3 Men Indicted On Murder Charges In Death Of Ahmaud Arbery | NBC Nightly News

A Georgia grand jury indicted the three men charged with the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. The 25-year-old’s murder compelled state lawmakers to pass a hate crime bill after years of failed attempts.
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3 Men Indicted On Murder Charges In Death Of Ahmaud Arbery | NBC Nightly News

176 thoughts on “3 Men Indicted On Murder Charges In Death Of Ahmaud Arbery | NBC Nightly News

  1. Jerry Junior Official Reply

    Finally this is justice getting served and it shouldn’t have even took this long.

    • Jerry Cooney Reply

      @Mick E link?

    • Reply

      @Mick E proof ?

    • Mick E Reply

      @Jerry Cooney Look it up yourself lazy.

    • Jerry Cooney Reply

      @Mick E just as I thought.

  2. John Watt Reply

    I know all this upheaval in The United States isn’t here in my lifetime to make me cry every day, but it does.
    The day the vote went down in Georgia, there was cheering all over the world.

    • Justice Boofer Reply

      I miss John Lennon

    • william carter Reply

      John Watt Dry your eyes brother because the new revolution its far from over !!

    • maxine kelly Reply

      You are a good human Mr Watt we all hope for better times for equality in this world. Stay safe Sir. ❤️🇦🇺❤️from Australia

  3. Jo Johns Reply

    1. Whoever indicated “NO INJURIES” on Breyonna Taylor’s police incident report, should also be fired. What a laughable lie!
    2. Whoever moved to prosecute his boyfriend for attempted murder, should be fired.
    3. Whoever it was that tried to pin the shooting on her boyfriend should be fired.
    4. Whoever it was that should have fired the now-fired officer in March, but who didnt do so until June, should be fired.
    see the thing… ?? The entire cabal that covers up their mess.

    • Autobot Diva Reply

      32 rounds while sleeping in bed. Im almost in tears

    • Jo Johns Reply

      @Autobot Diva The saddest part is how quickly they charged his boyfriend for attempted murder of their officers. You should be exceptionally cruel to do that… and they did.

    • Autobot Diva Reply

      @Jo Johns feels like her charity ride was not enuf but support has to be shown some kinda way

    • A Person Reply

      I wonder how many cases have been successfully covered up and never brought to life.

    • Mick E Reply

      4 has actually been done.

  4. WK28 Reply

    Ahmaud attacked them. Clean cut self-defense. No charges should have been fired.

    • Alan Mayne Reply

      @B H Can’t do citizen arrest if you don’t see a crime. Gregory stated that he saw a black man running down the street and pursued on a gut feeling.

    • tekitron Reply

      WK28, self-defense is explicitly excluded to instigators of attacks and those committing felonies. The men were engaged in aggravated assault and false-imprisonment. They cannot claim self-defense. On the opposite side, Mr. Arbery was being chased down by three men in vehicles, one of which hit him in their vehicle at one point and one armed. Mr. Arbery would in fact have a case for self-defense.

    • EK HN Reply

      You mean an unarmed person fighting back against multiple armed people? You are deluded to think Ahmaud initiated this.

    • TRUTH SEEKER 1552 Reply

      You sound butt hurt.

    • Davida Krappenschitz Reply

      @B H
      You never addressed my reply to you. Did you run away from our conversation?

  5. Yvette Vesty Reply

    It’s about time all the states in the South should have a hate crime law

    • Adrian Justice Reply

      Yeah like racism only breeds here. Wake up sista. I experienced more racism up north than the south. They smile in your face up north.

    • matt becham Reply

      why, it only gets charged to whites, thats racist

    • lucy Hart Reply

      How TURE…

    • Mick E Reply

      Nowhere should have hate time laws. Actions can be criminal, not thoughts.

  6. Milklife Reply

    Great to see them indicted, but its still appalling it took 2 months for these guys to get arrested and charged with murder. This whole thing would have been swept under the rug if not for that leaked video.

    • Chris A Reply

      Yes , they almost Got away with cold blooded murder.

