How coronavirus impacts Africa’s battle with locusts | Start Here

2020 6/16
How coronavirus impacts Africa’s battle with locusts | Start Here

Swarms of locusts — some the size of a city — are eating their way through the Horn of Africa and have now arrived in Pakistan.
The UN says the insects could devastate crops and the livelihoods of farmers — leaving millions of people hungry. Lockdowns because of the coronavirus pandemic are also stopping shipments of badly needed pesticides.
How did these swarms get so big? And how are people coping?
Start Here explains.

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  • Montrose Williams says:

    I Know A Very Safe Way To Help Control The Locusts.Guaranteed.

  • ShreS 360 says:

    Can they be processed and used as a source of protein in fish feed ?

  • C Jay Goh says:

    What does this tell you? How many warnings are we going to ignore, or NOT learn from to correct our ways?

  • al-Haifawi says:

    Get some nets, catch them, barbecue. Easy.

  • Gabriel Serrano says:

    Why not make a sharp blade vacuum fan to suck them up and to chop em up then sell the byproduct for plant fertilizer, powder bug protein(if tested safe)animal feed if tested safe,and make fire logs out of their by product or even 2×4’s or some kind of biosynthetic lumber (building materials) out of them for construction.

  • Adilson Ginga says:

    Africans are survivors the borders are close the European that plant diseases in the continent can’t get in there and nobody wants vaccines from the west we are the strongest people in the planet the things we survived daily people from other continents wouldn’t last a day here

  • russell laureto says:

    Wow more climate morons. There have always been plagues and locusts. Read your history read the Bible this is nothing new. But it’s all because of climate change. People are so done falling for this bullshit. We live nice in the West. Clean air and water, prosperous society, if you think we are going to handicap ourselves while in the developing world they pollute all they want that’s crazy.

  • Mark Gilchrist says:

    How easy would it be to give the locusts a virus, not necessarily SARS-Cov2, but there could be one specific to locusts. Don’t know what you do once they have herd immunity – haven’t thought that one through . They don’t appear to be practicing social distancing though..


    How could that guy at the beginning shoot a locust? Lol

    • Mohamed Hagoog says:

      Distressing it to not land.. the sound will make them fly. Use your brain


    Somebody somewhere in a lab altered the genes of these insects to pursue an agenda I can’t quite decipher

    • Tyler Heartsbane says:

      Very true …

  • Michael Fitzgerald says:

    Oh god the cringe.
    Says this hasn’t happened as bad in 75 years, long before manmade climate change could have any effect. But it must be cause of climate change this time! 🤤

    Also strangely light music for coverage of something so serious…

  • mama huhu says:

    La música y los efectos de sonido quita toda la seriedad del asunto, es una vergüenza y muy irrespetuoso

  • Demon William says:

    Read Bible Revelation chapter 9 (Revelation 9). This locust can lead to takeaway about one third of world population. World leaders must do something or we are in peril.

  • Tony SK Lai says:

    Chine locust also horrible

  • Wolfgang Brechlin says:

    If anything will kill us its delusional corona virus lock down and the ulterior agendas obtained with it.

  • David Gunning says:


  • Richard Schwarz says:

    Matthew:24 Luke 21 Mark:13 notice that there is a convergence of perplexing problems. Don’t be decieved by climate change God is in charge repent and believe and call on JESUS CHRIST for remission of SIN. Acts 4:12

    • unbroken1010 says:

      Please stop it we need some science and a good strategy and this is what we get for doing overpopulation

  • Truth Bomb says:

    Drop birth control from those planes…… there are over 1 1/2 billion Africans in Africa 33 million have tested positive for aids….. take responsibility for yourself.

  • aa says:

    who she whats her ig?

  • kuab50 says:

    Bible Exodus 10:12 was told about Locusts

  • Colleen says:

    did she say,
    finding them is tough?

    • IamAman Dempisi says:

      Asks someone w hi o never seen how big agricultural land, a city size is a drop in the ocean on agricultural land okay

  • Christian Gutierrez says:

    There will be. Plagues , famines. In the end times . – JESUSCRIST
    2000 years ago. ,.

    • stefan de jong says:

      christian gutierrez this scripture is interresting to
      psalm 91.7
      6nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the calamity that destroys at noon. 7Though a thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand, no harm will come near you. 8You will only see it with your eyes and witness the punishment of the wicked.sounds like corona, (not saying it is) but can be.

    • Stefan Rűsz says:

      You forgot war & sudden destruction.

    • sak lee says:

      stefan de jong idk about psalms, but try looking at genesis. it talks alot about the end of the world and raptures day.

  • Christian Gutierrez says:

    My friends we need to pray. For FORGIVENESS.

