8-Year-Old Fatally Shot Near Rayshard Brooks Memorial | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/16
8-Year-Old Fatally Shot Near Rayshard Brooks Memorial | NBC Nightly News

8-year-old Secoriea Turner was shot and killed in Atlanta while riding in a car with her mother when police say, for still unknown reasons, gunmen opened fire.
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8-Year-Old Fatally Shot Near Rayshard Brooks Memorial | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (179件)

  • X Men says:

    I don’t think they’re getting tired of it. Seems like they getting ready for more killing since police is getting defunded.

  • chaosXpert says:

    America is a society of violence. More and more children die every day, but we can’t have new gun regulations

    • William Wells says:

      Black culture needs to fix itself first!

    • Nina Axe says:

      millions have guns and never have to use them, good to have if you need one though. Majority of Americans know how to police themselves, everyone should give that a try and stop reaching for a weapon to solve arguments, imaginary or real.

    • noobslayer 592 says:

      Chicago has the strictest gun regulations doofus. Stop throwing blame around

  • Demon BEST says:


  • Maiden Laura says:

    America STOP! JUST STOP! There are better ways. Learn to communicate, learn to truly listen.

  • jonlj77 says:

    Everybody needs to take responsibility for they’re own actions.
    It’s not about race or creed. It’s about the person in the mirror.

    • Gotthatgoin4me says:

      Yes yes it is.

    • momarist says:

      Well theres one race that refuses to do that.

    • Margaret Nicol says:

      Well said.

    • Genevieve Hansen says:

      jonlj77 shamone

  • Ho Lee Phuq says:

    Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha, has been a disaster for Atlanta.
    Her call for weakening the Police and stupid policies and rhetoric have only incited further violence.

    • Nina Axe says:

      Yeah, criminals are starting to take full advantage of it, they could care less about another persons live to begin with, in many cases.

  • Edward Mahoney says:

    So sad for this little girl the mayor is responsible for this now she’s playing the covid-19 game she started playing the game today

  • mottthehoople684 says:

    BLM at it’s best… America you should be ashamed of yourself… but I doubt that Americans can be embarrassed because we have no standards anymore

    • Sheldon Gray says:

      Really? Where were you when the KKK was harming people? Coward.

    • S V says:

      Sheldon Gray cowardly of you to admit your 100 million years old and the best move you got is to bring up one of your favorite past times you were 100% not even around for. But that’s on you because you also have no dignity or standards.

  • mottthehoople684 says:

    Oh and by the way I have an eight-year-old African-American goddaughter and I’m white so you can stop using that term racist it’s old and it’s
    The 21st century Trojan Horse

  • Moon God says:

    Cmon guys y’all making the movement look terrible 😢

  • keesha b says:

    This needs to stop

    • Greg Grimer says:

      Easy to start. Harder to stop.

    • N B says:

      Black lives matter will fix it

    • S V says:

      Black lives matter will so fix it.. you guys should light some buildings on fire!

    • Rick James says:

      keesha b The Marxists have taken over the black cause & are applying different racist ideaologies to it. Call them out, the ones donating & paying & making signs for your cause.

  • Mic Little says:

    Trump world !

  • Samuel Douse says:

    B L M is a joke ! Their non profit tax code status should get revoked. Now — they should be making witnesses be transparent in helping to find the killers. BLM wants transparency from the police. Get it from the black folks in the community. YOU know , because BLM !!! Really !!! Do they matter !?? Live Smart and Stay Safe.

    • wake up and smell the coffee says:

      BLM is definitely NOT a joke. It is a real internal and transnational terrorist organization openly embraced by many around the world. Because they use the words…black lives matter…which resonates well with many. BLM the organisation has agendas nothing to do with the well being of black lives.

    • Samuel Douse says:

      @wake up and smell the coffee Good day. True words. Have you read their mission statement ?

    • Christine Mills says:

      @wake up and smell the coffee BLM abolish the police! what could go wrong? THIS

  • Daddy D says:

    Bop bop bop

  • Kris Post says:

    BLM is a disgrace to this country!

