Rough Week For Trump: Sinking Polls, Bolton’s Book and Supreme Court | Meet The Press | NBC News

2020 6/23
Rough Week For Trump: Sinking Polls, Bolton's Book and Supreme Court | Meet The Press | NBC News

President Trump rally held a rally in Tulsa, at the end of a rough week that saw sinking poll numbers, the John Bolton book and two Supreme Court decisions that didn’t go his way.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Rough Week For Trump: Sinking Polls, Bolton’s Book and Supreme Court | Meet The Press | NBC News



コメント一覧 (147件)

  • Philippa Magoust says:

    Where was Melania and Ivanka?

    • Robin EIsenberg says:

      Im sure in Palm Beach we need him here like crap see hes all about him and his family i do not like this man at all he kills my cousin

    • Mercedes Mukati says:

      Melania- counting and worrying about this would do to her negotiated pre nup.
      Ivanka – trying to negotiated which country to fly to….

      Poetic Justice -All that is left is debts, he is no longer of interest to Putin or Xi…
      Or the GOP and Evangelicals who will be trying to clean the stench of their association with him.

      Javanka are not wanted anywhere.
      Old loans become due, trade marks no longer valid.
      Not welcomed into NYC society.

      The new golden child is the Kushner septic tank becomes the younger brother Mark, the one married to the real businesswoman and top model….

    • Marilyn Reallon says:

      Melania was counting the money she well be getting after she dumbs Trump after he loses in November!

    • Dionne OP 1 AM not I the best g08 Morrison says:

      They are both coming up with an escape plan

  • Dorrene M says:

    Let me pause…….trump deserves ~7 seconds of concern. He is a RABID HYENA that should be DISPATCHED PRONTO.
    ADIOS THUG!!!!!

  • M. King says:

    Is the Trump nightmare over yet? What is dividing America? Answer: Trump!

    • Warning: Alert says:

      The real problem are humans. name a civilization where the people didn’t get fat and lazy one on top of the world, and I will show you a civilization that doesnt exist.

    • PirateCat91 says:

      Trump is the not the problem,you loonie.

    • Ed Sky says:

      Trump is just a symptom. Who voted him into office?

  • my music says:


  • Raspy Bob says:

    Go loot some stores democrats!! Losers

  • Gerardo Agurto says:


  • Dann Marceau says:

    This week was the precursor to the rest of his few short months left.

    • Robin EIsenberg says:

      hope so Dann from your mouth to gods ears

  • Aarick Hill says:

    Trump: eats food
    The media: Donald Trump was making fun of kids in Africa!!!

  • franielee38 says:


  • Cynthia Barnard says:

    Could this president intentionally and, even hopefull, the rally gathered there creates a greater number of deaths do to close contact?
    Then, “if” Trump can eliminate our right to vote-by-mail, (and we know he’s trying), and huge population numbers exposed at these rallies fall ill, infect others and become quarantined or die …,
    Then, those rallies will have been the conduit to ruthlessly cut or eliminate Trump’s odds of losing in the November Election.
    You need to ask yourself, “Is that guy Trump worth losing My Family, My Friends and Coworkers to a virus we can’t predict?”

  • D S says:

    NBC – you should really start publishing the real poll numbers now. It’s better to prepare people now for Trump’s win in November cause it will only hurt the Dems harder by setting up false hope.

    • Cynthia Barnard says:

      D S, you’ve obviously drunk the koolaid. You don’t have to be loyal to either political party to know this president is dysfunctional.

    • Robin EIsenberg says:

      honey its not false hope its reality better start wearing your masks just incase when he wins people start screaming America will finally be what it should have been all along

  • Deverre Lovence says:

    If he truly believed in not wearing mask, why doesn’t he go into the crowd and mingle?

    • Robin EIsenberg says:

      because he is selfish he doesnt even care about this own staff its all about him his ego

  • Thomas Lightningbolt says:

    held a rally during a pandemic??? You people are total bottom of the gutter SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Never Again says:

    💩💩💩💩💩💩 heads

  • alan sullivan says:

    What a bunch of crap-find no mask issues when looters dont wear a mask unless they are stealing-then how many went to Trump’s rally? that is more truth than any reporter will tell

  • D MP says:

    This couldn’t have happened to a “nicer guy”!

    • Abe Lincoln says:

      He’s a straight and arrow kind of guy. 🤮🤮🤮

  • Roy Galindo says:

    Yes so what are you guys worried about???

  • Roy Galindo says:

    You are furious because your candidate can not compare even just a little bit to the greatest president ever president Trump!!!

