Florida Reports Nearly 10,000 New Coronavirus Cases In One Day As State Halts Reopening | NBC News

2020 6/30
Florida Reports Nearly 10,000 New Coronavirus Cases In One Day As State Halts Reopening | NBC News

The surging numbers in the state prompted the mayor of Miami-Dade to close beaches from July 3 to 7. With young people in particular driving higher rates, the governor shut down bars across the state.

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コメント一覧 (107件)

  • Tammie Monroe says:

    Where is this data coming from?🤬🤬🤬

    • Trailobyte says:

      The CDC

    • Tammie Monroe says:

      Trailobyte I don’t think those are accurate. Thousands of people willingly taking the test come up positive in one single day… Nah these are falsified results with false positive test.
      I am sure they are poisoning the air at this point

    • Trailobyte says:

      @Tammie Monroe 14-21 day incubation period that lined up with Florida and Texas reopening.
      Not so hard to figure out.

    • Tammie Monroe says:

      Trailobyte I completely understand that but there is another side to this besides incubation to manifestation of this virus.
      Open up, your Government isn’t really telling the truth regarding the test results.
      I’m in Florida and our air quality is poor with the News advising people to stay home. The air smells the same as it did in March and the first part of April with C-virus. I am positive that they are contaminating the air with the virus and 5-G.
      I do not trust any of them including the CDC.

  • smeet l anre says:

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  • Nick Degtoff says:

    Democracy in America has evolved to whoever has the most money makes the rules for everyone else it is appalling it’s so true and politicians will not even discuss campaign Finance reform or another words bribe your politician

  • Tripp393 says:

    Fake news as usual

    • Trailobyte says:

      Facts don’t care about your beliefs

  • Ed Whalen. says:

    It lives in water too dummie’s,and in your public rest room’s.And don’t forget those who pee in water!Are you stupid,next we all work out stupid thinking dudeio! Please go to school again. Stay at home,control your hormones.

  • Ed Whalen. says:

    Clean all these shops and working area’s including underneath machines and items used,use bleach and disinfectives.

  • Avery Fisher says:

    Expect death 💀

  • Max Rush says:

    “Texas taking aggressive action.” Closes bars

  • Lord Byron says:

    We should have followed the guidelines and young people who think they are invincible are the problem that dude without a shirt will be spreading it to grandma soon . Your president also is not leading in this crisis

  • War Rior says:


  • lolblehXD says:


  • Mr Mark D says:

    The beach is the best place to be ,your body needs the sun to boost natural defenses . The Powers that be don’t want this at all .

  • Jeff W says:

    “I am working out and feel pretty healthy, so dont worry..”. Selfish ,brainless response.. why can’t you think that you can spread the virus? Very self centered. Living in society ? act like one

  • Stefan Ong says:

    When a state or country have to do a lockdown TWICE, the economy is literally screwed to the point of no return!! For years!!

  • ChiefofTradez says:

    Due to the corona virus. Americans are asking for protestors to work at home and destroy there own property…🇺🇸😉

  • Jhinu Jung says:

    Corona party that Trump organized.

  • Yashar'el in Captivity says:

    WHY COVID CASE NUMBERS ARE HIGHER = ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION 2020 WHITE PAPER ORDERS TO US (..etc) GOVERNMENT(S) ON POST “PANDEMIC” MEASURES: “Fully controlling the Covid-19 epidemic requires that we test the majority of the population weekly.”
    1. SCALE UP COVID-19 TESTING CAPACITY… 20 million and 30 million people daily
    2. ESTABLISH A COVID COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE CORP (ARMY)… Testing millions of people per week will require hiring a large number of community health workers.
    US Homeland Security Digital Library:
    White Paper Download:

  • Truthfears Guilty says:

    It’s time that all RED STATERS be locked up in Hospitals(COVID-19 Units only) without acces to Masks and Ventilators until they test POSITIVE for CV-19. Then they should be transported to the closest Garbage Incinerators. Thank you and God Bless America…..AMEN!

  • Millennium Man says:

    So are deaths up or down? I bet they are down and as more testing occurs, the more positives you will find. Are they testing for corona virus or covid19? I think it’s fake fake fake fake.

    • Trailobyte says:

      Most Covid deaths occur about 2-3 weeks after symptoms starts showing. The spike just started a few days ago, check back later.

    • Millennium Man says:

      Trailobyte 2-3 weeks before someone know they have it. Deaths occur within a few days for some. I’m in NY lol. I watched everyday what we went through here. I plan on checking back later. Thanks.

  • Jhon Famo says:

    People are unlikely to die so they dgaf. Your turn is right around the corner idiots

  • SeriousGamer says:

    it is politics, let it be… bla bla bla.. in the end survival of the fittest. If you don’t have the anti-body for covid 19, nature will drive its course.

  • Nick G says:

    The tests are for antibodies, not illness. The number of “cases” does
    not really matter at all. All they are proving is that
    they lied about how deadly the virus is, and that the population is
    gaining herd immunity. Immune systems are working as intended.

  • Bold Attitude says:

    Stay strong MN Stay in.

  • Hasan Khan says:

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  • keith padgett says:

    Bet your president is very concerned

  • peng109 says:

    Eat healthy and workout, you’ll be fine.

  • ViennaSharp says:

    my snapchat is ViennaSharp if someone would like to addme as friend! xP1d

  • The Provincial Post says:

    Remember when Florida was fun? Now it’s just one untrustworthy deadly virus infected beach after another. I mean who in their right mind would want to risk their lives at Disney World, anymore? Not me, that’s for sure. The rest of the world needs to boycott America until they stop spreading the deadly virus at such an alarming rate. #CovidAmerica #TrumpVirus #RepublicanVirusSpreaders

  • Steven William Bayless Parks says:

    The dumb leading the dumb

  • Cynthia Poke says:

    Rewear Co zoological experts have found in new studies that corona virus is spreading through cattle and are recommending we slow down cattle farming and eat less red meats to precedent the spread.

  • JR JR says:

    wow doing a lot of testing are you?

  • Alex M says:

    They don’t wear masks over there ….. I love how wearing a mask is a political thing like wtf

  • Alex G says:

    Florida Governor shall be tough, learn from NY governor!

  • Dee Breezy says:



    And those are only the case is the governor allows his agency to report. Solution quit testing and we won’t have so many corona cases right Trump. Imbeciles every last one of them

  • sai76 says:

    So what happened to the virus will not spread in hot weather.

  • J Vahl says:

    I am a senior in FL and afraid for my life…every day. So many ignorant people

  • 5100yes says:

    I have no sympathy for those losers. . Sorry… Not sorry !. . ….

  • Judy Murakami says:

    Don’t wear mask and stay close to each other… and reopen!! That’s the key to ….. ????

  • Dan Thomas says:

    Republidiots. 🤣😂😅

  • YulHolic24 says:

    It literally just cost around a month and you can have a covid free-country then do whatever tf you like but the people of America have choose to live with so here we are.

  • joel dong says:

    its just the flu, Bro

  • Money Blue says:

    Do you ever ask yourself
    Why is some parts of America stupid or slow cause I asked that ever since I was born

  • Michelle Peacock says:

    0:31 Hey Moron, you can spread it to someone vulnerable who could die!

  • B1 Praetorian says:

    It’s over 9000!!!

  • Stan M says:

    10,000 per day 300,000 a month, 2 million the month after, No one left to vote by Nov.

  • Jobee Joan says:

    Trumpians follow him and soon he have no more voters

  • Jobee Joan says:

    Trumpians all over. Leaders listening to sound of all mighty dollar, then lives of people whom you govern.

  • Jobee Joan says:


  • Jilly Bean says:

    These people are complete wastes of space. I cannot begin to understand how you can have your head so deep up your own #$$ that you don’t understand the virus does not give a crap if you are a ‘healthy’ person. And your feeling fine doesn’t mean you aren’t spreading the virus to everyone around you. Our education system has severely failed us. This is basic science, I don’t need the news media to explain it to me. I went to school and actually paid attention. I can also read. My God. These morons are causing the death of so many.

  • Chris W says:

    as you can, its CHAYNAH !!!!!!

  • CT -1450 says:

    Get it right Florida and follow the guildlines and stay home wear mask no excuses and do 6 feet distances!

  • Toby Henderson says:

    When ever I am looking to find the truth I immidiately trust the one world media network

  • Brendan Kones says:

    It’s a third world country. Gyms are closed and can’t even get a haircut. Perhaps a failed state.

  • John Johnson says:

    Oh my god! I am healthy, is a political issue? Are these people for real? Let see another 10-14 days… it will be another epic corona feast if 4th July celebration going ahead.

  • WAN Shah says:

    If US unable to control this desease properly, why the rest of the world need to follow all the veto-power created by US? Obviously they unable to think straight.

  • Pancho Pelotas says:

    Where he says that he would close Salons , Gyms and Restaurants, I can’t find that

    • Jessica H says:

      Restaurants here are going back to drive thru only, don’t have to wait for our dumb Governor to catch up.

  • Wild Animal says:

    good news. just let them die and take their jobs.

  • geerackzz says:

    My cousin and I went to a car meet, 2 hours later it was packed so we dipped 😂. His scat pack made a loud exit but I’ve never been afraid of people more than now.

  • Catamaran Sailor says:

    masks. contact tracing. hand hygiene. outdoors-only for events, and keep your distance. It should not be this hard. Gov. deSantis, please make these guidelines as clear as you made it back in March when CDC was saying asymptomatic people would not need masks: you reposted that to your FB page, back then. Now: no such reposting of CDC guidelines. Please, step up.

  • Elsa Aguirre says:

    I remember a woman interviewed in Florida on Memorial Day weekend. She said she was aware of this virus but she was going to have fun…something like that and in two days she would see if she or anyone got the virus. I thought 2 days was too short., Where is she now ? I wish someone soul re interview her.

  • Rayshaun chase says:

    Not surprised. I remember when these fools were eager to reopen during spring brake. Now I’m in NY looking over smh.

  • dj Curiosity says:

    Many people party on beaches deserve death during pandemic…

  • La ZBd says:

    500000 dead around the world is only POLITICS? Why do we have so many stupid people in America??!?!?

  • John Shim says:

    Just let those bro idiots get whats coming to them

  • kimberly guerrero says:

    Didnt hear how Florida’s hospitals where doing…thats critical information why leave it out??

  • Robert Wieczorek says:

    Id rather throw a frisbie

  • T D says:

    And… The Magical World Of Disney World will be open early July for all to enjoy in the count!

  • James Smith says:

    protesters, riots, and looters.

  • kelly suarez says:

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  • morgetha says:

    Americans, Stop being selfish. You can’t blame state or federal government for the failures. Watch hands often and wear mask. Protect yourself and others.
    BTW, I’m all for opening the country. But people must be responsible when going outside as well.

  • Jessica H says:

    To be honest, having to work in this pandemic while having a chronic illness, people not wearing a mask feels like an assault. You want the precious economy open, follow the rules.

  • Calvin Ryu says:


  • Angel says:

    The comments of 2 young guys….🤯 Wao dumb n dumber. Don’t breed guys.

  • Ng Keng Kock says:

    This is purely a health issue and nothing political. So stay at safe distance fr. trouble

  • Joe S. says:

    Hey Florida, how’s that re-opening going for ya? Idiots!

  • Kasmo Nino says:

    Nature of human >>> learn the hard way

  • Mark Dohner says:

    I have never seen a faster & easier strategy to make dough than this web site, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*

  • Everyone is Beautiful says:

    Can’t wait to see these young morons drop like flies

  • End of Days says:

    Look…Republicans don’t wear mask and are DYING in greater numbers…..SO WHAT??!
    Dems follow the rules and stay safe for November!

  • Lorenzo S. Leet says:

    I’ve never seen a easier & faster method to make dough than this web site, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*

  • Randy Robinson says:

    Is this America 2020? Is this the stupidity Americans voted for 3 1/2 years ago “we deffer to local governments”, “i think covid19 is politics” o lord what does the future hold for America

  • Bucky Brown says:

    Hi Friends – just prayed for our healthcare workers & all those suffering. God bless them all. Like many, I’m at home staying safe. I’m a senior with (unfortunately) major medical issues. Living on my SS check. I wrote a little children’s book & hope it will help me out a bit – 365 Knock-Knock Jokes (by R. Myers). It’s kinda cute. You may wish to look it up. I do wish everyone the best & pray this crisis ends ASAP. Stay safe & look out for your neighbor. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

  • bright light says:

    fcuk florida

  • Okay And says:

    Thanks to BLM protesters.

  • larry or Sticks says:

    Time to switch to the chip keep everybody home pay them a big paycheck why not the Mormons have all kinds of gold

  • kxmode says:

    0:31 RE: /watch?v=IB44ZZda2G0 “If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I’m not gonna let it stop me from partying.” Remember that guy?

  • Denis Bailey says:

    Florida without a governor

  • Denis Bailey says:

    Florida Governor spreads death

  • Estebahn Quantum says:

    There mostly liberals going but naked out there !

  • Tabac1959 says:

    This is what happens when people having been under months of quarantine come out and interact with other people. What matters is the age of the people and whether those people have
    chronic health problems. Assuming the people are under 50 and healthy, when they become infected with COVID-19, they will suffer symptoms from 2-10 days then recover. Individual immunity will
    take place; the people can go about their normal lives thereafter.
    Better get out into the sunshine and enjoy yourselves; because another annual flu season for the Northern Hemisphere starts in October. The other choice is to stay at home until you are eventually hospitalized like the people of NY State.

    NY Gov. Cuomo Surprised to Learn 66% of Hospitalized Were Social-Distancing 
    By Theodore Bunker | Wednesday, 06 May 2020 05:02 PM
    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday revealed during a press conference that 66% of coronavirus patients who required hospitalization had been following stay-at-home orders. 

    The governor added most new cases are located in downstate New York, and patients requiring hospitalization remain “disproportionately African-American and Latino.”

    He then noted the “shocking” fact two-thirds of hospitalized patients had been staying at home and social distancing.
    “These people were literally at home . . . 84% were at home, literally! Were they working? No. They were retired or they were unemployed. Only 17% working,” Cuomo said.

    “So that says they’re not working, they’re not traveling, they’re predominantly downstate, predominantly minorities, predominantly older, predominantly non-essential employees — and that’s important. We were thinking maybe we were going to find a higher percentage of essential employees who were getting sick because they were going to work. That these may be nurses, doctors, transit workers. That’s not the case, and they were predominantly at home.”

    [So, the 17% working were keeping their immunity strong while the stay-at-home had failing immune systems. What! 
    Could it be that healthy people should not be quarantined?] 

    COVID spreads in a locked down community

    Dr Erickson COVID 19 FULL Briefing AUDIO FIXED VERSION.mp4

  • John tran says:

    it call young and stupid plus selfish only care about themselves

  • Chrisy B L4C says:

    Lol liars

  • Chris Vorn says:


  • D Ishappywithlife says:

    Idiots on so many levels

  • Eduardo Esconde jr. says:

    Yahoo another record breaking covid case

  • Frank Parent says:

    I bet they pulled these numbers out of theit a$$es. #plannedemic

  • Christopher Pohl says:

    Did Miami have riots/protests?
    Yes, as did every hotspot in America!
    Get it yet?

  • brad arnold says:

    live in tally and this crazy.
    we held at 400 with 20k tested range for the past 2 months. in the past few days were near 1k and 26k tested. these numbers are so weird to me.
    we have been mostly open for over a month.
    schools still closed, students gone or locked down, we dont have tourist here. i have no clue on what the spikes are. even the BLM protest are small here like 2k max people.
    now its law to wear a mask last week and were going back to a lock down.
    i have no clue how we have double our numbers here.