Investigation Launched After Georgia Primary Plagued By Voting Machine Errors | NBC Nightly News

2020 6/13
Investigation Launched After Georgia Primary Plagued By Voting Machine Errors | NBC Nightly News

Lines in Atlanta stretched for blocks, some people forced to wait hours to cast a ballot after Georgia unveiled new voting machines amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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Investigation Launched After Georgia Primary Plagued By Voting Machine Errors | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (128件)

  • Daniel F says:

    These enemies of the state need to go, change won’t come until those at the top are taken down. Trump has fueled the greed and corruption in so many people. Everything Trump touches dies.

  • TJ says:

    stronk independent black woman with no husband bringing their infant into a rainstorm to vote! hurricane next? nice!

  • Amy Ma says:

    If so you may get him another four years.

  • Luke Carter says:


  • Rayenal Owens says:

    Something ain’t right

  • MC KO says:

    The machines are racist

  • Mickey Wood says:

    At the top? Wasn’t the Governor of Georgia implicated in a much-viewed voter fraud case? Things that make you go hmmmm?

    • R3d33mingFir3 says:

      How DO you think KEMP WON THE ELECTION, by closing down voting boot in blk area, forcing them to travel a long distance to vote. IF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY WAS 90% OF THIS COUNTRY, WE WOULD BE LIVING IN TOTALITARIAN SOCIETY. REPUBLICANS ARE CORRUPT TO THEIR CORE.

    • Tony Gunk says:

      “Things that make you go hmmm”

      My word let go of the 90s bro! Lol

    • Harris Farr says:

      @R3d33mingFir3 What? To take over a country, you have to take away the citizens guns, control the media, take away free speech, and the right to protest. Trump is literally defending all those rights, and pay close attention to defending our gun rights, because that is specifically to protect us against a tyrannical government. Republicans want to uphold the constitution and our freedoms and get the government out of our lives. On the other hand, the socialist left wants to take our guns, take away freedom of speech, and make more and more laws and regulations to control us and get more money by raising taxes. And don’t say Donald Trump isn’t letting them peacefully protest right now. He is against the rioting. If you actually watch full clips of what he says, or actually research history and economics and politics and business, then you would know that. He does not control the media, they are all against him, because he is the won fighting against the establishment and YOU are the won falling for their reversed twisted lies. Trump has done way more to help black people then Obama or Bush or any of those fools, but I bet you didnt know that. Do some research.

    • Mickey Wood says:

      @Tony Gunk when you’re as old as me, the ’90s is still relevant. LOL.

    • Mickey Wood says:

      @Harris Farr to take over a country you just have to brainwash its moronic base. If you believe you know the truth when EVERY TV and cable news outlet is running hardcore propaganda messaging, what do you really know?

  • Izzy Fon’alledas Arnault says:

    Racists are really that desperately afraid of loosing power? Dear God. As a non racist white man myself I find these actions repulsive. We need to check ourselves. We are very sick

    • lib tard says:

      Identifying as a non racist.. LMAO

  • Brigetta Russaw says:

    Did not like the new machines! Nevertheless, I did vote. 🗳

    • Brigetta Russaw says:

      @Angel Gutierrez I had no problems either, I live in the suburbs. I just didn’t like the new machines.

    • Angel Gutierrez says:

      Brigetta Russaw yeah it’s weird. It prints a paper then scans it.

    • Brigetta Russaw says:

      @Angel Gutierrez True. I like the old way, I guess we have to progress with the time. 😃

    • Angel Gutierrez says:

      Brigetta Russaw I like your name. Are you Italian?

    • Brigetta Russaw says:

      @Angel Gutierrez Thank you. No, I’m black.

  • Akainu Sakazuki94 says:

    2020 is sure the depressed year of the 21st Century so far

  • Ted Spoltore says:

    Blame the broken machines that where made in China on the white man..lmfao.😜🤪😝😆😅🤣😂 Every thing is the white man’s fault even all of his inventions we use..To funny.STOP USING THEM IM AFFENDED.LOL

  • mach one says:


  • Angel Costello says:

    Those are Ivanka’s machines!!!!!