    • Kyle Matthews Reply


  7. Jean Engstrom Reply

    As the (NYC) Daily News headline read:
    The badge is no longer a shield. 😏😎

  8. Jon Jaeden Reply

    In the Ahmaud Arbery case, there was no “murder” — there was a homicide, and it was the result of the violent assault initiated by Ahmaud. It is clearly shown in the video, linked below.

    Whatever the nature of the McMichaels and Roddy Bryan chasing/pursuing/hunting/following Arbery prior, nothing like that is happening here in the video of the shooting. Arbery has a wide area between himself and the other parties. He is not being harassed. The McMichaels are stationary, with their truck parked in the right lane and pointed away from Arbery. The left lane is clear for traffic. Greg is standing in the bed of the truck talking to the police on the phone and Travis is standing next to the driver’s side door on the center line of the street. They are not brandishing weapons. They are merely observing Arbery while waiting for the police to arrive. Whatever “threat” is alleged from the earlier “following” incident, it is no longer active. At this point, if there was any danger to Arbery, it was in his self-interest to simply stop and wait for the police to come rescue him. That’s not the choice he made.

    Arbery runs — or “jogs,” if you prefer — TOWARD the McMichaels. He specifically runs close to the center line TOWARD Travis. He makes several fakes to the right and to the left before swerving to the right to pass the truck on its right side. He leaves the pavement and is about 30-36 inches out at first, but by the time he reaches the front of the truck, his feet are back on the pavement. He has run, not parallel alongside the truck as though he was going to pass the McMichaels and leave the area, but in an arc that put him on the path to attack Travis, who was standing at the left-front of the truck. Arbery can be seen on the video beginning to lean left as he approaches the the truck’s right-front. He had clearly formed the intent to go for Travis at some point prior. This is not a sudden reflexive reaction. This is consistent with his initial run TOWARD Travis with his several fakes to the left and right — Travis was his target from before he ever reached the truck. It is relevant to note that at the 0:14 point in the video, as Travis arcs around the truck, a wide open area of lawn and another street can be seen in the immediate background, showing that Arbery was not trapped. He had other options to get away from the McMichaels if that was what he wanted or needed to do. He’s not acting like someone who feels trapped. Instead, he has already pre-committed to physically engage.

    It’s unknown what Travis expected from Arbery’s run around the other side of the truck. After repeatedly going through the video frame by frame, I don’t see Travis stepping forward toward the right side of the truck until Arbery was already halfway across. Travis’ shadow can be seen on the ground under the truck at about the left headlight, but the sun is over his left shoulder, casting his shadow forward of his actual position. Unfortunately, the left side of the truck is cut off. But when the video again captures the left side of the truck, Travis’ left foot is still on the yellow line and in a stepping-forward position. Arbery is well on his way to strike, as can be seen by his shadow, and Travis is just then moving in the direction of the oncoming attack. That’s immediately followed by Travis being suddenly stopped dead in his tracks, with both feet lifted off the ground by the force of Arbery’s hit. There isn’t the slightest possibility Travis went across the width of the truck to lie-in-wait at the right front when Arbery arrived, as some have alleged, provoking him into an act of self-preservation. Didn’t happen. As best I’ve been able to time it by inching through the frames of video, Arbery disappears from the right side of the truck at about 0:150 and remerges on the left side at about 0:156 — that’s 6/10 of a second. His actual contact with Travis would have been even sooner, and the first shotgun discharge immediately before that. I’m estimating it was at 3/10 of a second after Arbery cleared the right side of the truck. That is all the reaction time Travis had to evaluate this threat. Arbery’s strong, athletic, he’s running hard, has momentum and has at least some element of surprise. He body-slams, punches and grabs Travis, as well as the shotgun — all in less than a second. The former high-school outside linebacker has done an end-run around the pickup truck to sack the quarterback in the backfield, force a fumble and take possession of the ball. He is the only violent aggressor, and, having grabbed the gun, is now no longer an unarmed man. He has created a life-or-death situation and Travis, innocent of any aggression in this encounter, has the legal right of self-defense. And it was not fore-ordained that he would be the one who came out alive.

