Philippines reopens its skies to incoming international flights

2020 5/15
Philippines reopens its skies to incoming international flights

International flights can land in the Philippine capital again after the government reopened its airport.
Flights were stopped last week after the country could not cope with thousands of workers returning from overseas.
There have been more than 10,000 confirmed cases and 700 deaths in the country.
Al Jazeera’s Jamela Alindogan reports from Manila, Philippines.

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コメント一覧 (63件)

  • Andy Murray says:

    Lol 400 people a day….that’s not really been reopen has it….

    • migzzy 022 says:

      reopen to incoming filipino and outgoing stranded country are in good shape right now to laugh about.except to the one how started this and intentionally opening pandora’s box to infect the whole world.

  • RandomComment 2016 says:

    that wont end well

    • Mini M says:

      What? 400 people a day in an airport that usually has 30,000+ passengers a day?

    • Trekkie_ _0802 says:

      it’s really only to make sure no one gets stranded, only Filipino Citizens & permanent residents will be allowed in, and non-resident foreigners allowed out. Flying for non-repatriation purposes are still a no go.

  • Marcus Zoe13 says:

    They are taking a high risk with this maneuver

    • Mini M says:

      It’s only for repatriated Filipinos and for stranded foreigners trying to go home. These are not tourist flights. Only 400 people a day in the airport, when there are usually 30,000 people a day there.

    • Hum phrey says:

      @Mini M Still, these repatriated Filipinos are most likely carrying different mutations of COVID. We’ll see. As I keep on saying. Monsoon season is here.

  • Rayan really official says:

    Corona virus 🦠 Will soon be history

    • Rolman80 80 says:

      Obviously when is the key WHEN?

    • Hum phrey says:

      It will be part of our history and it is here to stay. I guess, the governments are really succeeding in making people ignorant.

    • soar highhashid says:

      Maybe the end of the history.

  • Baby drumphf says:

    Click here if you think Duterte is a tyrant & murderer!

  • Joe Supsup says:

    That’s returning sea ferer and Filipino ofw back in Philippines and foreigners out of Philippines back to their home countries because so many foreigners here are studying and working here as call centers…..
    Thats essential flights for repatriation…..
    Sometimes aljazeera when you broadcast make the details clear. Watchers are getting confuse..

    • Hum phrey says:

      Still, these repatriated Filipinos are most likely carrying different mutations of COVID. We’ll see. As I keep on saying. Monsoon season is here.

  • lei feng says:

    so when foreigners in Philippines can fly out????

    • Kyle Panuncillon says:

      It depends on their own country if they’ll allow their citizens back home

    • lei feng says:

      @Kyle Panuncillon Every country will allow their citizen back home! Australia government will always let citizens in if only PAL reopen for outbound flight..

  • Darius A says:

    Good for the Philippines.
    Ive observed religious ppl,they all want to go to heaven but no one wants to die…thats religious ppl in a nutshell…coward bunch.

    • wow i am lost says:

      @Darius A lol….ru lost ur mind dude….how it is related to religion?death is a ultimate truth..we are not immortal

    • wow i am lost says:

      @Hum phrey 91% holds catholic remaining other

    • Darius A says:

      @wow i am lost you still don’t get it.
      Sleep on it.
      Focus on the reward that’s promised to you by religions then you will be able to connect the dots why death should be wonderful for religious folks… Since the best prize of eternal life awaits you…

    • wow i am lost says:

      @Darius A I hope u will live a eternal life in earth….. immortal darius..oh .sorry I am on weed😝😝😝

    • wow i am lost says:

      @Darius A plz send signal and after death ..that there is no heaven

  • Jimbo Jones says:

    US and UK gotta play the victim.

    • Hello you there says:

      🇺🇸🇬🇧🇪🇸🇮🇹🇫🇷 most tourists in the world

  • 2ne1blink87 Jack says:

    Are foreigners allowed in the country now? I want to go home so bad. American citizen but Filipino by birth

    • 2ne1blink87 Jack says:

      Trekkie_ _0802 do you think they will eventually allow foreign nationals in around June/July?

