Watch: Parents Pack Into Utah County Meeting To Protest Student Mask Mandate | NBC News NOW

2020 7/19
Watch: Parents Pack Into Utah County Meeting To Protest Student Mask Mandate | NBC News NOW

Parents packed into a Utah County meeting to protest a state mandate that requires all K-12 students wear a face covering. The county commissioner quickly canceled the meeting because of the lack of social distancing and mask-wearing.
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Watch: Parents Pack Into Utah County Meeting To Protest Student Mask Mandate | NBC News NOW



コメント一覧 (122件)

  • luvhair e says:

    Not everyone has a mask on 😡😡😡😡

  • nsbd90now says:

    AntiScience DeathCult45

  • Below Average says:

    Most of those people look like they just don’t want to be around their kids.

  • makemelaughyouants says:

    Zuckerberg is the new Bin Laden

  • cuenta pagar says:

    Nothing wrong, it’s their belief, but is message right(?) – covid stopped human trafficking, addictions, gave people time to reflect, showed how insignificant world civilization is compared to the tiniest of viruses – what is the message?

  • FloydonRoids says:

    Trump lemmings on full display. Forrest Gump had the perfect line about these morons, and you all know what that is.

  • Jeff K says:

    FIVE. The number of additional refrigerator trucks required in about 4 weeks.

  • Jason-Matthew Schmucker says:

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • H G says:

    Holy crap! That’s insane! Look at all the people fanning themselves too. That room is a steaming hot mess of moist air rolling over itself repeatedly!

  • Jeffrey Yingst says:

    Thinning the heard, class act folks. The mask is not to protect you it is to protect others. You want to die that is on you but dont lead your children to the grave. Good luck on a ventilator and actual you should sign off refusing one when you check in to the hospital.

  • Adam Brown says:

    It makes me feel a bit better that these old overweight folks are gonna get a taste of why you shouldn’t breathe another person’s spittle in about 2 weeks.

  • Y. R. says:

    Stupid parents!

  • Lumi Bear says:

    Ugh. I just moved to Utah. Please DO NOT associate me with this mentality. I’m glad I get to vote where I can make a real difference now. See y’all at the voting booths.

    • Blue Toile says:

      Get registered to vote, pronto. I think they will be doing it primarily by mail.

  • Alfarojv says:

    Good job. Mask = hinders your ability to breathe and is unconstitutional. Fist mask. Second vaccine. Third chip.
    Corona hoax

    • kdjsfgsdjhkgf says:

      Were you dropped on your head as a baby?

    • Bradlife says:

      I’ve read this “vaccine chip” conspiracy and it’s a joke. Guess what dude, governments are already tracking you wherever you go, they are listening to whatever you are saying, and you’re willingly carrying the device that lets them do this, it’s called a smartphone. Putting a chip in you would be redundant.

    • Alfarojv says:

      @Bradlife Cool. The chip is about a cashless society. They’ll start slowly with coin shortage and then move on with cash shortage. This is happening now. Tracking your every transaction and cutting you off if they don’t like what you say. You need to do more work on your research.

  • MrBse003 says:

    It hurts to watch this. I’m still waiting to hear a good argument to not where masks. I think I may be waiting for awhile though.

  • Ross Allen says:

    Make masks with fly screen. It will really antagonize the willing slaves and their masters.

  • SWAMPMONK says:

    How embarrassing

  • Isaac Rodriguez says:


  • formerastronaut says:

    It’s okay that it was suspended, a lot of those people in the crowd had a witch burning to attend anyway and their butter ain’t gonna churn itself.

  • cat videos says:

    Sorry to disappoint, Karens, but COVID is over. I know you wanted a Walking-Dead-type zombie apocalypse, but this virus only killed 0.0003% of Americans last week. Maybe next year…

    • Blue Toile says:

      Really? Known deaths ÷ known cases = ~ 3.8% death rate.

  • PetraKim says:


  • evil bunny says:

    Oh look… a room full of covid bait.