  • Sunset Drive says:

    This is America. This voter suppression is unconstitutional!

  • Everblue Freediving says:

    Voter suppression by the GOP. Kemp and Georgia GOP are as corrupt as the rest of the GOP and Team Trump.

  • Dennis Kerner says:

    Error right😏. So the machines are all saying Trump. When people are NOT voting for him

  • John Preston says:

    Republicans know they can’t win without cheating…

  • Chris says:

    mmmmmhh, smells like voter fraud…

    • Shay says:

      That’s me and my baby. We were I. The hot sun and rain, someone donated the chair and umbrella to us

    • Chris says:

      @Shay Thats really nice, good to know that there is enough kindness to illuminate dark days. 🙂

  • MJ CB says:

    Election fever is on….

  • AB says:

    Why bother voting? The US is just north Mexico now and in total chaos. It’s over.

    • nettoyage de la maison says:


  • Dale Hopson says:

    Let me guess, the why we should vote by mail narrative ! 👁️👃🐂💩!

    • Francis 7 says:


    • nettoyage de la maison says:

      Francis 7

      How is that relevant

  • Anh-Tu Phuc Hoang says:

    they shouldn’t be surprised by the backlash

  • wounded tiger says:

    Voter suppression. This don’t happen in the white neighborhoods

  • Laurie Davister says:

    Maybe these are Ivanka’s voting machines

  • Roger That says:

    Vote-by-mail people. It’s free and easy!!

  • ugotserved911 says:

    Lol fake investigation to make it seem paper ballots sent to deceased people and illegals are less fraudulent that a machine that scans ur fingerprint and or identification.

  • VX and HE says:

    Why vote. The machines will vote for you. We’ve had everything else sacred handed over to them.

  • AB says:

    Im black, muh democrat take real guud care of me with muh welfare and sheit. I love muh dimocratz, i literally consider democratz to be god

    • nettoyage de la maison says:

      Rethuglican get out

    • AB says:

      @nettoyage de la maison go vote for your dummycrat gods because obviously you cannot think for yourself. Just follow what the media tells you. Even a racist democrat like George wallace who said “I want segregation forever” got 85% of the black vote. Thats such a joke!

  • Shavanda Brooks says:

    Vote by mail vote by mail vote by mail!!!!!!!!!!!! Free and easy. Save yourselves the headache of voter supression!!!

  • Candice Sacks says:

    The lady with baby in the rain?? Besides the virus l mean really!!

    • tracer60 says:

      What do you expect when the Republicans … oops, sorry … I mean the Party of Trump, can only win the next election by making voting as difficult as possible. That will ensure his victory in November!!!

    • Candice Sacks says:

      @tracer60 I still would never sacrifice my babies health! And sorry to disappoint but l think this is going to get Trump and more Republicans in office if the Demorats are weak on criminals and crime! Just my opinion but l think people of all races want law and order!

    • tracer60 says:

      @Candice Sacks You should really learn how dictatorships and autocracies are started. You are certainly buying into the propaganda, so you should learn your role in it.

  • cattigereyes1 says:

    Illegal government full of lies

  • Brian C says:

    More voter suppression in GA; why am I not surprised?

    I think I know why the GOP dislikes Mail-In-Voting, it is harder to screw with and if they do, there is a paper trail so they get caught.

  • Truth16 says:

    Don’t forget Ivanka Trump invested in voting machines. She didn’t do this for nothing and the Trump Republicans know what is going on. The governor of GA haven’t spoken a word.

  • Truth16 says:

    Secretary of State will not do anything.