    Based on the evidence publicly available so far, Arbery’s assault is what initiated the struggle between the parties. McMichaels and Bryan earlier “followed” Arbery from the safety of their vehicles in an attempt to “confine and detain” him, according to the charge, but did not get out and attempt to physically take him into custody (this may all change, of course, when the full video is released). Having not had physical contact, they never had the opportunity to effect a citizen’s arrest. Until the video is released at trial, we can’t know how much of the interaction between the three “pursuers” and Arbery can be explained by his own dodging between cars and across lawns. There are characterizations, but no details yet. Despite all the back-and-forth about whether they had the right to make one, it is being overlooked whether there ever was action taken that meets the legal definition of citizen’s arrest. It’s a red herring at this point. From the video we have, they followed and parked and observed their “suspect” to keep him in sight for when the police arrived. And when he passed, they hopscotched ahead to the next intersection to observe. Unless there’s something really damning in the portion of the full video we haven’t seen, that’s not a crime — certainly not a felony. We’ll have to wait. But the real take-away here is that whatever happened previously that was “criminal” or a threat, it was not happpening in the final moments when Arbery formed his intent to attack Travis. He ran TOWARD the McMichaels and attacked when he was not under any kind of immediate threat and with the opportunity to avoid them. His was not an act of self-defense. If he had a score to settle for something that happened earlier, the law would not have sanctioned his taking revenge through violent vigilantiism. There is a clear break from anything that could be characterized as a threat or crime in the beginning from the situation at the end.

    I direct you to the separate case of the Atlanta DA filing murder charges against the officer who shot Rayshard Brooks. This despite the fact Brooks had fought with, overpowered and taken a weapon from two officers. This despite the fact he fired the weapon at the officer while fleeing. The DA’s reasoning? Once Brook fired the stolen weapon — a taser — he could not fire again. He was no longer the same threat subject to deadly force. This despite the fact that the stuggle and chase took place over a very few seconds. In the DA’s logic, the violent, struggling Brooks and the fleeing Brooks are two separate people … two events.

    Which brings us to Arbery. He is the clear attacker in the 31-second video. He’s the initiator against someone who is presenting him no threat — certainly no threat he cannot avoid. He intentionally creates a life-or-death situation that required Travis to defend his life with deadly force. The only connection between this separate crime and whatever happened earlier is Arbery’s desire for revenge. This is a separate crime for which the McMichaels — whatever happened earlier — are not responsible.

    Ironically, Arbery may be the only one in this episode who actually took the law into his own hands.
    View the video for yourself, particularly the 0:14-0:16 portion. The truth is out there …


    • Alan Mayne Reply

      @A Person You may be right regarding armed chase and citizen arrest. However, regarding the conversation with the 911 operator that you mentioned…the person talking was Albenze, not Travis or Gregory. That removes the McMichael duo from any knowledge of a crime on 2-23-2020.

    • A Person Reply

      @Alan Mayne Albenze ?? I have not heard that name in connection with this case.

    • Alan Mayne Reply

      @A Person I think a lot of people are confused about this. I was confused myself. Hang with me, I’ll try to get through this. This really is like a movie.
      The 911 operator asks for the address of the emergency. Caller says 219-220 Satilla Drive, a couple if houses from me.
      I figured the caller was Diego Perez, who lives at 224. Gregory/Travis live at 230 Satilla Drive, which is 450 feet south. During the probable cause hearing, the agent talked about Albenze, who lives on Jones Rd., also 2 houses away from 220, down another road. Albenze was on the phone with the 911 operator. I believe everyone thinks that was Travis because the voices sound similar. People heard Travis’s voice on a 911 call on 2-11-2020. Albenze was not identified as the caller until 6-4-2020.
      Whew! Ok.
      It helped me to have the police report and Google Earth. You can be sure I don’t need to visit Satilla Shores. I’ve seen too much.

    • A Person Reply

      @Alan Mayne Thanks for clearing that up for me. Yes, we have seen much lately. GBI’s investigation revealed highly questionable evidence suggesting sexual activity between officers of the law and police informants(?) What else and how much remains swept under covers?

    • A Person Reply

      @tekitron you are correct.

  9. C R Reply

    These white supremacists are gonna have a ‘hole’ lotta fun in the penitentiary in Georgia.

  10. fuk me Reply

    The prosecutor should be fired for delaying this.

    • J Reply

      The prosecutor should be fired for not letting them walk free

    • Me Hoy minoy Reply

      @J those three men are evil and deserve to pay for their crimes. Ahmaud did nothing wrong he was just jogging and they attacked him he defended himself

  11. John Forbes Reply


  12. RG Reply

    Fake News DNC Media Cover Up Strzok Notes Showing Obama/Biden Guided Deep State to Frame Lt. General Michael Flynn

    • matt becham Reply

      theres proof

    • Quince McCloud Reply

      @matt becham What proof

    • matt becham Reply

      The texts, emails and notes. Obama said he wanted the right people on Flynns case.

    • Quince McCloud Reply

      @matt becham What did the texts, notes, and Emails say

    • Adam Reply

      matt becham okay then prove it

  13. E Nice Films Reply

    GOOD NEWS..I believe that the thousands or maybe millions of people peacefully protesting. risking their lives for justice and equality played a big part..

    • AII American Chutzpah Reply

      Equality is one of the most cruelest jokes the Eastern European termite has applied on western civilization.

  14. YAH is Mighty Reply

    1 Peter 5:8
    Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

  15. Justin Case Reply

    In regard to the Taylor case:

    Any reasonable gun owner would fire shots in response to a break in.

    Any reasonable police officer will fire shots in response to getting fired at.

    The response from both parties involved were reasonable.

    The law that let the authorities enter a private residence without a warrant is unreasonable.

    It is clear negligence of the laws not the ones upholding it.

    • Adam Reply

      What does that have to do with this case

    • Justin Case Reply

      You watch the whole video or just the beginning?

  16. Tony's Place Reply

    That’s going to be a tough case to prove. Especially when they hear that the police told the neighbor to call these guys if they had any trouble with more break ins.

    • Adrian Justice Reply

      Bug he never called the Mcmichaels,

    • Adam Reply

      Just cause the police tell someone to do something doesn’t mean they have to do that

    • Dee Eisen Reply


    • Chris A Reply

      @Adrian Justice Exactly ! The McMichael’s thought they could play cop whenever they felt like it, they are Going down.

    • Romano Coombs Reply

      The neighbourhood was STALKING Arbery for 4 months. They need to be arrested as accomplices for LYNCHING AS WELL!
      Even CNN showed a White suspect breaking into the property(they blurred HIS face!)
      But they wanted the Black athlete dead!(Private FB group chat)

  17. J Reply

    Wow ridiculous it’s crazy how you can go to jail for self defense

    • Adam Reply

      matt becham they chased him…

    • Adam Reply

      Kyle Matthews prove it’s fake media

    • tekitron Reply

      Georgia self-defense statute explicitly excludes people who instigate attacks and people engaged in felony crimes from self-defense. They don’t have a claim to self-defense. They were engaged in aggravated assault and false imprisonment and as such can’t make a self-defense claim.

    • TRUTH SEEKER 1552 Reply

      Negative your comment is ridiculous.

    • M B Reply

      Lmao at self defense. GTFOH. Wanna cry self defense when they were the ones who initiated the entire event. Keep on crying about self defense, those pgs are done ya heard. DONE

  18. J Reply

    I pray for these men as they were wrongfully indicted. They should have walked free

    • NeeNee B. Reply

      @Adam how is it an opinion, it’s on video 🤔🤦‍♀️ They murdered him

    • TRUTH SEEKER 1552 Reply

      You can visit them in prison.

    • Adam Reply

      NeeNee B. Are you slow or just slow?

    • M B Reply

      TRUTH SEEKER 1552 you funny thanks for the laughter 😂😂😂😂. Yea man go visit your buddies in prison 🤣

    • Will Harris Reply

      @Super G Same as above lol “Chub Scouts”

  19. Superfly Reply

    You love to see it. Trump’s version of America will not stand.

    • Always thinkpositive Reply

      @Brad Morgan Trump just put his signature on it!!

    • Reply

      Wtf, trump doesn’t stand for it at all…
      He condemned the murder of Ahmaud in a tweet.
      I guess black supremacist voted more for Obama, and nobody considers Obama as a black suptemacist.

    • AII American Chutzpah Reply

      @Brad Morgan —America is so racist that she gave all of her white women to the 3rd world. Then declared bankruptcy.

    • Trvp visuals Reply

      @AII American Chutzpah i love being black. it’s a cheat code to get white women 😋😋

    • AII American Chutzpah Reply

      @Trvp visuals —White booty is your victory by those who allow you to conquer the west. You are allowed to fool the world by proclaiming to be a “Insert any European state here” because of BOLSHEVISM.

  20. Adam Reply

    Good! Justice for arbery

    • Joyce M Grimes Reply

      Hopefully, no trail yet.

  21. Charles Goose Reply

    The DA’s who didn’t see a murder are still employed ?

    • King Mo Eazy Reply


    • Autobot Diva Reply


    • Jerry Cooney Reply

      Self defense

    • Quince McCloud Reply

      @Jerry Cooney Explain

  22. Reese Reese Reply

    Come on Wyoming, Arkansas, South Carolina!!! Where y’all at?? Oh so y’all dont mind hate crimes. No law means y’all like it. We need to push it through

    • Catie R Reply

      Grow up and learn proper grammar.

    • Alex Mowdy Reply

      Yeah stfu up kid

    • circle A Reply

      @Catie R aww you’re just upset. Remember your tears aren’t going to change the fact that your 3 criminal friends are indicted.

    • Catie R Reply

      @circle A 🤣 Is that supposed to hurt my feelings? I don’t know them but I’m sure you’ll be crying when the police rip down CHOP bye bye protesters. So much whitey hate huh? BTW you have noticed that white t shirt was pretty clean for two shotgun blasts right? But hey you’re “so smart”

    • circle A Reply

      @Catie R what’s chop? So you’re claiming there’s a conspiracy? Lmao wow you racists sure have an imagination.

  23. Logan Reply

    Criminals are finally prevailing. A disgusting career criminal is getting more love in death than he ever could alive. Hopefully all 3 men get off because what was displayed proves their innocence. Don’t grab another mans gun.

    • Logan Reply

      @Irunwitha hatchet provided with facts, you decide to ignore said facts… calls racism because of facts. You obviously have a very low IQ. Go ahead and try to assault me, it will end up with you laying 6ft underground.

    • Alan Mayne Reply

      @Logan Can’t do a citizen arrest if you don’t see a crime. Gregory only saw a black man running down the street and pursued on a gut feeling. These are Gregory’s statements.

    • Logan Reply

      @Alan Mayne turns out the person they were going to arrest was the same person, completely nulls your argument. Who goes jogging in the middle of the road away from your home address? He is a known thief and he decided to try and grab another mans gun, if you complain about that then you probably shouldn’t live in USA. Don’t commit crimes, don’t grab someones gun and nothing bad will happen. What is most shocking is people pretending they care about some criminal just because the media is doing its best to get a senile old liar into office lol.

    • Alan Mayne Reply

      @Logan Maybe police are allowed to detain on suspicion. Looks like Gregory forgot he was no longer a police officer. His statements seem to back up that idea.

    • Irunwitha hatchet Reply

      Logan, we u.s citizen disown you racist trash, you dont belong here

  24. Christina Gaschott Reply

    Finally getting justice

  25. walcoman Reply

    All racist hillbillies beware! YALL better understand what equality means, and use whatever common sense you have in your tiny little brains before you think about grabbing your rifle! 😠

  26. matt becham Reply

    Family didnt hit paydirt here with Arbery case

  27. ryarod Reply

    Let us wait until the men are behind bars before we cheer that justice has finally come. So far, only a marginal step has been taken, and far overdue at that.

  28. Brian T Reply


    • ERICA MILLER Reply

      They made it confusing

  29. Dan Sol's Reply

    The ChiefAvencedo here threatens to come after journalists who write the truth about police. He is not innocent either

  30. Kyle Matthews Reply

    This was legal self defense. Stop corrupting the justice system with your mentally ill witch mob and fake news.

  31. Zachary Lee Reply

    The fact it took so long says something about law making in US. If it gets no public demand or doesn’t get any profit. It might not as well be thought of or approved.