  • danubuska says:

    Not good☹️

  • cohen darwin says:

    We should blame Africa for locust because its coming from Africa. And they can’t handled it. Africa should paid the damage to the world

  • seki kroki says:

    Stop eval people who doing evriting posable too make as robots

  • Inga Nodie says:

    Wipe them with doom

  • Auttie B says:

    Africans will eat the locusts

  • Rangga Masli says:

    oh no

  • dan scolaro says:

    Africa should send Dr TEDROS a big thank you.

  • Teri fabulous says:

    Jesus is nearer than we think

  • Joseph Cade says:

    You cant stop it because its do to your sins………… God controls everything !!!!! Except you

  • Nkosazana7 says:

    Thank you this has been in my mind and prayers for a long time. Its only on Al Jazeera!

  • Mohamed Hagoog says:

    It hatched 5 months ago, in the coastal areas of the golf of Eden. Now it passed us.. Alhamdulillah

  • Doris Boylan says:

    We are living in end times, I am sorry for these pore people.

    • Daniel Gebremedhin says:

      Pretty lady i wish you well be my wife

  • Sam Sam says:

    Free food locusts are packed with protein. Just eat them .

  • Steve Tanai says:

    What you think, why China is moving into Africa ? The most delicious food , full of protein. Ppl will die of hunger …. bro , they just have to open their mouth.

  • home hm says:

    ask devil he will tell you . you ain’t seen locusts yet .

  • Christian John Rojo says:

    Try these next time please

    1. Coronavirus and the future of cruise ships
    2. Globalization in the face of the corona virus crisis
    3. Any content about China and the CCP

  • Bob Zee says:

    Funny how Africans talk about migratory species not needing any visa and eating everything in sight being a bad thing.

  • Karan Saxena says:

    Love you baby

  • Shinchan's Funny Vines says:

    Chinese people would have captured them and eat it as snacks.

  • Shinchan's Funny Vines says:

    This is the only Al-Jazeera show I watch. Else they are just sold out liberal propogandist.

    • jon henry says:

      The sell outs are the conservative propagandist. Liberal means to liberate and is about freeing your mind in expanding it. Conservatism about stagnating the minds expansion by peddling ignorance with lies and stupidity with irrational bs, in order maintain in a conserve state from growing as a potential threat in gaining knowledgeable facts and logic towards conclusions for improvement of their lives towards upward mobility, witch is whats seen as a threat. Focus on those who’s responsibilities are to improve your life, than be coned by them by the utilization of demonizing scapegoating social constructs to manipulate you of attention from what it should be focused on, to elsewhere of where it shouldn’t be instead, at liberalism.

  • abdoul kouyate says:

    But Africa still okay with that because all bad infections virus came from out into Africa not from Africa

  • Dave Holland says:

    What’s the problem? God hates GMO’s and its corrupt seed so he sent locusts by the billions for them to eat! The swarm is manna from heaven and they look at it as a bad thing, roast up some super size grasshoppers I hear they are great dipped in chocolate. 😀

  • Justin Dragovich says:

    I love it

  • ดาวฤกษ์ แห่งแสง says:


  • Marie says:

    its not climate change…dont be deceived. You dont need to be a scientist to understand something that has been prophesied for thousands of years.
    Its biblical.people. Youll wake up one day and realize, The Creator, the God mentioned in the bible who created everything will come to judge humanity…yes youll see more of these and blame it on the climate change and then solve the problem by depopulation…Even though there will 10 people left on earth, this earth will continue to deteriorate due to earthquake, pestilense, eruption of volcanos and famine. Its not meant to last forever.
    Read the prophesy that Jesus Himself prophesied in Matthew 24.
    There is no other way to escape this but to know Jesus (John 3:16)…

  • Alvin says:

    The locust eat your food, eat the locust for food.

  • Ophir Ophir says:

    China haters (India, US, Australia), it came from Wuhan…Hahahhahahahhaha
    China haters (India, US, Australia), it came from Wuhan…Hahahhahahahhaha
    China haters (India, US, Australia), it came from Wuhan…Hahahhahahahhaha
    China haters (India, US, Australia), it came from Wuhan…Hahahhahahahhaha

  • Eye on art says:

    They killed the locust natural preditor now over run with them.

  • Mitchell Casilly says:


  • Roda Grail says:

    I have to wonder if these countries r turning to God/Jesus for help. He is there ONLY hope.

  • RareHerbs says:

    Guys why cant we catch and eat these guys! put up huge nets.

  • Ella Hosokawa says:

    GODBLESS nice 👍

  • It's My Passion says:

    Love u ma’am thanks to u

  • Julie Sprik says:

    A famine in addition to the PANDEMIC! Millions of people without food.What a nightmare.

  • Jemal Abdulkerim says:

    Hi sandra why not wearing dress

  • Jemal Abdulkerim says:

    I hope next week you wearing mini yes

  • Isam Ahmed says:

    is that guy using a playstation mono

  • leti Sherlin says:

    Dislike all kind of bug,those odour+disturb,annoyed situation.particular locust which content many warm uncover eye.

  • Jim will Bump says:

    They should take total advantage of this and make locust flour that can keep. Great feed for chickens,3 times more protien than meat,etc…THIS IS NOT A CURSE BUT AN OPPORTUNITY!!! GET MOVIN AND GET HUGE NETS TO CATCH THIS FOOD THAT STORES!!!

  • Jim will Bump says:


  • Purple Grape Uncle says:

    Send in armies of chickens and ducks!!! 🐔🦆

  • Aurora Maeve says:

    Signs of apocolypse

  • Alexis kenndy says:

    Wow some eating them😏😋😂

  • BeadMeCreative says:

    It’s literally the apocalypse. Wild fires in Australia, animal source of pandemic, locust eating food. All do these have human caused. It seems the age of the human is coming to an end in the most horrible way.

    • smitty says:

      Very strange time to be alive. Going to get worse im aftaid
      WAY worse

  • cycling of life says:

    The timing is perfect!

  • cycling of life says:

    Intead of aski HOW as we have for hundreds of years won’t serve for anything!! AND IT DOESNT BRING PEACE NOR DISPLACES FEAR. We must star asking WHY!

  • SallyInTexas says:

    This is a wake up call ! People repeat of your sins & turn to Jesus before it’s to late! The Coronavirus, killer hornets, uncertainty… this is just warming up !

  • Samuel Shevels says:

    Use a flame thrower

  • John Blessed says:

    The truth of God’s word in the Bible have long prophecied about these problems that sinful mankind would face we need to believe in the saviour Jesus Christ to be saved from our sins and the lies of the devil in this world.

  • Edmond de Bour says:

    I wonder if they can use the idea of infertile males to stop them like mosquitoes

  • elijahthesamurai says:

    Eat them! Those suckers are so good! Make them into burgers and slap some cheese on!

  • Lisa Jennings says:

    Do not eat locusts… their eggs can hatch out in your intestines.

  • Amin Satar says:

    Restaurants in East Africa Soon : 2x Mchopper Burger and 1x Corona Beer please.

  • Ronald Mangune says:

    I have a suggestion. The plan is to design and install large electric insect zapper panels (preferably with more elevated voltage levels) and deploy these on the infected area. With the panels arrange some distance from one another, once turned on, I’m certain that millions and millions of them will be eradicated immediately (especially the new born hoppers). It will however be quite a noisy event and may create a light show which could possibly cause fires, so safety measures must be taken. It is best to mount these panels on a mobile platform or at least portable so that they may be deployed anywhere. The governments involved, with the help of the UN should be able to implement this. Each panel is similar to a hand-held insect zapper but are built on a much larger scale. This should be so easy to build.

  • Hair By Ash South Africa says:

    All due to lock down n country’s can’t get pesticides

  • Qashyf Knadeem says:

    You are doing a great Job. Thankyou for your reserch based informative videos.

    Way to go…!

  • Jewnited Snakes of AmeriKKKa says:

    Hans, bring the flamethrower

  • I frogot says:

    Eat them

  • Orlando Diala says:

    Learn from the past plagues of Egyptians.

  • Omari Junior says:

    Locust invasion, floods, landslides, rising water levels of Lake Victoria, Covid-19, malaria, water-borne diseases and political hullabaloo punctuated with corruption scandals is what ravaging my country Kenya currently. 2020 is just a cursed year for real! Economy is in limbo…Kindly feature about the rising water levels of Lake Victoria that has resulted to $10M losses in fishing industry in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

  • Mohd Rashid Khan says:

    It has reached India too

  • Illyrian Gamer says:

    God news. Finally nature starting to remove the scum

  • Easwar J says:

    Corona, Locust & Corporate are global, but citizens are local.

  • Armina Sangma says:

    locusts arrived to India from.pakistant NowvIndia govt is killing locuts by spraying pesticides by drones

  • Kalvin D Kavinraj says:

    It’s here in India now.

  • Matthew Montalvo says:

    what about using drones with nets to catch large swarms.

  • Subash Hamal says:

    which insects need visa to shift from one county to another 😂

  • Sausage Kosher says:

    We created sophisticated weapons to kill humans but non against locust??

  • peter says:

    you can make food out of them. affrica needs food, so why not set up huge nets almnost like fish nets. ive tasted Locusts they are crispy

  • Patheir Brown says:

    Not kidding I was thinking of building a net by building a large tetrapod made of what those hammer head cranes of made of then space them out 2kilometeres and make them lift a giant plastic net which would reach a kilometer high and for good measure spray clouds of nitrogen gas at the top so they aphixate when they try to climb over.

  • hook blieght says:

    start filling dumplins with them sell m to ChInA

  • Seila says:

    Deploy southeast Asian over there, all of them will be gone. The bigger the better.

  • unbroken1010 says:

    I have no idea why they’re not researching in the flamethrowers OR mycelium

  • unbroken1010 says:

    They need to talk to Paul stamets about mycelium

  • Uzochi Okeke says:

    RIP pakistan and africa