Can People Be Reinfected With Coronavirus? | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/17
Can People Be Reinfected With Coronavirus? | NBC Nightly News

British researchers say a study of 96 COVID-19 patients found their antibodies peaked after three weeks after the symptoms appeared, then rapidly declined. Three months later, only 17 percent of those tested had the same level of antibodies.
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Can People Be Reinfected With Coronavirus? | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (165件)

  • puz zle says:

    The fatality rate may not be high but the incubation period, rapid spread, and deadly implications with high risk people makes this virus unlike anything we have seen before.

    • Blade Valant says:

      Also with the fact it can mutate.

  • Coco Butter Barbie says:

    I know this goes without say but I’m so ready for this to be over. I need this to be over and soon. I’m so sick of going into near panic because my nose starts to run or my throat itches. I never know whether to take Claritin or rush to the hospital. People, we’ve been doing this dance for nearly six months. Can we please act like adults just this once?!!! Stay away home, wear a mask, wash your filthy hands and most importantly if you don’t want to do these simple things for a short time to protect yourself can you please stay your dumb azz away from the rest of us who don’t want this illness!!!!

    • Garry Graves says:

      You forgot the most important thing we can do to at least get this under control……..QUIT LISTENING TO tRump!!!

    • Oscar Galvan says:

      *wear a mask

    • Kevin Trayers says:

      Settle down Karen. Take an Ativan.

  • Squiggy G. says:

    China infected us and is turning us against ourselves. Why aren’t we mad at their president.

    • Squiggy G. says:

      Gemin_Ice He shut down travel,shut down country, established a task force who has been advising with changes, yes it’s new, but some have not been listening …he has led but they decided not to follow. Pull your brain back from CNN hysteria. Besides NY and NJ…49 k of 135 most over age of 65, NYers NJ etc fled and spread it across the country. Protests and partying kids did the rest. It’ll iron back out. It’s CNN hysteria

    • Squiggy G. says:

      Gemin_Ice PS I live in Florida and this time of year there are usually very few ny, nj tags…today in grocery store lot at least half of cars had ny,nj tags. Real not CNN hype nonsense

    • Squiggy G. says:

      Gemin_Ice and your arguing my first statement proves my point of my first statement you argued with pointlessly

    • Squiggy G. says:

      Gemin_Ice the U.K. Their leader went into a hospital not believing the virus was real and caught virus…hello does anyone pay attention or just argue

    • Squiggy G. says:

      Gemin_Ice Thailand didn’t shut down at all. S.korea wears masks anyway because of pollution….stop watching CNN

  • Bulky Joel says:

    Coronavirus will increase so much to the point it can’t be controlled

  • SocialDude says:

    They’re just finding out about this now? It’s been discovered since March.

    • whataboutism says:

      You know american doctors need to see body bags pile up here first before acknowledging the truth that Europe, Japan and South Korea already documented! It’s a hot mess!

    • Pak De says:

      If you’re referring to the Korean cases, that was proven not to be happening. The Koreans have the longest experience with a large population and massive testing. The cases of people getting reinfected is troubling but they could have compromised immune systems. Needs a lot more research. Hopefully it’s not the case.

    • alan dickson says:

      Social Dude, reports out there of it being found in treatment plants etc last year. Possibly having lay dormant, also suggestions that it may lay dormant in the body until conditions are favourable to it

  • Laurie Huntley says:

    And the world is fighting back. We’re all screwed what we have done.

    • Miranda Bri says:


    • David Turner says:

      @Miranda Bri Are you talkin about Joe?

  • ??? guess says:

    Make Trump a one term POTUS.

    • David Turner says:

      the world is ending in 6 years. AOC updated her 3 year old post. Most watch starring Greta.

  • ArchAngel Michael says:

  • AbsolutelyAndre says:

    Dude acting like he won a long fought battle with cancer only to find out that it came back… Gtfoh with this BS. If it was that serious for him, he wouldn’t be doing interviews.

  • volcano hi says:

    Once you learn about fake news they cant reinfect you.

  • Sean Bailey says:

    How depressing.

  • Clasmir says:

    So this sounds like the flu. Just a very deadly kind. Great…

    • atf300t says:

      @alan dickson I am not sure what you meant, but what I said was true. Most people are not reinfected by the *same* strain of flu even if a few decades have passed since the initial infection. However, coronoviruses are different. The antibody level declines significantly over time. In some cases, it happens so rapidly that people can be reinfected after just a few months.

