New York Teen Rewarded For Good Deed Thanks To Viral Facebook Post | NBC Nightly News

After a neighbor posted photos of 18-year-old Antonio Gwynn Jr. cleaning up damages in their hometown following protests, his community took action to support him. Photos of the high school senior spending hours with a broom and trash bags went viral, and donations for the teen poured in.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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New York Teen Rewarded For Good Deed Thanks To Viral Facebook Post | NBC Nightly News

101 thoughts on “New York Teen Rewarded For Good Deed Thanks To Viral Facebook Post | NBC Nightly News

  1. Mohammad Khan Reply

    God bless you

  2. trebledc Reply

    So whatsapp with the protesters ? This kid have a bright future now and by the time you are finished with hat riots that kid will become lawyer or a doctor. Lets be honest you people just dont want to do the work, some people just want to be recognized and spoon fed by the white house.

  3. Gina Evans Reply

    Such an exemplary young man!
    Took the initiative to clean up.
    Showing a great deal of pride and respect
    for his neighborhood.
    This is such a heartwarming story.
    I am thrilled to hear that he has been rewarded.
    With a scholarship. I wish him every success!!!
    Plus love, peace and joy.❤💙💜

  4. Vanita Taylor-Fulton Reply


  5. Astrah Cat Reply

    Thank you!

  6. Ken Sturm Reply

    If he was white they’d all say he has a brain error. .

  7. ipressedabutton Reply

    thumbs up for this positive action.

  8. Peter Kanayo Reply

    28 dumb people, can’t fix stupid

  9. Rafael Cabrera Reply

    We sure need more compassionate young people like you.

  10. Violet Roses Reply

    This is awesome and amazing. I am so happy for this man!

  11. Tîmmy Reply

    Dear Father, Give this man a reward as a token of gratitude and a blessing

  12. EileenMc Reply

    this is wonderful, he deserves the grad gifts and every week in America this type of nice fellow could find himself under the knee suffering for no reason. oh yeah. also native americans are killed by police at the highest per capita rate than other ethnic groups=invisible to all.

  13. Aneka 1004 Reply

    We need to see more young men and women who are 💯💓💯💓😂 Thank you for sharing your time and 💝 with all of us. Prefer the Young lady getting credit for sharing her video 💝. God Bless her and Young Man and their families and friends 💝 and God Bless America and the World 🙏💞

  14. LOUD Reply

    Need more like him in this world

  15. Henry Niemi Reply

    In USA, you’re considered genius if you’re wearing thick glasses. No need for higher education, just buy impressive glasses and you’re genius!

  16. IamNotA Russainbot Reply

    True American rite folks?

  17. Helsic Reply

    It’s so strange to see that in the US, one person is cleaning and they got donations and a car, but in China and Japan, kids are taught to clean after their mess since primary school, so it’s normal behavior. I lived in Taiwan 10 years ago and all kids recycled in school, they washed their milk boxes, folded and put them in the recycling can. They also cleaned the playground.

  18. Cory Baxter Reply


  19. UmmYeahOk Reply

    20yo v6 mustang… …only a few thousand dollars, but look how amazing it is! A few more years, and it will technically be a classic. In some states, it’s one already. Just goes to show you, you don’t have to have something new, to have something nice.

  20. Stella Blevins Reply

    Awesome young man Good Luck In Future Collage , Future Company Owner

  21. Mr Kajja Reply

    People have been doing this every day since the rioting broke out, yet we’re supposed to celebrate this one dude?

  22. Pinksmokey Smash Reply

    Please be careful! Keep him safe 👏👏🙏🙏 I don’t want him to be the next one.

