Roubini: ‘My prediction for a Great Depression is not about 2020, but the decade of the 2020s’

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New York University’s Stern School of Business Professor of Economics & Roubini Macro Associates, LLC CEO Nouriel Roubini joins Yahoo Finance’s Julia La Roche to break down his economic outlook and recovery amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar The Bastard Gift says:

    I keep saying we are headed for a depression and people laugh. Keep laughing…

    • Avatar keecefly says:

      There all gonna laugh 😆 at you!
      There all gonna laugh 😆 at you! 😶

    • Avatar edmundoto says:

      I’ve been saying the same, gonna be funny looking back at these decadent times and silly protests and complaints when we’re all starving

    • Avatar James dow says:

      The Bastard Gift You were close, we are headed towards OBLIVION

    • Avatar mahmoud shojai says:

      If they took you serious, then they have to act responsibly. It is easier to be ignorant.

    • Avatar Andy Tan says:

      If you say it for many years, one day it will come, so don’t assume you are some genius.

  2. Avatar A. Ali says:

    Add heart attack and stop breathing to the list …. I am ROUBINI fan for last 10 years …. but he is now throwing everything in ….. its called life … can get run over by a bus getting Starbucks – can we throw that in as well, to the list …. Aga Roubini shorten the list brother … you are giving us all heart burns now guru ….

    • Avatar James Fox says:

      Just a worldwide killer virus, economic collapse, and falsely supported economy plus printing fiat currency.
      To you that is immaterial, right? What would you consider important? Haircuts?

  3. Avatar Chess Dad says:

    Dr Doom! I immediately clicked on play as soon as I saw his name.

    • Avatar Bart Van Looy says:

      He has been predicting a depression since he was born.

    • Avatar fransua mtl says:

      Same me

    • Avatar Colleen McGrady says:

      Looks like Perilosi isn’t wearing her mask .. she looks better with it on .. however the democrats have engineered new lies about Russia .. go figure !

    • Avatar Puck says:

      @Bart Van Looy In fairness to him, he looks at the fundamentals and makes an assessment from that, he doesn’t assume the timing, scale, or scope of central bank intervention and highlights how it is only putting off and worsening the inevitable collapse in future assessments.

    • Avatar L T says:

      Chess Dad same!

  4. Avatar STEPHAN FEIBISH says:

    I wonder what Nouriel thinks about the German’s only giving money to companies if they hang on to their employees. Richard Wolff said the German unemployment rate went from 5 to 6 percent.

  5. Avatar Jz McGriggs says:

    Is this the famous Dr Doom? What an honor to listen to his insanely negative views of life. He looks so tired.

    • Avatar Uncle Doug says:

      Mark Faber is also know as Dr Doom lol

    • Avatar L T says:

      Jz McGriggs we all do! Are there any mirrors at your place?

  6. Avatar Ricky Pyle says:

    Curious if self driving cars become important for those working far out in the country who commute once or twice per month.

    • Avatar Blue Times says:

      Self-driving will probably take seats away from the airlines. Tesla stock going up

  7. Avatar Max Mustermann says:

    He forgot to mention the coming currency reform after the virus mutated,and Trump reveal as an Alien

  8. Avatar dz oeps says:

    Nothing new. Same old Dr. Doom prediction lol. Even a broken clock is right 2 times a day.
    Yahoo must have wanted the market to crash really really badly to have invited such a negative speaker for interview. This Roubini dude has been saying crash for days and been wrong so many times. For example, back in January, he said we are not going to have any stimulus because democrats are not going to give trump a boost for the econs. Look at what we have now, 2.2 trillion and more on the way and not even 1 democrat voted against the CARES act lmao.

    • Avatar Flippant Booch says:

      I think he predicted a lot right tho, he even predicted a third quarter recovery

  9. Avatar Nathaniel Carreon says:

    I confuse Roubini with Houdini, both could be magicians

  10. Avatar Frank Blangeard says:

    The world is already in a great depression. Doesn’t take a genius to ‘predict’ a great depression when it has already started.

    • Avatar Stu Ramos says:

      If all you got out of this video is he predicted the depression then you missed his “genius.”

    • Avatar any says:

      Its a v shape recovery. The market prove it. Even if its a depression of decade, it will a decade of printing money by fed.

    • Avatar tom tesoro says:

      MSM WILL NEVER EVER use the ‘depression’ word..majority are now being ‘herded’ into whatever the elites demand, via the MSM..

    • Avatar Midas says:

      @any You can’t judge events measured in years or decades by what the markets do for a few months. And, Fed money doesn’t go to equities – everyone believes it does, it doesn’t. It goes to bonds, and select corporate bonds, not the market. FOMO and bullish sentiment are propping up the market, not Fed money.

    • Avatar L T says:

      Frank Blangeard he predicted it a looong time ago. He is a genius.

  11. Avatar Giovanni Quiros says:


  12. Avatar Keith Minor says:

    boondocks episode: the red ball! where’s aaron???

  13. Avatar Myles Gmail says:


  14. Avatar Bob Baldwin says:

    Jesus he looks bad

    • Avatar 42590 72791 says:

      Why u got to bring Jesus into it. What wrong with u

  15. Avatar Myles Gmail says:

    UBI! Andrew Yang 👏👏👏👏

  16. Avatar Bob Baldwin says:

    Must a lost a lot of money

    • Avatar L T says:

      He’s known this for years, and years… no money losses for him

  17. Avatar s s says:

    Neoliberalism/crony capitalism is a failure to society

    • Avatar JonJonBoi says:

      Capitalism is not the problem. Capitalism is actually what made America great. What is destroying this country is socialism/communism

  18. Avatar s s says:

    Fake fairytale economic system only works for banks and corporations

  19. Avatar Joe Maxwell says:

    NO WORRIES!! The FED will step in and buy everything and dish out FREE money! The party will never end! WHEEEEEEEE!

    • Avatar yu says:

      Yes, never end, until outsiders refuse to accept the printed US$ as payments of goods

  20. Avatar Cary Sontag says:


  21. Avatar Cary Sontag says:

    His mexicant

  22. Avatar shangpush says:

    So many predictions, all pointing to economic disaster. I think capitalism and the human spirit are more dynamic than he seems to believe. The world is in the midst of the digital revolution. In its numerous expressions, this technology is sweeping in changes not seen since the Industrial Revolution. It will create new inventions, greater productivity, new pharmaceuticals, and greener energy. Progressive political leaders will put in place policies that promote growth and greater equality. The world has survived the ravages of the Twentieth Century with its many senseless wars and incalculable deaths. We’ll stumble forward once again.

    • Avatar 42590 72791 says:

      The USA is in the mist of a
      Civil war and your worried about economic disaster. Hmm. Are we not picking sides now? Who’s 5g is that again…Wake Up! It’s going down.
      The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission.

      John F Kennedy

    • Avatar edmundoto says:

      With everything going on right now you actually think it’s going to lead to something good?

  23. Avatar KeyboardCommando says:

    I prefer my Doom and Gloom in a Peter Schiff form tyvm…

  24. Avatar Michael Gregory says:

    Self driving electric cars, solar power, wind power, hyrdoelectric power, “waste to energy” power plants, artificial intelligence to perform the mundane tasks so we have more free time to spend with family and enjoy time on planet earth, everyone grows food so we have community bartering or local CSA programs, everyone works from home to save $ on traveling etc etc. we absolutely cannot continue doing it the way we have been. a collapse will come that will give way to a new way of life. a better life.

    • Avatar June Pagan says:

      Michael Gregory We are on that path in Los Angeles (permaculture movement) As a result of Covid I’m reinventing my career as a private health chef who lost all my clients during the stay at home order, and now looking forward to launching a “food as medicine” , affordable CSA/prepared functional foods delivery, providing a solution on many levels.You’re right ,it’ time to evolve .

  25. Avatar George Maximus says:

    The market will celebrate another all time high tomorrow as usual. The health of the real economy? Well That’s not looking so hot unfortunately. The health of the general population? That’s it looking so good either, but Wall Street will celebrate nevertheless.

  26. Avatar game over says:

    he was talking about a depression in 2020 now its the 20s, next time will be 40s, well yeah some time will a depression come. no one knows. these guys r predicting a depression every year.

  27. Avatar Bill Mcknight says:

    I was just watching something on Youtube where real estate people talk about a great time to buy and sell houses. They say there is no alternate universe, I guess that proves there is.

  28. Avatar Piotr says:

    the World is collapsing. It’s ridiculous what this guy is saying. Only negativity, jpb losses, reduced growth, depression, everything what can go wrong, will go wrong according to him. So I suppose Mr. World Collapse shorts the market.

  29. Avatar Marvin Dube says:

    Does this guy ever shut up!? He gives me a headache every time smh

    • Avatar Barry Doyle says:

      Thats because hearing the truth hurts your little brain.

    • Avatar Deep Thought#25 says:

      @Barry Doyle haahaha😄😄😄😄

  30. Avatar 2MANYCARS says:

    Glad to see Dr. Doom is alive and well, just to bring us more laughters.

    • Avatar fransua mtl says:

      Why u laugh watch Mr Been

  31. Avatar Jos Fort says:

    This guy has not even considered the possibility of a vaccine being developed soon?

    • Avatar edmundoto says:

      There’s never been a vaccine to cure the flu, and even if you could it will just mutate anyway, so wouldn’t get any hopes up for that

    • Avatar R 369 says:

      Vaccine are worse than the sickness

    • Avatar L T says:


  32. Avatar Simon Nallan says:

    What a party pooper.

  33. Avatar Mason M1993 says:

    his 5g math doesn’t makes sense. 5g will bring down data transfer cost ten fold. If you pay 50% more that is still a 6.6 fold improvement in cost if you assume Nokia never improves on cost which is a dubious assumption.

    • Avatar Granpda Corey says:

      just look at the hardware that’s coming out soon too across the board in all tech…. maybe if we stopped pretending this virus is dangerous to please marxists in the USA we could just go back to work.

  34. Avatar M Slaw says:

    Less technologically innovation this decade. I disagree completely. Stopped watching at 7:30. Google has already reported more tech advances in 2-3 months then they anticipated in the next 2-3 years.

    • Avatar robert booth says:

      Technology innovation has been in free fall since the 1970’s .

  35. Avatar Luis Lema says:

    Depression not having the money to spend. 40 Million Americans Are Now Unemployed are we on depression?

  36. Avatar Johnny Ballgame says:

    We’re already in a depression…80% of restaurants are going bye-bye, airline capacity is less than 50%, rental car companies going BK, 30+ million unemployed…it has all been bandaged over by money printing. Hell for the last couple months half the country has been paid more by unemployment than they would have made from their employment. Once the free money ends, if it ever does, the depression will become more evident.

    • Avatar Puck says:

      And the money printing is just an expansion of debt. Companies that were already badly leveraged are getting more loans to survive so their problems are not going away and in a lot of cases are going to be even worse when the anemic recovery gets underway as they won’t be able to service their debts.

  37. Avatar denis smith says:

    You keep moving the goal posts. Your said the market was a dead cat bounce, so what happened…,,,

  38. Avatar Avik Sarkar says:

    Well sure, conveniently change your predictions to cover an entire decade after you get the Corona dip wrong.

  39. Avatar 1painter 4hire says:

    This one is pretty easy to predict, ITS ALREADY HEAR DUDE !!

    • Avatar Al Lee says:

      I hear you that it’s HERE.

    • Avatar L T says:

      1painter 4hire He has a clear picture. 📸

  40. Avatar TheEndIsHere FinalWarning says:

    Hey Professor nice work but you left out the multiple beneficiaries of QE including the bond buy backs and the billions being printed in order to patch up the economic aftermath of this covid crises. This will be the overall deciding factor going forward and its going to be disastrous.

