Russia’s 20,000-tonne diesel spill pollutes waterways in Siberia

2020 6/07
Russia's 20,000-tonne diesel spill pollutes waterways in Siberia

Waterways near Russia’s Siberian city of Norilsk have been rapidly polluted by a spill of more than 20,000 tonnes of diesel fuel in recent days, according to state media.
Russian President Vladimir Putin declared on Wednesday a state of emergency, dedicating federal resources to the clean-up effort. He said local officials had been inefficient in dealing with the disaster.
The spill occurred on Friday when a diesel tank ruptured at a thermal power plant, according to a statement by the city’s main employer, metals miner Nornickel.

Al Jazeera’s Paul Brennan has more.

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  • Jose Bravo says:

    No problem money first

  • Steve Soltysiak says:

    Kiss ur ecosystem Goodbye

  • Faye Reeve says:

    What’s on earth going on with this planet most humans that walk this planet need putting down .

    • cameron taylor says:

      They are doing it on purpose… it’s all apart of the insane biblical prophecy… they believe by destroying earth they will be rewarded in the afterlife… the worst part is we are pawns in this sick game of oil!

  • Patheir Brown says:

    It’s expected the regional Governor not to report anything as he could lose his job or worst you don’t get these type of jobs by acting soft so if you report to central to much the public and your colleagues equal ranks question your leadership so eventually this system produces what I call a Man man he acts like he can do the job tries to cover what he can’t manage and overreacts to reasonable request to make something better as he views it as a threat it’s how disasters cost more lives and money to fix it’s just how the world works at times.

  • John Downey says:

    What is going on with Russia? Graveyards of knackered war ships ect.
    Chernobyl and now this. Can’t they do maintenance?

  • Camelpiss drinker Nabi Muhammad says:

    Such a shame

    • Yuri Kovalenko says:

      Come on! Shame was in the Gulf of Mexico. This is nothing….

  • Camelpiss drinker Nabi Muhammad says:

    Vodka hangover

  • Build Indian says:

    Curse of trump 2020

  • yooser naime says:

    Let’s face it…they’ve never really known what they’re doing when it comes to technology and industry.

    • Yuri Kovalenko says:

      Hey, idiot, Russia first sent man to the Space. What did your 3rd world poor country do to be famous? Producing clowns like you? Lol. Where are you from, moron?

    • Deeen ch says:

      Definitely from a place that hasn’t invented clean water just yet

  • AtheistNoPoli says:

    Main reason for environmental problem in this region is the communist pigs and dogs.

    • Yuri Kovalenko says:

      Where did you see communists in Russia, idiot? I bet your poor country has more communists than Russia these days.

  • Bern Koh says:

    God will help Russia.

  • Heather Feather says:

    I can’t imagine being the governor who had to make that call to Putin and tell him the news.

    • Josh Henderson says:

      Worse for him..President Putins advisers found out about the incident via social media 2 days later😱

  • AWSUM AL - Info Stores says:

    Interestingly enough I read the book of revelation today and it mentioned rivers turning to blood

  • UsernamerAlreadyTakn says:

    I like how Putin calls them out.

  • Mae-Ann Bustamante says:


  • Code Swag says:

    I thought diesel was measured by volume not mass?

  • Yes I am says:

    Russia is one of the irresposible country in the world..

  • Robert Skolimowski says:

    I don’t buy it that Putin didn’t know about it straight away, he only decided on this televised theatre/cabaret when they knew it was becoming too serious and it was pointless to hide it any longer…

  • Ron .Lu says:

    Free Siberia from Russia

  • Abdul Samad says:

    Again…… Russia creates another man made disaster.

    • Anwar Hosain says:

      @Abdul Samad.
      As if your great USA always makes the man made heaven on the earth !!!

    • Yuri Kovalenko says:

      Your master US leads the list, moron

    • Abdul Samad says:

      Both of you are just stupid ….gain knowledge don’t just poke your long stupid nose into everything.. anything against russia doesn’t mean I’m from great USA dumb fruits…I own a bookstore in a small town in india. It’s because of foolish people like you the world never will get better. Think of it for the environment the damage it does… don’t bring your stupid politics in this.

    • Abdul Samad says:

      @Yuri Kovalenko why don’t you settle in Chernobyl?

  • Leonard V says:

    Somebody is getting fired

  • Somahearts says:

    seriously ,WTF 2020

  • Matheen Arif says:

    And the river of nile turns red as blood.
    May Allah have mercy on us 😢

    • Lily Rose says:

      I agree. But I think his name is EL or Yah

    • Air Blade says:

      @Lily Rose what

  • ابو حسن الخليفة says:

    🙂🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺👞👞🐖🐖🐷🐷 بوتين جحش يقتل الاطفال في سوريا نود ان تدمر روسيا

  • syed burhan says:

    Good news but small

  • Kim Jong Un The Supreme leader says:


  • Ismail Khan says:

    thank you russia 😌

  • Deepika B says:

    This is very sad.

  • Monsieur P. says:

    What a tragedy.

  • Rodolfo Argueta says:

    2020 needs to chill

  • Muhammad Raza says:

    Stubborn negligent careless complacent Godless with bad fillings for others like trump of usa

  • Basu Suman says:

    Russia, US, China, European countries destroying humanity

    • Yuri Kovalenko says:

      You forgot to mention your poor country. Probably your country doing more mess than all countries together, idiot.,

    • Basu Suman says:

      @Yuri Kovalenko idiot I think u r from the first country I mentioned. My country is poor and not destroying environment, water bodies or ozone layer. Ur country killing innocents in various countries.but the result will be like the result some 3 decades ago. Moron

  • Muhammad Raza says:

    Trump acts against humanity and against creations of God for profit and benefit of wellset rich friends and himself.

  • Barbara Santini says:

    Vodka drinkers

  • mighty warrior says:

    chernobyl 2.0

  • Liana Ramazanova says:

    They say, that the President knew about in 2 days after that disaster. It’s a lie!!! 5 days passed and he did NOTHING!!!! ONLY after ordinary people started talking about it, posting photos and videos in all networks did the authority come to see the place of that disaster!!! .
    You are shown that Putin is angry and will soon settle everything down and restore order? It’s lie and we in Russia know it pretty well!!!
    Power is under absolute control of oligarchs who rob our natural recourses and sell them abroad increasing their bank accounts!!

    After 1991, our country turned out into a prison full of injustice and atrocities!!!

    • Shaco says:

      Can you show me the info, please? Couse, I really tired of all propaganda…

  • Alex The Awesome says:

    Watch out! The comment section will be full of russians saying that “this news is just western propaganda, the fuel was a paid actor”

  • Arūnas Jonas Kastėnas says:

    Russia and China need to address environmental issues. Same goes to US also. European Union has made great progress in that direction but these sort of things should not happen.

    Russia is characterised by incompetence of leadership and little to no regard towards environmental protection. Unfortunately that is.

  • Joydev Sarkar says:

    Accidentally or purposefully?

  • Share Knowledge says:

    Petroleum is human enemy. Nickel too.

  • Gaz of-the-North says:

    Norilsk is a very isolated place and I think a closed city?

  • Scott BikeDawg says:

    Let’s all self-exterminate and start all over. Humans are the ultimate virus.

  • Ben Ghazi says:

    Just look at the tanks in the background @ 1:44
    Is an investigation really needed to why they failed? Isn’t it obvious to everyone with eyes?

  • Andethidial bubabibub says:

    20 megatons..

  • Steve-USMCVET says:

    Just set it all on fire

  • iconoclast says:

    This disaster is almost as bad as the combined pollution effects of the Koch Bros. industries in the U.S.

  • Shantanu Inamdar says:

    Trust Russia to have man made disasters, and disclose them as late as possible

    • therealman says:

      Another thing the world needs right now ( being sarcastic)

  • Roberto Salas says:

    Do a story about the taylor oil spill in the USA which has been going on since 2004

  • Dr.Green Thumb says:


  • alucardsays says:

    100% sure Trump is behind this

  • Ms Voice says:

    I was born in Noril’sk, so sad to hear these news about my town

  • L. MadMack says:

    yep thats russia agian

  • Billy Boy says:

    Siberia has also been experiencing a heat wave and shattering old records. The permafrost is melting real quick. With all of the methane in there, its a ticking time bomb.

  • mahadisal ahadani says:

    What a disaster…

  • cool light says:

    Russia, China, US, India and Europe are the main polluters of the world. They are destroying the earth for everyone so that they can get rich and sway their power and control on the rest of the world. The axis of uncivilization.

  • Super Pussy Cat says:

    Owwww 2020.

  • Ben Cheong says:

    It is good to hear the RUSSIAN president screw the state government for being incompetent..👈

  • Jose Orta says:

    Wow we got to pay for it

  • nidaliti says:

    You can’t eat money Destruction of our planet for profit is deplorable

  • a k says:


  • a k says:


  • Ahmer n says:

    Чёрный ворон, чёрный ворон,
    Что ж ты вьёшься надо мной,
    Ты добычи не дождёшься,
    Чёрный ворон, я не твой.

    • Валерыя Анопка says:

      Второй Чернобыль

  • Leech says:

    Stop saying we’re killing the planet. The planet will be fine. It’s the humans that won’t be. Go planet, get rid of these parasitic humans.

  • Ritika Chaterjea says:

    Save the ocean Life ..Plz Time is dere

  • Aziz Bek says:

    Just another case of killing the nature.

  • Nickson Sicnawa says:

    Aljazeera focus on protest in U. S’ you are bias

  • divya pandey says:

    Curruption index is 120 out of 198, Norilsk tops in SO2 emmision last year, it’s a depressing region in the world, this is altogether happening since two decades. Already in 2016 a oil leaked primarily Diesel incident has happened.
    What was Russian government doing in these periods. Locals fisherman, marine creatures, public specially lower and middle class are going to suffer. This is heinious crime done by authority of that industry.
    Bhagwan help Russians 🙏🏽🚩

  • Layne 'N'Chainz says:

    Humans are destroying life

  • Пеший Трумен says:

    Уже от президента Путина прилетело местной власти по голове, за попытку скрыть факты. Нефть уберем и последствия ликвидируем, опыт и возможности есть.

    • Юзер Юзер says:

      какую нефть? это солярка, она по дну растекается.

    • Пеший Трумен says:

      @Юзер Юзер Да хоть две солярки, основа одна – нефть. В любом случае опыт уборки таких загрязнений есть.

    • Юзер Юзер says:

      @Пеший Трумен нефть сверху собирают. это и есть опыт?

    • Пеший Трумен says:

      @Юзер Юзер Ваша информация безнадежно устарела, можно сказать из прошлого века. Сейчас многое по другому делается, включая чистку дна или грунта. Пока что единственная проблема с очисткой грунтовых вод, но и в этом направлении кое что уже имеется. И не забывайте, Россия страна добывающая нефть в не малых объемах, соответственно есть опыт и различные решения в этом сегменте.

  • David Jarčík says:

    Putin will find the one responsible and punish him, i just wonder.. whats happening next month ?? this month of 2020 we got 2 things this early on that is the george floyd national desctruction and this.. i hope next month we get a recovery

  • susan p. faust says:

    could this be deliberate sabotage by foeign elements?

  • Cornelius Leonardo says:

    This is inside job to make oil price rise i gues(?)

  • Anton Pavlushko says:

    Where is Greta Tunberg with her indignation?

  • Ruchi Goradia says:

    2020 is worst

  • Charity Y says:


  • pedro penduko says:

    Sometimes Safety is a priority then Profit.., Once damaged is done only for a minute but the recovery takes years. A lesson learned.

  • Zaf Weng says:


  • RAHUL B says:

    Almost 10 year need to wipe oil from River

  • Muhammad Ali Ali says:

    India is dangerous for world

  • Muhammad Ali Ali says:

    India is dangerous for Russia

  • devendra damle says:

    It’s fuckn 2020 boi

  • VNL 730 says:

    Norilsk was already the armpit of the world

  • JohnyS Papa says:

    There is simple solution… dig small pots on land with plastic and make a small slits at level of oil floating on water

  • domain tyagi says:

    UnHuman activity by human. shame on you human being.

  • President Xi Jinping says:

    Good Job Putin.

  • neda x says:

    *Komm Süsser Tod plays*

  • Brahmandam says:

    Such wastage

  • Mr Mister says:

    This is sad

  • sufian dybala says:

    2020 Wtf

  • Alexandria New says:

    2020 Beginning of the end of the world

  • лав итс май лайф says:

    Кто зашёл почитать коментарий на русском лайк

  • Diego Suazo says:

    Stop the show and clean it up !

  • NIWAS KUMAR says:

    Very sad to know such a tragedy for birds, animals and human beings, God only can help.

  • Wonder Bread says:

    Minimum of four feet down to get past the frost line. Swamp is even worse pillars need to punch down to undisturbed soil to fortify the concrete pads and with additional weight even more so. More tons more pillars needed. From Canada 🇨🇦

  • nepalese boy says:

    2020-Chill its only june now,
    Still remaining 7months😓

  • Rahul Upganlawar says:

    Ohmy god a big loss of russia 🇷🇺🙀🙀🙀

  • Socrates says:

    2020 humanity getting powned

  • p8ently obvious says:

    Its putins fault

  • Syaz1Haziq says:


  • Marij Ali says:

    Looks like thanos is coming