    • alan dickson says:

      @atf300t Sorry I stand corrected, tired, misread your helpful info and likely triggered from these covidiots calling hoax!
      I’m still recovering from a 2nd illness a few month’s back & had to make my peace more than a few times! For me much worse 2nd time, as weakened from the first time around.

    • alan dickson says:

      @atf300t corrected my post, sorry again & stay safe👍

    • atf300t says:

      @alan dickson I’m sorry to hear that. I wish you a speedy and full recovery!

    • alan dickson says:

      @atf300t Thanks and all good, we pick ourselves back up 💪✌🙏

  • themutantalienjesus says:


  • Orda Khan says:

    We knew about this back in march.

  • R1_Rebe1 says:

    Of course you can get reinfected. Just because you get antibodies doesn’t mean you’re completely immune.

    • imeldo marcos says:

      Seriously ?

    • imeldo marcos says:

      It is like the flu i think.

    • Karen Byrd says:

      @imeldo marcos Chances are, yes. Whatever the vaccine to come is will probably require repeat innoculations just like flu a/ b do now.

  • Chev Chelios says:

    60 million people die every year.

    • Mike Galbraith says:

      That impact minimization statement omits little details like many Covid-19 having been preventable AND the permanent organ damage reported in survivors. You essentially said “death is a thing”. Brilliant.

    • Tru G says:

      @Mike Galbraith death is apart of life if you haven’t figured that out yet

    • Evvmarie says:

      Pretty cavalier attitude. Think you won’t be one of them? Careful, your arrogance may bite you on the butt.

  • cotey bucket says:

    Oh goody 🙁

  • Char says:

    This crazy, a vaccine would never work unless you get a shot every two weeks… goodbye humanity

    • atf300t says:

      Based on experiences with other coronaviruses that cause common cold in humans, most people do not get reinfected by the same virus for a couple years, though some can be reinfected within a few months. Assuming it is same for SARS-CoV-2, you can vaccinate everyone every year and that will provide herd immunity among population. Also there is a hope that some vaccines will produce more lasting immunity than infection.

  • derrill yager says:

    Reinfection is not the only negative possibility. There is also in many cases permanent damage within the body… Eyes Open America.

    • Christoph Backhaus says:

      When this started there was a study that showed that it basically castrated men even with mild cases… Not just are you more likely to die from Corona when you are a men no you also get your manly hood taken away.

  • Susan C says:

    Rest In Peace to all who have died from the Trumpvirus.

    • ClarksoninJapan says:

      Trump virus?

  • Gumbo Jambalaya says:

    can we get some good news?

  • Michael Wilson says:

    Do you still not believe this was a viral weapon designed by the Wuhan Lab in China in order to cause global catastrophe enabling the Chinese military to seize power throughout the world? Look at the facts and decide for yourself.

  • Animeblade83 says:

    This kind of acts like what the flu does, we may have to get vaccinated each year

    • A.S Bernard says:

      Tru G Right, I would not trust a vaccine made in such a short time. We don’t know the long term effects yet, only the very short term ones. Same with the virus. The virus could actually do some damage to your immune system later on and vaccines are basically just weakened viruses.

    • Keandre The Goat says:

      Trust me ,you not gonna want this vaccine

    • Anthony Mulcahy says:

      Keandre The Goat Trust you? On the basis of what credentials?

    • alan dickson says:

      If you’ve been even moderately ill with covid, you’ll consider your chances with the vaccines

    • Bob Holmes says:

      Worse. It might be more like cold virus, which change every year, so a vaccine doesn’t work.

  • ZedWONG says:

    Chinese knew about this 3 months ago…. And also be aware of ADE…. just a kindly warning…

  • Tham Nguyen says:

    Some people may get ill from the second exposure when they didn’t on the first.
    Vaccine might be difficult. There’s a lot to learn still.

  • atf300t says:

    This is hardly surprising based on what we know about 4 coronaviruses that caused common cold in humans. Accordingly to one study, the antibody level in most people drops over time, still in most people this level remains high enough to protect them for 2-3 years, but in some people this level drops so rapidly that they can be reinfected with the same virus in 3-4 months.

  • Armando Mercado says:

    Anybody up for monthly vaccine injections?

