Elijah McClain: Special Prosecutor Appointed As Outrage Grows | NBC Nightly News

2020 6/30
Elijah McClain: Special Prosecutor Appointed As Outrage Grows | NBC Nightly News

Elijah McClain was walking home from an Aurora, Colorado convenience store last August when officers confronted him after a 911 call for being “suspicious.” The governor appointed the state’s attorney general to investigate his death after no charges were filed.
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Elijah McClain: Special Prosecutor Appointed As Outrage Grows | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (103件)

  • Jay-T says:

    Hopefully that DA is voted out of office next election season

  • Jermaine Taylor says:

    Now they need protection? Completely hilarious 😆 Where was Elijah’s protection?

  • Jermaine Taylor says:

    So we are supposed to believe that a young man who likes to do a courtesy bow would decide to grab a cops 👮🥶gun. Complete and utter 🤬

  • Lan Ta says:

    Fu district attorney, fu dirty cops, fu EMTs, fu Karen caller to start all this!!! All of y’all are murderers!!

  • Chriss says:

    This is so so wrong.

  • Levi Houston says:

    Clearly young black men need to stay away from tea

  • Levi Houston says:

    Remember black folks everyone were black with ski mask if you all look alike they can’t tell who burned it down

  • Taecoconut says:

    This is so sad.

  • King Fisher says:

    DA can’t find a crime? Put them on trial and I bet jurors will have no trouble finding a crime. Put the DA on trial as well. Privileged, racist, white man who had been protected by his privilege for way too long.

  • Norman Spurgeon says:

    Police training has to include much more social work- dealing with people properly, de-escalation, etc. These ruff-tuff spoiled cops go right into the brute force- issuing commands, getting an attitude, etc. That’s all they know. Expand the job description. Whoever gave the injection is responsible for what happened. There’s no excuse for the cops misjudging a situation this badly.

  • Nelly Benitez says:

    Corruption coverup, they murder this kid only because he looks suspicious? They are animals should be in jail, yesterday

  • Lord Master says:

    The cowardly low IQ pigs feared for their lives 🤮🤮🤮🐷🐽

  • Fred Mata says:

    What crime happen, so he died for nothing wtf

  • wethepeople1776 says:

    Spread this !

  • OneWayOnly YHWH says:

    The Hate against Minorities in AMERICAN won’t STOP!! America can’t justify Minority mistreatment!! My question is for America!! Why do you have so much resentment against The MINORITY Race? The entire National & International system is enforcing Racism!!! Racism is like DEATH!! You will never escape from it!!

  • len dog says:

    These badge toting pieces of sh*t should all BEHIND BARS. The ambulance personnel should investigated & finally, that PIECE OF SH*T DA should be locked up or relieved of his duty permanantly. I can’t believe what these guys are going to get away with. THIS is absolute bullsh*t.

  • Morganna lefay says:

    Who decided to administer the Ketamine?? see here.

  • Michael Taylor says:

    This didn’t need to happen. I can’t imagine the loss his family is dealing with right now. There needs to be a swift investigation with a decisive outcome. Cops need to stop killing Black men. Lady Liberty is crying for all of us right now. We have betrayed her.

  • Phil Flores says:

    The DA needs to be charged for obstruction and tampering as well.

  • swimming bird says:

    Can’t wait till 4chan proves this is just a psyop lie for propaganda use!

  • Andrew Vernon says:

    I’ll be buying a gun soon to protect myself from the police.

  • Ava Santos says:

    They killed that young man !

  • Dan Thomas says:

    Killer Aurora pd.

    Your opinions can be heard here.
    Nathan S Woodyard, Age 31
    15151 E Alameda Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80012-1555 (303) 739-7000

    Your opinions can be heard here.
    Jason Rosenblatt
    9009 S Yosemite St #204
    Lone Tree, CO 80124
    (918) 770-2171 Wireless
    (918) 296-1935 Landline

    Your opinions can be heard here
    Randy roedema
    15520 E Center Ave Apt D205
    Aurora CO 80017-6661

  • iliana luvian says:

    He committed no crime and was murdered by cops

  • Ed Pittman says:

    A beautiful soul but his black skin made him guilty until proven innocent.

  • A. Suarez says:

    Cops need to watch from a distance. If no crime is being committed, they should not be allowed to walk up and forcefully detain anyone. This is getting out of hand!

  • Sean Brown says:

    He had not committed a crime! No violent crime! Just another story of white cop killing a Blackman. 😢🥵😱😶😈

  • Mariet Germain says:

    Shameful. America who theach orders country in the world Democratie with the right of our children’s is violated every hour. Shameful certains demoniaques. Supposed to be out in all police department arround the country they destroy the images of the good cop’s

  • Kevin Hartwell says:

    This man was murdered by evil wicked pigs.
    And now the cover up begins.

  • pschmittable says:

    DA needs to be fired; the 3 three incompetent cops need to be fired; RACISTS-yup without a doubt absofrickinlutely!!

  • streetking102592 says:

    Who wears a ski mask to keep warm in warm weather. It was obviously warm cause the one guy was wearing shorts and a tank top. The cops don’t have coats and even the other people in the footage didn’t have coats. So that’s a lie on the families behalf. If he wanted to “keep warm” in warm weather then put a beanie on, you don’t need a whole ski mask

    • M Lane says:

      A person who has Anemia, do your research. You’re welcome.

  • Max Africanus says:

    ONLY IN AMERICA…. Can a black man who plays the violin to kittens….End up Beaten UP, DRUGGED, and DEAD on the way home from the Store.

  • Honey kha says:

    Cups are natzi

  • Dee Howe says:

    Was Elijah autistic?… This is a fxxng nightmare. Too many sick cops make it bad for all the really good police officers out here. Fxxng nightmare.

  • MrBossdog2 says:

    The Police 👮‍♀️ killed him.Sad stuff

  • C CHIMEX says:

    They followed policy. Policy is killing black people.

  • Ll Gz says:

    what an incredibly beautiful boy.

  • derail63 says:

    the situations changin on the pig haha

  • thatssomething1 says:


  • ipressedabutton says:

    i’m going to be the voice of reason here : MC-clain should of not resisted and not acted like an odd-ball. its like Simon-Says with the cops, if they say it, you have to do it, EXCEPT if its a crime.

    • Nursing folyfe says:

      🤷🏾‍♂️ I hate to bust your balls of reason: but uh… people with mental disabilities have to be approached different. Period. I’ve worked with all types of people and one thing I can tell you. Talking will get you a long way without the use of force. Speaking from personal experience with cops and irate patients. If you TALK to people you will get a lot accomplished. You use force and it will always turn into something bad. It’s just that simple.

    • ipressedabutton says:

      @Nursing folyfe i’m thumbing you down.

    • Nursing folyfe says:

      ipressedabutton 🤷🏾‍♂️ok Use your BIGGEST 👎🏿

  • ipressedabutton says:

    if i had to pin the blame on anyone, i start with the paramedics.

  • Edythe Weeks says:

    Should police be injecting drugs into a person’s viens?

  • Tony R says:

    As a fellow introvert, this one hits home

  • Felicia washere says:

    Who was Elijah…? 🤍💙😢

  • Tee YnG God says:

    We need to not let bad racist police officers cause a civil war, We should be fighting for ☮️ as the human race, Our Creator God is watching. Bad and racist Caucasian officers does not speak for all Caucasian citizens. But there are some Caucasians that are racist, if a officer is called for minority, their should be something called a minority assist, where these officers cannot engage unless an officer of that minority shows up. This can save a lot of lawsuits and deaths, police officers are supposed to deescalate situations not make them worst.

  • Tamara Russaw says:

    Murderers!!!! They need to go to prison and throw away the key never to see the light of day again.

