🇺🇳 US’ Nikki Haley isolated as UN proposal to condemn Hamas voted down | Al Jazeera English

2020 7/12
🇺🇳 US' Nikki Haley isolated as UN proposal to condemn Hamas voted down | Al Jazeera English

Two resolutions on the escalation of violence at the Gaza-Israel border have failed at the UN Security Council.

Since March, Israeli soldiers have shot dead at least 121 Palestinians who have been protesting for the right to return to their homeland.

The US vetoed a Kuwait-backed resolution calling for the protection of Palestinians.

The US then failed to muster a single vote of support for its resolution condemning Hamas.

Al Jazeera’s James Bays reports from the UN.

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コメント一覧 (114件)

  • Kamal El-hajj ali says:

    The Palestine ambassador is the coolest old guy I have ever seen

  • Abdul Qadir says:

    This is all drama wid no use

  • iONLY says:

    The sharks are circling Americas lackeys🤣🤣 America is falling

  • Arik says:

    UN supported terror perhaps?

  • Kumail Abbas says:

    She must face humiliation, She deserves this 😉

  • Common says:

    India Israel and USA …. new triade of evil….for those who dont know niki is indian american

  • Rohan Baidya says:

    Well at least she got one vote from herself! I mean the real humiliation would be to propose the darft and get no votes at all, Niggy Haley nailed it! tbh Obama Administration no less of a monster as Bush to raze down countries like Syria and Libiya as the former did to Iraq and Afghanistan. Who would even support these terrorist in suits and boots.

  • Md Rafiq says:

    Beg beg beg usa..

  • Tarik Khan says:

    What a low life of a woman. Begging for her master’s

  • amir hussain says:

    The u.s. only has interest for Israel not for the US not for human race,Kuwait has interest for the human race death to Israel and their terrorist friends

  • Sysysy Sqsqsq says:

    She a b@#$h

  • Eva Boyer says:

    She was the best!

  • Eva Boyer says:

    UN is a joke for many years and we tax payers are paying for those corrupted hypocrites

  • Abdul Hadi says:

    Now, she has been kicked out

  • Humanist says:

    Shame on bogus American niki !!!!

  • John Torpey says:

    Qatar 🇶🇦 lobby and Al Jezera are evil

  • listirnitetheone says:

    Why is Hamas, a terrorist organization, being accepted by the International Community? The PLO, and UN Delegates belonging to Palestine have no affiliation with Hamas, PLO and Fatah have condemned them. Supporting Hamas is like supporting ISIS, they eliminate political enemies for simply freedom of speech, publicly execute civilians, enforce Sharia Law on similar grounds as Iran, subsequently making much of its non-muslim christian population leave or live in a state of anxiety, etc. Heck, they even kill their own civilians in rocket attacks that fail!
    You can’t accuse Israel of anything either, there is a UN Right devoted to self-defence, where it exclaims “Any immediate or direct threat of bodily harm they are subjected to can be met with an equivalent retaliatory act to protect themselves.”, and continually uses this to their advantage, respecting Human Rights of Palestinians in Gaza. I might sound like a typical Israeli here, but we do have a point when we use the excuse that Hamas hides behind civilian populations, UN has their own map showing buildings destroyed during Operation Protective Edge, and that Israel has commited several HR Violations, however this is completely justified as retaliation to Hamas, who hides and controls these buildings through urban warfare, which in turn their tactics are resulting in the deaths of Palestinians, including but not exclusive to: hiding behind civilian populations, pushing civilians to ignore alarm warnings by IDF Forces, the coined term ‘Palywood’ for victimization and the condonement of actual terrorists and participants of conflict being referred to as ‘civilians’ for anti-israeli reprisal and media attention.

    There is consistent proof of this, and the arab-dominated anti-israeli biased International Community have passed and proposed multiple resolutions against Israel, completely ignoring and making the Human Rights violations of Hamas or Palestine (prosecuted for not wearing Hijab in Gaza and Homosexuality is a death crime), Indonesia (Where democracy and human rights of natives in West Papua and other regions are suppressed), Ghana (where children and minors are being forced to work for the expansion of its mining and Natural Resource industry), and Turkey (which since its independence has displaced millions of kurds through Urban Expansion, Agglomeration, rural movement and urban renewal.).

    All I can say is, the result of not voting against Hamas is more death of innocent civilians, more war and less peace, as Hamas does not support a 2 state solution, but rather a 1 state solution and expulging/death of Israeli Jews.

    • u wot m8 says:

      i can see diehard fans of Israel fanatic here, so long short story Hamas was built to protect Palestine itself from Israel attacks …

      if there was no Hamas then Palestine will be vanished quickly with Israel violently technique n u can see before this that approximately 129 countries disagree with Jerusalem recognition as Israel capital n yet USA will use its VETO again n again

  • anirban KANUNGOE says:

    She sure has tried the hardest

  • Überlord says:

    Down with the usa.

  • Kamran Hussain says:

    It shows the End of America

  • Rayhan Rafin says:

    I bet she’s crying in a corner

  • Joshua Grover says:

    UN seriously needs reforming in its current state just not up to often fast moving 21st century situations. Its UNSC is a joke, Britain and France part of the so called “Big 5”, or “5 Policemen” both nations lost their major power status during WW2 and Egyptian Suez Canal crisis 1956 and haven’t used their veto in 30 years plus, seriously need to expand the permanent members on the council to reflect today’s world, not 1945!

  • Sach Much says:

    No Mercy…Might is Right.

  • KB Production says:

    😆 still laughing in 2020

  • puru Sharma says:

    UN – Useless nerds

  • cool light says:

    US should stop sponsoring Isreali state terrorism for zionists and evangelical groups in America.

    • Glenn Mandigo says:


    • cool light says:

      @Glenn Mandigo
      No it doesn’t. It is a terrorist state itself.

    • Glenn Mandigo says:

      @cool light No its not

    • Ahmad Younas says:

      @cool light both Israel and US are creating terrorism in the world

    • Zaraki Kenpachi says:

      @Glenn Mandigo who created laden?

  • Menshed Al-nakib says:

    America and Israel working together to kill the Palestinian people. Innocent civilians.

  • Pratik Katkar says:

    How moron is nikki haley

  • Hello, Actual Human says:

    The world is bigger than 5.;

  • Val Mid says:

    So the globalist dystopian UN forgets about Hamas war crimes?

  • Innocent Musa says:

    It’s as though people lack the intelligence to think for themselves!

  • Hackers world says:

    Hamas is a terrorist organisation…

  • Hackers world says:

    Your Whole Muslim Brotherhood was not able to defeat Israel and you are dreaming of defeating USA,you guys are such Noobs

  • Shah Talha says:


  • viralvirus1 says:

    She thought that appeasing the Israelis would have furthered her career.. how ironic that she got the boot

  • מאיר ב ק says:

    love her 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • מאיר ב ק says:

    I have much admiration to someone courageous enough to stand against evil even when they are alone…

  • Jay Malik says:

    Nikki Haley is a filthy ZIONIST gutter worm, lives in squalor.

  • afr1canm0nkey says:

    US ambassador is a joke

  • afr1canm0nkey says:

    What a dummy hahhaha

  • Gav says:

    Dirty evil Zionists causing wars and killing innocent people

  • Karan Thakur says:

    Begging as a diplomat. Lamao

  • humble servant says:

    When Intimidation fails

  • Mekki says:

    This somehow worse than my last model UN performance

  • Munesh kumar says:

    1 veto decides life of number of common people while it has been used 193 times in the history of UNSC.

  • Crestfire says:

    She’s such a puppet, I can even see the strings tied to her leading to Israel

    • Glenn Mandigo says:


    • Crestfire says:

      @Glenn Mandigo we all got eyes and ears. We can figure that out ourselves

    • Ahmad Younas says:

      She is the biggest and most racist puppet

  • Hans Elbers says:

    Nikki from india

  • Wakanda Wakanda says:

    Amarica 😂😂

  • Commander Red says:

    Poor girl, gotta push the agendas of her mass murdering,tyrannical, warmongering nation. But then again she’s probably OK with it as well, she is American afterall. Being a hypocrite is in her blood

  • Reema Nawaz says:

    U.S is used to humiliation, so they don’t care any more!

  • M Explore says:

    Shame on you Nikki 🤮

  • rao tahir says:

    The USA knew it would be humiliated and therefore they sent Nikki the Punjabi Indian laalee to face the humiliation as she is quiet used infact habitual of it. I fail to understand how a human being remembers he represent a power and forget that he or she is still human. Now she is nothing but her brutuality towards innocent children if gaza will hunt her down till her death. I hope,😇😇🇵🇰🇵🇰😇😇

  • Rehan Hafeez says:

    She is demanding votes like bagger 🤐🤐🤐🤐 🤔🤔🤔🤔👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

  • nuno gomes says:

    Shame on you America Shame on you


  • Brian Love says:

    There goes the next president of USA

  • Bilbo Baggins says:

    Thats right BEG!!!! No one will agree with you.