  • John Fourman says:

    The donkeys i mean jackasses will probably blame trump for this, some how some way it has to be his fault dumocrats smh. The virus will probably disappear after the election or it wont be talk about at all like it is gone again. Just like it wasn’t mentioned for a month when everyone protested. First day Trump says he’s jumping back on the campaign Trail was the first time they talked about coronavirus in a month. That day they were like Breaking News! National Guards and police taking control shutting the Chaz zone and protests. It’s just in , More Breaking News!!! Trump announces he’s back on the campaign Trail as corona cases numbers Skyrocket and the death toll Rising.

  • Tom I says:

    Trump supporters are not okay with people entering their country but they are welcoming the virus into their bodies…


    We all are about to die

    • Jerry Kwerve says:

      Relax and take zinc and vitamin c and d everyday. And you’ll be fine


      @Jerry Kwerve I’m you to talk to NBC when God tells me times up then Its over I’m tired of the Media scare tactics

  • David Turner says:

    What will happen the third time?

    • Albert Bartok says:

      My friend had it and got it a second time. 36 and excellent health. Died the 2nd time. 😕

    • alan dickson says:

      @Albert Bartok Sorry for your loss and unfortunately have to agree, it appears to get worse each time ✌❤🙏

  • Carlos Stranger says:

    Poor little Snowflake this BS changes hourly FAKE NEWS we know nothing

  • L Harris says:

    I think it never left. So is the new norm? Once you get it that’s it?

  • Ravner says:

    but doesn’t the body remember what it encountered with covid-19 and as such have memory cells to fight the infection?

    • Kevin Trayers says:

      you should write science fiction

    • A.S Bernard says:

      I think it’s because the cells in your body die and get replaced so the immune memory does not last very long. The second infection might be less severe though. Kind of like with most vaccines, they become inactive after several years.

    • Samuel Griggs says:

      Th first time the virus leaves behind damage to certain parts of the body and it makes it more vulnerable the second time.

    • alan dickson says:

      @Samuel Griggs depending on viral load the illness will be either lower or upper respiratory infection. Lower is more severe

    • Samuel Griggs says:

      @alan dickson yep

  • Abdul Shaikh says:


  • Gary4grace says:

    13 Jan 2020: #COVID19 in #ThailandIn :?.Feb. 29 , Fauci said that “right now at this moment” the risk was “low” and there was “no need” for people “to change anything that you’re doing on a day-by-day. 3/2/20 Governor N.Y, Andrew Cuomo Corona virus ” We don’t even think , its going to get bad and Mayor of New York “I’m encouraging New Yorkers to go
    on with your lives + get out on the town despite Corona virus .2/1/20 .Washington post “Get a grippe, America. The flu is a much bigger threat than Covid-19.

  • ominous450 says:

    You have to be dumb to catch Covid twice. Darwin Award

  • Jonathan Monzon says:

    My biggest fear is getting infected again. I just got better! I want off this merry go round!!

    • alan dickson says:

      @Jonathan Monzon honestly dude, second time nearly killed me, I made my peace let’s say a few times!
      Taking a while to regain previous lung capacity & fatigue, chest pains is still an issue.

      If i could suggest one or two things that I believe may have helped. Personal hygiene, bathing, hydrating and eating as well as you possibly can is a good start but don’t lye down to it! Despite having difficulty moving between rooms, I made a point of maintaining light activities and purging, gagging etc to keep my throat slightly clearer. For me my airway was relatively clear yet still 3 breaths to get 2.
      Good luck man 👍🙏

    • love life says:

      Alkaselzer cold and flu is what helped me tremendously. I was taking it every 4 to 6 hours I would be able to breath and be pain free for 3 hours with each dose. It also helped greatly with the extreme fatigue. I now have 6 boxes in my house just in case I get it again.

    • The Truth says:

      @alan dickson I’m sorry u have had to deal with that. What do u mean by “purging”? I would suggest getting lots of noonday sunlight for the natural Vitamin D, studies have shown that it helps. Did u test negative after u recovered from the first corona? Because I’m wondering if your second time was maybe just a continuation of the first.

