7 Expensive Money Habits You Need To Stop

2020 6/06
7 Expensive Money Habits You Need To Stop

In this video, I will share seven expensive money habits that can drain your bank account.

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  • Ronaldo G says:

    Here in Brazil, we are losing, per hour.
    Whoever earned 50 “dollars” a month at the bank, lost; 48, 37, 35.

  • Umesh says:

    but buying a home can be an ASSET for us cause we can re-sell it when the price is high enough

    • Daymian Mejia says:

      As long as you can afford it. He didn’t say buying a house is bad. Buying to much for a home is the issue.

    • Linda says:

      Buy a home you an afford. This includes not just the payment, but all the added expenses too. I remember reading somewhere, figure out how much home you think you can afford and what the monthly payment and total expenses would be. For 6-8 months put that amount in a savings every month. If you can afford to do that you can probably afford the house. Plus you’ll have a nice savings in the end. Another thing I learned (unfortunately the hard way). Never let the realtor tell you how much home you can afford. Remember their commission is based on the amount you spend. I’ve heard of realtors telling people to sell their second car or get a second job just to afford a more expensive home. Do you really want to make those sacrifices for a more expensive house? Do you want to work a second job and not have time to enjoy your new home? Purchase a less expensive home starting out and fix it up to meet your needs and hopefully you can sell it somewhere down the road and make a profit. Or possibly keep it as a investment rental property. Buying a home isn’t a good investment if you can’t afford it.

  • Rael Candelaria says:

    Hey Nate, huge fan, I love when you put the labels on the screen when you introduce the seven habits! Missed it on this video but you usually do it!

  • i challenge says:

    I just started my yt channel can you tell me what to improve?

  • Kulit B. says:

    Nate looks sick… I hope he’s well

  • Baddies InTheBrand says:

    Uber Eats actually just ruined my life a little bit. I lost my job for a little bit and had a little depressive rut so I ordered a lot of Uber eats and I’m coming back from it now never again. I even have $50 a month grocery plan but I wasn’t thinkin straight I’m so disappointed in myself rough month

    • Daymian Mejia says:

      It happens, the best thing you can do is learn from that lesson and move on.

    • Will Holliday says:

      Your biggest enemy is always yourself.

  • Razeq Jan says:

    You Dudy ,, when the market crashes you Youtuber are silent. Upload a video about today’s market,,

  • Konnor James says:

    Get that hitter

  • Kevin Musiol says:

    Neo geo games

  • NY Finest says:

    If you can afford a home, buy it.

  • vacationboyvideos says:

    I live on $900 a month! I had a guy I knew asked me to borrow money. How much did he make??? $10 grand a month!!! (Car sales) he just did not learn to “save”

  • Nicole S Ng says:

    I hate victim mentality too! Which is probably why I don’t have many friends. People get offended when I don’t want to hear about their complaining 😒

    • Holger P. says:

      But listening is so easy. You don’t need to say anything.

  • Jacopo Cammerlenghi says:


  • VioletIsBulletproof says:

    My roomie has been trying to get me to travel more…and im like….
    errrrrrrrrrr. maybe next year lmaooooo!
    I mean, i do want to travel someday…but not often, and later when i feel financially stable, have a large emergency fund andddd high yield savings account, anddd when i can start throwing over 10k into an index fund. then ill travel. So, 2021? hahahah

  • Oscar Healy says:

    for Americans bouncing around Europe, Ryanair often sell flights for €20-ish so use a vpn to book those flights within europe

  • Ju Lia says:

    It would be great, if you could load your audio files up to spotify or something. Don’t want to join Youtube Music, but I can’t should down the display or else the video stops. Maybe it’s beneficial for you to provide your content as a poadcast also on other platforms.

  • Look Outside says:

    Alright so

  • Musiccan first says:

    I was about to get kicked out of my house and this site saved me, just Google with-out gaps *E a s y L a p t o p L i f e .c o m*

  • DavidsonLoops says:

    Nate I’ll be in London not this saturday but the saturday after for an afternoon rave, so if you’re around we can do a meetup. How long will you be in London for?

  • Bruno Ribeiro says:

    Since you’re in Madrid, come to visit Lisbon! It is just at a 1-hour flight away. I think you’re videos are great, you’re a great communicator, always straight to the point and with very good advice. I am a fan. Keep up the good work!

  • Roger McNair says:

    Great advice! Here’s a couple of related items: when buying a house plan on the average maintenance costs to be in the range of 1%-3% of the market value of the house; that’s to cover things like repair the roof, pain in and/or out; major appliance’s; it does not include yard maintenance, insurance, taxes…. Then there is marriage; most guys don’t realize that when they are marrying the are marrying the family as well as the girl; and if that family has never managed to accumulate much wealth they will view your wealth as theirs and want to spend for all sorts of “good causes” like paying their medical bills because they didn’t think they would ever need medical insurance.

