First African-American Air Force Chief Of Staff Shares Personal Message About Race In America | NBC

2020 6/18
First African-American Air Force Chief Of Staff Shares Personal Message About Race In America | NBC

In a video statement, General Charles Brown spoke about his experience as an African-American member of the Air Force, and reflected on the death of George Floyd.
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First African-American Air Force Chief Of Staff Shares Personal Message About Race In America | NBC



コメント一覧 (120件)

  • Michelle Marie says:

    Conversations are so important. Hopeful participants are slow to speak and quick to listen!

    • Dudu Oson says:

      All conversations on race are one sided

  • William Leonard says:

    Pure unadulterated propaganda!


    • From the Futon says:

      It’s not the first time the U.S. military has submitted to propaganda. They allowed themselves to be infiltrated by the “LGBT community,” and now high-ranking military leaders are bowing to lawless “protesters.” The rot has seeped into everything.

    • William Leonard says:

      @From the Futon
      It’s called “Job Security”…..

  • d rockwell says:

    Trump is like so many white conservatives.
    “Take my wife and and kids but please don’t call me racist!”
    I’m so sick of you traitorous cowardly scum

  • TurdBurglar says:


  • seanleeny says:

    I do not wish General Brown to be in or mixed up in politics, but the USA needs his insightful leadership! more than ever

    • Dudu Oson says:

      too late

    • DoubleEdgeSword says:

      its not politics..its about human life and dignity..certain issues transcends political or professional status..and BLM is one of them..

    • Samuel Morrison says:

      Not politics..

  • Debra Smith says:

    Integrity in action is inspiring!

  • french Toast says:

    Why is no one watching this video? Under 10k views ?


    I want say no live afry bady for bihi need to tack go to gater afry bady same same jut the hearth number 1

  • Ya Right says:

    FBI, Number of Murders Cops 55 VS. People 1004 3 per day. White 370 Black 235 Shot and killed by cops in 2019. White on White 2,509 Black on Black 2,245 White on Black 189 Black on White 409 There are 72% Whites 12% Blacks in the US.

  • Vijay Bhange says:

    It is really very painful. Not only for American. But for entire humanity. He must have work harder and harder over and over day by day to have an opportunity , to achieve his goal ,to serve his loving nation as well as his family, community and society .one wrong political action distroy his all feeling of love of nation.. who is responsible…why don’t someone take the responsibility. Thousands and thousands of people have been threatened around the globe. Who are responsible for their children’ s emotional damage.. I don’t find the answers of such many questions..,

  • Gringo says:

    Bottom line is – the cream rises to the top. General Brown is a top soldier and a top man! Who would you rather have leading the country – a man who’s risen to the top, or a man who’s skated to the top?

  • Calvin Bartlett says:

    is he going to be a Trump token or is this man going stand up to convictions and his oath to the constitution

  • oliver chao says:

    A man with the courage to speak out!

  • Tess Mason says:

    The corruption with the American VOTING system is CRIMINAL.

  • From the Futon says:

    He should be dishonorably discharged for even implicitly endorsing the lies of BLM and any other supporters of George Floyd.

  • Hilary Davis says:

    Congratulations General Brown.To God be the glory

  • Mike Pelligrino says:

    Bunker boy draft dodger Trump is such a moron!

  • Kat N Da Fez says:

    We’re not african!!!! He’s older than the misnomer itself. We’re not black either. Take out a black crayon. That’s black! We’re brown!

  • Paul Lukasiak says:

    well, now we have some idea of why Trump’s attempt to suppress peaceful protests in American cities by using the military. Brown was certainly among the voices loud and clear telling Esper and Milley that he would not follow an illegal order.

  • Alice Jouni says:

    Concise, straight to the point, a born leader. Trump should be trained by you…

  • herknav10 says:

    As a retired USAF nav and pilot, you make me so proud 🇺🇸

    • missee doodle says:

      And I thank you as well for your service, sir. God Bless you always.

  • Trena Fields says:


  • Isaac Isoa says:

    Thanks to Trump for nominated him

  • Jason Battles says:

    Congrats Sir

  • Tutu Tutu says:

    Yes, it is good to talk about racism in america. I understand it may not be a pleasant conversation, but it con not be ignored,because it really does exist in america. As long as you are not a white American who speaks only the american accent English, you are the subject of abuse and racism.

  • Nadia Farrid says:

    Awesome 👏

  • mike smith says:

    I wonder why he’s one of so few.. ..systemic racism..or a cultural lack of motivation…take a drive through Chicago.or Oakland..then come back to me ..

    • gail1984 says:

      Hard to have a lot of motivation when racism slaps you in the face every day from the time you are born.

    • mike smith says:

      @gail1984 the point is that when a black man like this gentleman…tries hard..they get to the top..just like a white dude. …this country is suffering from a lack of people like this.