  41. Avatar Junior Payano says:

    We are in a depressed state. Government is doing everything in it’s tool box to assist / manipulate the market (its an election year or you can consider it a strong step in assisting the corporations survive ). We unfortunately are a credit card society: we don’t realize our debt till later on, and even then we don’t change. Lastly, this week’s implementation of policy and restrictions to certain corps will stabilize volatility

  42. Avatar Roberto C F Aguiar says:

    Old world view. All this people.that predict the 2008 crises have been getting every thing wrong since them. US and the democractic countries will lead the next cost, efficient and innovative economy in the humanity history.

  43. Avatar Jess Yates says:

    But we are keeping the maid!!

  44. Avatar 2 Claps and a Rick Flair says:

    These guys just have the mic, they dont know more than any of us

  45. Avatar YuukiRbrn LeClavier says:

    I’m tired of greedy nervous ignorant plebs constantly spuddering overrated bearish sentiment during the rest of 2020. All they’re trying to do is get everyone scared enough to sell out so they can jump in at a price that their faint heart and ignorant mind can manage. Long story short, keeping investing like it’s business as usual–and don’t let these people fool you. As for Buffet, he has a responsibility to take minimal risk with his clients money, he understands that he may have to step down from Berkshire given his advance age, he already has enormous wealth, he invests on factors he understands (i.e. he doesn’t have any significant insight into healthcare), and he knows that some companies will fall through the crack and may reach out to Berkshire for aid in some form. Furthermore, Buffet and Munger both stated there’s opportunities to invest and investors don’t necesarily need to hold back.

  46. Avatar Scott Davis says:

    Brought to you by Capitalism.

  47. Avatar manj46 says:

    If anyone follows Roubini’s advice, he would never get into stocks. Every day is another disaster.

  48. Avatar Colleen McGrady says:

    Where’s the evidence about the numbers .. Fauci is quoting .. how does he know ..? In Brazil the press touted thousands of cases in a spike like Fauci has .. when they sent in a press crew to the hospital .. they found none .. it was all lies .. wonder if Fauci is lying .. he hasn’t even been tested .. go figure … and the masks cause more problems ..
    with headaches and nasal infections .! To make wearing them mandatory is not acceptable ..

  49. Avatar Charles Wilson says:

    True and correct. People with commonsence know this. Idiots like trump dont

  50. Avatar Anthony Russo says:

    Yeah it will be an FU shaped economic recovery…..

  51. Avatar The New American Conservative says:


  52. Avatar DaDonFather says:

    All you “experts” every talk about is how MORE MUST BE BETTER. You know what? STOP & THINK! China shut itself from the rest of the world for so many decades and it rose parabolically in the last 2 decades without being the number one in tech. Let them have the technology and 5G leadership going forward. It’s a friggin trojan horse! All tech does is try to replace human jobs and RUIN human LIVES. I’d rather have a Western world that strikes a balance between tech and real human labour! BALANCE is the key to a healthy economy, NOT leadership (aka dictatorship).

  53. Avatar Cooking Lessons for Dad says:

    Thanks. I would rather hear the truth even if it is bad news. So many people say we are going to bounce back to a good economy. I don’t see how that could happen. I plan to prepare for the worst and hope it is not really going to be that bad.

  54. Avatar Avraham Avraham says:

    Boycott China and amazon and facebook and Apple 🍏 let’s keep no homeless and no druggys please. We didn’t have so much homeless and people dying from drugs before amazon before Apple and Facebook. Let’s get America working let’s make America healthy 🌏🪐🇺🇸✨we cant have USA like Mexico 🇲🇽 dangerous or a 3rd world county or like Venezuela

  55. Avatar William Bibb says:

    CDC Deputy Director announced on Monday that the US failed to control the pandemic. Cases will increase from 40,000 to 100,000 daily, says Fauci.

    When flu season hits, there will be two pandemics. Fauci says a very nasty new flu is coming out of China.

    His economic prediction factors are all based on facts. I followed him since before the 2008 crash. I told all my German friends ahead of the crash.

    Go ahead and ignore what he is saying. My German friends lost 30% of their wealth.

  56. Avatar jeb bush says:

    Deglobalization holds great promise for finally getting power out of the hands of the corporate super elite and back into the hands of real people. We will go back into real global multilateralism, versus global trade agreements whose only purpose is to erase barriers to global capital movement and to handcuff democratic governments from regulating their economies for the public interest. These are huge benefits that Mr. Roubini did not mention.

    • Avatar L T says:

      jeb bush Nah, I don’t see it!

  57. Avatar CompressWealthDivide EconomicProsperity says:

    I am the only one who has been saying the truth on this matter. We have been in a depression but MASKED with lies, debt, and a manipulated up stock market. Go see “Real Economy”. The real GDP growth per capita has not been positive for the past 15 years per a non-contrived inflation rate. Strange the acclaimed economists fail to mention this. They assume too much truth in garbage government information on the economy.

  58. Avatar CompressWealthDivide EconomicProsperity says:

    Just found out State of Oregon mandatory mask wearing. This should be help make the stock market fall. Who are the dummies pumping it up besides the US Treasury Dept?

  59. Avatar Boyd Gilbreath says:

    It’s widely acknowledged now that the recession was in full swing in January, and depression is inevitable. trump really is good with the economy; he just makes up great numbers that don’t add up, and could never happen in the real world. 1.5 million people a week apply for unemployment and trump claims 250,000 jobs added. 50 million on unemployment, and trump says unemployment is 13%. Last year trump started a practice of stating 4 to 5 lies before he addressed whatever topic he was supposed to address. Since no one expects trump to ever tell the truth, the number of his lies is no longer news.

  60. Avatar Stephen says:

    We are IN a DEPRESSION!!! A recession means the structure is still functioning, but business has taken a dip…A Depression is where the structure has fallen apart. The structure IS NOT intached, this isn’t a recession that will pick-up again in a few months, many of those jobs will never come back.
    We were already headed there, the Virus just sealed the deal. Overvalued homes were already unsaleable. The sale of cars and fuel has dropped into the toilet. Due to Federal mismanagement, we are in a full-blown DEPRESSION! It’s already WORSE than in the 1930’s. Right now…Today…It’s WORSE! Grow up People.

  61. Avatar Red T says:

    Agree about Recession/Depression very likely but deflation(lowering prices) isn’t good? good for consumers, well maybe not for companies who can’t rake in their crazy profits, so will layoff people wanting to keep more of their profits.

  62. Avatar Lynn Bennett says:

    Buy gold if you can. It’s been real money for thousands of years. If you can’t afford it take what money you can and stock up on essentials. Things are going to get bad.

  63. Avatar Amalgamated Potato Processing, Pocatello says:

    UNIONS spread the wealth by higher wage, & benefits. Create more jobs because unions are inherently less efficient. Example: older workers gain seniority, and with that gain, it dictates worker placement to the COMPANY. Enforced by the labor union. Workers cannot be fired readily. Workers if sick can take the day off without fear of retribution. Workers have more time with the family because the CORPORATION cannot force overtime. A civilised workplace is the result.
    Small family run businesses THRIVE in a union environment. Because they are small & non union. Monopolistic companies own the spectrum of product lines. However when monopolistic companies are unionized they are forced to shed product lines that become unprofitable because of higher wages and benefits lower their profit. Lower profit means lower stock price, so ya, it attacks profit of the monopolists.Those dropped product lines are then fodder for small business to exploit.
    I’m telling you ….I saw this as a kid in the 1960s. From one county or state to the next every part of AMERICA was different. Small businesses ruled.
    •Mom and pop…
    Burger joints
    Sport Stores ~hunting, fishing
    Mens clothing, women
    Shoe Stores
    Furniture Stores
    Country Stores
    Small manufacturing
    HOW long would Doller Store last if they unionized? Not long then 1,000s of mom&pops would take over. LOCAL OWNERSHIP.
    The landscape would change dramatically.
    Creating new opportunity. More Wealth.

    • Avatar David Pacheco says:

      Amalgamated Potato Processing, Pocatello I’ll stay Union. Been on the non union side of the equation. No thanks. Your right , the economy is better off and rises all boats. Businesses hate unions but they like them too. It’s easier to dole our wages and benefits for larger companies and the union usually deals with the players.

  64. Avatar Jesse Ajuda says:

    Sir, this is a casino

  65. Avatar Margaret Yu says:

    Brilliant guy!

  66. Avatar Himalaya Garg says:

    Fear is their weapon.

  67. Avatar Chris Murphy says:

    Roubini knows nothing

  68. Avatar BOB P says:

    All I know is we’re going to be screwed. The real number is 50% of working Americans are unemployed.

  69. Avatar Abbey Road says:

    A true optimist. How uplifting to see our rosy future.

  70. Avatar Luxus Häuser says:

    Nouriel, Are there any positives which we can look forward to in the 2020’s despite the economic outlook? You mentioned technology innovation; are there other positives?

  71. Avatar carlosobscure says:

    Is no a V, or U, or L nor W. It starts with F then a U then a C and so on… and ends with a D

  72. Avatar robert booth says:

    Who is this little dime piece

  73. Avatar charles simpson says:

    Its a B shaped depression ,Thats called Busted and cant be the media cant be trusted ! were screwed, blued ,and tattooed and there is no safe harbor any where , only shock and horror as the whole world unravels at the seams .

  74. Avatar Fahad Almotawa says:

    Great analysis. The 2020’s will inevitably be worrisome economically for many economies, as less jobs are circulated, more competition is occurring, unemployment will take time to recover, and debt to gdp will rise astronomically.

  75. Avatar jean montaigne says:

    Another poor millionaire professor looking for a nobel prize instead of making a billion. These assholes never get to that level.

  76. Avatar Puck says:

    So unemployment close to 50%, and what few jobs will be recovered will have no benefits or security, wages will stagnate for another decade at least, it’ll take that long to get all those jobs back, another generation of permanent renters, and inequality (which was already through the roof) will be even worse.

    Why exactly are we bailing the system out when the future is going to be so grim? Just let the market crash, let the business cycle function as it should, let the pain come and real growth take hold instead of this fake debt bubble induced growth that is damning millions if not billions to indentured servitude so that the rich can maintain their wealth and power.

  77. Avatar S Lynskey says:

    The joys of Capitalism…not

  78. Avatar entertainTech says:

    I’m tired of my country investing in Chinese military and resource acquisition. Especially with justification that ‘it’s best for the economy’. It’s wealth creation through labor exploitation, bringing down working standards and wages everywhere else in the world.

  79. Avatar Maverick 2020 says:

    If we don’t learn how to shrink government and cut regulations this will be our last depression.

  80. Avatar Maverick 2020 says:

    If you don’t tax them for employing people then they can employ more people.

  81. Avatar Rife Kimler says:

    supply shocks: food, ammo, auto parts, medical supplies

  82. Avatar A-Ramis says:

    if you listen at the end he is not saying only negative, he says that there will be many improvements and productivity will come. those who adapt will be big winner, those who think that they can work as a cashier in staples and are entitled to own house in downtown san francisco or eat any food they want or drive any car they want, will lose standard of living big time. I myself sold my home service company and mainly got focused on software development to make business operations more efficient. Companies will be looking to cut labor cost and do the same work with less people.

  83. Avatar Dave Beck says:

    I got to get more ammo.

  84. Avatar Jin Lee says:

    Illuminati economist

  85. Avatar TheXxxJonnyxxx says:

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    • Avatar Adrianna Angelo says:

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    • Avatar domi nika says:

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    • Avatar Dominik Schoenborn says:

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    • Avatar blu13579 says:

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    • Avatar Adrianna Manuel says:

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  86. Avatar Kalle Schönberg says:

    Hilarious. “European 5G costs 50 percent more than Chinese”. This kind of foolish comment take all credibility from Roubini.

  87. Avatar Lea Pustetto says:

    He’s one of the best.

  88. Avatar Inter Pol says:

    It’s deflationary period, I don’t see inflation at all

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