Gulf crisis one year on: Qatar steps up self-sustainability

2020 5/28
Gulf crisis one year on: Qatar steps up self-sustainability

One of the major challenges of the standoff came when the four blockading countries, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt, stopped exporting fresh produce to Qatar.

That led to a push towards self-reliance on food.

Al Jazeera’s Laura Burdon-Manley went to the Baladna farm in northern Qatar.

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  • Double Super says:

    viva qatar

  • Double Super says:

    u guys are an inspiration to other Muslim countries

  • Joseph Ybarra says:

    Was this suppose to hurt Qatar or help them?

    • Fury j says:

      Joseph Ybarra blockade was supposed to hurt qatar economically. But saudis underestimated Qatar. A very small country draws big influence.

    • That one says:

      Fury j big in fluency. Don’t make me laugh

    • SMAK says:

      I guess they didn’t influence the Arab spring with AlJazeera. I guess they don’t hold more property in Britain than the Queen herself. I guess they didn’t outlive the blockaid.

  • Abid Hussain says:

    Proud to reside in this country.!

    • Tau ceti says:

      Abid Hussain Don’t the desert heat get to you over there?

    • Mohammad Sabah says:

      Abid Hussain
      Qatar is not a country.its just a gas station.

    • Digital Era says:

      Shafia Kamal in which angle u see the Qatar is not a country…If Qatar is not a country then why 4 villen are block this reasion…

    • Digital Era says:

      Saudi is the main slave of usa & other frendly country of usa in middle east is apointed as the khadim of saudi for preserve the intrest of usa

  • Manik Kalore says:

    Yeah Until you Gased Out!!

    • binhilabi says:

      and until you country men get bathroom in your country.

    • That one guy says:

      lamo i think they have huge huge huge gas store.

    • Abdul Basheer says:

      Even if they gas out,they still have lots and lots of investment,that will be enough to sustain them.They have the largest natural gas reserves,i don’t think its gonna run out any sooner.

    • Mohammad Hafid Al-Ahyar says:

      binhilabi true

  • Vodka Times says:

    Latin america is on your side

  • 500,000 Views says:

    God bless qatar and somalia.

    • Nomad says:

      500,000 Views …Qatar is our number one enemies financiers don’t be fooled Bro. .

    • Nomad says:

      Alpha581 ..Somalia used to feed Qatar and UAE only 50 years ago before the oil. Somalia is blessed in many ways the civil war made what it is today but soon will rise again

    • Somalia Myblood says:

      Qatar is the worst. They finance terrorists in my country.. In sha Allah Qatar will go astray soon.

    • PhatBoy says:

      Qatar doesn’t friend terrorist xoolo.. that is the Saudis and Emiratis.

    • Dan Mburu says:

      Somalia will never rise, the only solution is to have Somaliland, Jubaland and Puntland as independent nations, the rest be divided between Kenya and Ethiopia.

  • Binu Jasim says:

    Clown prince mBS is to break relationships.

    • Zorba says:

      Binu Jasim all the gulf rulers are clowns competing each other at funding sectarian terrorist group.

  • Ibra Klay says:

    *Aljewzerraaa blowing their own trumpet*

  • Mitchell Subha says:

    India and Qatar stand against Saudi Arabia… 🇮🇳🇶🇦❤️

    • omer khan says:

      Subhasis Das Indeed brother! Iran too! Jai Hind!

    • Zorba says:

      Qatar Funds Terrorism Too dipshit.

    • loading name says:

      Subhasis Das , they are against each other but not like what Indians think. they are still brothers

    • Saanwar Hosen says:

      Saudi Arabia permits Indians to work there! 😂😂😂

    • fouad says:

      More than 80% of the educated and qualified Indians are unemployed and they depend Arab and foreign countries for their livelihood (statistics proves it). Indians depend on foreign countries and they blame the one whom they are depending. Pity on you guys

  • Akash Bhowmick says:

    India and its full nuclear arsenal stands by Qatar and Iran. If they do anything to escalate our nuclear and conventional weapons will wipe you out except Makka madina, rest we will bomb you back to stone age.Even U.S will be sitting duck. P.S – Dont forget Russia

  • A A says:

    Looks like Saudi’s and UAE business are the loser’s.

    • الجزائر عربية says:

      A A no they are not they have more power and more money

    • A A says:

      الجزائر عربية due to the gov blockade Saudi and UAE suppliers went from supplying 80% to 0%. That’s considered a loss to those specific business. And Qater hasn’t given into the demands of the regional powers.

    • That one says:

      A A not really it just means everything that use to go to Qatar is going somewhere that doesn’t support terrorism

    • scorpioninpink says:

      @That one last time I check Saudi Arabia and uae are the biggest supporter of terrorism.

    • That one says:

      @scorpioninpink I think last time you checked you checked aljazera

  • Wojciech Brzychcyk says:


  • Alexander Lopez says:

    Good for Qatar….its not about war….its about building business.

    • sh mithun says:

      we r not israel sir..don’t worry

  • Ayiensky Ayiensky says:

    Many many super big milk at islam contary 2030 foods and drinks all the islam contary alhamdulillah

  • Random says:


  • Random says:

    Why was Qatar being blocked ?

    • That one says:

      Random this is not the place for an unbiased answer almost every one here is brainwashed by aljazera propoganda

    • A Gallagher says:

      sultan Alotaibi You sound very brainwashed yourself

    • That one says:

      Antonio Gallagher says the guy who gets his news from aljazera 😂😂

    • Erfan Raxa says:

      because they refused to be Saudi colony

    • Ralph Bernhard says:

      Random Shifting alliances.
      If there is going to be a Iran vs. Saudi Arabia/Israeli war (backed by the US), the Saudi’s will have to remove Qatar as an independent source of news (Al Jazeera) for the world.
      Also to seize assets (foreign reserves), and resources (oilfields).
      The same happened in the lead up to WW2, when the Nazis annexed Bohemia in 1938 (Czech Republic).
      They got gold, weapons, and natural resources which they used for the next campaign…

  • ASGAR Q says:

    I Love Qatar

  • Ara J says:

    Cows from europe and US, technology from Ireland, hay and dry food for cows from Brazil, plastic for milk bottles from china and they call it “self sustaining”

    • Gay Broshevik says:

      Ara J lol right?!?

      Where’s the hydroponics?
      Where are the vertical farms?
      Where are the solar panels?
      Where is the permaculture???

    • Nomad says:

      Ara J’s called business buying from others and developing for yourselves!

    • legendary says:

      yeah, they should create their own cows….

    • Umor Faruque says:

      It’s just propaganda to show that they are flourishing despite the blockade. Al Jazeera keeps uploading these videos once every few weeks

    • Michael Alavi says:

      Nothing sustainable about the dairy industry, especially in the middle of a desert. Great point. I applaud Qatar’s efforts, hopefully they can encourage people’s eating habits to adjust and create even longer lasting self-reliance and true sustainability.

  • Adil Farhan says:

    Well done qatar.

  • Nam Bao says:

    another good propaganda of qatar. This channel never bring any negative news about this country .

  • Digital Era says:

    MBS is the symbol of worst man…bt blind followers of mbs always try to skip the autocratic, illiterate activity of mbs…

    • That one says:

      Digital Era is that coming from a Saudi. If not please don’t talk about something you know nothing about

    • Digital Era says:

      sultan Alotaibi I m not a blind supporter of MBS like u…. Why u think Saudi is the guardian of muslim nation… Their ideology is satisfaction of Israel and USA…. hei Mr why ur MBS open the surface blockade over Israel…It is according to u Ohabi ideology

    • That one says:

      Digital Era really? And you heard that from Al Jazeera?

    • Digital Era says:

      sultan Alotaibi no no Mr I m not blind suplorter of any approach why I give my statement only on the basis of al Jazeera my nation have our own media and I am student of political science I have minimum sence before criticizing others…

    • That one says:

      Digital Era I am not trying to fight.
      but I just want to make it clear that most Saudis support MBS. When i say support him I don’t mean we support every thing he does, but in general we support him. And I am sure he will be one of the best kings in Saudi arabia. I think it you really want to know about a country you should visit it and I am sure you will be welcomed is Saudi Arabia. If not just ask a Saudi how he feels towards hi country and government . A huge indicator is see how many Saudis are immigranting to other countries. Not alot I bet

  • Gay Broshevik says:

    If Qatar used their money to start a strong branded Algal Biofuel Company, I’d be willing to invest some stock in it.

  • A. Ahmed says:

    Money can buy everything… Wao.. 😁

  • Mikhail Zavarov says:

    Haha ..well done

  • Sharmarke Burhan says:

    Let me say Mashallah well done my brothers

  • Shailesh Maurya says:

    Excellent Qatar 🖒🖒

  • Sheik Yo Booty says:

    Screw the saudis,,,I stand with quater

  • johny broadbelt says:

    Venezuela could learn from this

  • MJ I says:

    Well doing keep up Qatar 🇶🇦 🇵🇰

  • Zavi Zavi says:

    Try a blockade by the US like how Venezuela has which puts económic, comercial and financial blockade. Whay does thst mean? It means thst even when they have money to import food and medicines they can’t. Recently Euroclear froze 2 billion dolars that were going to be used for imports. The blockade started by Obama in 2014 secretly.

    • byte_marauder says:

      How is a blockade started secretly if it the information must be quickly provided to banks, financial firms and transport companies for it to be effective?

  • Nebula says:

    Looks like Pro-Trump SAUDI and UAE business are the big losers.

  • billy kobilca says:

    Resourceful culture… excellent.

  • PINTU KUMAR says:

    All Arabic country spread the terrorism. Also Iran

    • Ahmad Aidil says:

      PINTU KUMAR hey stupid learn english first before talking!your english is as bad as a handicapped

    • Mohammad Hafid Al-Ahyar says:

      I recommend you to build a toilet first before giving comments 🙂

  • PINTU KUMAR says:

    “Chor chor mausera bhai”

  • Muhammed K says:

    Well done Qatar. From a South African.

  • NATO Spear Head says:

    Awesome, keep it up Qatar… while Israhell murders Palestinians to steal Arab land the rest of the Arab Countries keep sanctioning each other.

  • O. Smith says:

    Good for Qatar self-reliance is the best way to go

  • Nomad says:

    Can these Gulf guys run anything for themselves? Every CEO in every gulf state is a white person 😐

  • eurosensazion says:

    Those Qatar owners must of worked really hard in their lives lol. Let’s get the Europeans to come in and fix everything cause we didn’t expect to not feed ourselves ever and our Arab brothers to blockade us.

  • Binnie K says:

    Say no to Bullying

  • Abdi Hassan says:

    Somalia and Qatar we stand to fight with AUE and KSA

  • mz tech says:

    Hey, if i remember correctly then it was our India who sold about 60,000 cows to qatar.

  • Hindu Nationalist says:

    Qatar is terrorist.

  • Kevin Lau says:

    China always support Qatar

  • Alita Battle Angel says:

    Why white people everywhere in Arabian peninsula?

    • the punisher says:

      Dead Man Walking this is our planet white black or brown does not matter

  • Free yourself says:

    Blockade makes you stronger 🇶🇦✌

  • Daeng Toh Muhammad Effandie Daeng Hasan says:

    Self sufficient handphone note

  • zaki rajpoot says:

    Well done

  • Anyale Cawale says:

    We Somalis respect the Qataris determination make it on their own. We Somalis have problems with UAE because of our strong ties with Qatar and they trying to blackmail us in ordet to cut ties with them, not gonna happen NEVER. Qatar and Turkey have special place in our Somali heart. May Allah keep them successful and determent.

