

  • Saghi says:

    Great guy! I wonder if he was he the only one who sheltered protesters in his home or did other neighbors do it too?

  • Lucifer Morning star says:

    I will say this is what indian is all about
    They welcome people with smile

  • Monica Lopez says:

    Ron Miller, we need to STOP referring to people’s race!..
    This kind gentleman has a good upbringing and clearly has human empathy. Maybe some people should LEARN from his example rather than to point out the fact that he is “Indian”…. I mean American!

  • NK Maze says:

    America police are THUGS.

  • Pitdog Chang says:

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Will America be fallen like Roman empire ? Some westerners are asking this question. Yes, America will be fallen soon. Many videos are already displaying this sight recently, such as the violence caused by the death of an African . But I, Pitdog Chang , will save America and make it be great once again. How can I do it ? Very simple. I am now making a video named “America Will Be Great Once Again”. Just wait for me two or three days for me to work on it. As soon as I finished my video I will upload it to YouTube. Hope to see you again soon, my dear friends. God bless you all and America, the beautiful and great country. Pitdog Chang, a messenger from Heaven. Finally, YouTube editor, help me accomplish this holy job and I will do anything for you, my lord. I swear. Goodbye, every body.

  • talon55130 says:

    Does this moron even have a home left? They most likely stole the paint off his walls.

  • Cress Welsing says:


  • Mann P. says:

    As an Indian, I’m proud of what Rahul did!

  • Steve Q says:

    A good heart can always be found in hate and chaos ♥

  • BADGUY 1 says:

    Gee…Dat George Floyd? He SHO was a “multi-tasker”! Just look at what dat guy did …his last 10 minutes on earth:
    1. He be HIGH on Meth – FELONY
    2. He pass a 20$ counterfeit bill – FELONY
    3. He tells dat asian kid he ain’t gonna return dem cigarettes either – FELONY
    4. He resisted dat cop dat had to pull him out a his car. – FELONY
    5. He resisted gettin put in dat PO-lice car. – FELONY
    6. He fights wit dat PO-lice man putten him in dat PO-lice car – FELONY
    7. He fights wit dat PO-lice man pullin him out da back a dat PO-lice car. – FELONY
    8. He fights wit dat PO-lice man puttin him down da ground. – FELONY
    Ummm Ummm Ummm Dat guy SHO was busy!

    Oh and I almos fogot! George was also a ex-con (armed robbery)
    I guesses dats WHY he such a hero in da “Black Community”.

  • Black MoonHawk says:

    Just when I thought the days couldn’t get any darker, I am back on board with the faith in humanity!!!

  • Baybay says:

    They think corona virus 🦠 is gone.

  • Robin Holbrook says:

    Wow this is what America should should look and be like.He set a wonderful example God bless you sir . I’ve been praying for the protestors to be sent angels like you. God bless you

  • B says:

    This man is a perfect example of how there are amazing and wonderful people of all cultures and races that positively contribute to America’s greatness.

  • Ranger one says:

    And he gets robbed…

  • Best of TikTok says:

    Sending love to all black in the world. God bless all of you. My symphatie to Floyd family. Praying for you guys. <3

  • Amar Khandve says:
    Video from inside Rahul’s house.

  • abby pepper says:

    These protests makes it look like coronavirus was nothing but fear mongering

    • Suzann Puppies are precious says:

      These were only Peaceful protesters, not Antifa.
      I understand America has Fear of Violence and Rioting against Law Abiding Citizen’s.
      Thing’s can go horribly wrong durnig this time.
      Especially having Antifa Thugs Ruining Communitys, and causing great destruction.
      People need to say No to Antifa Thugs Who are Violent. Lawless, and Hateful.
      Antifa Thugs are paid by Evil Democrat Politician’s to get our President Donald Trump out.
      We need to understand what is peaceful protest and what is Democrats Politicians Antifa Thugs Causing Violence. Hatefulness and Forces of Darkness.

  • Oceania Hadfield says:


  • B Patel says:

    That folks, is how you make 70 friends in one night.

  • Rich Rohini says:

    Loved it💯🙏

  • Chris Hooge says:

    I felt like I watched this entire video with a shocked look on my face until he said not strangers anymore and it became a smile and deepest respect

  • Sam John says:

    God bless his whole life 🙏🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽❤️

  • Ayu Alias says:

    RACES not important coz when u die GOD didn’t asked what ur RACES but what the good thing u have done, wake up America and live as ONE (PEACE FROM MALAYSIA)

  • muhammad khan says:

    Well done 👍 bro

  • Sinha Sinha says:

    Bless this man and all whom he gave shelter to 🙏

  • Sergio Parra says:

    Raul should get the purple heart

  • Ahmad Chaudhry Aftab says:

    man of Humanity against Terror. But why all world including USA Sleeping no Protest for Kashmir, Palastin, Syria. Please also Protest and protect others peoples

  • Paul Odonnell says:

    He’d be singing another tune if they robbed and looted his house

    • ann elizabeth prasad says:

      But he did a good thing and so he got good in return. Be happy that nothing wrong happened 😑

  • Philip says:

    Check your cutlery when they have gone.