    • alan dickson says:

      @The Truth good suggestions and yeh I did find myself stealing the cats sunbathing spots during lockdown and self isolation. I’d heard that vitamin D could be an important factor too!
      By purging sorry I meant things like clearing my system out, light fasting some days, scrapping my tongue, using mouth wash and also eating a lot of onion, garlic etc to encourage the body to get rid of the crap in my throat. With it being respiratory I figured keep clean & clear.
      The thing I struggled with other than the obvious symptoms was I’d a clear glue like horribleness coming out my throat on both occasions, had to be pulled out by hand, minging!
      On the first occasion I took ill it lasted 8-9 weeks but breathing was OK, went to work apart from a few days and just a weird illness. Second time in February to mid April there, much more severe and took ill after already beginning self isolation. I reckon I had this last year before it was recognised and known about.
      The government advice early on here (UK) was only go to hospital if symptoms become severe, ie; no cure, no vaccines, no drug treatments, no tests became available until a much later date. They are still only testing people with current symptoms and not those who have now recovered. Doesn’t appear that there is much in the way of immunity to this stuff anyway! Hope I’ve helped in some way sharing this info, cheers 👍

    • The Truth says:

      @alan dickson thanks, the info is valuable. From what u describe, it appears that u didn’t take a test to after your first corona to see if the virus was gone. Taht’s understandable, but I guess it leaves open the possibility that the virus never left, it just went dormant maybe. I do know that I have seen news preports that say that it does seem possible to get the corona twice, which is troubling.

  • Rene Dulnuan says:

    The supposed to be survivors are likely incubators of the superpowers daughters of COVID !

  • keithshona says:

    We are all screwed. Life as we know it is over

  • OceanBlue Heart says:

    Apparently Yes.
    COVID19 is a Mutational Virus like HIV that configures its proteins to infect even a body that previously fought it.

    • alan dickson says:

      2nd illness was worse, so yeh I’d agree plus listened to medics also suggest as much!

  • Todd Greninger says:

    Does COVID-19 make you think about death?


    Because you slide back you get better then slide back GET better slide back it’s your defense mechanism your body takes, like when you get a cut a bad one you go through many stages of a healing process until it is completely healed it’s like depending on the cut and how bad the cut to how long it will take you to heal some people get the Covid worse than others many factors go into the healing process when you get the virus depending on who you are,
    if you have any other underlying elements this guy looks like he has anemia to me so it would be hard for him to get over the virus, put it this way the virus react different to different individuals pending on pre-existing complications to how fast you heal .

  • Drea McCoy says:

    For some states already missed the window for testing, contact tracing, and isolating. Now it is a waste of money and time to do it now. Right now, the best strategy is to lock down those states for a month, and isolate and treat the sick people. If we are not doing it, and it may last a year!

  • Terry Ta says:

    Shutdown everything for 2 months. Only hospital, caregiver, and groceries deliver to houses. No travel. Covid 19 will be totally gone, no need vaccine. We all can go back to mormal life. Every countries should do the same. Any one agree with me?

    • alan dickson says:

      I’d agree but back in january or February when those interventions were needed. Unfortunately its likely that its here to stay just like the flu, we’ll possibly need yearly jabs against it as it evolves. Looks like the new HIV given the symptoms etc

  • Elaine Walls says:

    Well looks like we are screwed. I am gonna party like it’s 1999.

  • acesmitty says:


  • hsingho lee says:

    What does that mean? Could it be that the future vaccine will also be effective for a short time? Now I’m really starting to panic!!!

  • The joker says:

    All actors on television playing roles in this scamdemic $$$

  • Nelson Dy says:


  • gianni says:

    please go to if you want to get rid of covid19 , herpes and hiv
    listen everyday, all day, until you get well

  • Dgirls 4life says:


  • hung well says:

    Imo, I think they are going to find that there are different strains of the covid virus. Like the strains of flu but this is mutating as it passes around and hitting all at once. It sure likes warm muggy wheather.

    • alan dickson says:

      They know this already and there are many contributing factors to severity such as viral load etc

    • alan dickson says:

      PS it could potentially get much worse as it thrives in colder climate

  • Blade Runner says:

    i guess we’ll know soon enough.

  • Nghia Nguyen says:

    And People say its not a BIOWEAPON… oh!!! its not manmade.. its Nature… We living in difficult times.

    • A.S Bernard says:

      Nghia Nguyen Thats what I’m thinking! No natural virus behaves like this. And people need to be careful and realize that this is lab made and our bodies were not designed to fight off genetically altered diseases.