  • ScarLeedge says:

    Nate said he was in Spain therefore he’s stuck lol

  • Javier Franco Alastruey says:

    Spain meetup?

  • Aaron Hedges says:

    Have you ever thought about adding some graphics… would be super helpful to jump around to parts that are of more interest to us

  • David Jensen says:

    I’m 50 years old and I learn a lot from your channel. When I was growing up Minimalism did not exist, at least in California. It was either excessive consumerism or hippie b.s. I’m just saying you have older fans out there.

    • Jon Bell says:

      this is cool. thank you for posting

    • Holger P. says:

      You need advice to google for better ticket price and accommodation rates ? So here is another: Use Uber instead of Taxi, or walk instead of Uber.

    • Feliciatanktop says:

      Holger P. There’s no need to be rude dude. This channel is helpful for tons of people, that’s why we’re all watching him

  • Chang Gao says:

    love it!

  • Financial Future says:

    Great Content!

  • Jon M says:

    Great video 💯

  • Threxes says:

    34 travel agent didnt like the video lol

  • Manuel Seda says:

    Why is “leasing a car” is not here?

  • Adriana Granados says:


  • Alexandra Bazelais says:

    Nate!! In a previous video you asked for suggestions on cooking? Please search through Youtube. So many different recipes that can inspire you. May I also suggest eating salad for lunch every now and then instead of the PB&J; your liver will thank you later.

  • Eric Fouinydof says:

    I wanna go to Spain is it safe rn ?

  • Záck says:

    Even cheaper to go to Italy if you can get in! Lol

  • Záck says:

    I need you as my BF! So cute!!!!

  • Ahkziel says:

    Threesomes are expensive

  • Jarrod says:

    8: Women.

  • jean-philippe says:

    TLDR? Am deaf.

    • jean-philippe says:

      Nvm thanks for subtitles!

  • Killer Bananaz says:

    There are some travel restrictions in Europe ATM, just be sure to check everything before going places in Europe because some cities may be closed or restricted for tourists.

  • Jay Smith says:

    Love your videos but do you ever sleep?

  • Josue Gonzalez says:

    Nate: sees that the coronavirus is everywhere and affecting airplane tickets and users in this moment to go on vacation because it’s cheaper😂😂

  • JinBo Himself says:

    Airbnb in Ireland lools quite nice 🔥

  • JinBo Himself says:

    My minimized apartment в россий

  • Phelipe Rocha says:

    true nate! I live in Brazil and your directions are really helping me!

  • Numantino312 says:

    no college debt here, tho am half sympathetic towards those in over their heads with it. -UNLESS they chose an obviously bad major.
    for decades now, there has been such a drumbeat about COLLEGE. COLLEGE. COLLEGE. colleges/universities themselves. high schools get better ratings with higher percentage of college acceptance rates. parents, many of whom have been financially stung by trends/events, are frightened into blindly pushing for such. and a lot of kids who rightfully don’t want to work fast food all their lives.
    anyone who says “go to vo-tech and learn _______…” is automatically discounted or shouted down. it’s been a coordinated effort, so i don’t fault any 17 year old for thinking “guess i gotta do this $170k thing”
    Nate, a REALLY good future episode would be to talk about how to design one’s own education apart from college, perhaps with guests who have gotten successful results from such, that would be a HUGE help to man

  • Demetrio Daniel Coconi says:

    5:46 💛

  • BookwormSkates says:

    Pretty bad title. How is “buying a home too soon” a habit?

  • Rich King says:

    I always crack a corona on the deck..

  • Rich King says:

    Hoe about hookers?, can we order 1 hooker and tagg team hear with a couple of pals? That should save loads

  • Carl Flyg says:

    Honest question: with u traveling everywhere by flight. Whats ur take on the climate marching and flight shaming? Since u’ve talked about minimalism in some vids, is there any enviromental thought about this way of ur living? Like not spending money on products.

  • Le Anh Nguyet says:

    One more habit maybe …,. Don’t let your stomach be in an expensive charge of your much foods’ desires ( your mouth ) .

  • MoneySage says:

    Travelling during off seasons… EXACTLY! We save so much money doing that.

  • Vidar Mostad says:

    Please stop saying literally. It figuratively makes my ears bleed.

  • Sir P. Zohan I says:

    I don’t know about you. But I’m feelin 22oooo.

