Oman’s new leader receives dignitaries

World leaders have travelled to Oman to meet its new leader, Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Al Said.
The sultan was sworn in on Saturday after the death of his cousin and longtime ruler Qaboos bin Said Al Said.
The new leader has promised to uphold his predecessor’s approach as a regional peacemaker.
Al Jazeera’s Zein Basravi report from Muscat.

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132 thoughts on “Oman’s new leader receives dignitaries

  1. Abdur Rehman Reply

    We all hope Oman new leader will fellow same foot steps of late leader 🇮🇳

    • amit verma Reply

      @Aman Dandyan jo log dusre k religion ko apne religion ki tarah respect nhi dete h unke saamne sharminda hone ki koi jarurat nhi..
      aise logo se ek he baat bolo pahle khud secular,democratic bane, minority ko bhi equal rights dein fir gyan pele unka criticism jayaz h

    • Singh Rajput Reply

      @Adal Hussain Kashmir ki freedom de Di azadi 5tarikh ko ab to rote raho

    • Adal Hussain Reply

      @amit verma I respect people of all religions and backgrounds but its common sense the people of Kashmir are under lock down and clearly don’t want to be part of India.

    • Adal Hussain Reply

      @Singh Rajput We cry not for Kashmir but for the family’s who are losing there loved ones everyday day and night. Persecution and fear is what the people of Kashmir have been going through since partition, nobody deserves that Not Hindu or Muslim or Sikh.

    • Singh Rajput Reply

      @Adal Hussain Yaar tumhe samjhana MATLAB diwar se SAR maarna Dekho bro democracy me agar jihad k naam par ja dusre desh ki support se hathiyar uthaoge or terrorism failaoge to Indian gov Jo dunia ko bolegi wohi sach maana Jayega 40 saalo me lakho logo ki maut Ka zimmebaar kon Jo terrorists k hatho maare gye Puri dunia me badnam ho gye itna atank machaya Kashmir me ab isliye dunia me koi Nahi sunta agar Aman se democracy k tarike se azadi ki awaj uthate to dunia sunti Baki tum Nahi samjhoge

  2. Robert Brown Reply

    Sultan of swing .

  3. Ammara Mujahid Reply

    Subhan Allah.
    May Allah bless His Highness and grant him forgiveness and higher level in the Jannah.

    • Firko AntiZionist Reply

      Your highness king people are slaves of ISRAEL. Shame on you.

    • Adnan Ali Reply

      You might as well belive in the Queen to.

    • David Rafiqie Reply

      Ammara Mujahid bless his highness lol the prophet (PBUH) said NO kings and Queens all are equal

  4. Ammara Mujahid Reply

    Blessing to Oman from Pakistan.

  5. EOM Guel Reply

    Ain’t it beautiful when countries just don’t meddle with each other? Ordinary citizens rarely gain anything at all from their governments trying to pursue world domination.

    • sheela Hales Reply

      What a great example on how to run a country. NO INTERFERANCE in any other countries affairs, looking after its own citizens and choosing diplomacy rather than conflict. Wish other world leaders would look at this as a model

    • Ammara Mujahid Reply

      @sheela Hales absolutely right

    • Khaan Khaan Reply

      sheela Hales if other countries follow them it would be great but unfortunately they don’t,but if They do ,how is going to run their weapons manufacturing industries

    • Stranger Stranger Reply

      @sheela Hales i agree with you mam .

    • ChangedNames Reply

      Actually oman has held this mentality for as long as it existed, but sadly just because you’re neutral doesn’t mean others will treat you the same.

      We faced countless invasions throughout our history (because we were the only stable nations in the middle east and had the street of hormuz) by british, Portugal, persians, and even the muslim kings (after the ismalic nations stopped being caliphate and basically and kingdom).