    • Trekkie_ _0802 says:

      2ne1blink87 Jack it’s too early to tell, but the general consensus is that anything earlier than Q4 of 2020 will be next to impossible.

    • Trekkie_ _0802 says:

      2ne1blink87 Jack even if flights start up again, the visa waivers suspension still won’t be lifted and PH embassies still can’t issue new visas without Congressional approval, and I highly doubt they’re in any rush to reopen the borders, so unless you already have a valid yellow or bronze ACR I-card. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait awhile.

    • 2ne1blink87 Jack says:

      Trekkie_ _0802 😭😭😭

    • Mini M says:

      if you’re a Filipino by birth, then aren’t you a Filipino citizen? You can travel there

  • keyboard batman rises says:

    great work

  • Antony Wanjiru says:

    No nonsense president Rodrigo Durtete…

  • mimimister 712 says:

    Philippines reopened but won’t accept tourists for now.

    • pauskie6 says:

      POGO employees are exempted from that

    • badlongon says:

      @pauskie6 yes and ABS-CBN is still closed

  • Nkanyiso Africa says:

    Well done to the Philippines on this part of work and God bless and be with these people in tiring times.

    • Kyle Panuncillon says:

      Godbless you ma friend😷

  • roguemale TheOne&Only says:

    That’s brilliant but, australian’s won’t be allowed out their country till at least Dec!

    • heath cold says:

      You need Chinese student, hhehehe, good luck Australia.

  • Hum phrey says:

    Well done! Get ready for the next wave of infection and other COVID mutations! Just in time for the start of the Monsoon season! Now, the death counts will really begin.

    • Hum phrey says:

      @Mini M Still, these repatriated Filipinos are most likely carrying different mutations of COVID. We’ll see. As I keep on saying. Monsoon season is here.

  • Treehugging hippie says:

    Congratulations 😀

  • Jordan Melby Vlogs says:

    PLAN demic

  • Jordan Melby Vlogs says:

    Most likely to die of starvation then this overhyped PLANdemic

  • Philip Christopher says:

    Manila Government has to do more.

  • Marco Garcia says:

    Jamelas favorite color is YELLOW for short DILAWAN po ito

    • Kyle Panuncillon says:

      Of course and she’s a great anti-duterte reporter

  • Allan Jacildo says:

    Hopefully they have work after they vacation

  • Kevin Wakli Fitness says:

    Bad decision100%

  • Jon says:

    Only Filipino nationals are allowed to enter Philippines.

  • Kanaan ite says:

    At least they can go back home

    • Kyle Panuncillon says:

      Yeah a lot of tourists are running out of money

  • Viral Gamer says:

    Aljazeera bias news

    • Adam Sahr says:


    • Kiane Julius says:

      Adam Sahr let them be. Lol they love to label any news they don’t like as bias.

  • The Game Archiver says:

    1:14 are they not screening all the flight crew?

  • ditchella Ana Carla says:

    Why shes not wearing mask.

  • ditchella Ana Carla says:

    God bless Philippines

  • JUNHAK YUN says:

    Please open temporary domestic flights and ports for citizens isolated in the provinces. It has already been isolated for more than two months, but the government has no support.Due to the continued extension of the ECQ, many citizens are unable to return to their homes in the provinces. I hope you give me enough time to go back. Covid wants us to consider the people who are isolated without knowing when it will end. We are afraid because there is no guarantee to return home after May 31st.

  • Marsheldo-RBLX barrozo says:

    Swabbing must be sterile with strict precautions. One set of PPE per every patient to be swab to prevent cross infection and contamination of the specimen.

  • Kean Francisco says:

    Lalo dadami ang COVID sa pinas dahil open nnaman ang international flyt