    • Brenda Zorros Reply

      The GOP are knocking it down because they are Racist…. Dems are trying to put laws in place. They won’t let it happen!! Despicable beings!! Vote them out in November, Vote Blue across the board!!

  32. Ahmad Shahvary Reply

    All those who bravely rose up and showed their anger against
    the brutality of police should know that mass media is an instrument that is
    able to easily to deviate the public opinions from left to right and vice
    versa. Therefore if protesters do let that their early enthusiasm to lose its
    dynamism, all would be losers of the event.

  33. Catie R Reply

    🙄 So we are just tossing out Stand your ground laws and any common sense. Not to mention for 2 shoutgun blasts that white t shirt looked awfully clean.

    • Wayne Smith Reply

      You just tossed out commonsense stand your ground law after chasding a person down with a shotgun

    • Catie R Reply

      @Wayne Smith I’m going to say this one tike he was wearing a WHITE T SHIRT white clothing shows any stains on it and shot twice with a shotgun that shirt would show red that shirt looked way to clean and crisp for two blasts.

  34. Darald s Reply

    Less than ten minutes it took but racist still believe Ahmaud was like Thor. With his magical disappraing hammer and Tim boots of destruction.

    • 90caliber Macher Reply

      They think one unarmed black man against two armed white men is a fair fight.

    • jaque kinsey Reply

      Those devils need be off the streets before they take someone else life! This is America!?

    • Words Bliss Reply

      I heard he was jogging down the street in timberlands with a hammer 25 miles from home why the kkk silent now

    • Ace Heru Reply

      @Words Bliss the only hammer he had was the one between his legs that causes your white male fragility just come out every once in awhile 🤡🤡🤡

    • Words Bliss Reply

      @Ace Heru I think you got me wrong I was being sarcastic to the people’s who said he was jogging in boots and had a hammer i didn’t see them say anything in the comments I am also black not white

  35. J M Reply


  36. Sunnys Mom Reply

    Praise the Lord!!!

    • Steve Landy Reply

      Amen. From Papua New Guinea

  37. DDH Reply

    I don’t understand why this shooting is related to the other BLM killings. This one if anything shows that we SHOULDN’T defund the police or untrained (and out of control) vigilantes will take control of things. Can someone please explain…

    • Irunwitha hatchet Reply

      Yeah, the KKK infiltrated the congress and police departments after the civil war in 1860s, all these racism in Kentucky and Georgia are in the former KKK confedaracy states who fought us Americans in da civil war

  38. Ice Blue Reply

    The one who was killed was black. The prosecutor black. Indicted are white. Wow! Is this justice or racism?

    • TRUTH SEEKER 1552 Reply

      Get over it.

  39. Ice Blue Reply

    What’s the composition of the jury?

    • TRUTH SEEKER 1552 Reply

      Good question.

  40. dlckddyd76 Reply

    G O O G L E I S P A I D S C H I L L

  41. dlckddyd76 Reply


  42. Andi Leigh Reply

    Wrong thumbnail photo… Those are the cops that killed Breonna Taylor.

  43. Alchemist 973 Reply

    Wrong white ppl in the thumbnail🤦‍♂️ but they need to be arrested too

  44. Vikanda Promprung Reply

    I from thailand สวัสดีค่ะ

  45. passenger45 Reply

    I guarantee the white folks that things will be back to normal after this no worries.

    • TRUTH SEEKER 1552 Reply

      You don’t even believe that yourself.


    God heard your prayers, but she’s not done.

    • Xj18A Reply

      If god is real. Then it made this happen. So your praying for the entity to fix what it started? Also that would mean god is a serial killer. Who sees joy in all this. What a rabbit hole of brainwashing you have been through. Poor thing.


      @Xj18A when you say that, or YOU say “god”, you see one. The are many gods. And yet, there is one. Just because I said, “no”, doesn’t prevent me from meaning “yes”. Stop trying to quantify or typify or profile a god.

  47. My account Reply

    Bowing to an Un-American Rabble who do not care about Justice, but Lawlessness. It must be remembered the criminal Arbury is still dead.

  48. maxine kelly Reply

    Thank god about time the bill was passed.

