Watch: Good Samaritans Capture, Hold Down Suspect Who Killed Santa Cruz Deputy | NBC News NOW

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After a sheriff’s deputy in Santa Cruz, Calif., was killed in an ambush, Good Samaritans were able to capture and hold down the suspect until police officers arrived and arrested the man.
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Watch: Good Samaritans Capture, Hold Down Suspect Who Killed Santa Cruz Deputy | NBC News NOW

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Michael Spaargaren says:

    Suspect who “allegedly” killed. C’mon you forgot that word???

    • Avatar hellasow says:

      They did use “suspect”

    • Avatar 2BusySecretary says:

      Alleged suspect is like a double negative, it isn’t necessary.

    • Avatar off colored says:

      I’m guessing you’re not aware what the word suspect means

  2. Avatar nic d says:

    Pipe bomb?

  3. Avatar Dawn Kuzio says:

    Good we need more GOOD people in the world 🙏🏻

  4. Avatar 2BusySecretary says:

    Civilians did the cops’ job and they are yelling at them like they are the criminals. I’m the one that always defends law enforcement but it is getting harder and harder to do so. Btw, that is the dog’s house and he is just doing what dogs normally do.

    • Avatar SA Inja woof says:

      @hellasow it is only a safety concern for someone who doesn’t know how to behave around an animal. It is leashed and being physically restrained, on its own property. Even though that means nothing to cops.

    • Avatar 2BusySecretary says:

      @Eastern Lighthouse I forget nothing, I have worked for two law enforcement agencies one in the Bay Area. They did not need to yell at the civilians like that.

    • Avatar Eastern Lighthouse says:

      2BusySecretary cops only get mental counseling if a weapon discharges or a person is killed in action. Of all day to day routines and crimes a cop investigates, that’s about it. Yes there are bad cops, yes the yelling was unnecessary but you’re wrestling and detaining a cop killer who had a gun with a dog barking, it’s high stress and some of them are high functional because of patrol duty to the protests.

      Edit: imagine the murders, rapes, violent crimes, finding children dead, missing or stolen especially in the high populated areas.

    • Avatar hellasow says:

      @SA Inja woof The dog was milling around off a leash calm as can be (earlier in the video) and when the police moved in it is being very aggressive and needs to be held back…It was not on a leash as the owner was holding it by a collar…Since your the “dog whisperer” you are going to tell me why the dog was barking and if it got loose it would not bite anyone…
      1st off it not the police job to know how to behave around YOUR ANIMAL It is your job to control them!!! Funny how you are so willing to put YOUR RESPONSIBILiTY(dog owners) on the police…
      What next you going expect the police to know how to deal with you when you take a mystery cocktail of drugs and have a gun in your hand…Why take any responsibility for anything it always the police responsibility…Blame the police for your responsibility…Yeah, that sounds right…IF YOU ARE A MORON!!!!

    • Avatar SA Inja woof says:

      @hellasow yes actually I’m a veterinarian, who has had to euthanize a few family pets that were MURDERED for no reason. Shot open with so much damage that there is no hope of rescue. Not to mention trying to resuscitate a $15 000+ dog that some moron decided to leave in his k-9 cage in the squad car, when it was over 90degrees F. The dog in the video is exhibiting VERY predictable behaviour to anyone who is taught to know dogs or has experience with them. It is on its own property with its owner and is comfortable and confident. EVERY single dog would change its behaviour after the police came in. Depending on the dog, it could be one of several common reactions. Being that this gorgeous pupper is a very family orientated breed, it is very protective of family members. You then have a group of people heavily dressed and armed yelling and screaming, on the dog’s property. This is exactly what to do to ensure the dog’s fearful and cautious and likely to attack you. The owner was extremely responsible, the dog was collared, leashed, and physically restrained. Considering 67% of Americans own a dog, and half of those own multiple dogs, yes it is ABSOLUTELY the responsible thing to train officers how to safely interact with 2/3 of their community’s pets. Not to mention it is just basic logic to know about flora and fauna in your area.

  5. Avatar Trent Parker says:

    A good sumaritan would have shoot the guy

    • Avatar Fatima Abdullahi says:

      No good Sumatran will shoot except and unless their lives are in danger. You don’t want to become a criminal by shooting a criminal. That’s what citizens arrest is for. Let the legal system punish him.

  6. Avatar junio ag says:

    thank you to this good neighbors who saved lifes they put their life in the line

    • Avatar Russ Hall says:

      Why can’t the police subdue an unarmed person without killing them?😳😞😣

    • Avatar Tmb1112 says:

      I mean… they did. This guy wasn’t killed. And he had just killed a cop too and shot others. The vast majority of the time they subdue unarmed people without killing them. Just a couple of fahck-ups that make problems for the rest

    • Avatar Russ Hall says:

      @Tmb1112 the neighborhood citizens subdued him not the police

    • Avatar Voiceov Reason says:

      @Russ Hall There was no excessive resistance and he was already down on the ground. That helps!

    • Avatar Voiceov Reason says:

      @Russ Hall What is your point? That of the millions of times unarmed people are arrested they are usually shot? The instance of anything more happening is infinitesimal

  7. Avatar horyaal media 24 says:

    Watch this news

  8. Avatar joevv says:

    I think the trouble started for Trump when he brought attention to the
    sweetheart deal that Bidens son got , the corrupt laden swap panicked
    since they all do this , Trump as Serpico and Washington as corrupt bribe
    taking cops, republicans and democrats brought together in that we got to get rid
    of Trump by any means necessary , media industrial complex and the
    military industrial complex are good friends (you supply talk of weapons
    of mass destruction ill supply the war) now with media magic (people
    are dumb) they will blame all the troubles on liberal cities that have
    been run by democrat for ages on a man whose involvement in politics is 3
    and a half years

    • Avatar joevv says:

      @Eli Beserra it is hard to persuade a true believer look at the swinging pendant and repeat after me… Trump bad Democrat good …you are getting sleepy sleepy sleepy

    • Avatar joevv says:

      @Reg U Trump was trying to bring back troops from Germany the military industrial complex probably wants a war mongering prez like Bush or Obama who destroyed Iraq Syria Libya and pols like Biden who can hook up friends with warmachine profit ..don’t trust the police but trust the warmachine which has killed countless civilian s .it is called trump derangement syndrome

    • Avatar Reg U says:

      @joevv LMAO
      Ok, whatever you believe.

    • Avatar joevv says:

      @Reg U bone spur bone spur back in the sixties people went to college to avoid the draft those who protested the vietnam war and got rid of the draft so it didnt affect them or their kids, those who protested vietnam the elite run the countrie and since then their has been alot of wars and they have made alot of money sending the sons of poormen to die

    • Avatar Reg U says:

      @joevv We can agree on that.

  9. Avatar street videos maker says:

    Good job officer get more arrests protesters they will America otherwise 🖕🖕🖕

    • Avatar John Metilinos says:

      This is not good English.

    • Avatar Eli Beserra says:

      Couldn’t you At the very least try to be coherent with the 💩💩 falling out your mouth?.

      🤣🤣🤣 probably not.

  10. Avatar joevv says:

    Islam on Black lives

  11. Avatar R80LV says:

    Now that’s citizens arrest!

  12. Avatar Henry Niemi says:

    Whatever happens, there is always few morons filming it all with their phones.

  13. Avatar matt thomas says:

    shows how useless cops really are it took 5 of them to run up and start bullying the Samaritan who was 5 times braver than any of them and had actually taken action to detain the shooter. “get that dog away from me”

  14. Avatar Jacob Yahiayan says:

    Yeah and defund the Police/National Guard; nuts! A good family man was killed along with a grandfather retired Police Captain. Stop demonizing the police. They come in all races in the local police force, event the bad ones which the DoJ is investigating with local AG in Mn., we shed enough blood and treasure for this media mayhem.

  15. Avatar InfiniteTVXQ says:

    I hope the dog got a few good bites in.

  16. Avatar Don't Make Me Slap You In The Throat With A Waffle says:

    Good Samaritan: “Please! We need more people. There’s just two of us holding him down.”
    Dipshitiola: I’ll hold my beer while I’m recording this.

    • Avatar Pohaku Mana says:

      and she was 250 lbs she could have sat on him herself

    • Avatar Ernest Scribbler says:


    • Avatar Kaijsa Dragonborn says:


  17. Avatar SA Inja woof says:

    Hold on tight to your doggo! Cops love shooting and killing them.

  18. Avatar Nelson Camacho Tirado says:


  19. Avatar J Man says:

    Better send those good samaritans to Minneapolis for when the police get defunded. They will need help.

    • Avatar Jacky Terrero says:

      I wish there would be a good Samaratin law were bystanders are allowed to defend people that are being killed or harmed by cops, at least to allow the to pepper spray them, I think if I was there I probably would have pepper spray those evil cops

  20. Avatar Eli Beserra says:

    If he did it, then Good that he got caught!
    Seems others could learn what an Actual Citizen’s Arrest really looks like.

  21. Avatar 2BusySecretary says:

    This should be a wake up call to those that want to defund law enforcement, who you gonna call? Let’s hope the Ghost Busters come. We need more funding for law enforcement, not less. Then maybe they can include manners classes and stress relievers like yoga because God knows PD needs it today.

    • Avatar samAFTERMATH says:

      They get enough. We need them to do better with 50% of state budget. Thank you.

    • Avatar 2BusySecretary says:

      @samAFTERMATH No, they are under staffed and end up earning $200,00 a year in overtime. More cops, more accountability.

    • Avatar samAFTERMATH says:

      They can do better. 1 billion in funding, 2 billion in pensions per year in CA.

  22. Avatar Gordon Welford says:

    Cops running like ballet dancers.

  23. Avatar Dick Head says:

    Police are worthless with all that equipment and they couldn’t even catch this guy. Once again civilians saved the day and not the cops

    • Avatar RichardFitswel says:

      Once again ?

    • Avatar Dick Head says:

      @RichardFitswel cops do very little work they let snitches,crime stoppers and social media do the work for them. That gives them time to drive around and violate people’s rights and meet their quota in bs tickets

  24. Avatar The Piper's son says:

    If you want the police to continue to come, better stop with all the nonsense.

  25. Avatar RichardFitswel says:

    Antifa would have been hiding him from the police.

    • Avatar Make Racists Afraid Again says:


    • Avatar RichardFitswel says:

      Make Racists Afraid Again Are you antifa ?

  26. Avatar Cat Cowboy says:

    For the record if the police saw him first that man would be dead funny how a bunch of civilians with no training took out a armed man and disarmed him with out killing him.

  27. Avatar Trains,Transformers&PATRIOTSFan1236 says:

    Much props to these guys for not handling it themselves. They know there’s a legal system for a reason and they respect that. So respect to them. This is how country justice should be.

  28. Avatar Fort Red says:

    Just imagine if that guy was just “jogging”….. and if his skin color was different….. media would be singing a different song for you to dance to

    • Avatar living in a desert says:

      Wow, I feel like a cyber stalker!

    • Avatar Voiceov Reason says:

      @Moos P. yeah ok…2 unarmed people manage to subdue a murderer on the ground until police arrive. One cop shot already. That has so much to do with Trump.
      Spread your ignorance somewhere else please.

    • Avatar Voiceov Reason says:

      @Moos P. You know how ignorant you sound? Trump brought unemployment rate for Blacks to an all time low, improved the economy, put plans in place to fund Black business in struggling neighborhoods, sanctioned Charter schools so people could choose to be in a better school despite their zip code, and put into a permanent contract (the first EVER written) an enormous amount of money to go to Black private college funds, for them to use as they see fit. It was more than the combined total for every other president. You don’t know anything. Probably glued to CNN.

    • Avatar Moos P. says:

      @Voiceov Reason yeah, sure, you are right, trump is the best person in the world and nobody has ever achieved as much as he did and his inauguration crowd was the largest ever and he looks just great. you are also the 2nd smartest person in the world, only trump is smarter as we all know.

    • Avatar Voiceov Reason says:

      @Moos P. you are some kind of clown, lol. You argue like a 2nd grader!

  29. Avatar Hey says:

    he’s not black, right? 😏

    • Avatar Christian V says:

      So what does that have to do with it

  30. Avatar Pohaku Mana says:

    YEA. “WE NEED SOMEONE WITH HANDCUFF!” A SO you need the police?

  31. Avatar MedicBobs says:

    But they wanna defund the police department…

    • Avatar Jesse Martinez says:

      Set up boys with the cops set up I smell 🥓 🥓🥓🥓🖕🏽💩💩

    • Avatar Jesse Martinez says:

      Hey is that what it is you’re scared about the police not being there because Y’all know Rich people are going to get rob 🤑 😜😜😛🤣😛😛😜🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤑

  32. Avatar Gregory S. says:

    It still confuses me how the armed white person gets taken into custody, but the unarmed black person some how gets shot.

    • Avatar Moos P. says:

      Cops only train to shoot black targets, they can’t see white.

    • Avatar GH1618 says:

      Gregory S. — Every situation is unique.

  33. Avatar Hawi Jack says:

    Wow, I’m surprised the cops didn’t start beating him.

    • Avatar Jesse Martinez says:

      Because it’s a set up pay attention to the camera no detail on the guy barely can tell he’s white soon to be black open your 👀

  34. Avatar Make Racists Afraid Again says:

    Thank you!

  35. Avatar Buttbanging Trannyliberal says:

    The nuclear warhead shooting thingy is over here! And it’s full auto!

    • Avatar Anthony Lara says:

      Wait what?

    • Avatar EveryDay says:

      OMFG LOL!!! I was gonna say something along the same line; but need now.

  36. Avatar Empire Plumbing says:

    Yup let’s defund the police

  37. Avatar angelschdz says:

    Cop : get out of here guys
    I’ll get the Medal of Honor ! Smh

  38. Avatar Genesis1 says:

    The 2 civilians held a murderer till PD arrived deserve the highest recognition and Medal of Honor !

  39. Avatar Jesse Martinez says:

    It seems set up the camera man never showed you a good face of a man if it’s a citizen who is recording how do they not get a full recording of the man face edit it like a movie be careful on what they put out seems strange to me🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤭🤭🤥🤥

    • Avatar Moos P. says:

      and you seem strange to me, maybe you are set up.

    • Avatar Jesse Martinez says:

      But I take my video down it looks like I’m getting notice

    • Avatar Jesse Martinez says:

      Moos P. 🤔🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🖕🏽🥓

    • Avatar Moos P. says:

      @Jesse Martinez lol, why did you subscribe to my channel?

  40. Avatar James Bell says:

    There’s a machine gun she said…. ummm…..pretty sure it’s not a machine gun lady!🤣🤣

  41. Avatar New Notification says:

    I would have gave that cop killer a high-five and a place to hide

    • Avatar GH1618 says:

      New Notification — You might have ended up in prison with him, or in the ground.

  42. Avatar canane says:

    If citizens can do an arrest safely why cant the police ???

    • Avatar Birdsong says:

      canane citizens didn’t think they could get away with shooting him?

    • Avatar GH1618 says:

      canane — They can, and do every day. You only read about the tiny number of controversial arrests because the others aren’t newsworthy.

    • Avatar Fatima Abdullahi says:

      GH1618 Exactly. MSM is the devils advocate.

  43. Avatar dmbfn84 says:

    Dog was ready to eat!!!

    • Avatar Ernest Scribbler says:

      dmbfn84 dogs don’t eat trash.

  44. Avatar Peter Nguyen says:

    If everyone can be good samaritans, this world would be a much better place.

  45. Avatar mij cirtap says:

    this young lady is outstanding🇺🇸🇺🇸

  46. Avatar Alf Dlg says:

    So far , 2020 has been an action packed year…… someone should make a movie.

    • Avatar Moos P. says:

      But there will be no audience to watch it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Avatar Annie Pibbles says:

      Trust there will be several no doubt

  47. Avatar Memento Mori says:

    I believe in the good of the American people. Together We will overcome.

  48. Avatar Joel Luis Barban Matos says:

    What will happen with no cops around?

    Welcome to the new west!

    • Avatar living in a desert says:

      In white and Mexican neighborhoods only. Blacks only tell if a white does something.

    • Avatar mogreen momoney says:

      I’ll love it no cops beautiful

  49. Avatar itsss skinerrr says:

    The good Samaritan did all the work the cops just arrested the criminal 🤷‍♂️. Seems how uncapable the police with all those equipment they couldnt catch the suspect. 😂

    • Avatar GH1618 says:

      itsss skinerrr — This was in a mountainous, wooded area and the suspect was on foot. It is very difficult to find someone in such conditions. The police were lucky on that he confronted a citizen who could handle it.

    • Avatar QuinctiliusVarus says:

      GH1618 Exactly. And the word is INcapable,

  50. Avatar 1PandaArmy4777 says:

    Two unarmed civilians held him down but the cop needs to point a shotgun at his face ?

  51. Avatar Robert says:

    Lol, who says machine gun anymore 😂

    • Avatar nbr1rckr says:

      The announcer for GTA 2
      And that’s about it

    • Avatar Clara Ricabal says:

      Sorry it’s been a LONG time since I played with my brothers GI Joe’s!

  52. Avatar second wave says:


  53. Avatar Diane Dorney says:

    Put a knee on his neck

  54. Avatar Jane Doe says:

    Cops are dumb

  55. Avatar Mint Visto says:

    The killer must not have been white since nbc didn’t put that in the title

    • Avatar GH1618 says:

      Mint Visto — He’s American.

  56. Avatar Jykes Panda says:

    The dog is the real hero

  57. Avatar Doo Luv says:

    Only two ppl holding him down and he couldn’t fight for his life. Double looser lol

    • Avatar rukez says:

      Found the person that’s never tried to grapple two people at once.

  58. Avatar Justin Perez says:

    look at that no guns needed time to let them go its pointless to have

    • Avatar Patrick Kenyon says:

      Take them away from the gangs first.

  59. Avatar Alternative Headlines says:

    A good guy with a gun (US air force sergeant) killed a good guy with a gun and was apprehended by 2 Good Guys without any guns.
    This is going to take a long time to process.

    • Avatar GH1618 says:

      Only for slow-witted persons such as yourself.

    • Avatar Alternative Headlines says:

      @GH1618 Ok. Give us the NRA gun nut breakdown.

  60. Avatar J Thomas says:

    Look they don’t need the police. 😒

  61. Avatar DankNDoughnuts says:

    More racist cops abusing a peaceful protestor. White privilege at its finest. Get rid of all cops, we must be able to protest. See how dumb you people sound and look?

  62. Avatar Ben says:

    The radical left dems want to abandon law enforcement so the criminals can terrorize the citizens.

    • Avatar Jesse Martinez says:

      Tell the police to go police rich neighborhoods let us police are neighborhoods or go back to your country like Europe🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🖕🏽🤫😎

  63. Avatar Shemi Rama says:

    Wow n NICE 👍

  64. Avatar Ian O Neill says:

    Brilliant work, ultimate bravery, 🤗🤗🤗🤗🙏❤️❤️

  65. Avatar Voiceov Reason says:

    Brave move!! Woo Hoo!

  66. Avatar rev says:

    Traitors capturing a hero

  67. Avatar Kalinaki Lawrence says:

    If he was black we know how it would have ended

    • Avatar Jacky Terrero says:

      true I bet if those 2 were black they would have been shot by police, I pray one day there will be no more evil or any kind of violence

    • Avatar Annie Pibbles says:

      I have to say that in THIS County COLOR DOESNT MATTER ZThe police and Sheriff treat everyone the sane . With courtesy and respect and ive lived here long enough to be able to say that 1000% and I’ve had my own experiences that I may not have been happy about but regardless I have to say these are all some FINE RESPECTFUL CARING OFFICERS and they did not deserve this ambush. Its very upsetting and trust you do not want to screw up in this town THESE COPS HERE ARE GOOD ONES and they will deal with everyone accordingly but in a safe fair and VERY EFFECTIVE MANNER I have nothing but respect for everyone I’ve ever dealt with in this community even if I didn’t agree with some of them they still did their job and did it WELL thats saying something these days.

    • Avatar Kalinaki Lawrence says:

      @Annie Pibbles You are White! The person who shot them wasn’t black! So the real picture couldn’t come out! Whereas there some white people who may understand the full factual truth, majority will never know nor want to know! So at the end of the day it is what it is. Educate yourself on how and why the police was formed. Police is just a slave patrol 🤷🏿. But yes, not all officers are the same! Some are really human. And maybe your county is a model example of good policing. If that’s the case. God bless!

  68. Avatar Hunter Vang says:

    Was the shooter White?

  69. Avatar Doug Butler says:

    Look for ANTIFA to trade in their ‘Black’ disguise for UN ‘Blue’ hats and Patriots, that will be your sign, gloves are off, git-er-done.

  70. Avatar Edison Yee says:

    Good job there Citizen…. only if all the people in the world are like you guys… what a beautiful world to live in… Salute to y’all
    ❤ from the 🇵🇭

    • Avatar Annie Pibbles says:

      I love my hometown people here are special and thats why I love it here ❤

    • Avatar Edison Yee says:

      @Annie Pibbles congrats to that…
      But i guess the American dream is still in the balance… do you have any Filipino friends there?
      ❤ from the 🇵🇭

  71. Avatar Annie Pibbles says:

    I’m a resident ( currently a homeless one ,) here in santa cruz and neighboring cities since 1982 .I’ve had more than my share of interaction with both the Sherrif office and Santa Cruz PD recently due to my being homeless since 2017 and I don’t care what anyone else has to say I HAVE to say that I have ALWAYS been treated with courtesy decency and respect no matter what the situation I am very proud to be a resident of this county and am DEEPLY SORRY about what happened to these fine officers .They did not deserve to be ambushed and I wish to offer my condolence and support to the officers and family after this senseless unprovoked act of violence against them. my heart goes out to all those effected by this tragic loss and I just wanted to point out that we residents in santa cruz support BLACK LIVES MATTER but we also SUPPORT OUR FINE OFFICERS we are fortunate to have so many caring officers who work hard in our community to protect and serve. we love you and pray for a full recovery for those still injured and send love and respect to honor the Officer who died. To his wife and family IM SO SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS. XOXO

  72. Avatar Gemini13! Gemini13! says:

    Not all cops are bad…. all lives matter!!

  73. Avatar Gemini13! Gemini13! says:

    I hate when the vids are blurred on each side- pointless

    • Avatar methus57 says:

      life must be tough for you

  74. Avatar tommy greeneyes says:

    Im sure by law the civilian could have snapped his neck and made america great again. But she filmed it and killed that option lol. Im sure it was on his mind god bless him. Balls of steel awarded to you sir as i take a knee and present you with it and bowing of the head.👍✊

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