Minute-To-Minute Breakdown Leading Up To Elijah McClain’s Deadly Stop | NBC News NOW

Investigative reporter Emmanuelle Saliba analyzes body camera video obtained by NBC News’ social newsgathering team, 911 calls and police reports to piece together a minute-by-minute breakdown of Elijah McClain’s deadly arrest.

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Minute-To-Minute Breakdown Leading Up To Elijah McClain’s Deadly Stop | NBC News NOW

104 thoughts on “Minute-To-Minute Breakdown Leading Up To Elijah McClain’s Deadly Stop | NBC News NOW

  1. Vigor B. Reply

    They made a criminal out of a man who was just walking home. Pig cops.

  2. Rosalina Ayala Reply

    I can guarantee you he did not reach for the gun.

  3. kevin couture Reply

    thats unlawful detainment i seen many youtube videos about this. he just walking in public police cant tell him to stop or physically touch him. this might be first ever police ffuucckkuupp that should cause a riot

  4. CRYSAW Reply

    A man that bows in respect after leaving a store? You can search to the ends of the earth and you will never find someone as gracious as the poor soul of elijah McClain

  5. gus knaub Reply

    This is why these killers must be stopped at all cost. NO LEGAL AUTHORITY TO TOUCH HIM. 4th amendment—Right to privacy—5th amendment ==Right to not answer questions.  Tyrants are exactly why the 2nd amendment was written—USE IT

  6. Chris Rob Reply

    But.. this could have all been avoided if he DIDN’T FIGHT the officers… people will NEVER learn.

  7. Jungle Fun Videos Reply

    I will never go to USA not even by mistake. Thanks God I’m not part of that evil country.

  8. Graciela Hoke Reply

    These cop need the pay for this hateful crime.

  9. gabi koren Reply

    The part that made me cry the most is how Elijah bowed before leaving the store. He seemed like a person with a HUGE HEART and respect for others. He absolutely didn’t deserve to die like many others that have killed by the police..

  10. Tiashe Varuhaito Reply

    my god wtf, what kind of system america using to educate their police?

  11. Antony C Reply

    So sad the way those cops treated that young man. For a call of hardly any substance. All he did was wear a mask. My condolences to the family. I hope justice is served.

  12. Mariee Walls Reply

    God forgive me but those pigs need to die a very slow death… Sickens me how the devil is legit walking these same streets we walk

  13. JoAnn Grant Reply

    The person that made the 911 call needs too be charge as well because he looked suspicious..🤔 I wonder how he feels now after he was the cause off his death 😡

  14. sienna karp Reply

    rest in peace ❤️

  15. Christopher Harley Reply

    I heard someone say that the true tragedy is not a battle between right and wrong but a sad outcome from a situation in which both sides are right.
    Someone saw someone wearing a ski mask and couldn’t fathom why, so they called the police.
    The young man wears the ski mask because he’s an anemic introvert.
    Police accost the young man because of the call. They ask him to stop.
    The young man doesn’t stop because he knows that he hasn’t done anything wrong and is going home.
    The police don’t know that he’s done nothing wrong. All they see is a man wearing a ski mask and disobeying a command. They wrestle with him.
    He says that he intends to take back his power.
    A cop accuses him of reaching for the other’s gun. They take him down and apply a chokehold, calling for back-up. Even though he is subdued, they still perceive him to be struggling, and because he is unusual, something he readily admits to by explaining that he is different, they assume he’s on drugs and that he gets his strength from presumed drugs. They decide to drug him further when help comes, something that would be asinine even if he were really on drugs to begin with. They do. He dies shortly after.
    The cops did what they did not because they wanted to be the bad guys of this story but because based on their point of view, their reactions were reasonable.
    The young man resisted because from his point of view, he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

  16. Clarence Bradshaw Reply

    They should all go to prison including the district attorney

  17. Sarai Finley Reply

    Yet again, another young man has to die and is accused of being HIGH. They didn’t even care when they were told he coded. I pray the wrath of God against every crooked hearted police officer, and any white, black, green or blue person. This crap is ridiculous.

  18. Snotty Scotty Reply

    Aurora pig sty is full of drunks who sleep in their patrol cars.

  19. brandee Williamson Reply

    500 mg of ketamine is too much. The max dosage is 200 mg. It comes in a 500 mg bottle. This was mot the cops, this was on the paramedic.

  20. A Google User Reply

    God hates white people. Malachi 1:3

  21. lamajol Reply

    the guy that called the police must feel guilty cuase i hope he does smh

  22. woqaq Reply

    How would it be a natural death that makes no sense? And why didn’t the cop just ask why is he wearing a mask instead of just putting his hands on him it obviously would be settled there if they just said that and not ingore his question

  23. 76132texas Reply

    This was swept under the rug.  We all know it.  How does a young man walking home minding his
    own business get stopped by a policeman hot-dogging it with no legitimate reason for stopping him end up on the ground injected with a lethal drug at the request of the police? They clearly knew he was headed home, which answered the 911 caller’s questions as to who he was.   The coroner knows how Ketamine got into Elijah’s system- the paramedic did it. Yet, the cause of death is listed cause of death as Undetermined.  Favors were called in.   This was a homicide- whether intentional or accidental. More disturbing is why are the police allowed to inject a person with anything?  Do they have medical degrees?   I did not know you could forcibly inject a substance into someone and not have it be a criminal act subject to jail time
    and/or civil penalties.  Bottom line, the coroner and the EMT need to have their licenses revoked, and the officers involved need terminated and prosecuted for perjury for making false statements on official written government document, as they have successfully obstructed justice by doing so. They clearly lied on the police report because there was no evidence of any evidence a fight or resistance.    The DA needs to do his job or resign.
      I saw police camera video showing a young man under 140 pounds clearly subdued by the patrol officer who was in absolute control, and then I see and EMT personal not using their good judgment and drugging
    someone against their will.  This needs to go to trial.

  24. Stormy Jack Reply

    cops out of control, worse than drug cartels..

  25. mohamed ismaciil Reply

    Why didnt u answer simple questions in the beginning i never understabd why black people are raised just to be rude to cop and refuse to asnser simple.questions hes cryong after being rude uncooperative and when they took him down its too late

  26. Jeremiah Allen Reply

    Just look at all those good apple making sure that kid is safe …oh wait … excatly no good cops ….

  27. Darling Reply

    this breaks my heart so much

  28. Erickonasis31 Reply


  29. Donna Del Duca Reply


  30. AKNetworkEdit Reply

    KKK Police using K-K-Ketamine?

  31. Ray Mak Reply

    So in America wearing a face mask leads to death? No wonder they don’t like to wear it even with the virus lurking around.

  32. Victor White Reply

    I thought you were supposed to be suspected of commiting a crime? His crime? Walking home. The BS is when they start talking about his INCREDIBLE strength. Really?!? Filing a false police report is a crime, . UNLESS you are the police, and then it’s called doing your stressful job.

  33. Alissa Gorton Reply

    It’s very convenient that his camera fell and then he died he needs justice

  34. Solemn Solace Reply

    This is why the police need to be disbanded

  35. Aldo Medrano Reply

    This is absolutely ridiculous my heart goes out to the McClain family the problem is cops don’t ask questions anymore they’re just like thugs act first ask questions later if you die then it is what it is that’s how it seems like

  36. El Dipy Reply

    Is wrong but ppl need to stop resisting you can get stopped by a police and just get questioned and then go your free like cmon

  37. c perterpan Reply

    More unarmed american are killed every year by police than by terrorist.

  38. DeMario Cunningham Reply

    This dude literally played the violin to stray cats

  39. 46foryounger Reply

    This is disgusting!!!! Wtf is wrong with these police are they really that ignorant and downright stupid.! They act surprised that they put this man in a chokehold and killed him. Wtf!!!

  40. Pricey But Icy Reply

    If he just stopped and talked to the cops they would’ve let him go.

  41. DJ Suave Reply


  42. Jennessy Reply

    This breaks my heart. This poor man was just going home that’s all he was doing. And just because he was wearing a mask that covered his mouth and head made him suspicious?? Unbelievable

  43. spaced out gaming Reply

    I dont see anything wrong with this

  44. Jackie Clark Reply

    For everyone asking what the cops did wrong…it starts right at @1:17 They grabbed him before asking any questions,or telling him what he did wrong. Both his hands were occupied,and in clear view…no way would he have gotten the jump on them.They did a very poor job of handling this situation.

  45. Marcuz Zzzz Reply

    Did they really say stop when he threw up…

  46. Saints Warning Reply

    you can’t teach compassion

  47. rawrbro69 Reply

    You can tell by the way he’s talking he’s special needs theses cops are gross

  48. Tristan hart Reply

    This story hurts

  49. Petra Bandulet Reply

    This makes me feel sick …..
    This is NOT OK …These cops are all responsable for NOT DOING THEIR JOBS CORRECTELY.
    The problem with these types of cops are the over use of their power and does not judge the situation fairly and clearly…..obviously , cops like these are dirty of RACISM of the mind and empty of heart and thristy for violence . Cops like these obviously arent protecting who walks in the street quietly , and they do not listen to whats really going on .
    Cops like these* are the DANGEROUS ONES !!! THESE ARE THE PREDITORS.
    They truly belong in JAIL NOW !!!

    This young man was truly affraid and innocent just going back home miding his bussiness .

    Truly heartbroken …for this young man ….😔 RIP

  50. Goated on the sticks Reply


  51. Goated on the sticks Reply

    they murdered him period 😐

  52. Nia Long Reply

    ATTN: Black men‼️ For your own safety – PLEASE DO NOT wear an all black mask! It only frightens white people and makes them feel “uncomfortable.” As a result, they’ll call the police and well,…. you know the rest. 😢

  53. Josh Reply


  54. corndog boi Reply

    ketamine is used in veterinary practice to sedate horses, using a drug like that on people combined with lack of oxygen to the brain is idiotic and inhumane

  55. Andrew Lopez Reply

    If he didn’t resist arrest, he would still be alive.

  56. duane willis Reply

    This has gotten me all messed up. I’m a nerd too, like this kid. In this post-Covid19 world, I wear a balaclava mask when I go out that looks just like his. Why? Because a regular mask won’t fit over my big beard and I think it looks like a cool Ninja mask. I would say “Great, something new to worry about…” but tbh I was worried about this the moment they told us we gotta start wearing masks now… smh

  57. CS DON Reply

    why are in vids like this they are mostly white people

  58. Gon’s Rage Reply

    He apologized for throwing up! If he wasn’t one of the most harmless and kind kids in the world than I don’t know who is

  59. Adam Waldorf Reply

    They terrorized him then murdered him.

  60. riffrafftifftaff Reply


  61. Brittany Jones Reply

    Your day is coming! All of you that were involved. We serve a MIGHTY GOD! Have mercy on your souls

  62. Nathan Logan Reply

    I hope all three of these people rot for the rest of their lives in jail.

    • ChariotManGaming Reply


  63. Ellspressions Reply

    I’m in absolute tears… This young man was a light… I don’t even accept that he was “different,” like he says… I’m sure he adapted that perspective because that’s what everyone told him… But no… He was just him…. Beautiful… Happy… Kind… Caring… Loveable….

    I’m shattered… I’m heartbroken… I have a cousin with autism, and I love him… We’re the same age… I’m 5’10 and he’s like 6’2. Handsome, a sharp dresser, and a kind soul… They say he’s high functioning autism, so you would really not know his diagnosis… This hurt me because I think about how different we all are, we don’t know each other’s story… But time and time again, officers have acted foolishly and carelessly, dismissing the right of people to live simply because of assumptions and someone ends up dead as a result of it.

    I’m sitting in my bed sobbing at 1:06 am because this story isn’t the first… With the recent trends, it won’t be the last… And I’m wondering when will my brothers and sisters be seen as humans, people deserving of due process, consideration and respect… When will they stop being seen as threats just because of the conditioning of society that attributes black skin with crime?!!

    This man didn’t deserve this!!!! He cried out to you all and you watched him in distress and continued to threaten him with additional force and a dog… God help my heart because I don’t want the evil of this world to shatter my humanity 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  64. Renaissance Marie Austin Reply

    Every single person involved was irresponsible! This was clearly cookie cutter profiling training at its finest! I pray the family is paid handsomely!

  65. David Reply

    none of those cops need to be cops

  66. Sadie Book Reply

    Beyond heartbreaking

  67. Squidwards nose gets the hoes Reply

    police shouldn’t be rough with kids that aren’t even fighting them? The way they hold them down shouldn’t be on life threatening places

  68. alex yun Reply

    they literally made him od trying to sedate him. wtf is wrong with this world

  69. J Reply


  70. Dineroツ Reply

    This break my heart I wish the best for his family rest in peace 😔❤❤

  71. Jacob Levine Reply

    I have never seen the police do anything in Aurora Colorado

  72. OddBebo Reply

    Can’t believe there is people cruel enough to justify the actions that led to the death of this innocent young man.

  73. Francis Gerson Reply

    “To protect & to serve”

  74. Eritch 19 Reply

    WTH. this is totally insane 😔

  75. Jacob Jones Reply

    “I’m an introvert don’t talk to me I’m going home and not going to cooperate”

  76. fruitofthespirit galatians522kiyee Reply

    This is so wrong! They never listened, NEVER listened. Walking home he would not be dead.

  77. Alan Huff Reply

    Is that the same convenience store from the shoplifter videos?

  78. BigSkiSale.com Reply

    This is murder. Those guys are all guilty.

  79. Float Grandpa Float Reply

    I hope the person that called about him has to live with the weight that THEY are the reason he is dead. I hope the cops have to live with the fact that THEY killed him. Best of wishes to his family. ♥️✨

    • Paul Parker Reply

      a minor example of social justiceism gone wrong. SJW”s and the sort think they are doing the right thing all the time and making the world a better place, but really , most of the time they are just making it worse, in the long run and down the line, they dont look at big ictures and realise that sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, or suffer a few for the good of the many.

  80. Thomas Reply

    I just read that cops called the fire paramedics because of the carotid hold, and the medics gave him 500mg of ketamine because they felt he was acting psychotic.
    As a health professional I would think giving a 140lb man essentially 11mg per kilogram of ketamine is a dose only given for surgical anesthesia. He would have probably stopped breathing with that dose. Makes me think they grossly overestimated his weight or didn’t know the proper dosing. I can’t imagine why they would even give that in the field.
    It appears that someone needs to closely look at those medics.

    • Paul Parker Reply

      not to mention he was violently vomiting before they even administered it. You dont give sedatives to someone who is vomiting. A fire medic lol. I’d trust an accupuncturist on the side of the road in downtown Bangkok before a fire medic

  81. J Pin Reply

    I am sooo angry 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  82. Patricia Foster Reply

    What happened here is disgusting. I need to stop wearing my mask.

  83. Nicole Jolly Reply

    Seem like 911 calls end in death of melanated people!!!

  84. Patricia Foster Reply

    People. Don’t panic. Don’t struggle. Don’t fight back. Go to court. An attorney will get you cleared and you can fight then. It’s not worth dying about. Unfortunate that some cops judge and overreact. Don’t die for them. ❤️

  85. Nicole Jolly Reply

    How a police know to give him the Ketamine?

  86. Damon Watts Reply

    This makes me soooo angry. This poor baby was autistic or something. It wouldn’t take a expert to tell this kid was different and should be treated differently. These cops need to be charged with murder NOW!!!!!

  87. susanne anique Reply

    How convenient that the body cams “fall off” so they only capture audio of the officers accusing him of reaching for a gun and struggling. And they accuse him of “having incredible strength” 🙄
    Also, you hear how calmly they talk about this and it makes you think this heinous act is normal.

    They should never have touched him. 😑 They just attacked the boy for ” being” suspicious 👀, then they conspired to drug him. Murderers!

    How convenient that the body cams either fall off or don’t capture the incident, but capture audio of the officers accusing him of reaching for a gun and struggling. And they accuse him of “having incredible strength” 🙄

  88. Do not cum for me Reply


  89. Claire I Reply

    This is beyond heartbreaking, poor baby. May he rest with the angels😭😭😞

  90. Mr. Mr. Reply

    Too many racist White Cops in this Country. I wish we could do to their children what they do to us.

  91. Taylor L Winter Reply

    Really really these 3 officer’s needed backup for this guy who was 140lbs. Really

  92. susanne anique Reply

    – Darn skinny kid was armed to the teeth with _melanin._
    -How dare he look so suspicious!
    – How dare he not understand the police have the right to brutalize him!
    – How dare he tense up when they put hands on him without warning! – How dare he reach for their guns so conveniently off video.
    -How dare he wait for the body cameras “accidentally” fall off before misbehaving.
    – How Fortunate that we have audio of police describing the immense strength of this skinny little boy. Otherwise, what would we think of the gang of police that brutalized an innocent pedestrian and then conspired to drug a boy who had already lost his pulse once and who was throwing up in distress. 👀

  93. Huri Think before Reply

    So, would this poor intelligent young boy still be alive without the cops?
    Or would he have died the next day cutting his lawn?
    Thats outrageous.

  94. Travónne Eady Reply

    Natural death? Natural death is being in your bed sleeping & dying from natural causes! Elijah didnt die naturally! He was killed by murderous cops!! PERIODT!!!

  95. T.D. Carter Reply

    The grossest part about these comments are all the ignorant he should have stopped comments. As if that made it ok for the officer to order and the Fire medic to administer enough ketamine for a person 2x his weight, who’d been vomiting multiple times. He was 140lbs soakin wet. What a bunch of 🤡 and cowards😠

  96. Johan Herrera Reply

    These cops need to be found and killed

  97. Barry Bliss Reply

    Elijah could not have have been any more clear.

  98. AA Reply

    Only imagine, as a mother, losing a child like him. IMAGINE. My heart literally aches for her and the rest of the family.

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