    • SUB-ZERO says:

      The level of stupidity between you 2 is overwhelming.

  • xyzzyxf says:

    It’ll disappear like magic. Trump refers that to the antibodies.

  • Tracey Nukho says:

    Thank you. Slme friends on 2nd time around
    Those of us who are dealing with the months of lingering issues after need to be cautious. My body could not endure another time.

  • Mercy says:

    RE: COVID – Why isn’t anyone looking at breast milk?
    It is available ‘right now’, it is safe, and it has disease fighting properties that may give ‘right now’ help in this ongoing pandemic
    People who know about the health benefits of breast milk are using breast milk
    Here is my breast milk health story.
    If you have a breast milk health story, please do share it.

  • whataboutism says:

    Kayla Braxton the WWE announcer got it twice. People who’ve been infected twice say, the second time is worse than the first. Ms. Corona ain’t playing!

    • Franchesca ONeal says:

      I think it’s only worse if you get it later as opposed to sooner. My son and I both got it a second time roughly 28 days apart in terms of onset of symptoms. I sought out exposure the second time because I knew we might not be immune with just one hit and the vaccine and monkey studies really suggest you need two exposures. For us, the second time wasn’t that bad. My son was almost asymptomatic. I ran a higher fever and for longer but it stayed low grade. I felt much less fatigue. The raging ear infection I got the first time was a very mild intermittent ache the second time. No kidney pain or desaturation the second time. Loss of smell was only 12 hours. The first time it was 2 days. I think it may be very important to get exposed a second time between 3 and 5 weeks after the first round of symptoms starting to prevent the second exposure being nasty.

    • whataboutism says:

      @Franchesca ONeal Wow, that sounds traumatic and horrible but amazing as well. The media should be interviewing people like you and your son, that’s incredible! I can’t imagine suffering through that twice! Will you get the vaccine, when one becomes available?

    • Franchesca ONeal says:

      @whataboutism No. We both have too much trouble with regular vaccines to risk this one. Prevnar 13 paralyzed my arm for a few months and he developed vaccine induced encephalitis with his DTaP. My mom even has trouble with shots. There’s got to be something off with our immune systems. They seem to be prone to overreacting to vaccines.

    • Franchesca ONeal says:

      @whataboutism And the first time I was absolutely scared to death. I really did a good job of keeping us isolated but a water leak forced us into a hotel so the mitigation company could dry it up. Unfortunately they were hosting covid 19 responders like doctors and nurses and anybody else working that couldn’t go home but I didn’t know that until after we’d been exposed. I opened the windows but we still picked it up.

  • Susan Farley says:

    So, what happens if you still have the maximum antibodies and are exposed to the virus again? Will it create more antibodies while keeping you from getting sick?

    • alan dickson says:

      Depending on viral load etc, yes it can be considerably worse second time around

  • Kevin Trayers says:

    next week they will elevate Covid from Pandemic to Endemic. In the fall we can look forward to synergistic co-infection. Covid + Flu or Common Cold or mystery virus or low level parasitic infection (in any combination). Woooo Hoooooo! WWIII: Earth vs Mankind

  • Grumpy Oldman says:

    Wonder what are the mortality rates at consequent infections. Assuming like how reports say it does some damage to your insides. So one would assume the body would be not as strong as it was the 2nd time around?

  • Tru G says:

    Bill gates stated it takes up to 5 years for a vaccine to get passed with all the trial testing… Yet people are willing to take a vaccine created in less then a year?? Yikes good luck!

  • Evvmarie says:

    Of course, viruses mutate.

  • abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim says:

    Reinffection is gona be a double tragedy specially those who have underlying conditions.

  • abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim says:

    CCP is a misery

  • James says:

    Extinction of the human race.

  • merilyn jackson says:


  • PlayStation Help says:

    I don’t get the media first it does next thing you know there saying everything the opposite false information spreads too

  • Keandre The Goat says:

    The elites really hit the overkill button this year lol they throwing everything they got at us

    • Joe Law says:

      Glad you get whats going on . feel sorry for the ones who fall for this i looked around at hospitals and there functioning normally when flu season comes guess what the fake news will be going bannans trying to scare americans people are godless thats why put your faith in god and dont worry about this i sometimes check things out but man i new something was up when they took regular news off the the air and put it on cable only tv years ago . people need to relax and not watch the news go out and enjoy your family and friends relax believe in christ

  • Matt Moran's Contra Band says:

    Not to mention the long term effects like neurological and heart damage, cells growing tentacle porns. Thanks GOP for investing millions of dollars advertising that this is a hoax and pushing to reopen even though yall cut the jobs. That may have permanently fuqd us. The pathetic part is all we had to do is stay home 2 weeks, but no we’re too dumb to do that out protesting for our freedumb to get sick, infest others and ruin umurica.