  • Randy Hayes says:

    Just imagine a Senate consisting of men and women that speak with such honor, compassion and empathy.

  • Robert M says:

    Good luck in your new job. Im a retired National Guards. Member of the Air Guards for 38 years and Im white. Good luck and my GOD give you the wisdom you will need to run your job. Good luck

  • Joe Kerr says:

    Is this another AA appointment ?
    We will never know.

    • Augustus Fernandez-Mckenzie says:

      It’s a pity your humanity has given flight.

  • Kario Reed says:

    The military is racist too.

  • Luis Merino says:

    I Think Is Wonderful Watch Out For Mr Less Racist Man You Have Ever Met

  • Chris S says:

    Now we ask how does it feel to be getting a job because your black? You can finally get that new shiny grill you’ve always dreamed of

  • Ed Kennedy says:

    All you a holes who thumbed down or crap

  • T R U T H says:

    another attention seeker !!! all lives matter .. black kills black more then any other race…

  • Mohamed Oraby says:

    Hehehe.. just the ultimate stupid selfish person would consider this step as a recognition for blacks or the minorities in America 🤣🤣🤣

  • chris butler says:

    You mean to tell me we suppose to be happy because he’s the first African American General after all these years come on America this is clearly racism at it’s finest hold the black man down for years and use him as a pawn sound familiar trump is sad this is just what the evil people in office do you gets no cool points from me make a change in my community they we can talk

    • Ryan Beseke says:

      If that’s what you took from this, you’re part of the problem. The first black general was Benjamin O. Davis Sr. and he achieved that rank in 1940. This man is the first black Chief of Staff of the Air Force. It’s quite a bit more difficult to become a joint chief of staff member than it is to become a general.

    • Savoy 505 says:

      Um that was a criminal record that held the brother down

  • NBA FANBOY says:

    Stop whining ffs its pathetic

  • Mildred Johnson says:

    Words you’ve shared touches my inner most heart to a elderly senior bless you thank you

  • john escalante says:

    Definitely remember him as our Wing Commander at the 31st Fighter Wing in Aviano Air Base, Italy back in 2009. Good ole Charlie Brown is what we used to call him when Colonel. Great Guy.

  • Common Good says:

    Notice how he avoids talking about what the Air Force ever accomplished or the purpose of the military. Because the Air Force is just a petro dollar tool bag led by tools. Petro dollars are very racist. Corporate enabler without any real purpose other than protecting his joke meritocracy that made him what he is, a tool.

    • gail1984 says:

      You are significantly less intellectual than you think you are.

  • Kristanne Stone says:

    Thank you for opening up and leading in this way. We as a country really need your voice of experience and compassion.

  • Equal Opportunity Offender says:

    Blacks in the USA are angry that Trump did not appoint Jesse Jackson to the position.

  • Jahangir Gopi says:

    Fast afr us chif air force

  • Michael Ortiz says:

    1/504. PIR. CIB
    Any Veteran supporting a dishonorable draft dodging BunkerBoy maggot COWARD for Commander in Chief IS a TRAITOR to the Uniform they once wore

  • Rich Smith says:

    Stop it…your own experience?? Really? You are the head of the USAF….did you think it was going to be easy to get that job? You disappoint me. Retired AF.

    • Randy WL says:

      Did you hear a single thing he said? He didn’t say others have it easy.

  • Kevin L says:

    Just another of Trump’s ‘Mushroom Lickers’.

  • Ray Doyle says:

    Why does the deadline refer to the General as an African-American? He is a Black American

  • KennyKill says:

    Uhhh…Colin Powell was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff…which is a higher position. The title is correct, but misleading.

  • Ms. Christian says:

    BROWN is an example of SEFL-MOTIVATED intelligence, excellence, education. Compare that with the norm.  We EACH have to take action and WORK. That is NOT a race thing. It’s a value thing. We ALL choose role models. We all choose. I am sick of excuses. It starts in the family, WITH GODLY FAMILY VALUES, CHOICES, GOALS. Hard, yes, simple, no. Right, always.

  • BMoto says:

    Seems that you can achieve great things, be very rich, be president or whatever, but you still can play the “poor me” race card. Disgusting. Just because you are black, does not mean you are a victim.

  • Marvin Franklin says:

    I didn’t have to talk to my kid, we bring nothing but hope to a hopeless world!

  • Mao Tse's Dong says:

    Thank you, Sir!

  • Jane Tyson says:

    How long before Trump retaliates.

  • Neibo Oirek says:


  • Solomon Laine says:

    God Bless you.

  • Jacobo0069 says:

    Affirmative action strikes again.

    • gail1984 says:

      And it is about damned time!!

  • missee doodle says:

    Much respect to you, General Charles Brown, for your strong and dedicated leadership. My sincerest appreciation for your service; my family and I thank you wholeheartedly.


    missee doodle

  • Michael says:

    Another liberal general stepping onto the stage to take the spotlight to make it about him.