  • john cuervo says:

    You guys are going after the wrong people. The states law makers should be the ones prosecuted

  • King Beef says:

    Dam, am growing to hate police! Real hate!

  • NewNew Davis says:

    This is sickening

  • Susan Ray says:

    No respect for authorities..he should have kept his mouth shut and done what he was told to do….

  • zammmerjammer says:

    This is what SHOULD have happened.
    Caller: There’s a guy with a mask on!
    911 Dispatcher: That’s not a reason to call 911.
    Caller: Well… he looks sketchy.
    911 Dispatcher: That’s not a real thing.
    Caller: …
    911 Dispatcher: Stop wasting our time, Wayne. GOOD-BYE.

  • Michael Pham says:

    Internal investigation?…anytime someone dies in police custody there needs to be a 3rd party investigating wtf.

  • Tory Williams says:

    I’ll comment without a comment. TY.

  • Honest Opinion says:

    Suspicious to be valid under law, has to have a Probable Cause. Also know as Reasonable Articulable Suspicion (There is evidence that crime was in the process of being committed, had been committed, or was going to be committed). A phone call reporting someone with a mask is not Probable Cause. And the simple fact that he was wearing a mask is not Probable Cause.
    The Fashion Police infringed in his Civil Liberties because they did not his like mask, and because of that, he was brutally killed.

  • Nessa Neverland says:

    Oh sure so they put the cops on desk duty to protect them? Who was supposed to protect the kid they killed?

  • Nessa Neverland says:

    The person that made that phone call should be arrested for murder cuz at the end of the day it’s his fault if that kid died he should have never made that phone call

  • cooldaddyslick says:

    The problem was that he kept walking when they told him they wanted to talk to him. Someone called on him so they had the right to stop and question him. But he didn’t have to answer their questions after he stopped. He probably freaked out when he saw 3 cops pull up on him in the middle of the night, like most people would.

  • W Mae says:

    @1:10 the officer said “he’s schizo”…

  • Marie S. says:

    “I have a right to stop you because you’re being suspicious”. Since when does walking home from the store justify a person as being suspicious? Those officers handled the entire situation in an ignorant and incompetent way. 
    If they had calmly approached Elijah and began a conversation with him such as asking him if everything is ok, where are you headed, he would have engaged in the conversation and he would be alive today.

  • Marie S. says:

    The cops acted like criminals holding up a person except that they wear badges. I truly hope the case is reopened and they and the EEMT are tried and convicted and imprisoned because they killed an innocent human being.

  • TommySotomayor's Momma says:

    🤦🏾‍♂️ and now it’s normal to see people walk around with masks on.

  • Zaidan Khan says:

    Poor kid.
    why would someone call the cop if he paid for the food already who cares what he looks like or what is he wearing.

  • Sinister Scat 392 says:

    Tbh, I never even knew about this up until now

  • Nursing folyfe says:

    🤔So uh… the store clerk didn’t think to call the police…. so wtf he died for again?

  • Brian Sounalath says:

    Caller should be ashamed and prosecuted.

  • KasirRham says:

    One false move, one hint of unothodoxxy and you’re dead

  • Sean Sartor says:

    I am so TIRED of being “suspicious” because my skin is BROWN !

  • Sean Sartor says:

    When the cops were informed they MURDERED Elijah. Their body acknowledged their guilt. One cop hangs his head. The cop says, “Are you serious?” [We didn’t mean to murder him. We just wanted to arrest him for being African AMERICAN.]

  • ary Snaza says:

    My God American officer not all of cause never learned or really racist from what have been happening previously? Stunned by American’s ppls lol

  • HinduKush Brian says:

    It’s murder plain and simple. This is so messed up on so many levels. The DA is as rotten as the cops.

  • InspirationalGems247 says:

    He/She is simply strolling or walking, the other is jogging,
    another one is out for a happy shopping,
    the other is going out and about to the recreational park
    for playing or bird watching, another one is out for a street partying and dancing, the other has decided too return to his/her rightful home for grooming or comforting, and finally this person has decided too slumber within his/her vehicle owned car for a meditative relaxing or sleeping.
    These individuals little do they really know what was to
    arrive next from a unexpected loud call from the Police.
    They see the object subject with distrust and mistrust;
    for whenever he/she goes out,
    the Police believe they are out there to deceive.
    Hence the unnecessary and untactful approach;

    “Their sacred bodies will be interfered, invaded, and violated.
    Sadly this very day or night, eventually killed!!
    There last breath past away in death!!”

    “All these matter occurred because of a bare mere hunch,
    emotional suspicion, a negative flip-tip gossip,
    or a random doom chance.
    Which should have easily be based on
    ‘Intellectual Evidential Intelligence.’
    As accurately and close as it can be, for many eyes too see!”
    To Conclude: The whole drama of there approach, has brought reproach.

    ‘A Copyright Reserved Shared Poem.’

  • James w Bigrully says:

    The DA needs to step down.

  • IThink_ BLM says:

    that DA and the paramedics need to be fired

  • Autumn Ortiz says:

    So sad the way they handled it

  • IsugMasuko C2O says:

    The caller should be sue for mistaken identity and false report. The Victim pay cash did not steal at the gas station.

  • Keith D says:

    The cops had a bloodlust that had to be satisfied somehow.


    Those officers should get 50 years and those that shielded them deserve life for there crimes as well as the person who called 911

  • Anonymous says:

    A year old news to instigate violence, Paid by China.

  • Anonymous says:

    If they follow simple instruction, everything will be ok. If you fight, try to escape and grab weapons of police, things end up ugly.

  • Mo Marti says:

    Dave Young should be fired and arrest for helping them murders 🐷🐷

  • Vernola Bolden says:

    Screw policy it is a crime

  • Eddie Chavis says:

    It always starts with someone calling them. It should be public access to the 911 calls 📞

  • emall333 says:

    00:32 (1) NO miranda rights 00:40 (2)The Cops did not ask for ID. 1:11 (3) The EMTs gave Ketamine already to unconscious McClain instead of smelling seas. Ketamine – * Asthmatics or people with chronic obstructive airway disease
    . *As a sedative for physically painful procedures in emergency department *Emergency surgery in field conditions in war zones *To supplement spinal or epidural anesthesia/analgesia using low doses * veterinary anesthesia (Wikipedia) MURDER???

  • emall333 says:

    01:19 You should not have pulled the plug. You have changed Hospitals. Take blood for evidences before something shady happens.

  • Lynette Dent Tripplett says:

    I just learned this and and upset.WHY NOT Let him walk home. CHARGE THE caller. THE REAL CRIMES ARE HAPPING WHILE 3 COPS attack a innocent American. He looked WHAT!?!???? GTFOH!

  • Nina Simone says:


  • Michael Bove says:

    These police need to be murdered

  • j j says:

    this is why I’m not wearing a mask for corona and never have worn a mask as a black person. I don’t need anyone noticing me saying I’m suspicious. I don’t even walk around my nice neighborhood.

  • Naya's Channel says:

    One 911 call changed his life

  • M. Keren says:

    The paramedics should be held accountable for injecting this poisonous drug on black boys & girls.

  • Latrease Murray says:

    They know the camera’s are on and they still LIE! Saying, he just grabbed my Gun! Racist Liars!!!

  • dcusdcus says:

    He was alive then he was dead. That was the crime.

  • Davian Orlandi says:

    he was such a good person too

  • Katherine Dorsey says:


  • Sam Lim says:

    The person who called 911 should be charged too accessory to the murder of an innocent person.
    I could sense and for sure the one who called 911 is racist and white.

  • John Newman says:

    The paramedics gave him K

  • BigSid # says:

    Suspicion for being black, this is ridiculous. This is a harmless 140 pound young man

  • Trevon Walker says:

    His Death just like George Floyd!