Fauci Warns U.S. Coronavirus Cases Could Increase To 100,000 A Day | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/11
Fauci Warns U.S. Coronavirus Cases Could Increase To 100,000 A Day | NBC Nightly News

Dr. Anthony Fauci issued the dire warning on Capitol Hill Tuesday, saying the coronavirus is “out of control.”
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Fauci Warns U.S. Coronavirus Cases Could Increase To 100,000 A Day | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (113件)

  • Mary glover says:

    If he is in the right mind then he should be in jail for treason

  • Milan Belko says:

    The masks do absolutely nothing just like all blue state governor’s if u believe the masks do anything ur stupid,OSHA guidelines if anyone read it about masks would know ur masks do nothing against an airborne alleged pandemic such as Covid 19 in actuality a new flu nothing more nothing less

  • Jennifer Ierace says:

    I guess if you got to church Jesus will protect you.

  • Aga G. says:

    Fauci should be in prison!!! He is devil like Gates ! They both are liers!

  • Liz Hannan says:

    I just hope when all this is said and done, and TRUMP loses the next election, that he be held accountable for the PREVENTABLE DEATHS and DESTRUCTION of the DIVIDED STATES of AMERICA. How does it feel AMERICA to fall so fast from Grace. From an onlooker in Australia at the moment America is the WORST place in the world and the LAST place ppl should consider going. Your public unrest, your racial divide, you bleeding economy your rising DEATH TOLL and INFECTION RATES make America the WORST OF THE WORST. My Sympathies to you all. My condolences to all of those who have lost loved one with many many more to die as this unfolds. Your only hope is to unseat that delusional maniac that is currently leading you to your doom….To the American defense force, if the news of the bounty on American soldiers is true, how much confidence do you now have in your commander and chief? he is allowing you to be offered up to slaughter with a bounty on your heads…OH MY GOODNESS. To all the those who have politicized this pandemic and the TRUMPIES, I only hope that as you strap on your guns and take up arms to Protect your Constitution that you remember one simple thing, you can’t shoot the virus, it doesn’t care what politics you believe in or what colour you skin is, it wants a host plain and simple, and you seem happy to oblige..

  • FRJ1423 says:

    Buckle up folks!! You got people wishing this away. If we open now that cool, it’s what different from when we shut down? Was there a vaccine? Nope!!! Good luck out there they don’t care if you or your love ones die. Should’ve never got this bad. But it was a hoax now it’s a lie!! What the next excuse. Breathing problem an your screaming. Notice mask wasn’t political around the world. Lol they back open. we setting records but some how it’s all fake. Gotta be a special type stupid!’

  • flyingrabbit says:

    I’m surprised numbers haven’t been even higher- people are being so cavalier.

  • Jimmy Anderswo says:

    We need far more people to die in USA.

  • Steven Austin says:

    Wear your masks people.

    • michael miranti says:

      Why child fauci said for 2 months masks do not work child

  • smooth 247 Baligubadle says:

    This country needs a real leader third world countries are doing better job

  • michael miranti says:

    According to fauci masks do not work he has been lying since day one

  • michael miranti says:

    I live in LA county there is zero cases newsome want to shut down the state everything is a lie hospitals are empty all lies

    • Razian Amira says:

      michael miranti Scamdemic? *Bey Bey*

  • michael miranti says:

    Masks social distancing do not work according to liberals

  • michael miranti says:

    18 family members impossible its a cold a low grade cold the democraps want to destroy america none of this bs works if it did there would be no virus all BS

  • Tammy Elizabeth says:

    Antimaskers are the new cool. We are at the hands of Internet advised idiots. The outlook is bad. It’s political not scientific.

  • michael miranti says:

    There is zero evidence masks work they do lots of damage

    • Steven Austin says:

      If you don’t like wearing a mask you are going to hate wearing a ventilator.

    • michael miranti says:

      @Steven Austin sorry child masks do not work explain why this country was shut down everyone wearing masks and social distancing and the Chinese cold is still here you can’t be this stupid

  • mikemb123 says:

    Newsom did this to us.

  • Kevin Joe says:

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  • Having Tea With the Devil says:

    Ooh no don’t stop now, you all wanted things open so badly so why rush now? 🙄

  • exonelresearch says:

    The Cognitive Decline of one Very Stable Genius has turned him into the Toddler-in -Chief!

  • Willi Bald says:

    If trump is re-elected, scenarios like last of us, Iam legend etc. will become reality and the wealthiest country in the world will become a contagious peace of nothing with millions refugees trying to escape the country after a huge financial crisis and civil wars on the streets. If you not start using your brain and quit using the Bible and god, you will loose. Disliking videos on YouTube won’t help you

  • Willi Bald says:

    USA republican citizens, a lot, are just crazy. I’m just sorry for the intelligent part of the USA.

  • clayann said says:

    People are so SELFISH

  • Paul Holland says:

    Not wearing a mask isn’t a political statement, it’s an IQ test

    • chile9615 says:

      @joe blow it is fashionable, but Soo lol. Are you the type of person to get mad at their neighbors because the cut their grass to short…. Ugh what a Karen.

    • chile9615 says:

      Right lol

    • joe blow says:

      @chile9615 lmao you use that term Karen lmao what a p*ssy term , and no I don’t give 2 sh*ts how my neighbors cut their grass , I’m not a snowflake liberal like you are which I’m sure you are

    • Paul Holland says:

      joe blow thanks for taking the test. Still dragging your knuckles on the ground I see

    • Paul Holland says:

      joe blow such a deep cut


    This Fauci dude is a demon .he’s the one who had a hand in creating the virus


    Welp…they say this virus is going to spread more…oh but wait…there’s More!!! “They” have now discovered a “new” swine flu virus that is on the way…hmmm🤔 get ready America.the end is near

  • Atheistbatman says:

    Yeah? What makes him so smart? I mean besides a Doctorate in Immunology and a long life of experience with the worlds most dangerous diseases…take that away and he ain’t got nothin. I heard he was pretty good at basketball…oh, he’s an Obama infiltrator.
    OoooTrumps going to tell Putin…

  • kxmode says:

    North vs South. Here in the north we’re doing better. San Francisco and Sacramento have much smaller numbers.

  • 2558jmb says:

    Fake Virus politically motivated second wave is even more Fake

  • B!tchSlapper says:

    Nobody cares about your gums flappin’ Lester.

  • Psychological Feedback Loops - Not Types says:

    Biden needs to do some voice exercises.

  • micro hackers says:

    I appreciate the amount I received from Maskoffweb,com service indeed am so happy

  • Aunty P says:

    This virus was brought to you by :the papacy

  • Lee B says:

    Anyone who thinks the next pile of deaths will be less than the first are in fantasy land . The spreadathon is in full flow and increasing
    Pool testing and wearing masks is what the Germans have been doing from the start the UK has not just look at the figure difference between these similar populated countries .
    It’s not rocket science folks.

  • Froggy Noddy says:

    3:21 wanker.

  • clean blacc sneakas says:

    All of his “could” turned into “did”😷😷

  • Isaiah Myers says:

    When the United States reached 100,000 it seemed like a doomsday event. Now we are at 100,000 a day and people are treating it like a cold. At times like this I wish I was a sociologist.

    • joe blow says:

      And how many recovers and how. Many dies? Soon the death rates going to be .0001%

    • Isaiah Myers says:

      joe blow i’m more concerned with what people are thinking 🤔

    • joe blow says:

      @Isaiah Myers you wanna know what people are thinking? A lot of us are thinking this is a bunch of bullsh*t , that’s what we are thinking

  • BroncoBillieBeastie says:

    Lockdown was relaxed too early.

  • BroncoBillieBeastie says:

    Just wear a face mask or face covering, social distance and use hand sanitizer or wash your hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds.

  • Frances Smith says:

    Now the GOP WANTS TO SAY WEAR MASK 4 months before elections.

  • Elisa Santiago Hobbs says:

    Airlines sure aren’t protecting anyone’s interest but their own. It’s well known by now that asymptomatic people are the ones who spread the virus the most. Everyone should avoid flying altogether unless urgent.

  • Frances Smith says:

    Plain and simple if THIS would have been Taken seriously by this administration in the beginning things would better be a whole lot better. No leadership. Instead of following some political leaders advice our States should have mimicked Andrew in New York. The curb in the USA was never flattened we still in the first wave because of ignorance, a lot of damage has been done. The person with the most high job calling for liberation when he should have been delivering tweets , (cause that how he communicate) of patience and understanding. Now with so many dead and the USA being banned now the GOP want to push masks not to save us but to save face. For the last 3 and1/2 years of this administration show none of this what’s going on has to do nothing to do with what’s GOOD for us just what good for THEM.