  • Tony Dias says:

    Corrupt Criminals Saudi 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹Arabia 🇸🇦 Is ISIS Criminals Criminals

  • Abdul Hakeem says:

    Money can buy any thing from any where in the world

  • hollysaga says:

    Pathetic qatar

  • Shivam Khandelia says:

    Blockade instead of making harm to qatar its helping them to make self sufficient

  • Saalax Somalie says:

    Yes you can life with out Fk Saudi or Emrats Yaa Qadar💌✌ we love you from Somalie.. Somalie Are open To You enything you need in somalie for free😢💌💌

  • Lolol44332211 Rede says:

    I have a feeling Saudi is into something

  • OpaSann0 says:

    Looks like the dutch cows

  • rock the world says:

    Keep going qatar…allha is always with you…

  • The Ahmed Saif says:

    So much plastic and plastic bags 😲 Please think green 🌱🌱🌱🌳🌳🌳

  • Adil Riaz says:

    U close one Door Insha Allah 💯 are opens 💯 percent true 👍👍👍❤️ you Qatar from Pakistan

  • Dan Zorkot says:

    Good for you Qatar just stop funding support terrorism

  • Fine Mercury East Africa says:

    Hardship is the mother of invention

  • Harold Saldy Casalem says:

    It’s amazing what oil money can do.

  • Fahaad Khan says:

    Good on you Qatar

  • Prince Omares says:

    Smack in the face of Saudi and UAE

  • putra mahkota says:

    Qatar can do it

  • anijon says:

    “slice the pie” nice visual pun! Good one!

  • wahyudi yahya says:


  • philip watson says:

    HARD WORK PAYS OFF 💯👏🏼👏🏼👍🏻👏🏼👏🏼

  • Kaish Haider says:

    Muslim country taking help from non-muslim country, but they could seek help from bangladesh, malaysia or any other muslim country.

  • fahad Bin taher says:

    All the best for Qatar…. love from Bangladesh

  • Gul Gulab says:

    Qatar will be exporting milk now belive it if u want then sell it make a profit label Milk from the desert

  • imran basha says:

    I love Qatar & like king Tamim

  • British fliers says:

    I was worried for reporter when cow came out robot would have replaced her from cow and may have started milking her..

  • Mr. Gaming says:

    It is easy to import cows but difficult to sustain. it’s a bleeding mission and will dry out as time passes. Those cows are not built for this type of habitat they have lived freely and in cold weather.

  • Qaws Qaws says:

    Instead of building life on Mars or Moon, let’s build sustainable life in the desert, on the seas, on the mountains, in the poles and under the ground.

  • Al Arafath Official says:

    I love that cow in purple shirt!

  • Bernardine Ali says:

    How wonderful !!
    Necessity is the mother of invention .
    Respect !!!

  • Bite Me says:

    Well that certainly backfired lol

  • Nic K says:

    The pinnacle of factory farming.

  • No Name says:

    What goes around comes around, that’s what Qatar gets for supporting islamic terrorism around the world that has killed thousands of innocents people, and interfering in other nations affairs. May Saudi Arabia invade Qatar to end this islamo-fascist state.

  • The United Provinces says:

    Our people our technology 🇳🇱 we’re the best

  • Haris hanif says:

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  • Mdhasan Mdhasan says:

    Very good Country. QATAR 🇧🇭 🇧🇩 from. BANGLADESH

  • Md Anowar Ali says:

    Where to Sell Cows

  • Mousta Samatar says:

    Saudi Arabia selfish country economy embargo realy Qatar is richest country in the world’s they money they import where ever they want from any country anywhere anytime saudi Arabia u lose

  • scorpioninpink says:

    The blockade is the best thing to happen to Qatar. Now they are more self-sufficient and doesn’t need the help of its neighbors.