    • jaque kinsey Reply

      The devils are still on the loose need to be taken in custody before they take someone else life!!! This is America!?

  49. A Drivers Side Reply

    While she was sleeping. Umconsiable!?!!!

  50. TRUTH SEEKER 1552 Reply

    Well it’s about dam time.

  51. Dennis Menace Reply

    good, this was wrong and murder, regardless of colour as for the grabbing a taser running away and aiming it at the cop while drunk no, again regardless of colour he brought it all on himself, just an opinion, if that’s still ok to have one

    • Mick E Reply

      You are crazy ignorant.

    • Dennis Menace Reply

      @Mick E How so, explain instead of just a short, cheapshot insult?

    • Mick E Reply

      @Dennis Menace That isn’t an opinion moron.

    • Dennis Menace Reply

      @Mick E So you can’t explain yourself you just reply with another insult, that’s cool we both know where we stand on an intelligent conversation

  52. ShareThisFastDOTcom Reply

    Will all the part time actors from the OJ Simpson “trial” have a role in this one too?

    • Always thinkpositive Reply

      What this have to do with that please explain.

    • Trent Jackson Reply

      @Always thinkpositive nothing, just an idiotic YouTube comment

  53. ShareThisFastDOTcom Reply

    Is the charge murder or bad acting?

  54. Manny Brown Reply

    You must punish them three or it will happen over and over again . A message must be sent that is positive to let the good old boys know that we’re not going backwards.

  55. william carter Reply

    Malice murder false imprisonment equals life without .. When all those racist had to do is mind there own business and you CANT make a citizen arrest unless the crime is being committed is in progress…


    The police aren’t police anymore they’re a militia

    • Afiq Syahmi Reply


  57. Mo Khan Reply

    Lock these racist thug cops up for life!

  58. Jeff Hall Reply

    Break’em off something!
    Break’em off something!
    Got the Footage on my Cellphone
    And Cops Wondering Why 😜!

  59. Adrian Garcia Reply

    I have a friend that did time in the Georgia Department of Corrections. He has a YouTube channel and I asked him to post a video about what he thinks will happen to the Mcmichael’s should they be convicted and sentenced to prison. Here’s the link to his channel and the video.   https://youtu.be/9r_8QA1M4Uw

  60. Victoria Alexandra Reply

    The officers in the thumbnail are the ones who murdered Breonna Taylor.

  61. Msl G Reply

    The culture of US COPS must be reformed.

  62. van lund Reply

    I see the guy attacking the police they defended themselves not murder if they man would of not put hands on they and they would of done that yes murder ready to argue and outlast so hit my line I’m down to argue it

  63. jaque kinsey Reply

    One of the killers of George Floyd caught in grocery store buying Oreos living comfortably!

  64. A Person Reply

    “Under Georgia code, a citizen can use force if they fear for their life, but cannot create a confrontation themselves and then claim self defense after harming someone. Especially if they did not witness the crime take place.”
    Michael More, former Georgia State Attorney

  65. John Brown Reply

    We simply cannot afford to continue letting these people go. We have to begin putting these murderers in prison.

  66. Goodness Godson Reply

    Fire the district attorney and everyone else involved who tried to cover this up, hold them accountable to the full extent of the law!

  67. Claire Obermarck Reply

    Hate Crime Bill 👍 Stand with Breonna Taylor. Strip their pensions as well as charging them. Cut out the racists from the police.

  68. Chaitanya Das Ma Reply

    Give all of them the chair

  69. shahid kayani Reply

    That third blue shirt guy actually released the video. He literally shot his own leg

  70. Brenda Zorros Reply

    Lock them all up!! All three officers!!

  71. Melissa H Reply

    Georgia now has a hate crime law, where’s a KKK member going to live?

  72. Afiq Syahmi Reply

    This is democracy guys DEMOCRACY

  73. UNGA BUNGA Reply

    Innocent till proven guilty.

  74. eace Reply

    * 3 Republicans

  75. La Bruja Reply

    seems like nothing gets done unless it’s an election year. They force you to play their game, even when you hate it.

  76. Marcus Vasquez Reply

    Who cares

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