  • Ginger says:

    Do you think trump understands the word “cognitive” 😂

  • katrina tenorio says:

    Anybody who gets on a airplane even if everyone is wearing a mask you have a huge chance of contracting it if someone is sick with Covid Wearing a mask yes it does reduce it but if you don’t have at least 10 foot between people you will contract it you are breathing recirculated air mask or not enough in a enclosed airplane 6 foot is not enough if someone is infected those are all facts

  • Marilyn Reallon says:

    How could this hoax get so out of hand! Good thing Trump takes no responsibility for any of this cause it could hurt his reelection!

  • Michael Parrott-MacLeod says:


  • Norma Hernandez says:

    We the caring knew that Early Opening was only a BIG MISTAKE!!! Just because you can’t SEE the virus it is gone.

  • Norma Hernandez says:

    We don’t want you or need you. If you don’t care about us the CITIZENS (Tax Payers)!!!!

  • su mun says:

    Evil Dems & Xi Biden are trying to raise up the commercial insurance premium more than double to destroy hard working small business & national economy under China virus!!!.
    No to Dems & Xi Biden. No to Dems & Xi Biden. No to Dems & Xi Biden.

  • Sandra Cataldo says:

    Fauci and gates know best…They had a patent for the virus in 2014…released it to throw the election….sick people…..ogliarchy

  • Razian Amira says:

    How bad it could be?? Place your bets!!!
    Cases a day
    Deaths a day

  • Michael W. says:

    Yet the GOP still does not strongly unite the country in the fight against covid.

  • Efren Rodriguez says:

    Obviously Karen doesn’t have a breathing problem Karen yelling her lungs to the highest pitch 🤓

  • Google censor smith says:

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    The expansion continued and they were proud to be the empire where the Sun never hid, which at the same time was coveted by another growing empire of nomads that spread throughout the world, throughout the British empire, regional powers, free nations and the colonies, in the shadows that the absolute power of commercialism and propaganda would dispute, after Britain moved away from the central christ cult and placed a monarch in its place, an issue that was an impediment for much of the west to reject culture British of advanced conquest of new subjects.

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    How would it happen later with the financial power of the USA and the creation of the FED and the IRS in the hands of a stateless private elite, which would condition and influence all the powers to eliminate all the regional powers that would prevent its global, financial, mass media expansion, bellicose, cultural and intellectual, with the dominance of the Rokeffeler monster, the united nations and all their dominated tentacles, the Deep state that would not hesitate to destroy the USA and its inhabitants by separating the territory and causing a civil war, as they also plan in other powers regions that could prevent him from world domination, using his infiltrated nomadic agents to carry out the old trick of the British empire of the good things of being subjects of the Zionist empire instead of being free and sovereign without security and incapable of defending themselves from the dangers of the pandemic, just by eating GMOs, consuming medicines from the pharmaceutical power, and identifying with numbers that e will provide them with a new identity supplied with a chip in a vaccine, to locate them quickly and proceed to help them as cattle in danger of natural death.

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    With respect to the capital letters and the small letters of the names, it is not necessary to give it a ball, that comes from the time of the absolute monarchical powers that were very superstitious, and had around them astrologers, kabbalists and pseudo-prophets who encouraged them to reinforce their authority with any trickery to be able to morph from above and get some privilege after preparing one of the vulgar who flatters him for his great authority, while the jesters sneered at the monarch and the people for believing the occurrence, at that time under the threat of force.

    The same happens with the law of the sea that empires are attributed as owners, to appear as the only ones capable of bringing security to free peoples and making them subjects to good with their flag or bad with the flag of pirates, then they managed to maintain His domain, saying, called us to save us from pirates. Now they tell him we bring him democracy because they do not know how to govern themselves, and they asked us to go and help them bring their products and resources to the free market, and for this we provide them loans that if they cannot pay with money they will pay with spices or tele slaves workers. Greetings and thanks.

  • Juan Martinez says:

    We surprise….because!!!!! It’s a GLOBAL PANDEMIC!!!! HELLO!!!! but wait didn’t Trump state …..that this will go away??!!

  • Juan Martinez says:

    Its so sad that Individuals….like certain Supporters….say its a hoax…seeing Families are being torn apart by this virus…

  • HeartDoc Andrew says:

    “Fauci Warns U.S. Coronavirus Cases Could Increase To 100,000 A Day” thereby motivating us, the people of America, to redouble our efforts to immediately find out at any given moment, including while On-line, who among us are unwittingly contagious (i.e. pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic) in order to convince them to call their doctor and self-quarantine per their doctor in hopes of stopping this pandemic before all our hospitals are overwhelmed.

  • D W says:

    Joe Biden should not be the president. He is way to corrupt and his cronies will use and abuse him, including other countries.

  • Susan Staffelbach says:

    He’s crazy because if people aren’t doing they’re part, then it’s not anyone’s fault except for “US”!!!!!!!

  • Susan Staffelbach says:

    This is everyone’s fault ugh 😫 no mask no life just DO IT PLEEEEEEEZE!!!!!!!! 🙏❤️🙏❤️🥰👍👍👍👍👍🤧😷🤕🤨🤮🤒😪🥴😩😠😤😭😢

  • David Leeman says:


  • Samantha Fisher says:

    I always knew I should’ve moved to Maine…😕
    Edit: jeez! Just got to the part with the Kyle and Karens. I almost turned to stone!

  • Kitty S. says:

    While Donnie golfs, America DIES

  • Melissa Roberts says:

    lies lies and more lies. please someone put this fake doctor facui into prison.. this news reporter could also use some time behind bars. American’s are not buying it man! give it up.

  • gaby arts says:

    It says only LOS ANGELS COUNTY ALONE, nowhere else! Why these morons continue getting themselves TESTED!! And the people who have underlined health issues, don’t cry that they die from a covid, if you know very well of your family health problems. Stop using this covid name from a person who has damaged lungs from SMOKING! My mother died from CIGARETTES!

  • SA PAX says:


  • Cecilia Darko says:

    He has not learned that trump knows he is a snake….

  • Barbara Gonzalez says:

    He said it and warned about it But Trump didn’t listen as always ! we are into this neck high of water sinking Thanks

  • LateNiteDonna DiSalvia says:

    A right to not wear a mask.( the female at store was ranting) It’s for health reasons. No one is taking away your amendments or freedoms. I’m so sick of hearing about masks. If they want to take that risk , let them. I personally put on my Halloween mask whenever I have to leave the house😊🎃⛑️

  • kangroo 11 says:

    how come trump failed to protect US citizens when they do not take individual responsibilty against the virus ? wear a mask and avoid going outside.

  • Beauty Babe says:

    There should be NO GATHERINGS! Also I don’t believe people don’t know they are sick they feel something but are going about their business! Unfortunately the virus has been politicized so a vaccine is the only thing that will help us! Too much politics in this pandemic! Also where is our stimulus check?! Smh!!!

  • Beauty Babe says:


  • This is awesome says:

    So badley mismanaged and now running scared. Too little too late! Thanks to the ginger moron for screwing this up! Proof that the US is the dumbest place on earth!

  • Erik Haack says:

    Who told you that Fauci?? The deep state and the pharm who you work for??

  • Nick Amado says:

    Do not believe this misleading dr.

    This liar is part of the problem thats connected with the END-GAME from the liars who are in control of these Nation who are pushing this SCAM-DEMIC !!!!

    the military should be rounding up these criminals who are in control of these governments that are pushing this corona SCAM-DEMIC that was design to strip away peoples rights & freedoms to get everyone to take a biometric toxic vaccine that is going to shorten peoples lives.

    Do not comply with these unlawful wrong doers who are threatening American people with their unlawful Tyrant laws and orders.

    NO MATTER WHAT COLOR YOU ARE, we must neighbor up nationwide and support eachother from these wrong doers who are in control of our nation who want to harm us !!!

    We want the military to do its job and round up all these criminals who are in control of this Nation and remove them from government and to return the trillions of dollars they stole from the generations who aren’t even born yet too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I trully believe the the Amarican people should take control of government for the next 8 years because the ones in government and the ones who are running for president are not the right ones for the job.

  • Mary Cantrary says:

    Biden would reach out to Fauciand ask him to continue working? Is he not aware that Fauci does not work for the president?

  • NO HATE says:

    The cases going to go up no matter what you do..They are going to give these vaccinations even if they gotta give to your dogs

  • Rock&Roll says:

    this is the same guy that told us not wear mask now its too late

  • Nature and happiness says:

    Besides social distance and face masks, toilets are hot spots of the virus.

  • Dave Hibbs says:

    That’s because the entire U.S. did not stay at home! It would have had to close everything down 100%. Only some shutting down did almost nothing! It’s on the rise and it’s only barely started yet! Wait till millions and millions of people have it on a daily basis in the U.S… it’s already out of hand and it’s already really really bad… wait till people have the coronavirus and flu at the same time

  • Lala Lyons says:

    Fauci u r a paid off FRAUD🤥🤥🤥

  • Gwendolyn Albert says:

    Of course in 2017 Mr Fauci said that we were going to face a pandemic. So how did he know? Of course, the news media will not cover such thing unless president Trump said it. Then it would be relevant to their ridiculous accusations. But not Mr Fauci. So how did he know? Has anyone looked into this? And it is a very sad situation. But the rioters don’t care. Most of the people going along with the information that the news media put out don’t even bother to find out for themselves!

  • Stuff Bud Duz says:

    Taken directly from the US CDC web site
    Clinical Criteria
    At least one of the following symptoms:
    cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing

  • micro hackers says:

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  • Sean Black says:

    The government doesnt care about anyone being safe.Its all about keeping their pockets full of cash.They pretend to care about our jobs but they are only concerned with their own wealth.Should of never opened so early.They will continue to open while more people work and die.

  • BBS says:

    Freedom without caring to the other‘s health and life is not real democracy,”s just “Selfish”

  • Bonnie says:

    I love that you’re wearing a mask when you’re around no one. Dope.

  • Shuliang Liu says:


  • The Church of Silly Beggars says:

    Since this is a biological crisis, then let’s not forget that a population’s ability to adapt to change is essential to its specie’s fitness.
    In other words, human health and wellness is the only essential service.
    July 4, 2020. Over 10 million cases worldwide and 500,000 deaths.
    Feel like time travel?
    July 4, 2022. Over 3 billion cases worldwide and 200 million deaths.
    An enduring epistemological failure might turn this into an extinction level event.
    Step up!

  • bangpink says:

    How does these people want Trump to stop the virus he is not God.. people who complaining should give their solutions to Trump instead all they doing is bad talking… How can you fight an enemy that you don’t see…

  • Paul Kelley says:

    America has two alternate realities. There’s this and there’s Trump rallies

    Paul Kelley
    Paul Kelley
    50 minutes ago
    Trump is the Virus hopefully somebody will pull a JFK on him but this time the bad guy loses not the good one that could have changed the world for good
    Trump killed us all People and ruined America forever the damage is done the worst is yet to come with the more aggressive mutating second wave coming were in big trouble big time specially being so weakens by trumps disaster plan to contain the virus 2 months ago when he had a chance to stop it from getting past 1000, and then opening America at the worst time when the lockdown was starting to work but all cares about is money and the stockmarket Trump is trying to create a pandemic big enough to cancel the election. So he can become dictator.

  • Darryl Mallory says:

    all lies !!!!!!!

  • Myst Avalon says:

    Ya all out on the streets yelling I matter
    Now you put your families at risk
    Bad now
    Hold tight
    Two weeks to go until you bloom
    Sad no one used common sense

  • mij cirtap says:

    Who told you to say that?

  • MiketheYung God says:

    Fake news using Dr. Fakey. 😝

  • Richy Collins says:

    Go and Party and don’t follow guidelines of wearing masks and washing your hands ok. just don’t do it oke.. and soon you will be able to visit your favourite bar you spend last week after 1 year, hopefully !!! Stupid idiots. Why do people gotta be so ignorant. suddenly it’s all about black. Racism is everywhere. Corona virus has nothing to do with race. Simple instructions. Wear a mask N gloves N stay 6ft apart. is that hard ??? the more we do it, the faster we all can have a normal life.. SMH

  • jay cam says:

    Fauci should be in jail!