  • John Green says:

    Charles Brown Jr thank you sir for all of your years leadership my hat off to you sir a job well done. Thank you for your devoted leadership in our black communities. .As an African American I am proud to know you thank you for stepping to the for front and taking a stand showing (BLACK LIVES MATTER”S).

  • Maynard G. Krebs says:

    Why is it significant that he is black? Would it have made the news if he was the first WHITE to have the position? I think not. Racism comes in all forms.

  • billoo found says:

    come on now……of course his sons should be black………

  • joy martins amadi says:

    Only 2 African America?This sad..

  • Mike Harrison says:

    That cop Derek is as guilty 😳 as those looters and thugs!! Burning Down the buildings🔥 all evil 👺 doers!

  • drprasannasuru says:

    H.E.Mr Donald J Trump is all time greatest US President. His vision , wisdom, magnanimity, eloquence , leadership, honesty, compassion make America the greatest nation on the earth. H.E. Mr Trump is the finest politician in last 1500 years history. He is a true world leader. God bless H.E. Mr Donald J Trump & God bless America. From India with highest regards for greatest leader ever exists.

  • Tommy Cho says:

    Salute, Sir!

  • Truth Seeker says:

    Chauvin and Hot wife

  • superduperjoi says:

    He sounds like a robot. I could sense it completely the first time he spoke

    • gail1984 says:

      He sounds like a man trying to control his emotions.

  • superduperjoi says:

    I really feel like he is under mind control and If this comment is taken down I will know for sure

    • gail1984 says:

      What have you been smoking?

  • gulled Ali says:

    You are truefully leader you are person of year we sulate you you are amazing may god with all time BLM

  • KillerBeers says:

    If anyone believes these issues in America (and across the world), have anything to do with “RaCe”… are idiots.
    It has been, is and will forever ever be about Caste/Class. A rich person does not have to worry about the woes of the poor – middle class.

  • Josh Edmonds says:

    systematic racism is so real..he must have white privilege

  • Kelvin May says:

    Gluck thanks for service

  • KAL says:

    What a wonderful news to see 🇺🇸 I’m What an inspiring Leader General Brown is!

  • NMCN Ismail says:

    Shithole america !!

  • Rey Ong says:

    Discrimination and Racism is and will be forever, Sir. It will never go away. Against Blacks, Caucasians, Asians, Hispanics, Islanders, and many more. It will never go away. No matter who will lead the United States Of America, or how many Generals will Lead The Way.

  • Julia Franco says:

    Trump: *I’m not racist, my chief is black!*

  • Dale Sims says:

    Who cares just do your job and stop crying.

  • Savoy 505 says:

    Guess this shows were not really racist

  • Savoy 505 says:

    Can you say diversity hire ? But the military don’t play like that .

  • Geoff Maina says:

    I am very proud of this man

  • Josva Halseide says:

    Thank you General Charles Brown for sharing your thoughts and experiences and service and leadership and life with us. God bless you, and God bless us, every one! We are all listening together!

  • knizzle tucson says:

    He’s not African people!!!!! He’s just a black American….. SMH

    • jones agyei says:

      Why can’t he just be an American? why the use of the adjective “Black”?? I never see the expression “white” American when they are also not the indigenous people.

  • Victorious Angel says:

    The entire world love you Sir. Thank you for your service.

  • John Red says:

    Hey America, your problem with racism will forever be there!What is the name of your Presidential palace again?

  • Malik Phillips says:

    This man makes me proud to be an American and apart of the United States Air Force!

  • Brenda Hall says:

    This is an important message. Talking. Gaining wisdom. Asking hard but necessary questions. Not destruction in the streets. Not tearing our country apart.

  • RFSA180 says:

    Stop talking about race and we’ll all do better together

  • Samuel Beckley says:

    Great man,be a role model…

  • Darell Nguyen says:


  • Aurora Peace says:

    Give him assignment to nuce Seattle. See how far his regalia go.

  • gb tp says:

    Say black american

  • Sae Tae says:

    Only 2 high ranking officers are black. When blacks had to fight to fight for this country. UNITED States? Yeah right.

  • This is my LITE don’t block the SUN says:

    Finally TF- #ADOS fruition

  • Christopher Garwood says:

    God bless you Sir! God bless the Airforce!

  • Dorie Dorsey says:

    Congrats, sir! Salute. Gives me another reason to vote Trump 2020. #BLEXIT 🇺🇸

  • Noreen Perez says:

    White people,please educate your baby about racism as soon as there are born,it would make a lot of a different to this country,it’s embarrassing right know,the great USA Sure…

  • Tim Jones says:

    George Floyd was a criminal. I don’t care if he was black, white or purple. I won’t miss him. And yes the police officer used very bad judgement and he will be punished. I am tired of black complaining about racism. Many of their so called issues are self induced.

  • Jessica Tran-Meier says: