Why should we care about SpaceX? | Start Here

2020 6/04
Why should we care about SpaceX? | Start Here

Space Flight Goes Commercial | Start Here
Billionaires have a way of shaking things up. Just look at Elon Musk and how his company, SpaceX, just became the first private enterprise to put people into orbit.
Musk wants to make space travel like air travel. On top of that SpaceX also wants to rocket people between cities. “Anywhere in under an hour” — that’s their sales pitch.
Will Musk and SpaceX succeed? How long until we can board a rocket ourselves? And where’s it all heading?
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  • emo says:

    Without the support of tax payers and NASA , SpaceX would have flopped . We are not going to let SpaceX make billions of dollars like we let bill gates and all the other mofos did with the publicly invented and developed internet . SpaceX must pay heavy taxes and serve the public first and foremost

  • Yoosuf Muneer says:

    9:00 Carl Sagan was so great

  • Gaming Tonight says:

    Sorry, but the world just doesn’t have enough resources left for what Elon wants. Many key resources have literally a few years left, if we keep using it at the level we are.

  • Cla Spe says:

    You now its propaganda when the Anchors are unreasonable hot 🔥.

  • Sina Seirafi says:

    With the mindset of Musk and SpaceX, it won’t be the only home we know for long.

  • Luke Holland says:

    Space x is real important, the rich will need to leave once their capalist way ruins the planet once and for all. Us poor will have to hold onto the sides and hope we can hold our breath until we reach whatever the rich have built on Mars or wherever.

  • Kasper T says:

    “it was enough to inspire him”. Carl Sagan ordered the voyager 1 team to take the picture!


    Please make a video on CAA/NRC issue in India

  • ilyasabdullahishuayb dr says:

    Guys space is blocked from us, by God because Adam as ate the apple .

    • István Sipos says:

      “as ate” Or has eaten? either way, it is an interesting claim. How could mankind test it? the god part or the blocked space part or anything?



  • Saif Chowdhury says:

    Elon is the real ironman!

  • Matt Deutsch says:

    Very informative and inspiring.

  • Wagner Gauer says:

    I can’t believe there is just 30 k views in a videos from a channel with 5 million subscribers

  • Johar Kay says:

    They are going to mars because they want to depopulate earth by these viruses and wars and so they will stay there so the earth is fresh as new, period.

  • Mostafa kamal Munna says:

    Very good Presentation Madam..👌👌👌

  • Shereen Iqbal says:

    please cover militrization of south china Sea and its implication on future world order

  • A F says:

    talk about the history of racism in USA , thank you Sandra .

  • TheEndevour2010 says:

    The plume that you see where earth’s orbit affects reminds of the electron spinning around nucleus. Akin earth is kind of an electron with sun as the nucleus. There’s something about scale and repetition of patterns that holds truth about the nature of things. Maybe a deep understanding of fractals will lead us to the TRUTH!! Where we are in the hierarchy or our place in the universe or where we come from or where we are going 🙂

  • Maharlikan Nation says:

    China 🇨🇳 left the Group Lol😭

  • Edward Gillado says:

    Help to the poor rather than expense billion for their on satisfaction!!

  • Chief Apple Troll Mike says:

    I guess having enough money makes tourism on Earth boring eventually. Let’s go to space😅😅😅

    • Andy Salvia says:

      This is exactly the problem, poor people will be left behind and eventually planet earth will be a slum

    • Abrar Sultan says:

      @Andy Salvia we will see where rich people will go



  • Jose Orta says:

    Starliner went to India

  • Antichrys says:

    Boeing and blue origin better their ships together…..we can’t just rely on SpaceX’s current monopoly for all the innovation, musk is human and i guarantee corruption isn’t far off if god forbid he dies too soon. We need to embrace nasa’s approach….have multiple viable options to keep everyone in check

  • Chris says:

    That chair looks uncomfortable. The woman reporter is hot, but their is something “snobby” about her that I can’t explain.

  • jaunt 360 says:

    sound editor needs to be fired

  • SIMON MUSOKE says:

    Whenever Boeing uses software… aircraft disasters happen!!!

  • Wendigo says:

    With all the money and business potential that you’re talking about here, I thought you’re gonna mention starlink.

  • Robert Quin says:

    Why we should care about SpaceX? Because SpaceX is a sign of the future. It’s time for humanity to get off this rock before we ruin it, which we will. Multiplanetary is better than dead. SpaceX Rocks!

    • John Smith says:

      Little things call radiation protection ,food , air are only found on Earth. Hard to live without them.

  • zoe fofo says:

    talk about colonialsm, and slavery. the differences between black people in africa and black descendent of slaves. how disconnected we are. we should change our colonial names. everything colonial.

    • John Smith says:

      I think Detroit and Baltimore would blend in quite well in 3rd world Africa.

  • Durafshan Tariq says:

    The way you explain, Sticks one here till the end

  • Will Sher says:

    why can countries an governments get their act togather especialy if they call themselves democratic. so let the people move forward , help them thats the job of a government. so we all can have a chance at a better bright future and go to space leaving our earth clean and shinny for the next generation.

    • John Smith says:

      Overpopulation is the problem , more people use more of everything not less.
      We have 7.8 billion people and always growing. (4.3 billion in 1980 for comparison.).
      You seen nothing yet.

  • hendo19742 says:


  • John Smith says:

    A different ride and owner to get to the same earth hugging space station.
    A person 50 years old was not born during the last moon landing, that’s not progress.

  • John Smith says:

    .Overpopulation is the problem , more people use more of everything not less.
    We have 7.8 billion people and always growing. (4.3 billion in 1980 for comparison.).
    You seen nothing yet.

  • Eryk Space says:

    Billionaires already has exploited and polluted our Mother Earth, sadly the space is next.

    • sky says:

      Let’s see, bill gates eradicated polio, trying to cure malaria, Google founders made information easily accessible to even remote place, Elon musk’s Tesla providing solution to environment crisis. And I could go on with long list. The fact the you can share your opinion to the world is possible because of billionaires.

  • Viral Kenyan says:

    Watching from Kenya. This is one of my favorite shows. Keep up the good work.

  • Michael Lucas says:

    Yay. Spread our problems thru the universe. 😒

  • Zyaire Rice says:

    Because this is Star Trek in reality

    Beam me up Scotty

    The space race is on again
    Who else want to go into lower orbit

    Me….. data have left the space station

    • István Sipos says:

      or maybe beaM
      but it is funnier with bean. no offense, it was a funny typo, indeed

  • John O says:

    good job sandra and your team

  • Jonathan Apolonio says:

    Thing already had a name: Dragon

  • V.K Sümï says:

    It looked like coldfusion thumbnail

  • Josimar Lopes says:

    Send Trump after Boeing’s lost rocket in space.😂

  • Nigel Harris says:

    New possible stories:
    Unbanked people vs cashless movement.
    How right protestors are treated vs Left wing protestors.
    Why some Americans hate wearing masks.
    Are kids who go school online losing out on a good education?
    Are Colleges giving refunds for loss classroom time?
    Can we realistically be productive when working from home ?
    And to companies really want us to work from home?
    Are we prepared for a 2nd or 3rd wave of covid 19?
    How are Day Care’s and the teachers coping with Covid19?
    Can the November election be delayed?
    Is the post office really in trouble?
    Who is the most discriminated race ?
    How/Why are liquor stores essential?
    Would you go back to a movie theater?
    China racism’s against Black People.
    Going to get a yearly checkup during a pandemic?
    How pandemic assistance provided by companies {Banks ,Credit card , Mortgage companies}
    Helps and hurts their customers?
    What happens to family’s who member were victims of police?
    What happens to fired police officers?
    Shortage of cheap laptops.
    People who now feel they don’t need a gym anymore since they closed.
    Early lessons from covid 19 . What you would have done differently?
    Insomnia during Covid 19.
    What was the last fun thing did before the pandemic?
    The domesday preppers that we’re proven right.

  • Chadx M says:

    Would it led to star trek or star wars kind of future?

    • István Sipos says:

      Star Trek. I wanna go into a bar, get into a fight, then get invited to Star Fleet.

    • elektron117 says:

      Halo or Warhammer 40K

    • Hunter1046 says:

      @elektron117 This tbh, star wars is too stagnant to be reality and star trek is too pseudo political and lacking of actual human behavior with a spray of dreamy uptopism.

  • Middle finger says:

    Not the right time

  • Susan Ananda says:

    This is paradoxical! You want to talk about space tourism while airplane trip has become difficult with the presence of COVID19

    • Lmao. says:

      You say that like lockdown is permanent?

  • njengakim says:

    Great video. Gives context to the DM2 mission.

  • Tommy Vercetti says:

    Did anyone notice the Transformers sound effect at 2:04 ?

  • Muhammad Yaseen says:

    this technology will success after a cost of so many wealth and human lives!!!!

  • mani says:

    jeez.. typical alislamia bullshit at the end, musk’s plan is to make humans multi- plant species so when some nutcase on the earth press a nuke button, there will still be human life left to continue in this solar system

  • meenoo meenoo says:

    Nicely put.

  • Twin Lizzie says:

    Space flight for the rich, Livestreams for the poor

  • KTM/SPORTS says:

    7:40 “May never happen” WTF you mean? You are saying that to Elon Musk? LoL go get a life.

  • krop pork says:

    I’m not convinced by this space stuff when we can’t even fight poverty or resolve economical instability or even assure media transparency across the globe, everyone pushing their agendas to work . keep on dreaming space enthusiasts while technology will be nowhere to be seen in incoming years, everyone will be taken by surprise by then such as for what happened with covid19, better be prepared .

  • Zeeshan Arif says:

    Jennifer Connelly 😮

  • Rishi Arora says:

    Carbon footprint? It’s in space most of the journey 😂

    • Michael IVES says:

      Interesting explain more.

  • Lmao. says:

    Is YouTube trying to tell me to care about something I’ve been passionate about for years?

  • Vinu R. says:

    Can you talk about the real ground problems India is facing right now

  • Iam Krush says:

    great innovation by space X , that’s what god made humans for innovate implement and attain knowledge .. Where as some people are still are struggle to come out of desert life

  • Zuliandra Fahri says:

    I was hoping about starship to be mentioned more as it will be used to travel to mars.

  • TheManWhoBuyTheWorld FromTheManWhoSoldTheWorld says:

    Dutch East Indies

  • dedoshucos says:

    This is exactly what gives the United States of America it’s Edge technologically. Immigrant pioneering entrepreneurs that see this country as _the_ destination to come to innovate and develop their ideas. An edge China, Russia, and other countries just DO NOT have. The land of opportunity is what the USA still stands for, for the people that truly matter, the people that have it together like Elon Musk. Not a country that just steals their ideas and once to put them out of business a day later, but a country that protects and embraces their intellectual property rights.

    While China was more concerned about stealing Elon Musk’s Telsa electric vehicle technology they failed to see the bigger picture. Hence the reason why a South African immigrant like Elon Musk chose USA over China. It could of easily being China celebrating the first commercial manned launch in human history in 2020 had the just respected intellectual property rights.

  • Devil cry172 says:

    If there is any life on Mars then we will be the aliens invading that planet. What if the same had happened to earth…

  • Charles Ndung'u says:

    All this is about profit.. It’s no longer about Science when people are rushing to own water on the moon!
    If it was about humanity advancement, they’d invest that money to elevate the poor in the society!

  • Samuel Hasudungan says:

    Will it be Elon Airways or Musk Airlines ? ? ?

  • Todd Smith says:

    Who will lead the way to remove all the nuclear missiles in order to ride Rockets

  • myke Ikenye says:

    Nasa’s Voyager 2 sent an interstellar message, are they picture or what kind of message?

  • Sorarocks 93 says:

    Wish they’d stop making this about America only. It’s about humanity as a whole, and Elon knows this. But NASA is like AMERICA THIS AND AMERICA THAT. Like, we get it…

  • juan lyn ching says:

    I felt there was something off with the way the anchor was reporting.

  • Nias says:

    While I agree that Musk’s SpaceX has put up an amazing effort and the hundreds of millions he has put in, NASA did give him $2.6 Billion in 2014. There was no mention of that in the piece and NASA support deserves a mention. They have been working for years to get a commercial space industry off the ground and NASA will continue on quietly in the background.

  • Random Knowledge says:

    Billionaires dream big

  • Sharthak Ghosh says:

    Why are you showing the SpaceX landings as failures, their primary mission was always a success in those cases.

  • elektron117 says:

    Can’t wait when India, China and Russia achieve their space goals.

  • theleadingheadDOTcom says:

    I prefer Alexander Technique.

  • Erne Stina says:

    Because of The Firmament. .

  • its.Churchil says:

    😂boeing lost its rocket in space bermuda triangle!

  • Steve Pashley says:

    What an amazing video. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have subscribed. Thank you. The presenter was fantastic

  • Petrit Gjebrea says:

    When and if we get out of this we need to seriously rethink the way we build society. 10 % of elderly will die the best scenario and also will we care for one another after we get the impact of the flu ? will it be the same seriously who is to blame here, nobody ? What about taking late actions ? Is always someone to blame to criticize really what about our leaders did they do the right thing in time ? Flattening the curve is a lot harder than people think, are we staying home ? should we go out ?
    Lets talk about other things like can we start over ? Are we on the same boat ?


    The idea is that as the new sars cov-2 (coronavirus) is rising the curve, so has our economy raised the economic curve so the principle that our governments are applying to flattening the curve, the same can be applied to the new economic system if it will be one.
    It will have a lot of regulations but that is why we have the internet to share and spread ideas so we the people the net generation can have a bright future.

    For example, if you have money and you are at near the top of the curve than you ow the (uplifting of the curve) to extend the human population (space and time were separated than Einstein came and visualized space and time interconnected) the same principle can be applied in economy and population we can call it ecopopulation 😏
    uplifting of the curve means to spend resources & money to contribute for (this) civilization to live longer in the grand scheme of the universe -> lets talk about ideas how the new system will work cause at some point we are in this together… 🤝

  • Hector Sanchez says:

    Oh people we did that millions of years ago, here we go again and again trying the same illusion of humans and jinns “scape the earth”. We cant simply go to the high heaven in that way because firstly they don’t understand why we are here in this planet.

  • sarcasmo57 says:

    How long until I can space-X rocket home from work?

  • Productions by Roddie Horton says:

    Three of my notebooks and you can start planning colonization on Mars and the Moon. I figure each notebook is worth 10-15 million dollars each.

  • Hushan Mohammad says:

    Couldn’t help the world! So, run to the Never-ending void of space… seriously? There’s so much that could & should be done for millions of humans that r not so fortunate to afford a 57 million dollar for going higher or beyond that of a plane. Kings wanted to conquer whatever land there eyes Could extend up to but eventually mixed in the same land they they once so owned! Now the kings r rich business … which humans will it benefit? People r not optimistic about humanity but they r certain about owning what’s unfathomable in space? Well then there r as many planets & solar systems as there r human beings.
    Humans want to mine in space? As if the world is not carrying enough burden of their unquenching thirst…
    Help make the world a better place instead with more balance & equality while u can! No one is going to live forever! Care for what’s within reach then for fantasy & extravaganza! You reach people won a great deal yet how could u be so lost?

  • Baby Blue says:

    If the moon has rocket fuel, then it will be the beginning of the space war.

  • Ashray says:

    Make a video on india space exploration

  • Kristina Francine Arriola says:

    you had a chance to discuss starlink, which is already happening but missed it.

  • kiran ranjitkar says:

    Space Flights may end World Wars Someday.

  • vinm300 says:

    LOL this is total nonsense.
    There is no future for humans in Space.
    By contrast AI is tailor made for space-travel : much cheaper, far more efficient,
    capable of journeys lasting centuries.

  • Levin Soh says:

    Sandra, Nice to see you again.

  • Daxxon Jabiru says:

    I can tell by her vocal register that she is a very serious person and I need to take her seriously.

  • Michael IVES says:

    Very well done. Love the video made it simple and easy to understand and look at all the important information.

  • David Aspinall says:

    why a dam woman?

  • Elon Musk says:

    Let’s talk about occupying Mars

  • Neville Dominic says:

    Hey Al Jazeera what are your views of architecture in space when eventually commercial space happens u mentioned space tourism does architecture play a vital role in it?

  • weeiiee14 says:

    Lousy background sound..

  • Mamunur Rashid says:

    Evolution of previous space programs both USA and former USSR….

  • Meng Kit says:

    Starship is the key to making life multiplanetary & protecting the light of consciousness – Elon Musk

  • Marcus Roy says:

    FFS shes so hot. I cant even concentrate

  • Asianteer of pro 2nd Amendment Trump 2020 says:

    This woman is very narrow-minded and has no vision, too bad. Her expression seems to go against space X for sure.

  • peter ritchie says:

    starship is carbon neutral no pollution