  23. john pickering Reply

    If he was white nobody would know him

  24. Polish Hammer Reply

    Nice I have a red mustang convertible too


  25. Jed Bloch Reply

    This is what the news should be not fear bating the public

  26. May Day Reply

    I can’t believe I LIKED NBC video 🙂 Some good story about GOOD PERSON ( for a change )

  27. Wildhoney Reply

    0:26 That’s a high school senior??? He looks in his mid 20’s

  28. BG Resjek Reply

    Proud of you man

  29. BigWasabi Reply

    Video is active terrorism activity that google needs to remove immediately

  30. Wicked Widget Reply

    now this young man gives me some hope…

  31. Wicked Widget Reply

    man that is crazy my mom passed away 2 years ago as well…

    • JSN streetbeats Reply

      That’s all u took from this, competition on who’s mum died 2 years ago lol smh

  32. Ethiopis Abrahamovich Reply

    We need more of him!!!

  33. Conjurer Woman Reply

    Awesome Young MAN! Thank you!

  34. Zeppytrue Dove Reply

    About time you report good news

  35. Time_iz_everything Reply

  36. Charmaine Goulbourne Reply

    This is the story we need right now❤❤ goes to show us we are here to take care of each other and the place where we live. God bless you sir for shinning your light in your corner of this world❤.

  37. Regina Santos Reply

    There is still some good people in these world…. Trump is the one spoiling America; he has taken America backwards with he’s racism…. vile man….vile man…..

  38. Savage OG Reply

    Wow, I am surprised you didn’t say black teen. You are a trash network.

  39. Linda Jenks Reply

    I love that you posted a very young man cleaning up his neighborhood without expecting anything in return.

  40. Dr KIMONI Reply

    Next president

  41. Delilah Gillis Reply


  42. Michelle D Reply

    Your a good young man and you give me hope for the future of this country. Your right, your mom would be proud.

  43. Ocakacon Simon Peter Reply

    Good people win 💕

  44. f8cr Reply


  45. Swagger Guru Reply

    Great job! Your mother is smiling.

  46. Isabella Holden Reply

    Wow. Amazing young man.🇿🇦😷👍🙏

  47. We the People Reply

    You better start cleaning up the streets free car, free college education take the advantage start a go fund me!

  48. Daniel Khong Reply

    Alright, this man will join in as the 3rd candidate for the upcoming Presidential Election.

  49. Ronnie Trash Reply

    Salute to you Young Man !! Good Job !!

  50. Gemma Weeraboonchai Reply

    Lets pray he doesn’t get stopped by a cop!!!

  51. Felisa Theiss Reply

    I am very proud of you!try to remain the good character you have and will go far.God Bleess you!!!!

  52. Get your popcorn ready Reply

    Sorry, but I’m not buying this story. What this sounds like is the China soical credit system being introduced in America. Social Credit System: behavior listed as positive factors of credit ratings includes donating blood, donating to charity, volunteering for community services, and so on. You people are so easily fooled.

  53. Valerie Davis Reply

    Yes Antonio, ur Mom would be very Proud if u. May All ur dreams come true and may ur Mom RIHP.🙏💜

  54. warbuckle1966 Reply


  55. DR Dubois Reply

    Everyone’s proud of what you’ve done young man. Hope you have a very bright future!

  56. AMERICANS First Reply

    Just a story for your narrative. Where is the WHITE boy doing good things?????????

  57. Carlos Collazo Reply

    A moment of Truth. This is what People remember. Noah lived over 900 yrs but only his Time of Truth is recorded. Stood up to a very big test. The intended cognitive dissonance that is manufacturing in the human is often the battle for space between acting from Morality or acting from man arbitrated “Liscence”. I commend for acting from Morality. Baruch Hashem!

  58. All Things Christine Reply

    May the Lord bless him!

  59. Leo Escdero Reply

    We need people like him with ideas to progress God bless you

  60. Boog Reply

    American black culture owes this guy an apology!

  61. Blanca Guzman Reply

    This is the kind of ppl we this world ..he is an example of the youth rn G bless him

  62. gambit Reply

    Good for you young man, it’s great to see good rewarded for a change.

  63. gilsimar silva Reply

    GENTE, 5 PMs da PM SP, brazil,
    quase mataram um rapaz, de tantos chutes e pauladas na cabeça, ontem 13/06,
    e o POVO faz NADA contra este Estado de deficientes sociais. Até QUANDO???

  64. HOWARD BOYD Reply

    Jack Posobiec@JackPosobiec

    BREAKING: Group of Antifa holds down a street preacher as he screams ‘You’re choking me’ in Seattle Autonomous Zone. SEE video at twitter daily caller

  65. Hill Brothers Reply

    Treated like a king for doing the right thing? This is a HUGE part of the problem….. yet, you don’t see it!

  66. Big Kev Reply

    Amazing work young man!! God Bless you

  67. Michael Burris Reply

    Excellent! What a powerful example of caring for your community. You deserve all the riches you receive.

  68. Steve C.B. Reply

    So where are all the “black celebrities” praising this kid, helping him? Their giving millions to the family of a drug addled felon who threatened to murder a pregnant woman, but this strong young man is a no go. Guess a strong young black man is to risky for them, he might help the situation and not make it worse.

  69. CherBear Reply

    Future Mayor right there👍😉

  70. Nunya Biz Reply

    Great job kid.
    But you’ve got to be f’n kidding. Why are people giving him a lottery ticket to life for doing the same thing thousands of others are doing across the country? By all means, this is not directed to him but to the people who for some reason seem biased in how they react to good deeds. There are others who didnt even get $5 let alone acknowledgment from a government official.

  71. R Sihl Reply

    He looks 35.

  72. Joe Desrochers Reply

    so nise

  73. Yvonne Samuels Reply


  74. Boris Goldmund Reply

    I’m grateful for your leadership and example. Thank you!

  75. Shirley McBride Reply

    God Bless you young man! May your future be Blessed with all of God’s goodness. I so know your mom is looking down from heaven on you with big smiles. She knows she has raised a wonderful man.☺️👍🙏🙏🙏🙏

  76. Mind Ful Reply

    Beautiful story. Young man is a future Potus.

  77. vanessa Butterfly Reply

    I appreciate young men like him. We need more people like him. Take care and keep clean the neighborhood that you live in. You rest there … So why not keep it neat and clean. That’s one thing that a lot of us need to start doing.. Don’t throw tras on your street or the land that you stay on.

  78. New Yoko Reply

    Good always triumphs

  79. Retribution Forever Reply


  80. Xd Fortunately 69 Reply

    Garbage collectors be like:BRUHHHHHHH

  81. blakrumba Reply

    Yes baby!! Well deserved praise.


    Wow so many fake actors👎🏻

  83. x3542 Reply

    How can black police bully black compatriots to get respect from other peoples

  84. Stevenson Stevens Reply

    The young man is a fine American….thank you Sir

  85. Abdulaziz Arbab Reply

    Hello my friend how are you

  86. Camela Manfredi Reply

    Great job!

  87. Jade Jene’ Reply

    Gotta love that shirt!

  88. Mark Ofka Reply

    Meanwhile white kids cleaning up graffiti are called racist….ha! Divide and conquer at its best. Mazuta.

  89. TopShot Pyrotechnics Reply

    Your rite bro she is and we are too

  90. David Diaz Reply

    Now that’s a fine young man! brought tears to my grumpy old eyes…

  91. Glynis R Reply

    Beautiful story. His Mom is so proud of him. #greatson

  92. Avraham Alfasi Reply

    What a good kid. Nobody else would go out and clean up after the riots for free. I hope the best for him.

  93. Abhishek Chanda Reply

    This is phenomenal.

  94. Abhishek Chanda Reply

    God bless you. Build the city and grow up. Salut to you.

  95. Paulette Morgan Reply

    Very brave and kind and thoughtful young man. He has a bright future ahead of him.

  96. Dawn Kuzio Reply

    Great kid ..great Mom

  97. Phil Masry Reply

    This video was important especially in this city of Buffalo. I mean this is just pure joy.

  98. Simon André Reply

    Nothing but admiration for this young man. Respect to those who can imitate him.

  99. Jerry Muncey Reply

    masonic hand gestor instead of gang signs????

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