  • imeldo marcos says:

    If this is true sweden model is flawed.

    • alan dickson says:

      There are countless factors which determine outcome, Sweden likely isn’t a great start for comparisons

  • Marek Wojcik says:

    There are no scientific studies that would justify the reasons for the pandemic.
    The WHO decided that because it should be so.

  • So So says:

    Coronavirus hospital data will now be sent to Trump administration instead of CDC – CNNPolitics

  • Tesseramous says:


  • Andrew Leach says:

  • Roy Ballesteros III says:


  • damnit Dawn says:

    Then a vax can NOT work .. story changes daily! What’s new today? Only woman are carriers?

    • alan dickson says:

      Ofcourse it changes daily, we aint talking about one virus, there are several strains circulating.
      It’s mainly men who are dying and those with darker skin tone, something to do with vitamin D production apparently

  • jonz23m says:

    Sweden left the chat.

  • Cross says:

    Can u be reinfected with any other illness? If the answer is yes than the chances are the answer is yes…

  • Chris Land says:

    So heart warming! Wear your mask! The experts know!

  • Connie P leonard says:


  • Ty Thacker says:

    Covid-19 100% cure has been found as nebulized budesonide, an anti inflammatory asthma drug that is widely available: . . .

  • Pak De says:

    This needs to become the number one research topic. If we’re never going to get rid of this there’s going to be a jump in suicides because people just can’t live like this forever.

  • M Vee says:

    Everyday there’s something new with this virus. Next thing you know they’ll say it can go through walls and we’re not even safe at home.

    • remmy malone says:

      M vee, everything about this virus feels you with trepidation, but I couldn’t but laugh , just thinking of your comments , seeping through the walls is just so creepy…

  • T Anon says:

    maybe people can be reinfected…but we all know one thing….the MEDIA is hoping BAD that people can….that would make for great news!

  • Joe Law says:

    Here we go trying to scare people for no reason especially when. News comes out of good vaccines and this is hypothetically speaking they dont even know yet lol hahahahah always something when trump wins virus will disappear

  • Hans-Joachim Bierwirth says:

    The term “herd immunity” marks collective Dunning-Kruger. Such a thing never existed. People who act as if they had expertise on unknown virus are irresponsible narcissistic idiots. This has the potential to become the worst nightmare we ever encountered.

  • Bob Holmes says:

    It is simple. Wear a mask, social distance, wipe out the Virus. Remember, Vietnam has had no deaths. They followed the rules.

    • ElevatorMan5482 ElevExperiencing Productions says:

      But just saying, they’re still following them, They haven’t stopped

  • Baby GoneWrong says:

    Are you really asking if a person can get the flu twice? are you all really that dumb? Because your media is sure betting on you staying that way!!!!!!!

  • Rj Tillman says:

    So if vaccine doesn’t work for the virus then we need to go plan B Microbristle

  • DannyO Ortiz says:

    This news segment has to be a joke, or just misinformation. In addition, the doctor is this video is not stating the truth, I wonder who is paying him? And the paper source they are citing in this video (medRxiv) does not have peer reviewed research or peer reviewed studies (meaning it has not been reviewed and scrutinized by other experts in the field.)

  • Jeremy Mattice says:

    Hope the dummy’s trying to get it watch this!

  • kevin watson says:

    Possibly, maybe, could, don’t know for sure, 4 trillion dollars in and no answers, but definitely have a need for more money.

  • mamabear mendoza says:

    Yeah this is what you should do get a second opinion, don’t be STUPID, because they injected you again.

  • Sunny Wiseheart says:


  • lothean says:

    This is a super bug. And its strong, so strong that it can re infect a person. Makes you wonder what good a vaccine will do.

  • gayle Shatzkes says:

    So much for “herd immunity”

  • Dizzz127 says:

    If the antibodies don’t last long then will have to take the COVID vaccine every year along with the FLU vaccine. 😕