Trump Furious At Underwhelming Tulsa Rally Turnout | NBC Nightly News

2020 6/24
Trump Furious At Underwhelming Tulsa Rally Turnout | NBC Nightly News

Sources close to the White House say President Trump is “furious” after turnout at his Tulsa campaign rally fell short of expectations. Fire marshals estimated 6,200 people attended, though the campaign said 12,000 people had shown up.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Trump Furious At Underwhelming Tulsa Rally Turnout | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (102件)

  • WinterSnow says:

    How much do want to bet that heads are rolling after a TikTok mob convinces thousands not to attend the rally?Guess Trump isn’t as internet-savvy as he thought!

  • realpqleur says:

    The only “furious” folks are the parents of the minors that ordered tickets for it to attempt to dupe the numbers. Again, mother is the most “overrated and misused” word on the planet.

  • Stephen Long says:

    He will start offering to pay people to attend soon.

  • Lightflare Project says:

    Well Trump, your time has come

  • ICU america says:

    They finally realized trump has nothing to say, im sure other rallies will be the same.

  • Maximumwellness says:

    Prison for The Don & ALL of his slimy enablers–can’t wait!

  • Fred slick says:

    Att Democrats: We don’t care how u feel about Trump…we’re going to re-elect the mutha.

  • T MoRE says:

    His lower lip is really poked out about this, what an old brat.

  • Wanda Lares says:

    They faked him out 😠

  • Musky1718 says:

    LOL – Who golfs when they’re furious. He has another 4 yrs locked up due to the left unrest and Sleepy Joe.

  • Agent SuperArgo says:

    I’m thinking some of these people were hired to just be there….preferably the ones wearing mask.

  • Sophie K says:

    With COVID19 We wouldn’t even go to a parade….I think people will play it safe no matter what side you are on.  The second wave might be worst .
    The protestors were told by doctors it was safe to protest, by the 8th day of protests the numbers of COVID19 cases in our states skyrocketed to the highest number of cases ,

  • Jeffrey Shill says:

    It would be so ironic if he died of covid 19 or the idea of injecting Clorox into our bodies

  • Tcooper says:

    I love how the US has learned from Trump and his campaign folks. Now sabotaging and manipulating a candidate’s campaign or event using social media is not rare….thank you Cambridge Analytics and Steve Bannon.

  • Kevin says:


  • rogerio maria says:

    TDump and his supporters ( Dumb as their come.. 😅😅😂😅

  • Alvin Su says:

    We are calling all Christians to please pray for the U. S. President. To protect him from evil in the media and all danger. To bless him, & to give him wisdom to govern the blessed nation of the United States of America. And, that to proclaim the word of our Lord Jesus to each individual soul. We are now in the end times, study the KJV Holy Bible.

  • Douglas Brannon says:

    still better than the six people Biden had show up.

  • Muneca9599 says:

    Stop hating!! The only people that don’t support him are the illegals,The blacks, The gays and people on welfare!! Hello!! Come on people!! Wake up. I love his honesty and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He says what’s on his mind!! That’s awesome. Let’s make America great again!! 😉

  • Lex K says:

    Post-Tulsa MAGA: Minimal Audience Gathered Again 🤣 😂

  • Saint J.J says:

    Trump: slowdown testing!
    -another word if anyone got the virus, call 911-ambulance. Moron

  • Frank says:

    You think he’s mad now? Wait til he sees his golf score!

  • Frank says:

    It’s the same thing as with my math grades. If the teacher hadn’t insisted on testing me I would have gotten great grades. Seems unfair somehow.

  • P Zak says:

    If trump really cared about stopping the virus he wouldnt be holding rallys. Looks like bolton was right when he wrote that trump is only concerned about getting reelected

  • Robert O'Brian says:

    This is an absolute lie. It was yet another great rally, packed and impassioned.

    • Larry Nix says:

      if it was so packedthen how come nobody showed

  • Lino Ventura says:

    Trump will win. American democratic hateful media is doing everything for that.

  • Christopher Neathery says:

    “Sorces closest to the the president.” If they dont name them its a lie. Either way the ignorant masses will believe it.

  • Ronnie Roo says:

    If he is disappointed at turnout for the rally wait till he sees the votes. Lol

  • kathy Turner says:

    Bunker Boy just doesn’t get it NO ONE WITH A BRAIN LIKES YOU except maybe the women you buy knee pads for😯😮

  • Shesler says:

    Oh deary deary me. Seems the witch hunt has started again. 🙄

  • N Word says:

    This mans a shadow of his former self

  • EeerieEventsAtHome says:

    Hey don’t lie,Faux News. People had their kids there at the rally and you know it. There was a lady with a newborn there.

  • Dan White says:

    The crowd that showed STILL numbered in the thousands! Despite ANTIFA protesters blocking supporters and the left buying and holding tickets to paint a false narrative that people don’t support Trump is misleading. 6.7 million viewers on FOX alone! The silent majority is awake. The Globalist Marxist run left will lose in November. And there are treasonists and pedophiles going to jail. Trump 2Q2Q!!

  • 2l84t says:

    Maybe people figured out if they signed the waiver and got sick their health providers could deny coverage of costs.

  • Dan White says:

    Trump was NOT furious! That a bold faced lie coming from the Fake News as per usual. ‘According to sources’ that they NEVER divulge?!
    According to reliable sources, policies and an economy that resonate with the masses don’t need violence, plandemics, ‘Juicy Smolliet hoaxes.. to manipulate public opinion.

  • J O says:

    I saw a Clown, could’ve been Trump
    Wanted a Crown, but was a Chump
    He got his wish, in Oklahoma
    He will be buried, with his Corona

  • micheal conley says:

    How stupid can u gets

  • scott barker says:

    mann-up trump..2020!!

  • ByeByeButti says:

    When Trump said he avoid VD during Vietnam… I wonder did he avoid it or just never get tested?

  • Camdex says:

    Every one of these Liberal videos fails to mention the rally had 15 million views on Fox alone. I doubt many democrats watched it on Fox so that could possibly mean a lot of conservatives were watching. Also have you seen sales on AR15’s alone lately? Wow. You really think the majority of the country is ok with all this liberal BS of rioting cities and defunding the police…LOL. Trumps already got most every law enforcement and military vote so… Has anyone seen sleepy Joe lately? Its been 82 days of nothing. Probably scared of losing the presidency for the 3rd time…LOL.

  • kim Tran says:

    Trump ‘s rally still 100 time bigger than sleepy joe rally. What he furious about?? china’s dogs fake news???????

  • mathermp says:

    The biggest viewership in fox history. Lol..
    End systemic liberalism!

  • Dave Enyart says:

    If there was ever a group that has no choice to but get the crowd size correct….it would be the fire marshals. It was really stupid of the Trump campaign to contradict the fire marshals.

  • Sharon Fraser says:

    Suggesting that slowing testing somehow lowers the number of “actual” cases is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard!

  • RA Melloh says:

    Liar disappointed at lack of audience for his presidential lying, more lying later.

  • anna Marie says:

    The math adding was probably a result from Trump University learning the new math.

  • anna Marie says:

    Of course you don’t like testing. Trump only likes oral testing.

  • Itz ben says:

    trump is crying in his bunker right now

  • DennisR R says:


  • Arensipensi says:

    Fake media

  • Livinpeace says:

    What a historic mess we’re in. Clean up on aisle 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

  • Raheem Joel says:

    Best prez ever wake up ameroca!

  • Susan Riebold says:

    Fake news

  • ROGERGB Last says:


  • Shirley Cathcart says:

    I understood Trumps humor to point out media hyprocracy. Had nothing to do with decreasing testing as he is still ramping it up and sees plenty of financing the tests. Come on, media. You know what you are doing and it is so obvious that it is hillarious!!!

  • Maria Muscarello says:

    Millions and millions of americans watched in TV the wonderful.rally of the President Trump in Tulsa. Thousands of american was in Tulsa in the rally.

  • Blue Fluke says:

    gee. if they cut down the pregnancy tests, will that be the solution to the world’s overpopulation problem?

  • Charlie KINGSTON says:

    rap: people dying, trumpie golfing, hands holding, Biden jumping..
    your turn


    This Clown for mandatory vaccination.

  • Timothy Garner says:

    He should be impeached for not trying to save lives.Hes trying to save his !ss

  • Xavier Cavanaugh says:

    #TrumpCrimeFamilyMustGo #AGBARRMUSTRESIGNNOW #RepublicansAreDestroyingAmerica #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare #JoeBidenForPresident2020

  • Master Coder says:

    Trump: If you don’t count the empty seats(12,000+), I had 💯% audience 🤣😅🤣😅
    Stable Genius right here for you.🤣

  • Jonny Morrill says:

    Yeah and 12 million people watched it. Setting network records.. fake news!!