  • Zim Mehmet says:

    Kushners plan to profit from annexing land in the typical US style of “you’re a terrorist if you don’t agreee with us” isn’t working anymore.

  • uba chukwudi says:

    This is a good propaganda for the Arabs!

  • H K says:

    Wake up. America has already lost its credibility, it just doesn’t know it yet.

  • modi ki aisi ki taisi says:

    Veto power should be scrapped…only resolutions should pass or fail by majority voting… Simple but fair.

  • astik bhan says:


  • Jalal Dekhoder says:


  • peter cleo says:

    America, an embarrassing old power

  • ryzo khan says:

    Bulky silly bully,,,niky

  • OnsaوArtoli :D says:

    And the American Empire is fading away

  • Humanity Liberator says:

    😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 lol

  • Huzaifah Mapara says:

    Big failure for US.

  • Major General Siad Barre says:

    Nikki is doing exactly what the Shaytaan does, which is whispers to try to presuade us to do bad things.

  • Daaruul Mutaqiin says:

    World is bigger than 5.

  • JD says:

    Credit to Al Jazeera and James Bays for this report

  • Arvin Einstein says:

    This is probably why US has bought the world’s supply of covid drugs

  • Muhammed Idrees says:

    United Nations of the zionist
    By the zionist
    For the zionist.

  • The truth says:

    She was ready to sleep with everyone for votes

  • Ben' sm says:

    she did as much as she can against the terroris,
    the others are clawn , they are supporting terroris

  • Wesley Snellgrove says:

    Quite possibly the worst ambassador EVER. She’s an abhorrent human being.

  • Sohail Ashraf says:

    USA is loosing all it’s credibility, China is the next power that will take over the power from

  • KMW mk says:

    Ameica is killer of plaesyinian

  • Omer Mowaffaque Jaigirder says:

    That thumbnail…😋 For a sec I was like somebody gonna get a bj

  • Ahmad fauzi says:

    Israel kontol

  • Merlin SG says:

    Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣 it’s america.. it’s synonymous with FAILURE !!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • ANIISH KUMAR says:

    The comment section is full of oil

  • Rvlogz rhb says:

    First of all remove the veto power from those few countries . America just mocked other nations voted against them by using veto.Its simple just remove that power from international bully

  • N S says:

    *Now goes a genocide of white people* *must stop*

  • Frenchkisssss says:

    I dont understand why America would support the colonization of another country.

    • JANE DOE says:

      The most powerful and rich people in america are Jews, the banking families especially.

    • Glenn Mandigo says:

      No Colonization is involved, thats why

    • Frenchkisssss says:

      Glenn Mandigo Israel is colonizing Palestine. Palestinians are the native americans of the middle east.

  • TopTrainers says:

    UN talk too much… Hamas exist and defend theirself coz there is no peacekeeper from UN in Palestine…

  • multisphere1 says:

    Thanks god UN exists!

  • double oo says:

    HAHAHA U.S a joke right now and it was all the doing of the Americans who voted for their president good job y’all had one job😂

  • Raine Riny 7 says:

    Wait so USA used a veto? So why was there voting in the first place?

  • Owen says:

    The black dude is probably thinking, “While you down there Luv”.

  • Tahir Ismail says:

    UN and security Council is as useful as Q in” Queue”

  • Info Technologies says:


  • the-truth-is-out-there says:

    This world is screwed. How on earth can this bullshite UN system continue. Without punishing all the criminals. Inc these who pretend to be the champions of freedom

  • Tyler Madison says:

    Why should we care so much about Israel? What have they done for us! Good riddance

  • Glenn Mandigo says:

    Anyone who doesn’t support Israel should be shot

  • Glenn Mandigo says:

    Here is what they don’t get:

    The longer the UNSC refuses to assist Israel against attacks on its people by state sponsored terrorists, the more Israel will use military force to defend itself, even if it violates international law.

    Stop supporting the terrorist and the nations that sponsor them (Looking at you Iran and Palestine), and Israel will stop using military force

    • Glenn Mandigo says:

      Its that simple.

  • Horse Teeth says:

    What a smart women Nikki Hailey. Truly a fighter for humanity.

  • hallil diallo says:

    Probation for ever and insurance ALLAH truth will come up….

  • LK shaw Krisaan says:

    Humiliation is nothing new to US.this is country which made dickheads like kayne west to even think about standing for the presidential election.who knows he might even get elected.

  • respected Infidel says:

    This channel is islamic propaganda and should be dissolved immediately ! Most of the world loves America and the ones who don’t are just plain ignorant !

  • Ng Bertik says:

    UN = Islamic’s Terrorism Lover