  • John Gailey says:

    I’d bet money this is GOP sabotage

  • jahirul Hassan Laskar says:

    If American donot know how to do election come to India to learn it . every indian vote at a polling station which is basically 20 blocks from our home and we never had any problems with our electronic voting machines because they are checked by hundreds of time and we do it even though our population is 4 times more than yours.
    USA is a spoilt rat of democracy’s flag bearer

    • jahirul Hassan Laskar says:

      @tracer60 I watched one George Carlin video on elections at YouTube he spoke about harsh truth but my problem with such speakers is that they tell you the truth but they don’t tell you what to do to overcome that problem

    • tracer60 says:

      @jahirul Hassan Laskar It is ok and I sincerely hope I did not offend you. I should say that the Indian belief I find to be noble, but there are people out here who would take advantage. Be very careful with people you don’t know. It has been my experience, the better they look and sound the more dangerous they are.

    • tracer60 says:

      @jahirul Hassan Laskar And don’t get me wrong, our system is the best in my opinion. It is just run by a lot of very bad people. People who are interested only in themselves and how much they can keep for themselves. And the most effective way they can do that is by coming up with some kind of evil to keep regular folks distracted so they can’t see the inequities. It happens all over the world. Us Americans are NOT unique in that regard. Judge people first by their actions, using an impartial and logical view.

    • jahirul Hassan Laskar says:

      @tracer60 no no Iam not at all offended you see it’s because of my upbringing in indian society we trust people too quickly and make them our friends so if you want me to look at others with suspicion I simply cannot do that it’s not our gene. Iam not dangerous person my friend iam a highly educated modern mentally person .
      But I respect your views and concern and try not to offend you .I believe you must have a very dreadful experience with people

    • jahirul Hassan Laskar says:

      @tracer60 I too believe in your system you know many of our amendments and articles in our constitution are taken from your American constitution so it cannot be wrong because you Americans basically are the first to tell world about democracy’s and even your democracy’s ideas sparked our independence revolution so it cannot be wrong .
      I too agree that now people with powers misuse it , even my country is also affected by those greedy people who forget about poor .
      One of our prime minister said once” eradicated proverty ” but now with capitalist mindset ” eradicated poor” so that they can build malls and shopping complexes on the lands of poor people .so we too have some bad apple’s

  • Chrissyce says:

    These new voting machines were sold to Georgia by the governor’s previous campaign manager even though the committee chose a different company. He needs to make sure he controls the vote in Georgia.

  • wilfridcyr says:

    KKK in charge.

  • LaDyZiNaDa says:

    Let’s get in the way

  • Jessica James says:

    Not Georgia again!

  • Jessi Taran says:

    They are ALL at fault. The onky thing that they really care about is who’s fault is it that they all got caught.

  • Calvin Bartlett says:

    Its time for a change .. a Biden POTUS will still have a Bernie snapping at his heels to do the right thing … Stand up and change before its all too late



  • J E says:

    As someone who has managers and employees under my lead, I should know through my managers if the employees are ready or not, but asking what they were doing all those months after the “failure event” should be a question that the secretary of state should ask himself.

  • David Willis says:

    Have seen a lot of reports and statements today saying that this is an effort to suppress the black vote. Video footage shows half the people are white. Seems like they are suppressing the poor vote.

  • Salty Pretzel says:

    The US invaded other countries to impose its “democracy” yet can’t even get it right at home! The response to Covid, racism and now this just cements America’s position as a second rate country! What a joke!!

  • Benji Davis says:

    Don’t blame the workers blame trump HES the virus

  • Bundeswehr Sturmpanzer says:

    Solution for Systematic racism: give two southern states to black folks to live there as their country. Then, no racism, blm slogans, looting or arsons!

  • G Lazarus says:

    They’re voting for Trump, right?

  • Samantha W says:

    Looks third world to me. In this day in age no modern democracy should have these problems.

  • Shay says:

    Wow that’s me and my little baby

    • Dead Pixel says:

      why leave the baby with the father?

  • Cosandra Odame says:

    Liar they’re just lying

  • Shirley McBride says:

    Yes VOTE him out

  • Cosandra Odame says:

    Look at the current governor and what he did to get elected . He purged voters from the role so that Stacey Abrams would not have a chance.

  • p8ently obvious says:

    Probably the machines that Ivanka bought from china. The election will be totally rigged. Trump will get another 4 years and the country will turn fascist .

  • TheGrays says:

    Bunch of lies the Democrats made up because they know they would not win the election.

  • Triz ENY says:

    It’s georgia y r we surprised.

  • Randy Hayes says:

    Just imagine a Senate occupied with men and women that speak with such heart, honor and empathy..

  • Le Chat Noir says:

    I’m convinced this is intentional. People need to investigate.

    • Jeff somersby says:

      Of course it is intentional. No one could be so lacking in competence to run a voting booth. Some States in the US have FIVE places to vote. That isn’t Democracy that is a deliberate attempt to make it difficult for certain Demographics to vote. And that is what we are seeing in Georgia right now, a deliberate scam to deny people of their vote.

  • Jake Spur says:

    Sounds like Georgia got hose IVANKA TRUMP voting machines she holds the patent to.

  • Underrated Inventions says:

    November is going to be a clusterf**k

  • L.B. says:

    Something is not right about that .

  • God is good all the time says:

    Takeover the government. It has to happen.

  • Tony Smith says:

    Democrats are Crooked

  • Hello Human Being says:

    Are those the voting machines Ivanka purchased from China?

  • Nick Hiscock says:

    Yet when I vote in Australia during national elections I have voted in less than 10 minutes and even got a sauage or cake on the way out. No stupid long ques like that. It is also the benefit of old fashioned pen and paper voting. It doesn’t break down!

  • Penny Royal says:

    The investigation should be finished by about December.

  • Gwen30 says:

    The Republican party strikes again!!! Voter suppression again this can NOT continue!!!!!

  • M Franklyn says:

    You people are going to make a difference by voting. Yeah, right!

  • adam astorga says:

    Too many people voted dem and they panicked so they started to delay. Republicans are afraid because a certain someone made a mockery of the party.

  • Doc Tom says:

    Well, fact is, In Ga, Counties run their elections. Worst cases are almost always Fulton and DeKalb. Each run for over 40 years by guess who? (Not whites).
    These counties routinely have “Voter Suppression” issues. The local powers are 96 % more likely to be FANS of Stacy Abrams, not the Klan.
    They create crisis so they claim it was WHITEY (GOP) , over and over. Fool me Twice? three times, four, five, etc ? How many times will you fall for it?

  • Honest Opinion says:

    Republicans are not only racists, but traitors when attack the freedom and the democracy of the country.
    Voting is the best Retaliation!
    #TrumpVirus #RepublicanPandemic

  • Thomas C says:

    And the fox is investigating problems in the hen house.

  • Saint J.J says:

    Happended in red state.
    no suprise.

  • Justin Stewart says:


  • J Wooley says:

    Jo jorgensen 2020

  • J says:

    This is absolutely beyond belief. And we are supposed to be the example of modern democracy? What a joke. Good on the people who stood there for hours to defend their right to vote.

  • Cattt01 says:

    This is crazy 😟

  • Reginald Allen says:


  • Jack Martinelli says:

    Just announce it, you don’t have to actually do it.

  • Nik W says:

    I have no doubt that this voting fiasco in black neighborhoods was pre arranged, conspired by Trump bribing hackers to shut down select polling computers. 
    My family, friends, colleagues and I have been a staunch Republicans our whole lives (even voted for trump 2016) UNTIL NOW!
    Is there no end to Trump’s pure EVIL? He needs to be convicted of crimes against humanity…tarred and feathered …and sentenced to civil service (trash clean up and toilet scrubbing) in impoverished neighborhoods.

  • prettyshamarlee says:

    Our machines in Midland, Georgia were also down.

  • Cam says:

    This is ridiculous. First world country yet have to stand for hours in the hot humid rain just to vote.

  • wadedblade says:

    I said it before Kemp & Drumpf does not want mail in ballots because it makes it harder to cheat.
    So what does he do, He puts one of his lackeys in charge of the mail and low and behold what happens People
    receive their ballots with sealed return envelopes so when they tear them open to use them it can be said they
    may have been tampered with so they must be invalid..SCAMMERS 101. Dems should monitor the Mail and
    the New guy who was installed by Drumpf-Jong-Un if you want a fair and Just Election. SMFH

  • wadedblade says:


  • Stuck Case says:

    Investigating? The results, voter fraud, voter intimidation. Seems like Covid 19 lines. You know, the ones that you endorsed to help destroy the economy. Al Jazeera network of the US. You should be proud

  • Luis Divinagracia says:

    Welcome to the Philippines Election System. 🙄🙄🙄

  • Zed Dead says:

    The investigation will lead nowhere. Trump and the GOP HATE people who vote!!

  • Colonel Biden says:

    Oprah and Obama forgot to put back the real machines😂

  • yejin So says:

    Thank for justice is being here with you All ^^

  • Makiba Uboke says:

    why not implement ONLINE voting with email confirmation.

  • MegaRoFLL says:

    america should stop preaching about democracy on other countries, NOW. Your fuckign country is not even free nor democratic

  • ICU america says:

    Order absentee ballots. Voting stations are not reliable.

  • dameon dunlap says:

    One more time:
    We are so far advanced in technology in where every man and woman can securely and safely vote from an electronic device. Thumb print, retinal scans… Like I’m literally being driven crazy. Is it just fu%kin me? Long fu%kin voting lines for what? Millions of people don’t vote. Millions of people are cheated, robbed of justice, equality and civil rights simply because of these old voting techniques. I got a whole plan how to use electronic devices securely for voting (from home or anywhere) and I’m sure they do to.
    So pathetic our government.
    What they (conservatives) always say? “The American people are ashamed and appalled” and it’s literally or usually over something we’re not. Well it applies here and now. Go vote… Go F🖕YS and fix the system. 📿🛐

  • Jeanne 54 says:

    This is truly disgusting! Georgia is as racist as it gets & they pulled the same crap in 2018!

  • Jaime Buenaventura says:

    Here is what I think happened. Due to CVD19. A lot of trained seniors did not attend due to fear of the virus. Thereby reducing the no. of poll personels.these created a chain reaction.It limited the no. of trained personnel and increased the time to process the election.

  • MySecretMessages says:

    Jon Offoff, a Democrat running for Georgia Senate, did not receive the mail in ballots he requested. The investigation needs to find out if other nearby registered Republican voters received their requested mail in ballot. If so, that would provide a clear motivation to the Republican controlled Georgia state legislature to purposely wreck the in-person voting in Georgia, knowing that most of the people turning out would be Democrats, while a large portion of the mail in ballots that were cherry-picked to go to registered Republicans would give them the edge they needed to win the local elections.

  • Jeff somersby says:

    Just this in itself is enough for the Riots …If you people in America are going to do any less than what you did for George Floyde then you deserve trump and al the BS that comes with him .
    YOU KNOW this is Bull S, you know full well it has everything to do with chump and the Republicans.
    Your country is becoming less “Free” ad less of a “Democracy” all the time and this crap has to stop. Other countries hit the streets harder than you and it was your protest !!
    YOU, the PEOPLE are the only ones that can force change. Wait and vote if you like, just the same as the Midterms and Muelles BS, but the longer you wait the more entrenched the Republicans will have become. (and I have absolutely no doubt Putin). Plus this is going to go either way, we have already seen what is happening in Georgia and if I was a yank that would blow my effing head off.
    For fux sake America get out and protest the last week has shown you AGAIN that it works why are you so afraid to fight back? You should be telling the government what they are going to do and trump DIRECTLY you try these thins Donald and we will burn you alive. He is threatening all of you and you all are just taking it.
    trump will only get worse, that much I do know.

  • rrickarr says:

    I wonder how Denzel would try to tell us that in this case it is “culture” not the system!

  • Reign of Tapp says:

    The mayor of Atlanta once said this is home of the peaceful protest I guess that’s why this this is also home of sabotage voting