  • Alberto D says:

    To all the rally attendees “Coronatulations”

  • Robert Gallegos says:


  • Robert Gallegos says:

    Draft dodger

  • G'kar One says:

    I call BS over 11 million people watched online and television well 12000 actually showed up sleepy Joe couldn’t even get 20 people that were invited to listen to him sputter incoherently

  • G'kar One says:

    It’s a flu nothing more they’re taking influenza deaths and pneumonia incarnate Coronavirus the facts before you let the lazy communist media fill your brain with more crap

  • Marcus The Barber says:

    Lol 6 out of 19 lol am so happy. Good job Social media. Good job, keep it up. do it again.

  • Vince Weaver says:

    Only idiots would listen to his bull

  • Vince Weaver says:

    I heard he is campaigning in Russia next

  • susan McCarthy says:

    Boo-Hoo!! Trump is a giant orange 2 year old

  • Gary Quarty says:

    11milion watched Trumps rally on tv. It’s Bidens turn.

  • mike nealon says:

    always playing the victim

  • Am Patriot says:

    Nice try dummies. Trump knows just like the silent MAJORITY of why the arena had mt seats. But, who cares. There were 6.7 million viewers anyhow. bwaaabwaaahaaahaa as has

  • Barry Seastead says:

    He is a joke!

  • Zef Begiraj says:

    TRUMP 2020

  • Mike Smith says:

    Civil rights protestors are “very bad people and thugs”? What happened to good people on both sides?

  • Mark Guy says:

    Fake news is so pathetic! Everyone knows Democrats and their commie supporters bought bulk seats to make it look empty! Election tampering?? Democrats trademark.

  • Mel Melara says:

    I’d rather go to the strip club any day over a Trump rally

  • Private Private says:

    Next time go but hide posters that despise him. Then unleash them and boo. He might actually cry. I take that back those racist supporters will meet u with violence because they r evil like their bunker boy.

  • Satur9_ in_Capricorn says:

    Yeah but, WHO, reported him as “furious”? Anyone ever wonder about that? I bet my life that it was an NBC employee that described Trump as “furious”.

  • John Wood says:

    Less and less magabillies… Great! That’s really something great 👍🙏

  • Fatal EffectPB says:

    Buying false tickets steals from others opportunity to see who they support. If the right did this to the left there’d be outrage. Stop low blowing each other it’s pathetic.

    • Nighteater says:

      There was no limit on tickets nincompoop, so it didn’t prevent anyone from attending… It only tricked Cheeto into believing he has many supporters left.

  • Dennis Williams says:

    God bless Joe Biden

  • Eliza Beech says:


  • Nicholas Esposito says:

    they will vote for president trump no matter what the left does and that’s that

  • Ghost says:

    993800 therefore does not support Trump. only 6200 come. Message to Trump

  • J W says:

    You can’t go to see your favorite band in concert…but you can riot, loot, and go to Trump rallies. There’s absolutely zero logic in this. Use your brains and common sense everyone…he cares absolutely nothing for any of us…he only cares about making a name for himself in history and enlarging his already over inflated bank account. Common sense.

  • Lady88 Bandida de San Luis says:

    I’m feel so sorry for the USA 😭😥😥 this the very bad year😭

  • Kenneth Brault says:

    who said?

  • Carlos Garza says:

    Trump isa loser, that why NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR MORE OF HIS MANY, MANY, LIES.

  • Patricia Strassner says:

    Covid- Cull the herd. Survival of the fittest….mentally and phisically .

  • maxwell smart says:

    He is personably respinsible for the responsible infrastructure zzzz too. Check THAT out! Typose on porpoise im cranky when im tired.

  • maxwell smart says:

    55 saves lives! Look that up.

  • ideaquest says:

    Trump got his campaign re-booted out with low attendance (32%). He got to lick his wounds by playing golf. Meanwhile 123,476 have died and he is in denial saying the virus will mysteriously go away. Fact of the matter is that Americans may be banned from going to EU countries because of high infection rates in the US.

  • c a says:

    blame,blame,blame. that’s all we hear its someone else fault. kids did it. pop did it. face it your a loser and nobody wants to hear you crying anymore.

  • brando504 says:

    It’s over Trump and deep down he knows it and his Ego is having a melt down 😂😂😂😂

  • Eliza Smith says:

    They finally got sick and tired of his lies!!! He should resign. Testing IS NOT a double-edged sword, you either have a disease or you don’t. You can’t fight it if you don’t KNOW about it.

  • Rick Misialowski says:

    Trump essentially has lost all grip on reality. His only “skill” is getting out on the campaign trail and using his standard “Shtick” of snide insults devoid of any real substance on devoted sycophants who were duped into signing waivers concerning risk of contracting coronavirus. He is a total and utter failure in a time when we need leadership the most.