      And today we have major enemies the sore thumbs are saudi and uae, and uae specifically have tried god knows how many times to incite revelations, coups, and division in the country. (Alhamdulilah they were csught every time)

  6. Bebi Sheni Reply

    poleni sana Wa Oman kiongozi wenu mzuri mwenye Huduma alitunza aliwastiri mayatima wajane wazee aliwapa pesa na kuwapa nyumba namuomba. mwenyezi mungu amlaze mahala pema peponi

  7. Frenchkisssss Reply

    Sarkozy should be in jail

    • Mohammad Sabah Reply

      Who??who is sarkozy??

    • ChangedNames Reply

      @Mohammad Sabah French pm or somethin

  8. mini bo masti channel Reply

    Sultan great king

  9. walid hus Reply

    Next on the agenda of the Americans and Israel is Oman.
    Oman is flourishing in peace and prosperity, this can not be happening in front of America and Israel. Therefore Oman needs to be destroyed.

    • Ammara Mujahid Reply

      @sheela Hales Ameen

    • Muhammad Ilyas Reply

      yeah they can not bear peace in Islamic World

    • Happy Brothers Reply

      Late king give bases to israel , so he is the friend of devil
      Worst wishes for the king

    • Nader Moussa Asker Aqraa Reply

      Sorry i mean shaytan leaders not muslim leaders, There is no such a leader whom we can call a muslim no One ever they are all SATAN soldiers. Shayateeeeeeen

    • Joshua Grover Reply

      The Sultan was the only Arab nation to have relations with the Israelis.

  10. Colin Tan Reply

    Meeting Sarkozy is like meeting with a devil. He only wants money and then kills his moneyed benefactor. Soon these foreign devils with Qatar and Wahhabi monarchy can use MSM and Al Jazeera to promote Sharia Jihad Democracy with its Democracy and Freedom hubris.

    • human Reply

      Lost some brain cells trying to make sense of what you just said.

  11. m k Reply

    Sarkozy colow waageap 👀

  12. I'm trying to be a better person of myself. Reply

    Peace be upon oman.

  13. Golden eagle Reply

    Sarkozy que les gens attendent pour faire la prison il est entrain de voyager pour les condoléances 😂😂😂😂les Africains sont des rêveurs s ils pensent que la France 🇫🇷 va condamner un ancien président à cause de vous c est du Pipo

  14. Zainab Saidali Reply

    May Allah bless and protect Oman

  15. Lucifer Reply

    Ok this is a news now🤔🤔

  16. Zulkif makes Reply

    May Allah bless oman and grant jaanah to Sultan Qaboos and new sultan should be as kind as sultan Qaboos

  17. 9 Reply

    Oman is a muslim country of 310000km2 yet less than 5 million people that makes its money of oil and gas (73%),and yet every muslim here praises them as if they are the righteous among people,how bout they share this ARABIC WEALTH with the poor Egyptians?

  18. Sophia Lewis Reply

    A very sensitive and well done presentation. Much love and peace to Oman. May it continue to prosper and shine as a model for a better World. May the former Sultan rest in gentle peace and the new Sultan rule in his way but with the same care for his people. Well wishes from the Caribbean region.

  19. DCX DECORATE Reply

    Masha Allah

  20. Mohamed Moiez Reply

    May Almighty Allah bless the new Sultan Of Oman and hope he will follow the same foot path of Late Sultan Qaboos bin Said, and lead the country with friendship with other countries, Oman and the Omani people are the best people in this whole gulf countries.

  21. FART FOR FUN Reply


    • shoaib Shaikh Reply

      VERY TRUE..

  22. mukyala shon Angel Reply

    Let’s pray dat sultan Haitham will not not disorganise this country n us people jst working here🙏🙏🙏RIP Qaboos

  23. Alal Hossain Reply

    Middle East people is mind less people

    • ChangedNames Reply

      Nah youre the mindless one who only believes the lie he is fed, go educate yourself then speak up.

  24. Waheeda Azize Reply


  25. Golnar Frouzan Reply

    they don’t have oil that is why no one disturb them

    • Ha Reply

      It’s oil rich country.
      But their production is less than rest of middle East

    • General Sin Reply

      They have oil and the blessings of God.

    • laura lulu Reply

      They might not but the most important oil and cargos goes through their water.