    • Myoho Danick says:

      Nah.. You are just too stupid to see the truth. Your orange clown leader is a complete failure, moron and traitor to our country.

    • charles allan says:

      Reagan is the goat

    • Robin EIsenberg says:

      amen to that one

    • David Travolta says:

      You need to lay off the drugs bro.😂😂😂😂

  • HeartDoc Andrew says:

    “Rough Week For Trump: Sinking Polls, Bolton’s Book and Supreme Court” **and** a rally at only 25% capacity for the indoor BOK arena in Tulsa makes an #ImPOTUS45 re-election ever less likely. May all reading this vote accordingly on Nov 3rd for that which is kind, just & right instead of more “Mourning in America.”

    • John Forbes says:

      still has way more supporters then biden biden has what 500 at most at his rally

    • John Forbes says:

      trump had 10,000 during a virus outbreak so thats 55% not 25% lol learn math please go back to school

    • HeartDoc Andrew says:

      @John Forbes , the pictures of the event show the arena at 25% capacity (the upper level with the twice larger diameter has 75% of the arena’s seating capacity). Seeing is knowing. As for 10,000, that **estimate** would be correct if the indoor BOK arena has a capacity of 40,000. Now you do the math. In the interim, I am simply wonderfully hungry and hope you, John, and others reading this, also have a healthy appetite too. So how are you ?

    • HeartDoc Andrew says:

      @Charles , I am simply wonderfully hungry and hope you, Charles, and others whom I’ve greeted here, also have a healthy appetite too. So how are you ?

  • Roberto Curiel says:

    what I believe is Donald Trump has something to do with a virus

  • Warning: Alert says:

    What do you mean fear? Most of the country hopes covid rips that “super-spreader” apart. These rallies are a collection of the meanest morons you can find. Genuinely societies worst members. I wait on baited breath to see the obits.

  • April Cobb says:

    Tapper is a jerk!

  • Religion WhistleBlower says:

    [Q 16:112] The Almighty Creator cites the example of a Community that used to be Secure and Prosperous, with Provisions coming to it from all over the world. But then, it turned Unappreciative of the Almighty’s Blessings. Consequently, the Almighty Creator caused them to Taste the Hardships of Starvation and Insecurity. Such is the requital for what they did. [Q 16:113] A Messenger had gone to them from among them, but they Rejected him. Consequently, the Retribution Struck them for their Transgression.
    Ever since 46 years ago the Almighty Creator has been sending us His awesome Miracles in the Arabic Quran through one of American Scientist based on number 19 with the help of computer so far in 1500 pages of scientific reports based on pure Mathematics, the Exact Science.
    The reason news media are not allowed to talk about this news of the millennium is because of the US government agenda on “Washington Prayer Breakfast” sponsored by “The Family” an extremist Christian religious Cult, which started 80 years ago and all the US presidents were the member of “The Family”. We have now the scientifically proven evidence based on mathematics, the exact science to prove these facts in the Court of Law.

  • Jahmal Howard says:


    • Robin EIsenberg says:

      John gotti? dad worked around the corner from his hang out in Queens

  • Regina Santos says:

    The circus party ; was a waist of taxpayers money..

    • Robin EIsenberg says:

      yes it was he was a waste of Americans

  • Sergey Smbatyan says:

    Free full version of John Bolton’s The Room Where It Happened. For anyone interested.

  • Robert Lindeman says:

    Silver lining… None of our best and brightest were there in Tulsa at the rally.

    • Robert Lindeman says:

      @Justice Boofer “You” meaning “I” or “we” from my/our perspective. “Dummy” meaning someone of low intellect. Given that I have a terminal degree(look that up), few would refer to me specifically as a dummy. Given that I was referring to a group of animals known as “humans,” I am confused as to which species you would consider yourself to be a part of. Forgive me if I am confused by the vagueness of your seeming conviction. Perhaps you were at the rally?

    • Justice Boofer says:

      @Robert Lindeman likes to fart in the bathtub and catch the bubbles in his mouth.

    • Robert Lindeman says:

      @Justice Boofer Deep. Profound.

    • Justice Boofer says:

      @Robert Lindeman and oh so delicious huh?

    • Robert Lindeman says:

      @Justice Boofer wouldnt know

  • Mr Thumb says:

    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🎺🎺🎺TRUMP 2020🎺🎺🎺🇺🇸

  • Mr_R N says:

    Most Americans feel he could have.stopped the Coronavirus earlier. Most people also thought he should have tested staffers he sent to Tulsa. He doesn’ take the virus seriously. Just like he doesn’t take racial disparity , the economy or the separation of Church and State seriously .

  • peter conway says:

    Hope people of Tulsa, Oklahoma have paid up on their health insurance..They’re gonna need it idjits!!!🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Sparky 58 says:

    TRUMP SUCKS……… Could have spread out the MAGA’s but chose to cram them together…… Nice guy…..

  • Tom Lehr says:

    Trumps last daze

  • Jerry Haney says:


    • Henry Philippeaux says:

      What’s fake about it, professor?

  • altitude illume says:

    #911republicanDEATHSper5DAYS! you must pause & consider, you must.

    • altitude illume says:

      not my english structure, but,
      your ability to see a “9-11 death toll, TRUMPF BUILT, every 4-5 days.”

  • Larry Cole says:

    Fake news again and again you got it all wrong

    • Justice Boofer says:

      Get a job

    • Larry Cole says:

      @Justice Boofer you’re probably one of those freeloaders on the government that’s way the left think I think with my own mind you can’t sync with your own mind you have to head the left-handed Democrats do it for you

    • Justice Boofer says:

      @Larry Cole wow I nailed it, no job huh?

  • V P says:


  • 4c1dr3fl3x says:

    User Notification: Trump.exe has crashed, and will now fragment the rest of your drive and spike system voltage until it catches fire
    Submit bug report? [SEND] [CANCEL]

  • Daniel says:

    Can I ask you guys why Trump is hated in this comment section? I’ve been living for the past 10 years in America and I’ve never earned so much money, my taxes are lower than ever. I was convinced everybody would love him but I saw that some media stations always criticized him, and others praise him. I don’t get the dividing parties. Why is Trump so bad? In my opinion he isn’t doing anything wrong.

    • StalinTheMan0fSteel says:

      Now you understand the power of propaganda!!!!!!!

  • natalie harless says:

    The utter stupidity…..

  • James James says:

    Trump my President one more time.

  • M L says:

    They should have sealed the arena to keep them all in for 14 days.

  • America Lost says:

    1/3rd of seats filled… Plans for an overflow venue scraped… Ooops!

    • Abe Lincoln says:

      Republicans have become the new flat Earthers 🌍

  • Rome Getit says:


  • StalinTheMan0fSteel says:

    It’s ok, everybody! These “polls” are almost identical to the 2016 “polls” showing Hillary winning the biggest landslide in the history of the universe! Remember “Trump has no path to victory!” “The math just doesn’t add up for Trump!” “Trump campaign in serious trouble!” and so on.

  • Kim Wee says:

    What happen to the Flu Virus most people don’t remember?? Trump never wear a mask, he seems sure he wouldn’t get the virus

    • Phil and Sandy West says:

      Kim Wee: it’s called professional courtesy, as with sharks avoiding biting lawyers.

  • Francene Rodgers says:

    Hahahahaaaaahahahahahaha Trump is a loser

    • hillock10 says:

      Who crushed Clinton in 2016 and will easily crush Biden in November. Trump! It’s the economy, stupid.

    • Francene Rodgers says:

      Because he’s an azzhole

  • Joseph Schwarzkopf says:

    Now that sotero’s COUP has failed, WHEN do the trials for Treason begin? the U.S Constitution has a cure for Treason. love of country Trumps hate for Donald.

  • Dori Tos says:

    I hope trump wins not because I favor him but to p!$$ off all the media and the people that whine daily because of minor issues.

  • Tina San says:

    Poor Bunker Boy just finished off the worst week ever…….and then that God-awful rally.

    • hillock10 says:

      Don’t cry when Trump wins in November. Biden has no chance at all against Trump. Biden can barely remember his name . . . and you want to vote for him? Funny.

  • hillock10 says:

    Phony polls don’t mean a crap! I voted for Obama. But have to admit that Trump is a great President thus far. He renegotiated bad trade deals with China, Canada, and Mexico. His performance on the economy has been spectacular, creating millions of new jobs for all Americans. His performance on the pandemic was excellent, in mobilizing the resources of government and industry. He is addressing our border issues and the problems with the flood of illegal aliens invading our borders. I expect the economy to sizzle as before the pandemic, creating jobs for Americans. And new manufacturing in the USA, like the expansion of Apple in America. He has strengthened our military and not gotten us into crazy wars. He has not run criminal intel departments CIA/FBI/DOJ like Obama. He has not used the IRS against opponents like Obama. He passed the three year phony Mueller investigation with flying colors. Can’t expect more than all that. He’da man for the next 4 years. He has earned it.

    • Don Siesling says:

      Read the trade deals and compare them to what they replaced. Not much different he just wanted his name on them. Also, the major reason for tariffs was to get back money to the treasury lost by cutting corporate taxes and taxes for the rich. Got to make the average Americans taxes higher without him/her knowing. Most illegal immigrants fly in and overstay visits.


    For God so loved the world he sent his only begotten son to die for our sins that who so ever would believe on him would not perish but have everlasting life

  • lilbeserk says:

    Not really NBC, the rest of America is a moderate base that will choose Trump or Biden in 2020.
    Without your Leftard/Progressive Agenda since the 70’s.

  • Robert Smith says:

    Let the bodies hit the floor.

  • George Smith says:

    That piece-of-shii is going down!!!

  • USA ALL THE WAY says:


  • USA ALL THE WAY says:

    Ay bendito!!🇵🇷🇺🇸💙😊

  • Ken Wells says:

    “Happy Father’s Day” is a racial slam to blacks, and obviously showing your white priviledge.

  • Hazel Em says:

    How many will test positive by the end of this week?

  • Liza Belle says:

    Register to vote today and ask for mail ballot or if you go to the polls WEAR A MASK!! Vote like your life depends on it, “because it does.” VOTE BLUE 2020! Trump and the Republicans do not care about middle and poverty level Americans only their donors, top 1%, and Corporations and not those small businesses on main street and the fact that we have almost 121,000 Americans lost to the Coronavirus and all they care about is the economy and Trumps re-election not to mention they promised transparency for all loans provided by the PPP program and now are refusing to provide information to us tax payers money that they used to provide those loans. So vote BLUE from local level to the Presidency 2020!!

  • Beaulin says:

    Liars, liars liars. Fake News Liars. Never stop lying.

  • ipressedabutton says:

    my pole has been sunk nearly this whole presidency.. even sleepyJOE would be an improvement.

    • Charles says:

      LOL, a YEAR AGO…Biden supposedly led Trump by 13 points…
      LOL, On 10/23/16, Hillary supposedly led Trump by 12 points…
      Meanwhile, Trump is more popular across all demos today than Obama was on the same day of his 1st term.
      Hillary was corrupt, but at least she could campaign and put 2 sentences together. No comparison.
      And oddly enough, polls show that those who voted for Trump in 2016 were more than 99% likely to vote for him again in 2020. (When Trump won the electoral college 304-227.)
      So…Trump more popular than Obama at the same stage…..
      Hillary a far better candidate and campaigner then Biden….
      Trump maintaining his voting base from his 2016 landslide, but now an incumbent…..
      And the Durham and Burisma prosecutions coming this summer?
      LOL, sure… Sure, THIS time the polls are right. Nice try. (Not really….)

  • H. M. says:

    How come he is not in a jail?

  • Daniel Filippus says:

    Still waiting on fire fauci day.

  • Jordan Brown says:

    Lol I might as well point out that there’s only 174 comments on here (excluding mine) 😂 Compare that to Fox News’ comment section. You guys are all a bunch of faceless cowards.

  • mike mann songs says:

    6,200 idiots showed up.

  • mike mann songs says:

    “when it is cloudy, it’s just the sun trying to make a political statement against me.”

  • Samuel Arvizu says:


  • serafin nieves says:

    Trump saying more testing leads to more cases is like his many lies, he thinks the more he lies the less it would matter.

  • Saint Martins says:

    Another tr💩mp fail ! 19,000 seat Arena in Tulsa confirmed ONLY 6,200 republiCLOWNS showed up ! Outside Vice Pres. speech was cancelled b/c only 24 people showed up ! 😆

  • Paul Kelley says:

    Empty seats at rally show how bad Trump is doing with his lack of care for his own people in the worst fastest growing pandemic in are history and the worst recession since the great depression and the worst race riots since the 90s and his supporters bailing and the polls falling for him because everybody is finally starting to see he is not only the worst president in history and caused the worst health and financial crisis in history but his own advance team now getting sick with vivid 19 shows his days are numbered the smoke and mirrors of the Trump administration is over and its time for a change before he destroys us all and when we had a chance now to stop his destruction we didn’t listen to what the people want for our country and that’s a country without Trump leading it

  • Kamal Emani says:

    Bolton is a self serving, money hungry criminal crook who will do anything for money, including working with Terror groups like MEK for money. This genocidal thug need to be dragged to ICC, international criminal court for his crimes against humanity.

  • Justin Ferrari says:


  • Justin Ferrari says:


  • Donovan says:

    *John Balton:* A Warmonger Profiteer, knowing none of his kids will be on the front-line of any war he starts. A coward, not a “Patriot” and only loyal to 2 million in royalties for writing what he should have spoken. His only “Guiding Principles” are for “Profit”, not for Country.

  • OhPlease a says:

    Look at the cult followers… .all white and mostly males. Guess who the base is of nazi republicans.

  • Into the Journey of A Thousand Stitches says:

    Imagine that come November all his die-hard supporters are dead?

  • Dr Ridan says:

    Go out evryone and vote him out

  • Mr Yo says:

    It’s Obama’s fault that the Trump Rally only had 6,000 Morons show up

  • Abe Lincoln says:

    6000 at a 40,000 arena Supreme Court should release Bunkerboys taxes this week. Americans will see once and for all that he’s nothing more than a broke con-man who owes billions. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Knowledge Everything says:

      Abe Lincoln heard of the tiktok situation. Yeah, that’s why the crowd was so small. Still a good turnout though. How many did Joe have at his last event?

  • Jesse M says:

    I wouldn’t worry it’s just Oklahoma people. No one goes to Oklahoma. It has 5 electoral votes not worth a FART.

    • Knowledge Everything says:

      Jesse M just shows how much trump cares. 🥰

  • BeRational says:

    *Tumps Farewell Tour*
    What’s next: OD in Hilton Bath Tub?

  • Denis Bailey says:

    Cure for COVID 19 remove trump from office.

    • Knowledge Everything says:

      Denis Bailey isn’t that true. The left is so set on bringing him down. They will inflate everything to make him look bad. Just look at the riots and protests, the virus magically disappeared then. I know that’s not what you’re saying though.

  • Bob Mitchell says:

    I’ll trust God with my health.
    I’ll trust President Trump with my country.
    I’ll trust Todd to cry into his pillow every night because he can’t convince me otherwise.
    However, I will never trust these polls again.

  • Cameron Finoki says:

    It’s unacceptable that our president is seen in public with his tie undone around his neck. Very disrespectful to the flag and our military to arrive undressed. Almost as bad as Obama’s tan suit. He should be ashamed.

    • Knowledge Everything says:

      Cameron Finoki what? You people will do everything to bring that man down. The media follows him around everywhere and picks apart everything he does. And you have naively fallen into their trap.

  • John Forbes says:

    what about the thousands protesting thats ok right lol think of what your saying

  • John Forbes says:

    nbc is fake news stay away from this deep state news corporation

  • John Forbes says:


  • John Forbes says:

    trump 2020 love you best president of all time keep up the great work

  • RD says:

    TRUMP2020! Despite you all 🙂

    • David Travolta says:

      You are a dying breed my friend.😂😂😂😂

    • RD says:

      @David Travolta we are a prevailing breed. TRUMP2020!

  • Eleata Shepherd says:

    IT IS MSNBC ..

  • nevermore from past says:

    only way tryump can win is with jerry manderign voter suprestion getring russia and china helping him… oh yeah…

    • Knowledge Everything says:

      China are the ones helping the democrats. It has already started. The Russia’s and trump had no collision. The director of intelligence has already spoke about this. Trump had nothing to do with what the Russians did. The Russians do this kind of stuff every election, but it just so happened to be trumps fault this election?

  • Charles says:

    LOL, a YEAR AGO…Biden supposedly led Trump by 13 points…
    LOL, On 10/23/16, Hillary supposedly led Trump by 12 points…

    Meanwhile, Trump is more popular across all demos today than Obama was on the same day of his 1st term.
    Hillary was corrupt, but at least she could campaign and put 2 sentences together. No comparison.
    And oddly enough, polls show that those who voted for Trump in 2016 were more than 99% likely to vote for him again in 2020. (When Trump won the electoral college 304-227.)

    So…Trump more popular than Obama at the same stage…..
    Hillary a far better candidate and campaigner then Biden….
    Trump maintaining his voting base from his 2016 landslide, but now an incumbent…..
    And the Durham and Burisma prosecutions coming this summer?

    LOL, sure… Sure, THIS time the polls are right. Nice try. (Not really…)

  • Knowledge Everything says:

    This is the exact example of a positive reinforcement loop. You guys think you’re the majority, but the actual majority is silent. It doesn’t help that good ole YouTube is censoring comments and deleting dislikes. I wouldn’t be surprised if this comment is deleted.

  • Dawn Kuzio says:

    Rough week for you dems …killings in every blue state by blacks on blacks ..not a peep ..blm is a joke

  • Pedro Arcinas says:

    Well november will tell.

  • Aidan Flynn says:

    Fake news narrative..lies unlimited..

  • COVID 19 says:

    Trump 💥🔫

  • Bengguan Sim says:

    Vote​ Trump​ out​ and​ MAGA!