Pfizer Reports Promising Results In First Phase Of Vaccine Trial | NBC Nightly News

The trial gave 24 of its 45 participants two doses of the coronavirus vaccine, and all 24 produced antibodies. The vaccine will undergo two more trials before possible approval, which Pfizer hopes to get by the end of the year.
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Pfizer Reports Promising Results In First Phase Of Vaccine Trial | NBC Nightly News

58 thoughts on “Pfizer Reports Promising Results In First Phase Of Vaccine Trial | NBC Nightly News

  1. bill t Reply

    praying this works

    • Jayachandra Reddy Reply

      Peace Well Yk the thing is,Even if one doesn’t die,There are long lasting complications on the organs,Even the ones the virus wasn’t thought to affect. And I don’t wanna live my life with such compromised systems. The vaccine is the only thing that can protect you from the virus,Not your prayers or faith In the almighty. As bad as it sounds,Some people need to get this virus so they can shut their bs spewing pie hole

    • Peace Reply

      @Jayachandra Reddy   the acquiescence to accept anything in life is because people are compromising on the full potential of the most important organ which directs us to truth. This kind of language represents the extend of demoralisation. I don’t intend to offend you. Think and make up your decision.

      In the current context, the kind of hidden or commonly-unrealised stage set by the deceptive group has become more virulent than the current virus; to make us perceive that this is the normalcy of medical practice which dangerously overthrows every other alternative opinions and genuine medical practices. Vaccine is not the only cure. Covid is one of the biggest hoax in the history of mankind..

    • Jayachandra Reddy Reply

      Peace Were you infected by the virus? And have you experienced the symptoms and complications first hand? Or seen the effects it has?

    • Peace Reply

      @Jayachandra Reddy yes, the plandemic and propaganda virus. Right knowledge was the immunity. BLM, economic crisis, border clash, etc are the side effects

    • Tim Hiltz Reply

      You’re doomed and microchipped people.

  2. Sarabeth Reply

    Pfizer and Moderna vaccine approaches have never been approved by the FDA. They are based on messenger RNA (mRNA), and not the antigen itself (like the killed flu virus we get annually). All previous vaccines have been actual antigens. Why that’s important is that we just don’t know whether the synthetic mRNA will be processed by the RNAi mechanisms in your cells to wreak havoc in your body. Besides, the mRNA only directs the production (in your body) to the virus membrane protein and not the other components, which could have important benefits for the cellular immune response in combating the virus. Neutralizing antibodies is only one way your immune system battles a viral infection.

    • Raymond warren Reply

      Do not make bullsh statements about vaccines sara, there is no vaccine to combat Coronavirus and there is none that has killed any virus. If you have proof of what you are saying then present it. Medicos have been scamming with “FLu” shots for years. You are talking crap and you know it. I think you mean Killer Flu virus we get annually because there is and will be no vaccine against any of the 36 Corona Viruses that currently exist. Care for a verbal joust madam??

  3. Gary Davidson Reply

    USA been funding a vaccine in the wauhn lab for decades GOOGLE IT YOURSELF CONGRESS FUNDING snake oil news

    • Raymond warren Reply

      hooray, i finally found some brains in the USA. The media and Fauci have been spouting this virus [one of 36 corona viruses] as being a NEW virus. There is no vaccine except hydroxycloroquine which blocks the virus an aids healing by acting like a condom [covering the spikes of the virus] so entry to human cells cannot be achieved. no matter, we have the virus in our blood and it will never leave us.

    • D3mon1xx Reply

      facebook really affected dumbasses brains

  4. CT Rock Star Reply

    Translation: it looks like this campaign will be very profitable

  5. john emeigh Reply

    How do I register my total hate and disgust for almost all politicians? Oh, I just did? Champion.

    • Barbara Gonzalez Reply


    • Barbara Gonzalez Reply

      Ain’t doing it! Until see real results

    • john emeigh Reply

      @Barbara Gonzalez Politicians? Results? Well, bless your heart. LOL

  6. Start Ups Reply

    Democrats leader leaked a classified information about coronavirus were released to public by them and the China to help Joe Biden win 2020. I am his great grand son

  7. Barbara Gonzalez Reply


  8. NF N Reply

    We don’t know any long term effects from this vaccine…but line right up.

    • Cam Darling Reply

      Yes 😂

  9. Chris Hooge Reply

    Do we get a choice whether we get the poisoned version that degrades our immune system‘s, or the micro chip special bill gates version? Oh well never mind I will pass on all options thanks although I’m sure they will begin a forced vaccine program which will mean kids cannot get into school without vaccination, you can’t get on a plane without vaccination, employers will be allowed to demand vaccination without discrimination charges, one cannot go into any government building without a vaccination, and maybe people will not be allowed on the street without a vaccination I would assume it will be a card people need to carry. So under emergency status here comes the days of Hitler. Can I see your papers

    • Trumplican Boy 2020 Reply

      I think they might mandate us too get VACCINATED!!!!

  10. Israel N Reply

    next, pfizer will charge each person up to $10k per bottle of med

    • John Underwood Reply

      Even if it does nothing.

  11. Ed Whalen. Reply

    I sorta knew Pfizer could pull off a vaccine even close enough we need to save all our people,let’s get it done in a few weekspeople are loosing people Pfizer, it’s a shame people die in so much pain,see what you can do quickly on it. People who don’t listen are infecting people who do abide laws and others.Remember it could be you or one of your loved one’s that die’s due to this bug!
    So use this insight for working like the champs you are!😉.

  12. voyo K. Reply

    Is everything got to be about vaccin?
    Can people take pills?
    May God help us!

    • Raymond warren Reply

      @Luna P Is your last name Tic? How about you show your evidence as to why not and then I will give evidence as to why you banana mash brain.

    • John Underwood Reply

      @Raymond warren It is now illegal for a doctor in the united states to prescribe HCQ for any purpose other than Lupus, leprosy, or malaria. All these diseases are non-viral in origin.

    • John Underwood Reply

      @Raymond warren It is illegal is one very good reason. If you do manage to get your doctor to prescribe either or both of those drugs for covid19 you will both be committing a felony. The FDA has removed permission for the use of these drugs and warned that their use is now a crime in the United States for any purpose other than those approved.

    • Raymond warren Reply

      Again@John Underwood would you care to debate that fact, Hydroxy ckoeoquinew is a Malaria drug used against that disease and is 99% hrmless. It was recommended by the Vaylor Medical College in Houston as a Prophilactic for Coronavirus in 2003 [Jul;y 2003] care to debate????

    • Raymond warren Reply

      @John Underwood It is NOT illegal to be prescribed Hydroxycloroquine and I think that you should check Dr Fauci’s statement today where he has said that it can be used but is NOT a full cure, just a Prophilactic to cover the spines that infect hum,an cells. I do wish you would come and debate this with me.

  13. aka Shab Reply

    What democrats want is stepping down Trump from powers in order to deal with CCP for their ambitions even Americans must pay hard for their own life because of the CCP virus.

    • Buzzy boy Reply

      What does Coronavirs has to with politics?

    • Choromatsu Matsuno Reply

      Imagine thinking everything is about politics. Oh no joe biden js eating a cheeto and trump is a cheeto das politicall!!! MAGA 2020 KEEPTHETRUNPCOMING NOBIDING

    • Buzzy boy Reply

      @Choromatsu Matsuno in your dreama haha!

  14. Luke Williams Reply

    💉 💀

  15. Dani S Reply

    So far , Pfizer is relatively the most trusted to make a speedy breakthrough. Go Pfizer !

    • Raymond warren Reply

      DO NOT WORRY DANI, It will be a sure Phizzer from Phizer. This scam is one that medical science will regret soon enough. In the 20 or so since this particular Virus was introduced into the human blood stream, they have not been able to find anything to defeat it or it’s 35 brothers and sisters.

  16. Raymond warren Reply

    In 2007/8, medical researchers requested funding to try to create a vaccine for this virus, Obame refused that request. In 2010, medical research warned that this virus could be used to create a Pandemic by terrorist groups, again funds were refused. I challenge anyone to refute this. There are 36 different Corona viruses including the Influenza Corona virus which kills some 700,000 people each year worldwide. There is and will be no Vaccine for all they could suggest was Hydroxycloroquine twenty years ago and they first wave of this virus was stopped very quickly. Trouble is that the virus remains in the blood of humans as the Flu type and will continue on forever

    • John Underwood Reply

      Pretty hard to get funds for a disease which did not exist at that time. All your nonsense is just that, nonsense.

  17. All American Dream Chaser Reply

    Thank God!!!🙏😀

  18. Peace Reply

    It’s all plandemic.. the same people behind 911 is behind this aswell.. propaganda. No one trust the mainstream anymore.

  19. Mark Freedman Reply

    Sure, & the president can promote boycotting CHINA products on HIS mask until CHINA admits unleashing its bio weapon pandemic on the world & starts PAYING for the damage done.

  20. Lisa Bueckert Reply

    Why dont they take it themselves

  21. CAPITAL r Reply

    Cool. I refuse to take that bs by the way

  22. Rodrigo G Reply

    how did they confirm the antibodies successfully bind to the virus? I’m assuming this all had to be in a lab since they can’t inject a patients serum into a sick patient

  23. crazywaffleking Reply

    Why don’t they ever say we don’t know if antibodies provide immunity like they always say in regards to antibodies in people who survived covid19?

  24. d mitchell Reply

    Don’t want a vaccine…we have HCQ and azithromicin

  25. brio Reply

    It won’t be on General release till next year at the earliest !

  26. Ghost1823 Reply

    Inject me, honey!

  27. Trump2020 Reply

    Lets face it were all F…ked!

  28. NCOV 2019 Reply

    for a selection of news from official sources and the latest trends, take a look at

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