    • ChangedNames Reply

      We have oil, and we have control over the most strategic strait which more than a thrid of the world oil passes through.

      But like since our days of old we never interfered with other peoples business so it’s basically impossible to find something bad we did to pin us down and spread “freedom” to us

  26. Sheki Sheki Reply

    Nevada nev maken people the other ice

  27. reza mardi Reply

    American regime of trorist is trorist number one and trorist maker in the world. Death to American regime of trorist

  28. Shahul hameed Ismail Reply

    He’s a great king… we love him….

  29. Kim Sung Reply

    Afghanistan should learn from these people

    • Kahlid Mohamed Reply

      Ur funny. USA should have humanity in them. Ur brian is weak remember usa funded alqeda n Taliban n ur face

    • Farzin Frank Reply

      Afghans are so uneducated harsh and fragmented. Close minded and tick

  30. Kazafi Denhaag Reply

    Ha…!!!Ha…!!! Ha…!!! Money talk…!!!🤴🤴

  31. David Rafiqie Reply

    If I recall correctly didn’t the prophet(PBUH) state?

    There should be NO Kings and NO queens all are equal!!!

    • FART FOR FUN Reply

      U may be right but it doesnt fit here, there are Clans superior than others: Example Quraish the Prophet himself was among Qureish , Abu Hashim not sure, though, etc

    • ChangedNames Reply

      In the eyes of allah there is no difference between and king and slave, nor arbian on another race.

      But how would you spouse a country to be run, even during his and the caliphate reign they basically worked as kingdom, only difference is that they lived with the people.

      And let me tell yoy qaboos was the same, he visited all the tribes and populance, he would also always go around asking them directly what they needed. And even castle wise he doesnt have one in every corner of the country, he was a humble man, may his soul rest in peace.

  32. Ibni Mht Reply

    What are doing here sarkozy ? He is a big devil !

  33. Noble Man Reply

    what the devil Sarkozy are doing there?

  34. Zach B Reply

    Long Live Oman and salute to sultan qaboos!

  35. Qabileghor Reply

    ALL THESE GULF COUNTRIES NEED DEMOCRACY. People are tired of monarchies and king-worship. The peace you are seeing is not peace but suppression of freedom of speech.

    • Aya Reply

      Oman and its citizens are saying otherwise. Look at what democracy has brought to people in the US and other countries. Free hospitals, schools, and peace. What more do we need?

    • Qabileghor Reply

      @Aya Freedom is more important than all the goods in the world. It’s what makes you feel like a human being. Otherwise, you are just like an animal in a gilded cage.

      I agree that democracy in the US has become corrupt. But in a democracy, there is always hope that people will awaken and change the system peacefully. In a monarchy, you have to wait until the Sultan dies, which can be a very long time.

      Oman is happy now because of one commodity: oil. Imagine what will happen to Onan when the world no longer needs oil. What will you sell? There are many areas of development that are being ignored in Oman because the rulers see them as a threat to their rule. You will not realize these things because things are good for the time being. When things go bad, you will realize what you were missing.

    • Aya Reply

      @Qabileghor you realized that Oman has alot of other investments such as in frankincense, technological innovation, and tourism.

      Yes with freedom good things come but only if its limited freedom. Let’s use the example of the freedom to drink, yes you can drink but it has bad societal consequences.

      Lots of people often miss seeing how freedom at a larger picture affect everyone.

      There is democracy in a way. We have something called (majlis al shura) it allows people to vote for council.

      Why can’t a country be peaceful without everyone butting their heads into our business? Tell me what suppression of speech am i missing out on?

      Oh yes if the whole world is tired of kings and sultans, Omanis say otherwise, we are happy with what we have. People dont have a way of voting for corruption.

    • Qabileghor Reply

      @Aya You do have a valid point that democracy has not worked in many areas of the world and that is mostly due to corruption. Democracy also requires a spirit of compromise and accommodation. Just because someone got elected, it doesn’t mean that he should be allowed to become a dictator. However, despite all that, democracies do have some benefits. Mostly, there are checks and balances. The rulers are not allowed to abuse power or be blackmailed by foreign powers. If a foreign power has dug up some dirt on the ruler, the ruler could sell the interests of the country to save his reputation. And there will be no one to question him. The ruler can also grant foreign powers a military base in his country in return for personal protection or as safeguard from threats that the foreign power had created to serve its own interests. So the independence of the country is lost and it becomes a vassal of a powerful foreign power.

      In a monarchy, the ruler owns the land, its resources and its people. In a democracy, people own the country and the ruler is a servant who can be dismissed in an election or be impeached. If you do not have the freedom to criticize the monarch, he will do just enough to keep his people quiet. But when things go bad, the result is chaos and bloodshed.

      I have lived in the Midfle East and also countries which used to be dictatorships but are now democracies. All democracies start out very badly but they do improve over time. Europeans are not stupid. They understood it long time ago. Arabs, unfortunately, are still learning.

  36. Filsan Yarey Reply

    I am crying 😢 we lost our father 😢

    • soudhath shanavas Reply

      May Allah bless him

    • Angela Dallimore Reply

      And I’m crying to we lost a true friend

    • Abdul Waheed Reply

      u father amrcan ejent and israeel ejant to

  37. Taufiq Almarojo Reply

    I love oman

  38. sonali saha Reply

    Ab ve sultan se desh chalta he..😲

  39. The Ripped Reaper Reply

    May Allah bless Oman and it’s people. Omanese were blessed to have a Sultan like Sultan Qaboos, may his soul rest in peace.
    An Afghan brother 🇦🇫🇴🇲

  40. theDARK Pototoy Reply

    2003: Iraq 🇮🇶 falls
    2020: Iran 🇮🇷 will fall
    2030’s: If Oman 🇴🇲 has oil, they will fall

    There’s nothing stopping the American military industrial complex.

    • Mohd Muhafez Reply

      Oman has oil

    • Noble Man Reply

      US will never invade Iran ,

    • Eyad Hassan Reply

      Well actually America will fall one day…

    • Monique Sinned Reply

      Eyad Hassan I don’t know about that but Trump isn’t lifting it up !
      My God show us mercy !!

    • ChangedNames Reply

      Sorry mate, oman has never fell throughout the centuries just because a new entity like the usa appeared some years ago doesnt mean oman will fall (plus fun fact the first middlr eastern country to recognize the usa is oman, and we where one the firsts internationally).

  41. Naeeem T Reply

    Oman is better than uae

  42. Al Khan Reply

    I love oman my lovely family al sadi family in oman

  43. DavidJMa Reply

    MBS didn’t turn up? Just sent a message. How rude! Is he sending Oman a message such as he doesn’t respect the choice of leader?

    • human Reply


    • ChangedNames Reply

      So mbs suddenly became the king of saudi now? He is still a prince and lets hope he doesn’t gain that title

  44. Manchuvaru Reddy Reply

    INDIA’S highest ranking dignitary should’ve attended, might be a Cabinet Minister. As SULTAN QABOOS was friendly to INDIA.

    • Global Village Reply

      Actually we are busy in NRC CAA

    • Manchuvaru Reddy Reply

      @Global Village
      My goodness. You have nice sense of humour

  45. Kahlid Mohamed Reply

    If they had oil USA would’ve sent ISIS.

  46. على كيفي Reply

    His name His Majesty the Sultan not a leader

    • Abdullah Al Rashidi Reply

      Yes he is a sultan and leader as well

  47. ADHAiiN7 Reply

    Thank God Haitham’s going to continue Qaboos’ legacy and ideology

  48. Mohammed Faraz Reply

    Allah magfirath Kare Quboos Sir ki Ameen ❤️👈

  49. Joshua Grover Reply

    The late Sultan embodied the quote “Friend to all, Enemy to no one”.

    • Nina Richi Reply

      Alah yerhamo soltan Oman limada jaa Sarkozy fahimona ya arab

    • אביעד גיל Reply

      Nina Richi // lama gaa Netanyahu L-oman ya arab?

  50. Angela Dallimore Reply

    Blessings to Oman

  51. Iyad Sham Reply

    Why he waste his time with the hypocrite anti muslim “Nicholas Zarkozie ” ?.

  52. rajesh menon Reply

    It’s very true, our HM ( can’t even say late because still he is in our heart) was a person who taught us obedience, manners, hospitality, and above all RESPECT to any human. It’s in our heart that he was our father who guided us and we will continue to meet his vision. Anyone should come to this great place OMAN to see how grateful the citizens are here…..they welcome you with heart not with brains.

  53. A.S.A Reply

    Why was that scumbag Sarquozy there? He’s a racist criminal thief due to go on trial in France.

  54. Edris Ajmal Reply

    May Allah bless sultan Qaboos

  55. MD. Mohin uddin Reply

    oman love 01877238358

  56. ZDVA TDVV Reply

    He done nothing for Muslim worldwide

    • Prabhu Kumar Reply

      He father of oman.father of humanity

    • ChangedNames Reply

      Actually he did, but unlike others who use force (so to grab some land afterwards or install proxies afterwards), oman try to fix problems deplomatically without guns on the head.

      But people always try to increase tension, heck even when japan suffered a great calamity during 2011 sultan qaboos aided them (even though he was facing trouble from within)

      Islamic world cant be fixed because half of you lots are selfish bastards who want the benefit for yourselves and not for all.

  57. Love Bird Reply

    King Died But Citizens Lost Their Father…..💝

  58. anonymous 666 Reply


  59. andrei andruhov Reply

    Life to continue, hamdulilyah Oman have Sultan againe, we are will support him

  60. Nordine Ben Brahim Reply

    Que fesait là-bas ce minable sarkozy ? Sans majuscule, évidemment…

  61. Rasta Dadir Reply

    Ok 😉

  62. Saifuddin S K Reply

    Mosque is a Place of worship and not a tourist spot. Worship place should not be included in tourist list.

    • ChangedNames Reply

      Its like the blue Mosque in turkey, or the aqsa in palestine, some want to see the place.

  63. abdulhafidh swaleh Reply

    Looh sarkozy

  64. abdulhafidh swaleh Reply

    Loooh whats prince charles doing there

  65. Kaiser Pdm Reply

    He is not a king he is father, as a indian I salute late.sultan qaboos ,may allah bless with jannah forever.

  66. Khabar Seemanchal Reply


  67. حیدرعلی Haider Ali Reply

    My Allah grant sultan quboos in higher rank of jannah. 😓😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔 🇴🇲 💖🇵🇰

  68. Ndyamiyemenshi Miradji Reply

    What that evil Salkozy is doing there !? Death to him, he was busy killing peoples in Libya like his late father Pierre Salkozy kills lot of peoples in Algeria .

  69. Saiff Reply

    Allah (SWT ) has blessed Oman . It is a beautiful example to all the other Arab countries of how to govern and treats both Its people and Outsiders with peace and respect. A beautiful country thanks to the deceased Sultan Qaboos May Allah have mercy on his soul and grant him jennah . His rule and leadership has been kind , loving , peaceful and JUST . What a beautiful legacy to leave and handover to his successor.

  70. Rahaf Raisi Reply

    We really did loose a father may allah grant him jannah 💓💓

  71. don johsson Reply

    I love omani people

  72. Yusuf patel Reply

    Charlie ain’t no world leader. He’s just a jolly good ol prince.ho ho ho

  73. Samishahzad Khan Reply

    MashaAllah superb great.. King Oman.. Sultan qaboos Allah pak give the heaven junnatul firdous and rest in peace.. And new king sultan haitam bin sayed Allah pak give good health and long life Ameen sum Ameen

  74. Ripul Gupta Reply


  75. sery syo Reply

    How is Nicolas Sarkozy a dignitary ?The man holds no function at all in France

  76. Hari Suthar Reply

    oman is great

  77. Epicana Clay Reply


    • ChangedNames Reply

      You dont even know the first thing about the country, educate yourself and stop being blinded by what you’re fed

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