    In two weeks half these people will be clogging our hospitals.

  • Jane E says:

    i only see white people.

    • Blue Toile says:

      It’s Provo, UT. You are only going to see white people. (Lol, but still serious.)

  • Mybusinessnoturs says:

    I guess these idiots don’t care about their kids shame on them

  • Izzyouable says:

    Do all these idiots need to be personally affected before they start to get it? I’m appalled by these people.

  • G Man says:

    How is Tanner Ainge more competent than anyone running for president? this guy for president

  • Barbara Hennessy says:

    And rightly so, selfish, entitled idiots.

  • Namer says:

    that was one of the most satisfying videos i’ve seen in a long time

  • Bryan R says:

    A bunch of boomers whining like petulant children.

    • Blue Toile says:

      I think most were Gen X, but the rest is still true.

  • Christopher Wrigley says:


  • Flightbyrd says:

    The middle commissioner that adjourned the meeting is Tanner Ainge, the son of Boston Celtic Danny Ainge. Good job Tanner!

  • Hywel Evans says:

    Scarily stupid

  • j b says:

    These are we HATE Trump masks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Benbot says:

    The US is a failed state. This is the new normal and life will never improve. Get out while you can, because it’s well on it’s way to becoming the world’s biggest leper colony.

    • Blue Toile says:

      How can we get out when the only countries who will allow us in their country right now are Turkey, Tanzania, and Mexico? 😳 It is like we are trapped.

  • LW says:

    mIc drop- see you later you dumb cows.

  • Nicklaus Grady says:

    Utah, home of the dumb

  • Frank Brown says:

    So many uneducated morons in the US.

  • Matthew Greer says:

    that’s scary

  • · E · C · says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t start spitting and coughing all over the committee members to prove a point…

  • THE ICON OF SIN says:

    I’m concerned for the future of America honestly.

  • Eric Kappmeier says:

    Good on the Commissioner.

  • KingofHearts says:

    1:07 the bald guy wanted to continue the meeting!?

  • Tree ELT says:

    that man is such a bamf. handling the situation with class and confidence

  • Barrghbosa says:

    Good thing I’m getting paid to stay home during this. If I had to deal with anti-mask fools like this on a daily basis I’d spontaneously combust and take the whole room with me.

  • Indrajit Dey says:

    Don’t you understand that this ” Open the Schools ” campaign is a Political one ? Did You asked the students on the Subject ? Why are the authorities now agreeing that the Universities can convert to a full online mode ? Because, they understood that, the justice process has easily understood their game of politics. But how a so educated country can create so mean minded political fraternity to play with the Lives of own citizen and children ? Take Your child to the park twice a day. Keep a 2 yards distance. You Wear Mask to protect him. Jesus never told that he will come and protect you. He can at best absolve your sin. But You will have to correct yourselves and otherwise, the fall out is also yours.

    • Blue Toile says:

      This is the best comment on this entire video. 100% true. Thank you for common sense.

  • Lori Stewart says:

    Brilliant….let’s have a meeting to decide if masks should be worn….oh wait, we aren’t wearing our masks so we can’t have a meeting…..this isn’t rocket science…..

  • Slartibartfast says:

    What a bunch of idiots.
    I mean, Utah.

  • Mark Slima says:


  • organiccorn says:

    Just think these are the same people who denies climate change, which is a disaster on a slower pace but with bigger consequences.

  • トイレの花子 says:

    America is a shithole. So glad I’m not surrounded by these ignorant racist trump voters lol

    • Blue Toile says:

      I am. Pity me. 😥

  • Matthew Knowles says:

    Unless that dude breathes through his neck, he’s wearing that mask wrong.

  • The Voice of Reason says:

    Free America Now! – Elon Musk

  • The Voice of Reason says:

    Now do a story on how crash victim died of covid. Oh wait, I’m at the wrong channel. This is not real news.

    • Blue Toile says:

      This is an actual video of the incident with no side commentary. How is it not “real?”

  • Keith High says:

    Just shows how many people are not fit to be parents. Shame on them.

  • WorldWarriorBruh says:

    Lmao gotta love all them angry moms screaming

  • kookie175 says:

    these are parents??! O.o

  • Frank says:

    Even at 64 I’m still gobsmacked by the stupidity of people. Are they missing a part of their brain? Is education so bad now that not only are we not teaching facts, we’re teaching how to avoid facts? There has to be a reason for this sudden dumbing of America.

  • Gitanarosa says:

    I live in Utah county and this kind of idiocy is rampant 🤦‍♀️

  • mtnrunnr08 says:

    What absolute idiots. Just stay in your county and don’t bring your sick kids to any hospital outside of your county. Good luck.

  • ハンナHannah says:

    Do they think corona is over?? Are they even serious. I’m just hoping there aren’t any of my church members in there.

    • Blue Toile says:

      If you are Mormon, you have church members there. This is in Provo, UT. If you are not Mormon, I am interested in what church do you attend? Seriously, not being snarky. 🙂

    • ハンナHannah says:

      Blue Toile Yes, I am a Mormon ( LDS).

    • Blue Toile says:

      @ハンナHannah Yeah, me too. I don’t live in UT, but do live in an adjoining state. I am sorry to report that at least half the members here refuse to wear a mask, as well. Stay safe.

    • ハンナHannah says:

      Blue Toile I thought the church wants us to wear masks and be 2 feet away from each other. The church was so fast to act on this virus. Don’t they get that ?

  • Vax Alpha says:

    Put them in the ICU without face mask covering.

  • EJSFilms2K says:

    County commisioner copped out. Loser. Remove him by force!!

    • Blue Toile says:

      By force? Have you lost your mind? This is the USA. We have procedures here for removing elected officials. If the community wants to have a recall vote, let them do that. We do not need to devolve into some third world country. If something like that happened elsewhere in the world you would shake your head and say how uncivilized they were and they need to support democracy in their country. Just. Stop.

    • EJSFilms2K says:

      @Blue Toile ok BLM ANTIFA supporter

    • Blue Toile says:

      @EJSFilms2K The irony is that you probably consider yourself a “law and order” supporter. 😏

  • Notforposers says:

    They sound like a bunch of spoiled children. It doesn’t seem they realize their board just ruled to postpone for THEIR well being. Geez this is so mind boggling!

  • nancy haun says:

    THose of you who are being negative toward the audience-will be the first to board the train to the death camps. It is all a control issue with the dems -kudos to the audience who are speaking up for their rights!

  • John LeCompt says:

    Man, very comment I read on this thread reads like self-righteous gasoline. Bunch of brainwashed order-followers.

    • Blue Toile says:

      I see you are another one of Trump’s “law and order” followers. 😏

  • James McC2.4hum says:

    Funny how the covid19/flat earthers keep using the same claim, “oh just wait they’re all gonna be sick in a few weeks” and it never happens.

  • Ryan Oldfield says:

    Don’t be a maskhole

  • pilategrove says:

    Intriguing that the comments are so vile against the last vestiges of FREE WILL and questioning authority.

    The brain washed masses I guess.

  • Ted Reynolds says:

    Most yielding people wouldn’t know Tyranny if it were right under their nose. It’s literally right under their nose.

    • Blue Toile says:

      Sure. Being told to wear a mask for the safety of others during a global pandemic is tyranny, but an unmarked and unannounced federal police force barging into the city of Portland to grab people off the street, put them in unmarked vans, and taken to who knows where without due process is just “law and order.” I see Trump supporters critical thinking skills haven’t improved.

  • Ted Reynolds says:

    NBC – The best fear peddling globalist money can buy!

  • Billy Rawson says:

    First mask then vaccines, if the blind lead the blind, they both fall into the ditch.

    • Gary R says:

      I hope you or your family doesn’t have to watch each other die before you wake up.