  • K A says:


  • Hassanul Karim says:

    I would vote for him instead of priyanka chopra.

  • boo says:

    Trump saw this. “I got a bunker!
    …which I briefly, just for a short time, inspected the other day… “

  • 까마 says:

    *share yours,*


  • writergirl24 Poole says:

    God Bless him.

  • Know One says:

    Nothing will change unless all the people who took the time to go out and protest also take the time to go out and

  • FS Y says:

    Even in Nazi Germany there were kind hearted souls who provided jews comfort and shelter.

  • Warren London says:

    Rahul, God bless you sir 🙏❤️✨ You are an amazing man

  • sejengkal sehasta says:

    Islam is first in anti-racism…revert to Islam like Bilal.

  • horst gummer says:

    Can i buy properity in 80 percent of the world no i cant cause im caucasian ..

  • Manú says:

    Modern day Oskar Schindler

  • Usman Suleman says:

    Good job beautiful brother good job

  • Shah Jafri says:

    Rahul for Nobel peace prize

  • elvis price says:

    I love this story and the man! God bless you! Thanks for doing what u did.

  • Delphic Tableau says:

    A Hindu-American minority in America, helping others, following in the path of other great Indian humanitarians. Kudos!

  • I Am Haru says:

    I am telling the ENEMY is the POLICES, IF they cant POLICES themselves. You know how Jeopardizing this will be if its acknowledged. This Idea that the POLICES are the Enemy? Short Answer Hong Kong.

  • Robert Miller says:

    He should of been charged with helping them. They broke the law and he is lucky they didn’t murder or looted him

  • cristina ferreira says:

    This man is an earth angel who protected the protesters , we need more people in the world like him,thank God he was there to help.

  • sophie gonzalez says:


  • Marta Twardowska says:

    how does it look after?

  • Angela Anderson says:

    God Bless you. ❤

  • Michael Olufuwa says:

    Thank you sir for your kidness. Your name and good deed will never be forgotten. Respect sir

  • anthonynewsome says:

    This is amazing what a fantastic man –

  • Mary Collins says:

    I commented on your other video. I agree with other citizens President Trump needs to see this.. It makes me sick to see how people were cornered and abused! I hate what I see I love how you helped your fellow citizen in need!

  • Mary Collins says:

    President Trump are you proud of this wonderful honorable citizen! I know I am!

  • yours truly says:

    That story brought me to tears and gave me goosebumps at the same time.raul you are a rare breed but im praying for more of you

  • yours truly says:

    That’s such a powerful story

  • Suzann Puppies are precious says:

    In time’s of peaceful protesting we do thank God Jesus Christ for this man who showed compassion and love.

    These people were not Rioters if they had been they would have robbed him and burn down his home.
    That’s how you can tell the difference.

    Sir thank you so very much for helping others and God bless you always.

    Unfortunately when you have a Country America in Fear , thing’s will go wrong and Antifa has put many Law Abiding Citizen’s in Danger and Fear.

    This is why we can’t let Antifa Thugs Ruin Our Communities and Street’s.

    Please say No to Violence and Havoc .

  • Suzann Puppies are precious says:

    Everyone please understand peaceful protesters are very different from Democrat Politician’s paid Antifa Thugs Members.

    There’s so much Fear by Law Abiding Citizen because of Antifa Thugs Roiting Looting Civil unrest and killing’s of Innocent People Civilian’s.
    An Antifa thugs isn’t going to ask for permission to go home, they will continue to roit with back up.

    The Democrats Politicians are *paying* Antifa to get our President Donald Trump out of the White House.

    Unfortunately there is so much fear Now , Police Officers and People don’t know the difference *Anymore*.

    This is what happens when Democrats Politicians pay Antifa.
    I’m begging you all to understand.

  • crazyim5 says:

    21st century Schindler!

  • Brigith Hippolyte says:


  • Ams Bloom says:

    Wow, what Chinese province is that? Oh, the Land-Of-The-Free

  • Judy Snyder says:

    There was a curfew. They shouldn’t be out there. Laws are made to be obeyed.

  • sheri says:

    ❤️ unite ❤️

  • Rhonda Braxton says:

    God Bless him

  • M Narayanrao says:

    Lo e from india🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🚩🚩🚩

  • Heaven Leigh Casteel says:

    We need statues and things named after people like this man and his neighbors who also helped.

    We need too show/see more humanity. Maybe it’ll help some others look in the mirror *cough cops cough*

    Edit: typos