Private sector isn’t borrowing money – and that’s a problem, economist says | Capital Connection

2020 6/12
Private sector isn't borrowing money – and that's a problem, economist says | Capital Connection

Richard Koo, chief economist at Nomura Research Institute, discusses the global economy amid signs of a slowdown and ongoing trade tensions.



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  • Joseph Johnston says:

    My company is borrowing money and using it for share buy back.

    • Phil Merc says:

      Companies will only borrow if they see a profit to be made, and they will invest in the most profitable places. The fact that private companies don’t borrow as much as in the past is that there aren’t as many obvious investment opportunities. What is there to be done that will bring in cash?

  • thierry says:

    The same in 2020 … Private sector not borrowing money at these very low interest rates … then you have a problem.

  • __________________ says:

    Well, they’re borrowing money now!