  • DebBit Wisdom says:

    Looks like many “micro influencers “ making comments. Whatever happened to our first amendment rights? Crickets…..

  • lovenpeace271 says:

    The irony isnt lost on anyone-Trumpkins called for closing borders and now both Canada and Mexico dont want Americans LOL

  • Betty Anne Wilkinson says:

    Good for him…smart man

  • Blue Toile says:

    Same thing happened a few days ago in Boise. Ammon Bundy and his minions showed up to a meeting that was physically closed to the public, but open publicly on Zoom. They had no masks and demanded entry.

  • Carmen R says:

    Right-wingers: “Look, Ma! We’re protesting now.”

  • Gary R says:

    Dumbest people in America… Utah.

  • Nick N says:

    I support the anti mask people, they are real Americans. Those sheep wearing they’re dirty masks are giving up they’re freedoms out of fear, which makes them cowards and Anti Americans.

  • ojoslindos1001 says:

    Ignorants Trump people…..Covid make you job

  • Richard Hammonds says:


  • Jason Crockett says:

    Only zombie worthlworthless slaves wear masks and, obey every order their government says. These are real Americans standing for our freedom. All you zombie slaves who think this is real are in for a big surprise. The next move is forced vaccinations by the military, you will not be able to go into a store, go on an airplane, go to the supermarket, or go to work, without this forced vaccine. The people running our world want to depopulate the Earth, destroy the economy and, they want a One World Government. All you brain-dead zombies who have been watching reality TV, watching endless sports, living your whole life on social media, have no clue about what really is going on. The people who run our country and the world want to enslave you. You will have a chip in your hand to buy or sell anything, you will have a militarized police, a cashless Society and complete and total enslavement. The virus is the way they’re fooling you into all this. Wake up zombies, you look like absolute pathetic bootlicking slaves.

  • Annie Lee says:

    Eww this is a hotbed for Covid and the room looks muggy and humid. These nasty Karen’s will be the death of us.

  • Dan Thomas says:


  • X XxX says:

    That’s a lot of Karens 😂

  • Jim Johnson says:

    That is a Coronavirus Party.

  • Tiger Zero says:

    Utah is officially the dumbest State

  • Frood says:

    Just bar the doors and set the place ablaze.

  • Jeff K says:

    Utah will be producing fertilizer in about a month.

  • Rikki Hoffecker says:

    Poll up in Nov.
    Purge the idiocy.
    Muzzle would work better than a mask.

  • Jonesy Bones says:

    I wonder if they all had a diaper on though??

  • H. M. says:

    Poor thing.

  • Jim Air says:

    Those guys won’t be there next election cycle… and canceled the meeting while not wearing a mask

  • Fact Checker says:

    I can think of no faster way to spread every disease known to man than hundreds of kids constantly touching their masks hundreds of times a day with germ infested hands

  • elementaleighteight says:

    School aged children are not significant vectors of carrying the virus.children are multiple times more likely to die from the flu-
    Brought to you by science not feelings

  • Nang Phal says:

    All i see is adults act like kids

  • carlos montano says:

    I’m ashamed I live in this state with these fools

  • End of Days says:


  • ChuckleBerryPi says:

    Americans lack empathy. It takes empathy to do what’s good for the whole population, even if you don’t like it. This is extreme individualism and dangerous during a pandemic. SMFH. I’m all out of patience for selfish people. What will it take for people to find empathy in this country? Not just about covid, but about ALL humanitarian issues…

  • Norehan Kamaruddin says:

    Congratulation parents for bringing home the virus to your children that you’re suppose to be protected.

  • Mitzi Paap says:

    Utah rocks! I absolutely love it that parents revolt. No masks. No social distancing. The sick and the vulnerable should be protected and should be quarantined or should quarantine themselves. Healthy people should be able to go about their business as usual. The Dems are in cahoots with the CCP that released the virus to hurt America’s economy and to prevent President Trump from being re-elected through perpetual lockdowns. Their goal is very clear: mandatory mail-in ballots.