  • Isabella Corelone says:

    All my money goes on college and rent

  • fladesignergirl says:

    OMG Nate, how can you be this smart and so young. All on point and another thing cigarette smokers don’t think about is their health later and the money it will cost them in lost wages for them and their family who have to take off work or travel from out of state to visit them when they are in hospital or dying on hospice. Thanks for your videos!

  • Fernanda Lobo says:

    We learned to do so many calculations at school, then at college, and nowhere do they teach us how to handle money. Here in Brazil they still believe that to be rich, you need to study. But I already see a mass of graduates and financially unsuccessful people. As Nate always describes that our habits dictate the direction of our finances.

  • Joy Guzman says:

    Dude, I have a crush on you lol

  • The Golden Sloth says:

    Looks like nate is staying in spain for a while…

  • Menno Kreukniet says:

    Cool you are in Europe. Corona aside this is a good time to travel (cheap). Have fun in Amsterdam. I enjoy watching your shows. With stock exchange indexes crashes I am planning on buying. I heard trackers are the cheapest option for reasonable risk. But I only want to buy stocks in sustainable companies. Not in Shell Oil for instance and they are a big part of the Dutch exchange (AEX). Any tips?

  • Amar Chhabra says:

    Nate – Thanks for the awesome videos. You are spot on. Healthcare can be a big expense when you get older. I have heard several people say they wish they took better care of their teeth because replacements are so expensive (in the tens of thousands) and painful. Would love to see you do a video on your vacation and how you priced it out and got such great deals on international travel. Enjoy your time off!

  • Investing Engineered says:

    Agreed! Buying a house is usually not the most financially-smart decision, unless you’re treating it as a rental property!

    • Mui S says:

      What do you mean treat it as a rental? As in rent it to others?..

    • Investing Engineered says:

      Mui S yes

  • Joshua Powell says:

    Google flights. Cheap flights there.

  • Charlie Evans says:

    this may be irrelevant but your audio quality is actually really good!

  • Justice Ortiz says:

    At one time I had three payday loans in my name at the same time 😞 it was a dark dark time….

  • Samah s says:

    Hopefully u can meet u in person Next time when I’m visiting US

  • Roman H says:

    Lak Habit numba one…. -living.

  • Jesse says:

    Nice Graham Stephan thumbnail theme ripoff 😏

  • j newman says:

    I sure hope he postponed his trip

  • The Awakening Media says:

    1. Overpaying for vacations.
    2. Buying a home too soon.
    3. Food delivery.
    4. Trusting other people too much with your money.
    5. Double whammy.
    6. Payday loans
    7. Making excuses especially when it comes to finances.

    • Lawrence Seiji Abbott says:

      It’s not clickbait, but it’s nice to know prior. Funny enough, videos where the speaker says them usually makes, it more boring and ruins the curiosity more than looking to the comments. You can kinda look out the window to check while you’re still banging.

    • Lawrence Seiji Abbott says:

      And yes, $7 starbucks everyday is $2,555 per year
      And every week is $364 per year.
      So most people w. bad taste for coffee spend $500 – $1000+ a year on Sugarbucks.

    • Banana316 says:

      It’s a bit annoying when they over explain their point 😏 Just say what it is, briefly explain and move on… we get it 👍

    • byron2521 says:

      Thanks for the list. NONE of these apply to me, so I will not waste my time watching this video. Well, number 2 once did. But, that was 25 years ago when I was just 24, but that house is long gone. I used to not pay much attention to these numbered list. But I will now.

    • A Miller says:

      Thank you 😊

  • Pam Sadino says:

    Wooow! Thamk you nate i can relate hehe those food delivery 😥😂 thank you! 🙏

  • Stew V says:

    how did i not notice that you and
    Mike O’Brien are brothers

  • Gabriel Star says:

    Very helpful video for those who struggle with budgeting. I have a lot of people that were around me that really struggle with finances and have no money to invest in their businesses and no money even for an emergency fund… sometimes I wonder what’s going to happen to them when someone unexpected happens.

  • Mui S says:

    Hi Nate, great video! IMO It’ll be great if in the future you’ll add the main things you say in writing 🙂

  • DancedUpDuo says:

    I love when you talk about health and lifestyle you can tell your passionate about it, and it’s a depressing truth but something we need to remind ourselves of everyday!

  • إلهام says:

    why you holding a cup ?????????????

  • bcfriar Doyle says:

    Aren’t cigs $50

  • KallyFair says:

    47 travel agents dislike this video.

  • Márcio Monteiro says:

    Now you have a viewer from Brazil … Thank you for your input.

  • Caim Pact says:

    Part of the reason I wanted to start throwing money at stocks and other “investments” is that, looking back at all the money I have spent on games. If I would be slightly lucky I can imagine I would be rich by now. xD Probably wasted 10k on game related expenses.

  • The Investing Recipe says:

    Impulsive buying on amazon. Oof.

  • John Smith says:

    Lol perfect timing. I almost used a delivery app for Starbucks since I am working from home and ran out of coffee and my main tea. Saw the price and ran for the stove. I made my backup, less caffeinated tea. Oh I am suffering. Poor me. Saved $20

  • 001001 001001 says:

    Skydiving is the shit though…

  • Modern Adulting says:

    1. Overpaying for vacations.
    It’s good to spend money on vacation and also make money while on vacation. Just remember to do some research yourself so it will save you a lot of money by availing discounts, Airbnb promos, and cheap flights.

  • David Amar says:

    57 travel agents dislike this video

  • Mihaela Pascu says:

    In this isolation we managed to save money, no going out (all restaurants and shops being closed) and I only bought books for my toddler and food. We cook at home and even not buying more gas for our car every two weeks helped a lot. I am actually decluttering again my wardrobe (it’s rather small but we live in around 55 sqm) after donating and selling a lot in the last couple of years. When I was younger I would never hustle to make more money, I’m 33 soon and after graduating in foreign languages and having no inspiration whatsoever to starting my own business I got a job like everyone else. I follow Jade Darmawangsa and found your channel 2 days ago. Jade’s 19 and she’s absolutely amazing, just like you. She started her own business at 16. I think it’s remarkable and I feel grateful that I can learn from younger generations that have a better understanding of what working smarter means. I live in Europe and I also have this irrational fear of making business mistakes. Make you could do a video on making mistakes and surpassing them? Just a though. I watched lots of your videos and I am watching some more. I actually know I’m learning useful things thanks to you so I see it as an investment.

  • Yunanda parwata says:

    I like how you speak quickly and directly to the point. makes me feel that I’m not wasting my time.

  • dxelson says:

    im very confused as in if hes american or birtish lmao

  • TheGreatPoptart says:

    What the crap is a vacation? Rich people and their fancy ways

  • Robélio Cazé says:

    The true is, money just coming in who spends it.

  • Ciaran Laverty says:

    Great vid as usual! One thing on buying a house though, when you pay rent you have no return on that money, its gone. When your paying a house, yeah it could be more expensive, but at least (if bought right) you will make a return on your initial investment.

  • Gianluca says:

    This is the first your video have been seen by me. It’s very interesting, but there’s one problem: you speak too quickly for me who I’m not a English native.

  • LivingAsLynn says:

    I’m a travel agent and no I’m not offended because for the most part you’re right. The thing is what we switch to is having specialties so you come to me if you want to go to Disneyland or Disney World because that’s my specialty and trust me you can’t know it all It’s a very very complicated product and it is something that I spend my days learning about every day. The thing to remember with travel agents and I just want to remind people that travel agents should be free for the client. We are paid by the vendors and the only way we get paid again is if you have a great experienceBut some travel agents do is stick to their vendors and their vendors only and even though you could have had a great experience at a cheaper price they don’t look at those people because they don’t get as much of a kickback. You got to make sure you’re working with a really good travel agent that puts you first which is why I like specifically focusing on a particular product because You come to me because my Disney knowledge and you already know you want the product I’m selling. I’m not going to sell you Disney when you want six flags. But it shouldn’t cost you anything to use the travel agent though the bookings they find or offer you may not be dealing so make sure you do your homework before you just accepting whatever they give you. Remember though that you get what you paid for and we actually don’t really do flights anymore because the airlines don’t do commissions for travel agents anymore.

  • Lachlan S. says:

    #1 Should be dating 😂

  • Aran P says:

    Hi! Are you in Barcelona? 🙂

  • Inspired by says:

    I always roll my eyes at the “college students order pizza all the time because they can’t cook” stereotype. I don’t know anyone who can afford to order food all the time simply because they forgot to buy groceries. I get being lazy but at least prepare for those days by stocking up on some frozen dinners or other easy to prepare items. There’s no need to ruin your bank account along with your health 😉

  • raikobi says:

    Travel agents are often good at recommending places to get the best exchange rate. Saved a huge amount in exchanging dollars to yen

  • W001 says:

    Wait, how is taking out the garbage an expense?

  • Lisa W says:

    I wish I had a friend with 60k TO invest 🤣 I feel too poor to even watch these videos

  • Michael TH says:

    For real. Like Jim Rohn once said – “It´s not how much money you make that counts, it´s how much money you KEEP!”