  • ritaperdue says:


  • Loretta Davis says:

    Thank God bring in the national guards. Where is the outrage? KLM.

    • Jvee says:


    • Sheldon Gray says:

      Woman plz! Fight for your own community. Stop running to your white daddy!

    • Wayne Wayne-O says:

      @Sheldon Gray Thats not very nice
      Angry 🐑

  • joshpmerkley says:

    Why was there a memorial for that fool that was self-defense those officers are heroes that mayor is trash

  • UBU NOW says:

    The issue is easy access to guns any fool can go buy a gun

    • Nina Axe says:

      @Love Junkie If a criminal wants a gun, they are going to get one. If an organized group of thugs wants a bunch of guns. they will get a hold of them. Even if there were no, legal guns that wont stop a criminal from getting a hold of one.

    • BTIsaac says:

      @Nina Axe
      Yes, that’s why gun violence is so high in countries with gun control.
      Oh… wait.

    • Love Junkie says:

      BTIsaac exactly. Ppl like to speak before they do any research. It’s like they hear someone say something one time, take it as fact, and run with it.

    • Sophia Wilson says:

      Finally a smart person.

    • Sophia Wilson says:

      @BTIsaac good one.

  • Vanessa Ab says:

    This sounds really weird like something has to be behind it

    • Just Peachy says:

      Oh give the conspiracy a rest!

    • Ray _ says:

      Nah BLM are now shooting at cars that dare get near their riots. They illegally block the streets and attack vehicles, which then obviously run them over trying to get out. In response BLM and Antifa are scared and shoot at anything that comes near them.

  • Rough collies says:

    No lives matter to criminals

  • Peter Mcginnis says:

    Why is she not tanding upfor police she is one of them she should run her mouth off in defence of her colleagues stand up now please for them.

  • Anna Lee says:

    You Will Know Them By Their Fruits.

  • Keshia Mixon says:

    Um how do they know it was a black person who killed that little girl if they don’t have a suspect

    • Froggy says:

      @BTIsaac wow, I didn’t know that. That’s scary. But wasn’t the shooter black? The parents said so.

    • BTIsaac says:

      Oh right. Dead of night, the shooters wearing all black, but the parents could clearly make out their skin color while they were being shot at. Makes perfect sense. And i don’t trust a word coming out of the mouths of parents who use the death of their own daughter to delegitimize Black Lives Matter.

    • Froggy says:

      @BTIsaac Hey ..I wasn’t there and I didnt see it (except what was on the news) I only know what the parents and wittnesses said. I dont know if what they said is true any more than I know what you’re saying is true. And I’m not going to debate something when I dont know the facts. Stay safe!

    • BTIsaac says:

      Neither was I, but use some common sense.

    • Froggy says:

      @BTIsaac well your common sence sounds a little paranoid to me. Accusing the parents of a child who just got murdered of a political reason for lying about who killed thier child? I dont see that. But you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, as I am mine.

  • Slim J says:

    Where are the protest? Where is BLM? Defund the police? Sad.

  • Ah Ming Seah says:

    Has the 2nd Amendment brought about more security or more sadness to the USA in this modern day and age? Some Food-for-Thought.

    • Scott Ross says:

      Well, when these thugs are shooting at your car, you tell me…

    • Kris Smiley says:

      Has for me ,I legally own a gun, and if someone illegally enters my or one of my neighbors appartments while carrying a illegally owned gun I will be able to deal with the situation

  • Tony V. says:


    • Margaret Nicol says:

      @Ace Tech But what does this have to do with BLM??? How does it fit in with police brutality?

    • Natural Spring Solace says:

      Margaret Nicol How does Trayvon martin, the incident that started blm correlate with police brutality? People are sick of you hypocrites excusing every black persons death that doesn’t fit your agenda.

    • Margaret Nicol says:

      @Natural Spring Solace Excusing a death? Don’t be obscene.

    • Natural Spring Solace says:

      Margaret Nicol It’s true though. If the death is at the hands of somebody not white, NOBODY seems to care. They always excuse it with “but blm is about police brutality and racism!” And like I said, that’s a lie because Trayvon martins case started blm and they DO focus on non police brutality cases when a white man perpetrates it. You’re a wicked person.

    • Margaret Nicol says:

      @Natural Spring Solace They focus? Them? The others? The ones not like you? NO brutal death is excusable. NO-ONE has the right to use a gun on an unarmed child or adult. The sickening thing about the police brutality it not only that they do it but that they get away with it? Don’t you understand that? Someone kills someone they get caught, go to court, get sentenced and sent to prison. When the police do it they have a few weeks vacation on full pay and are either given a desk job, sent to a different station or it’s simply ignored. THAT’S THE DIFFERENCE. That why people are asking for justice.

  • All of my cats and me behind the camera. says:


  • J axt says:

    Its crazy watching people who go home to safe places try to understand what its like not having those means .. this is daily, nightly and 24hrs in many places Sad .. Fix that and you fix the race problem promise

    • Love Junkie says:

      Yes but a lot of the same people who complain about living in these areas are the same people who don’t report names to the police or refuse to “rat” on ppl in their neighborhood. Sometimes people need to take responsibility for their own neighborhoods and do what they can to fix it. Just like those black business owners in Chicago who came together to put a $25,000 reward for the shootings in their area. They even said people need to take responsibility for their own neighborhoods.. like come on.

  • Daniel Storm says:

    Hope the killer is caught and pays for this horrible crime. But why are people mentioning BLM as though this crime demonstrates some double standard. As though protesting against deadly force applied to black people in recent years for petty crimes, looking dangerous, sleeping in cars, watching TV is missing some other dimension. What is wrong with acknowledging that this happens and needs to stop. Why do you have to point to unrelated crimes as though one cancels or diminishes the other? Some even keeping score as though in an imaginary racial war. Pretty low on logic.

  • Nick Elliott says:

    The child was killed by a black armed militia main stream media want say that do some research black lives matter huh

    • TieFighter34 says:

      Yeah, they are blaiming it on police. Ha ha. They are desperate.

  • Heidi Nolen says:

    Why are kids going to protests? It’s a FACT, people are getting killed. Leave the babies at home. Fight for them and teach them, but protect their innocence as long as possible. Enough time ahead to teach them WHY this is happening. But for the love of all things, teach them facts!

    • wake up and smell the coffee says:

      They were not going to the protests…their car was blocked and reverted…and they attempted to leave. They shot the car intentionally.

  • Carlos Stranger says:

    Add a monument of George Floyd holding a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach to honor the children

    • Christine Mills says:

      @soulful41 BLM abolish the police

    • Carlos Stranger says:

      @soulful41 as far as I care he died the way he lived

    • Carlos Stranger says:

      @S V congratulations on your lobotomy

    • goosnav slakovic says:

      @soulful41 well the same people who want a monument for Floyd want the ones for Washington taken down.
      Same hes just using the same logic

    • Alv V says:

      That’s actually a really good idea for an artwork. If it’s your original idea, you got a good head for painting/drawing/sculpture/street-art.

  • Blues1 J says:

    Where is BLM 😀
    This Mayor says it has to stop .
    Mayor any solutions?

    • Nerthus says:

      It was BLM/Antifa that opened fire on the car.

  • djkennd2 says:


  • Shirley Lee says:

    Marshall Law is needed!

    • Nina Axe says:

      No, it is not. Local State Governments need to step up and get it done for its citizens, if they need help, then can ask for it.

  • black bird says:

    ‘court closures, and early prison releases’ are NOT the problem. The news really needs to stop buying the standard BS line of politics.

  • BiG JuiCe says:

    2020 probably the worst year in American history!😪

  • Carolina Macias says:

    This is what “defunding” the police will look like. RIP for the victims.

  • TieFighter34 says:

    Sad. But there will be no protest from Black Lives Matter. Facts.

    • Lone Noro says:

      Shame shaaaaaaaaaaameeeee

  • Berserkir Claws says:

    gun laws reform = less guns = less police officers needed = reallocation of police founds = better services

    • ShawdowsAndDust says:

      Sure because we all know that the ones doing these shootings are the ones going to the gun store being ran through background checks. Last time I checked drugs were illegal yet there have never been more drugs on the streets than there are today. We should ban crime too while we’re at it right?

    • Pak De says:

      @ShawdowsAndDust so your solution is more guns and you think that will make you safe?

    • Pak De says:

      No, you need to buy back all guns and melt them down. Give two thousand dollars for a gun no questions asked and get rid of all the guns and make it automatically a life sentence for committing a crime with a gun. Reform and all that other crap won’t work. It’s got to be zero tolerance or nothing. In Indonesia a retired high ranking general was arrested for owning a gun without permission. That’s how serious they are about guns. Ten years I lived in Indonesia and not one kid in a country of 270 million people ever got shot.

    • Berserkir Claws says:

      @Pak De It’s near impossible to make understand people in America that guns are dangerous and should only available to trained professionals like soldiers and police officers (and they do need some TRAINING).
      It’s the only way to stop gun violence once for all.
      And you definitely right about extremely strong sentences for any gun crime.

  • Real crimes & more with Angela says:

    🌹R.I.P.🌹 condolences to the family .

  • Matt C says:

    Omg NBC finally posted a death of a child on here!!!! Only because they could add Rashards name on the tag though!

    • soulful41 says:

      Matt. WTF are you talking about? They are constantly talking about what’s going on in the US. It’s not their fault you’re too stupid to look at other segments.

  • sef man says:

    What the f is wrong with people in your clown show of a country

  • panic petar says:


  • Rob Simpson says:

    They were “Blacks For Trump.”

  • x zhou says:

    Where is BLM?

  • Richard Cabesa says:

    Is this the same mayor who was cheering on the rioters ten minutes ago?

    • soulful41 says:

      Richard, she was cheering on the protests, not the riots. Get your facts straight.

    • Jack Green says:

      @soulful41 Cheering the protests gives the rioters confidence, get your facts straight.

  • Bacons Strip says:

    The driver of the car she was in pulled past the BLM barrier to u-turn the opposite way. BLM protestors opened fire on the car and killed the girl. Mayor is at fault here. Can’t have areas of your city where the law doesn’t exist simply because you’re afraid of the optics of upholding it because of race.

  • cforte0423 says:

    The mayor has that child’s blood on her hands.

    • 森林雪 says:

      No ever one in a high position who agreed to defund or abolish police has blood on their hands

      130% doesn’t just shoot up in a month for no reason, especially at a time where cops are leaving because of demands

    • Margaret Nicol says:

      No she hasn’t. She’s one of the better ones.

    • soulful41 says:

      cforte, you have blood on your hands fool. What did she do to have blood on her hands? Defend her city???

    • Rick James says:

      She is a piece of 💩

    • Rick James says:

      soulful41 You are why BLM will fail. You are a knucklehead.

  • Barbra Kersting says:

    This is heart breaking 😥 stop killing 😥 please 😢 my heart n prayers for the family..

  • Anythin Anywear says:

    So the POLICE didn’t shoot this girl. Do black lives really matter? To anyone? Hard to fathom, at a memorial no less, for a victim of another white cop kills black man?? People, ALL LIVES MATTER??? WHAT THE PROBLEM IS???

  • Anythin Anywear says:

    This is getting way out of line. If everyone, and I mean everyone, had the values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness instilled in them as written in the constitution, maybe we could put this to bed.

  • Anythin Anywear says:

    Defund the Atlanta police Department. Slow down the process for justice. OR RIOT PILLAGE AND BURN. That seems to be the answer so far.

  • Nerthus says:

    Will Mayweather buy her a gold coffin?

  • Natalie G says:

    You are all being played.

  • mrpworld says:

    The mayor is at fault……oh yes, and white people. I forgot about that. And the police, them too. But not BLM.

  • DoritosTresLeches Cinco says:

    Keisha Lance bottoms, Gavin Newsome, de Blasio, and Durkin all have blood on their hands. If you want people to not care when people are shot and killed, then continue to vote Democrat.

  • Noel Blake says:

    That black life didn’t matter spread your hate some more

  • Kai Evans says:

    So a criminal gets a memorial and a protest, but this little girl gets nothing?

  • Love AndLight says:

    And the mayor wants pitty testing positive ..
    Thats a lie ..over this baby ..who is now in the arms of christ,
    While the mayor is in the arms of lucifer!!
    What a shame
    She sold out to her own people..shes selfish …to even tell the public..after thus childs life was taken

    • Terry Hesticles says:

      Exactly how many years old does a CHILD have to be in order for morons to stop referring to them as “a BABY”…?

    • Rick James says:

      She has rabies not covid

  • Love AndLight says:

    Media does not care about children ..they protect the ones who harm them … God knows its all there fault

  • Omar Locke says:



    • KillerBeers says:

      Supporting people that MURDER 8 year old black angels…
      Nice Karma.

  • Jackson 7177 says:

    BLM = BURN LOOT MURDER a complete DISGRACE!!! BLM is beyond a JOKE!!!!!

  • Hugin Munin says:

    If BLM were an honest organization they would honor these people all over their website just like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin and start a real movement for change. Just shows how they are part of a more insidious agenda and are just using the black communities outrage.

  • JJ Bartek says:

    The Atlanta Mayor is just another dumb Democrat  Can’t

  • Chia Lee says:

    BLM cares more for criminals than innocent people. Then there are dumb people who follows them and they have no clue what they r fighting for. If you want to fight. Fight for your country your enemies not your American citizens. What if another country attack us. This is ths best time since we r not united. Teach your kids with love not hate. It goes to every race. It starts with the parents first. Parents r their first teacher.

  • jefree says:

    Do you think Trump should step in when Mayors and Governors are allowing lawlessness?

    • Froggy says:

      What does it matter what we think? Trumps just gonna do what he always does: Nothing ….unless its self-serving. This country is so messed up, no one knows what’s happening or what to do…and that’s what happens when there is no leader.

    • jefree says:

      @Froggy I research many sources of news. the X22Report says Trump is allowing the corrupt Mayors and Governors to expose themselves so we the people can see which ones are Patriots and which ones for the Deep State.

    • Froggy says:

      @jefree Trump is more corrupt than the corrupt mayors and governors who support him. Now hes pardoning a felon while the country is trying to figure out how to stay alive and keep our children safe. Unbelievable..

    • jefree says:

      @Froggy I just read California Governor is releasing about 8,000 inmates (Mercury News). This along with mandating mask wearing??? Preparing for the next rounds of riots maybe??

    • Froggy says:

      @jefree I hadn’t heard that. It doesnt sound good. Unless ..hopefully, they are minor offenders and not a major threat. I’m so tired of the rioting and destruction. As for the mask mandate, I personally wish they would mandate it across the entire country for 30 days ….something needs to be done to stop the spreading….if it’s not too late already.

  • B W says:

    US number 1 in the world by what standard or metric? Arrogance? violence? hate?

  • Coco says:

    meanwhile everyone is fighting over the color of their skin and ignoring all other issues. Its really sad

    • Alv V says:

      Yeah, I’ve been an anti-racist all my life, but lately I haven’t cared at all anymore, because I realize most non-white people hate my guts because of my color/lack of it.

    • Natural Spring Solace says:

      Alv V it doesn’t matter how nice you are to them. Not all not all, but most non-whites want you DEAD.

  • Andy S says:

    The mayor was wrong! ABC news report blamed it on the police. They said the BLM protestors took over Wendy’s parking lot where Rashard Brooks died, quote “ and the police just let that happen! “ I mean, dude! OMG! I couldn’t believe it. After all these defund the police and 11 charges against Garret Rolfe. However I do think police reform is necessary, some cases are ridiculous indeed. They shoot too fast, on all races including on white people. You can find plenty of those videos on YouTube. There’s some problem with their training. But I’m not sure about the 11 charges against Rolfe.

  • KillerBeers says:

    Just goes to show… the biggest threat to blacks ain’t Ole Whytie McDevil, nor the cops.

  • T J says:

    Pray for all these innocent souls. God is Watching

  • Thomas Panto says:

    Evolved humans defend the future of creation FROM predators who measure success by the number of dead bodies they consume.
    Trump is president of predators.
    Trump wants children in schools spreading virus across every county in America.

  • Dame Triple Duece says:

  • TONY says:

    Cuomo was to held accountable for putting infected people in nursing homes. And allowing looting and murders of children. His actions should demand prison for this sick man.

  • NewClearHead says:

    You have her blood in your hands too NBC

  • Mike Homan says:

    Amazing how the reporter comes to all his conclusions without the results of investigations and trials. Only real news to some is that people were shot. Give it time before you “report” on why.

  • Robert J. Williamson says:

    In Europe the police shoot between 1 and 5 people a year. In the USA they shoot far in excess of 1000. How can you think this is normal or a free society? There is a huge gap between how Americans see their nation and how the rest of the developed world sees their nation. Americans see the USA as ‘the land of the free,’ the rest of us see a brutal police state driven by out of control gun violence. It’s never going to change.

  • Rick James says:

    Yup BLM right?

  • jeremy daniels says:

    white supremacists cops dressed as black lives matter activists got another one….sad. we should ask Nike what to do the show our support for these freedom fighters being hunted by racist cops.

  • soul ofgod5 says:

    Shot by BLM

  • Mrk_deville 64 says:

    hope they catch whoever did this Rest In Peace baby girl

  • Truth Seeker says:

    Democratic politicians have a hand in all of this

  • Roman Jones says:

    Vote to save America!

  • Joey Harper says:

    And just like that, BLM and Democrats don’t care because the killer wasn’t white. No more reporting on this incident smdh.

  • Frankie 4 fingers says:

    The difference between a southern mayor and a NorthWestern Mayor is clear…..

  • peter kreisler says:

    NBC no better than CNN

  • wake up and smell the coffee says:

    The correct title for this episode is…BLM rioters and symphatizers intentionally killed an 8 year old black girl in Atlanta.

  • Enzo says:


  • mottthehoople684 says:

    Am I the only one crying everyday for the absurdity of this country and a lack of leadership displayed for these children… that’s not a metaphor …I cry everyday

    • Alv V says:

      I don’t seem to have the ability to cry anymore, my heart have turned hard as diamond, but I’m sick inside of looking at whats going on in the world.

  • Ernesto Ybarra says:

    Oh ok but America do not fear model Chrissy Teigen an MSNBC favorite Tweeted
    The nipple has been temporarily silenced but she will be back, oh yes, she will be back 😲
    6:35 PM · Jun 29, 2015·Twitter

  • Alv V says:

    Meanwhile in Belgium the royalty are apologizing for their existence, because they had a colony in Africa not last century, but the century before that again.

  • Syrnian says:


  • Philip Williams says:

    BLM right?

  • Kris Smiley says:

    How does anyone know if the people who shot the little girl were black ?

    • Natural Spring Solace says:

      There is surveillance video. I live 5 minutes away from this Wendy’s. They killed her because her mom was making a u turn at their black lives matter “closed off occupied area”

  • Lol Master360 says:

    BLM……yeah right.

  • Clappin Bass Cheeks TV says:

    That poor baby

  • Loma Bright says:

    Nobody was prepared … Covid-19 will hit the USA so hard … better prepare now :

  • Rick Rivera says: