Breaking Down Supreme Court Ruling On Trump Financial Records | NBC News

2020 7/13
Breaking Down Supreme Court Ruling On Trump Financial Records | NBC News

In the two cases dealing with President Donald Trump’s financial records, the U.S. Supreme Court sent both back to lower courts ruling that that the Manhattan district attorney’s office can work to obtain the president’s tax returns, but Trump would still be able fight against attempts made by House Democrats.
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Breaking Down Supreme Court Ruling On Trump Financial Records | NBC News



コメント一覧 (115件)

  • nebojsa borkovich says:

    Bubba is happy. Waiting for his little”special” blondy.

  • Wayne Denny says:

    Trump doesn’t want to win a second term for governing purposes, he wants to win it to avoid prosecution.

  • Anonymous Commentor says:

    Even if they find something criminal. I don’t think it would be possible for NYC to do anything about it while he is in office.

  • Kimberly Lucas says:

    I just need all of you here to please promise me to vote in November!! We all need him OUT of power!

    • Joe Milcic says:

      God have mercy on this country if Democrats take over the government. We are already experiencing the effects. Seattle’s autonomous zone “or as the Democratic major called it the summer of love” thus the shootings and murder of a young black man. The horrific increase of crime as a result of law enforcement pulling back in major cities. Children and infants caught in the crossfire. The call of radical left congress men and women to tear or burn down our democracy to create more chaos. No indeed we are in for horror beyond imagination.

  • Speak the truth says:

    Trump is a total tax fraud…. LMAO

  • Raoul Radio says:

    Trump is obviously scared to death about us seeing his finances. He’s DESPERATE to keep his finances secret.

    • Ebony Filly says:

      Biden could ask him at the DEBATES when the WHOLE WORLD CAN WATCH!!
      Oh that is right………….Biden doesn’t want the debates……….he is scared of the PRESIDENT…. lol

  • Speak the truth says:

    Trump… Time to come clean… LMAO

  • Richard says:

    Trump is to stupid to realize that he is in deep trouble. He still thinks that by calling the case a hoax and a witch hunt will help his case. He openly says the he won the case Mueller brought against him, he of course, did not. I have ordered Mary Trump’s book and am really looking forward to reading it.

  • Erica Espinosa says:

    I don’t care if we don’t see Trump’s taxes honestly, all I care is that the NY district prosecutors get them, and then Congress

  • Jane Doe says:

    This sounds like the Supreme Court is saying the president isn’t above the law but the president isn’t subjected to the law in the same way everyone else is and the court will make stuff up to ensure Trump’s taxes/docs aren’t released to NY or congress prior to his election and perhaps not for years. It sounds like they r trying to help Trump win his election by denying the release of his records and putting the national security of the US 2nd to Trump’s right to be a criminal, cheat the taxpayers, and be beholden to foreign governments. Why wasn’t this case for congress decided w/a week? Instead, we’ve watched as Trump has made one decision after another that was in the best interest of Russia, China, etc and not in the best interest of the US. I don’t know what the statute of limitations is but it’s just more justice delayed and justice denied that no other person would have access to in the same way Trump has. And how do 2 justices vote against the decisions? That’s concerning.

  • Georgia Brown says:

    If they ever get his financial records I will be AMAZED.

    • Meryle W says:

      Be patient they will.

  • Jean Hubley says:

    What do they care hes not getting paid ridiculous they have picked on him from before he was elected

  • Jean Hubley says:

    Stop worry about a vaccine

  • Jean Hubley says:

    Yes back and forth like stimulus checks

  • Thomas Patterson says:

    donald trump is not as high and mighty as he thinks he is .a CELL and a BUBBA is in his future. and the best part is the prison uniform is ORANGE

  • NYMArts says:

    Trump is GOLDEN. He’s in. Or CYA. Communists taste good with a little salt and pepper.

  • ed mountain horse says:

    Crooked Trump…Lock’em Up!

  • dos equis says:

    This doesn’t change anything. Trump will refuse to disclose. He’ll prolong and prolong and prolong. Or he’ll just say “Screw the subpoena. I’m not disclosing crap.” and nothing will come of it.

  • SinAlbert CK WONG says:

    Chosen one is going the slaughterhouse. Maybe I should claim the one who had chose me Donny Drump USP is fake.

  • John Culley says:

    This story ignores the fact that this Supreme Court ruling implicitly recognized that, because President Trump has been tried and acquitted in the Senate on very general charges, he has access to all the legal and equitable remedies associated with the fourteenth century common law original writ of conspiracy under the All Writs Act of 1789.

  • Matt F. says:

    I don’t care if Trump makes a lot of money. But if it’s tied to Russia and illegal activity, that’s criminal. If there’s tax evasion and/or money laundering, that’s against the law as well. And any of that means he’s fraudulently and intentonally misrepresented himself to the entire country. Fraud. Treason, breach of Fiduciary duty, etc. How about Crimes against Humanity? That’s already in plain sight.

  • nekko says:

    He is biggest money launderer for world wide criminals and dictators…but he will not be POTUS forever…

  • Beautiful Lei says:

    Lollll. The world is watching with anticipation. He actually has to go. NZ xxx

  • Robin Johnson says:

    The president just said that he’s a president of the rule of law! Which one is it Donnie?

  • Annie Wilson says:

    I was TOLD in 1996 a group of thugs were plotting to bring Trump right down to his knees and TAKE everything away from him, his land, his money I mean everything. They were HIGH POWERED New Yorkers and outside affiliates. I didn’t believe this was true at first, but I kept hearing more! I was also TOLD Trump KNEW they were after him and decided to LET THEM TRY! They’re all GOING DOWN! This is NOT the WIN they THINK is COMING!

  • HRH TreeofLife says:

    Dear God.
    It’s me.

  • The Ocean says:

    My bet would be 5-10 years before the public has access to his tax returns. If he remains president, and another 5 years to that. If his base doesn’t care about the tax returns, he has no use or pressure to release them.

  • Kevin Folsom says:

    The Dumborats never learn their lesson. So another three years of No There there.

    • Meryle W says:

      What does the three years mean?

    • Kevin Folsom says:

      @Meryle W Reference to the Hoax Impeachment, three years of nothing, wasted time money and resources. And for what …Democratic lies trying to take down an Administration. Three years of lies…No there there.Smoke and mirrors.

    • Meryle W says:

      @Kevin Folsom I think you are all for Trump’s racism and illegal activities. He is the worst president ever and the most criminal. I DON’T FEEL THAT the DEMOS WASTED TIME or MONEY.. Trump is a criminal and I am sorry for you if you think he has been an adequate President. He has done nothing positive for the people and he broke promises he made during his original campaign. He will now get in trouble with SDNY for tax issues and possible money laundering. We will find out what Putin has over his. Sorry Kevin but you are in the minority . Put on your glasses and take another look at Trump. All the people who side with him all seem to yell at us. Maybe they don’t believe in what their saying. Good luck in your hatred. Underneath there is real sadness for many people

    • Kevin Folsom says:

      @Meryle W In your case ,I must default to the old saying,” Never answer a fool according to his own folly.”

    • Kevin Folsom says:

      @Meryle W This is a list of at least 319 Trump Accomplishments he has not accomplished according to you.(” He has done nothing positive for the people and he broke promises he made during his original campaign. “)Careful of eyestrain,it is 14 Pages long. See what I mean about an uninformed fool.Go look in the mirror.

  • Alfred Vallejos jr. says:

    DON’T you just love when his bottom lip disappears when he get proven wrong

  • Cook51 says:


  • Village Food Factory Asia says:

    Hello everyone how are you today

  • Fat Albert says:

    Bottom line, plaintiffs couldn’t get what they wanted, which were financial records going into an election in which they hopelessly trail Orange Man. But defunding the police departments and requiring criminals to be released without bail will even the scales for Democrats and proud Socialists once the voters find out about that, right?

  • Nancy Pearl says:

    Am blessed with what I do and so happy to be where I am…is by the mercy of God.all I do I little with investment and am good…ask me how to be self dependent than just thinking what it is ..wa.me6163031688

  • glentorn53 says:

    What has Desperado Don got to hide ??? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode . . .

  • Paulina says:

    His taxes should be public and Americans should know that true whether he has evaded taxes and this needs to happen before elections so we are not fool again!!

  • Jeff somersby says:

    If everyone in the US protested on the fact The people of the US have no confidence in the President until the Income Tax Forms are made Public. There’s absolutely no excuse whatsoever. Not a Legal one anyway.

  • Blessed One says:

    What is Donald Trump hiding? If there’s nothing legally and morally wrong with his tax returns, why is he fighting this hard to shied them from American people. I smell a rotten rat.

    • Geo78 says:

      Remember how republicans said ‘if you did nothing wrong why resist phone taps?” in the Bush days.

  • Jeanette Richardson says:

    Get over it!

  • Just Truth says:

    What a arrogant crook trump is, in hindsight maybe a narcissistic sociopath should not be president.

  • Gladys Smith says:

    Trump is Impeached. A liar racist has nomorals . Traitor most of all.

  • William Eichner says:

    Haven’t even watched it you hide it you own it

  • Tanya Fontenot says:

    Any man with a tan like that hide lots of money!!!!!!! Orange man

  • Lisa Skaggs says:


  • Wilfredo Aquino says:

    Not fair, Trump should be above the law. Barr should rewrite the constitution. Not fair at all.

  • America first says:

    You know I voted for President Trump the last not going to vote for him! He is letdown the American people in so many ways!! And if he doesn’t have anything to hide why would it be so worried about people seeing his tax returns?? He’s trying to run this presidency like he is the king well we don’t have Kings here in the USA it’s a free societyI didn’t Trump actually needs to go back to running hotels and golf courses I think that’s what he should do I know all it’s on his mind is this that’s all he cares about that’s like being a little tyrant! This is just my opinion you know first amendment and all thank you very much for letting me vent God bless everyone stay safe in these hard times

  • XL FOO says:

    Under Trump, US is going downhill. Thanks to American who voted him.

  • Posse Up! says:

    Trump trying to compare himself to Abraham Lincoln, what a joke! Lincoln said that “no man is above the law” and “all men are equal”. Trump says that he is above the law.

  • Hydro Chloride says:

    Conway West 2020!

  • serafin nieves says:

    I don’t want to see Trumps taxes or finances. I want to see him go to prison for crimminal acts,he’s always saying how we have so many bad people and even though he’s wrong in his allegations we can’t ignore the real crimminal acts he has done.

  • B says:

    In time.

  • Beautiful Dream says:

    Yes, put him down in his own game.

  • no yes says:

    … and now Chuck todd. out nothing that interesting

  • rebit 199 says:

    Who from Russia likes

  • Teuku Badruddin Syah says:

    The World watching and smirking on USA Leader😷

  • pakeeza shamim says:

    A president who thinks he is above the law should not be a president from the first place.

  • Shah Islam says:

    Just like millions of virtual thieves of financial institutions world-wide this man is typical American or British fashioned imposter.
    Trump as potus is a disgrace and a shame to our American Election /voting system which needs to be improved and timely updated (e.g. globally pioneering in electronic vote casting method) to put an end on such outlandish GOP practices by their selected thugs to enter the race in the first place and continue participating in our electoral process!


    .All of Australia thinks Biden is unfit for the job…Biden is a liar….
    Americans don’t need to see the tax returns of a Billionaire who became a public servant… They need to see the tax returns of public servants who became millionaires!
    Joe Biden: I have 3 undergraduate degrees and was a top political science student.
    Also Joe Biden: I graduated top of my law school.
    Facts: graduated with one undergraduate degree and was never a distinguished student in anything.
    Facts: graduated at the BOTTOM of his entire law school class.
    Ecuse me when Trump said early that the virus was going to go away, at the same time, he closed our borders to China way back on jan 21 when cases were still like 22. and you call that a delay? why do fox news interview people that dont even speak the truth and speak along partisan lines? and dont forget that the liberal media and the stupid dems attacked him at that time again and again for being xenophobic and fear-mongering whatever that means especially sleepy Joe who was too sleepy he couldnt wake up to reality and was stuck in this fantasies. and also Trump started working on covid testing capabilities way before january 21 behind closed doors and would have gotten there faster if it werent for contamination in the labs of CDC which is extremely suspicious to me. Trump didnt mention any solid stance on covid during his speeches early on but he was taking tough actions mostly behind closed doors. Why the narrative is changing? Why no one mentions the dems attack on Trump’s travel ban to china way early on calling him xenophobic and other childish comments?

  • John Glock says:

    obviously, he doesn”t want anyone to know anything about his “financial wheeling & dealings ” with other People. . he must have a very complicated life. Only GOD can ever know
    the real TRUMP ! or the IRS, if they really want to know, they can ! and they will ! hopefully soon !

  • Edward Newman says:

    Trump is a pathological liar and hypocrite with his puppet Mitch McConnell and Bill Barr and Pence

  • Rick Gross says:

    wow the Fakenews are all working together EVERY DAY they manage to invent a new Trump “scandal”.
    I guess they figure they throw enough spit on the wall some will stick? You better hope so fakenews
    Trump wins again it will be like Michael Corleone at the end of Godfather 1. Think of Carlos

  • Teddy Nofear says:

    With so much campaigning money every public officials records need to be open to the public

  • Manuel Rumbo Naya says:

    If one day. A man like Mr. Donald Trump for example, say about you. This is my friend. Be careful. Words like friendship in that mouth don’t stay too many time. Example. First it’s capable to say. “China’s the best friend of USA”. And then also can say. “Ask China”. And so on. Now. Mexicans are good workers. And before I’ll make a long, long and tall, tall, wall. More than two thousands miles along the frontier. And all of that because mexicans, say, they are a good workers. What a hardest face. What a Republican man example. There will go other examples. Sentences. DACA. LGTBI. TAX REFUNDS. BLACK LIVES MATTER. And so on. Incredible. Really this is the man to win elections?. If he wins. USA lost. Surely.

  • dante vargas says:

    America does not need to see the tax return of a billionaire who became a public
    America needs to see the tax returns of public servants who became millionaires while being public servants.

  • Carlos Trincado says:

    SPIN MASTERS!!! LOLLOLOL !! Chucky cheese , you are a joke!!!

  • lidia rudic says:


  • Peter Apa says:


  • Peter Apa says:

    TRUMP 2020

  • michael fernandez says:


  • michael fernandez says:


  • Suzanne Rios says:

    Look at his faces, trump is so fat and ugly!!!

  • regina allen says:

    They should go for the politics financial disclosure instead. There is multimillionaire in a political parties that got rich in the course of they turn. Please do not patronize your viewers.

  • Scott Silvis says:

    Fake President

  • Gary Quarty says:

    Now Biden can be subpoenaed as well. Here comes John Durham.

  • Zed Dead says:

    Putin’s BEST employee. Good pay, no benefits.

  • Jesus Diaz says:

    CNN is just a Joke.

  • Kathy says:

    It’ll be a game used for election.

  • Annie Parker says:

    Y’all will not get trump tax papers if you were you would already have them.

  • m Cave says:

    Trumps tactics to stack the supreme court in his favor has failed and is laughing at him, it’s really great to watch the Supreme Court work for the people and not for an incompetent president.

  • Daniel Le says:

    It’s kind of sick watching when Trump speaks. The way he talks and what he says is exactly the same way babies soiled their diapers. Babies couldn’t care less when, where, and what they soil in their diapers. Alike Trump cares about where, when, and especially what comes out from his mouth.

  • Michael Rhodes says:

    Now people? Our president literally had a team of the best lawyers in the world. Good luck on locking up America’s most popular mob boss👈

  • Jane Edwards says:

    Crime firm Clinton & associates & their democrat cronies are up to their blatant old antics. Trying to disrupt & put pressure on Trump close to elections. Yeah I’m very curious about the taxes, but this old false pressure game is tediously boring

  • Ghost Face says:

    The 45th A$$hole

  • Jim L says:

    By BL- They better start getting Obamas- Spygate, Bidens- Ukraine quid pro quo, Killary- deleted emails and Benghazi Lynch secret meetings, Schit- treason, Pelousy – treason, Schmuckers- treason, No-Nadsler – treaso, all TAX RETURNS and start legal action against them.

  • deer speak says:

    Lets make this fair. ALL elected politicians disclose their income taxes. I am thinking over half of them would be guilty of tax fraud!

  • Donna Payne says:

    He is so concerned about law and order he shouldn’t mind giving his tax returns

  • di ja says:

    Against demokrats seeing tax records
    This is fake news

  • Dan says:

    This President might have to explain years of cheating on his taxes to the American People.
    If Trump is the biggest tax criminal in the country, who would trust him?
    Is there a difference between cheating on Personal Taxes and Being POTUS?

  • 酱油小妹 says:

    Fake democracy , fake news , fake media , everything come out of evil. America are all fake and lies on everything ,

  • Thomas Cherry says:

    Trump imma report u if u band tiktok

  • Mike Homan says:

    Maybe Roger Stone will visit trump in prison.



  • Raj Raj says:

    So you 😝🤪

  • Raj Raj says:


  • Edward Decker says:

    How Trump cheats on his taxes.

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  • nov star says:


  • Frankie Brockway says:

    So, he still wins. He only needs his very well paid attorneys to find that loophole. Even if that fails, he can put it off on appeal after appeal all the way back to the Supreme Court. Not a win except for Trump.

  • Willie Bateman says:

    Trump work for Russian 👺lol not the USA go trump

  • Khanh Nguyen says:

    “””””THE LAW OF FAIRNESS “””
    If President Trump’sTAX investigation, then former P.Obama should be investigated .

  • 3:00 pm Tv says: