Woman Takes Dishwasher Job At Nursing Home To Visit Husband Amid Pandemic | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/19
Woman Takes Dishwasher Job At Nursing Home To Visit Husband Amid Pandemic | NBC Nightly News

After not being able to see her husband Steve for 114 days, Mary Daniel has taken a job as a dishwasher at the nursing home he’s staying at to spend more time with him.
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Woman Takes Dishwasher Job At Nursing Home To Visit Husband Amid Pandemic | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (54件)

  • Matthew Wells says:

    NBC, how’s Dr Fair? Is he better? We’re praying!

  • Phoenix Jordan says:


  • rich ernest says:

    Heaven sent!

  • WakingRay says:


  • Julio says:


  • David Ellis says:

    That’s True Love. Awesome !

    • paul aya says:

      You call that true love ? Hummmm. Why would I truly love someone and put that person in a nursing home ? What about let the person leave with you and if not able to do certain things you than hired someone to come to the house ? I never understand why someone would do one thousand things to show their love when they can do one simple thing ….

  • lisa sang says:

    Wow….. this can be a wonderful Nicholas Sparks novel…. love of life time…

  • Asa Faust says:

    Brilliant idea. I am so proud of you for being there for your husband.

  • Maria Villegas says:


  • C Marq says:

    SO SWEET! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Faith London says:

    It was that or climb through the window, I feel ya.

  • Tori Moore says:

    This is love…

  • SoRena Dix says:


  • TangentOmega says:

    Wow! Something precious and rare .

  • soro iri says:


  • wendy mower says:


  • Oscar Blake says:

    how can anyone dislike this vid…heartless fucs

  • Wasatch Range Railway says:

    Lester Holt wouldn’t know the truth if it stayed up and begged him all night long!!!

  • Jennifer Selman says:

    It’s very sweet but frankly some BS that she’s ok to see her own husband only by washing dishes. How is the safety any different by her visiting with her husband after washing dishes vs just visiting? This poor couple. Bless her for doing whatever crazy thing to be able to see him. Just heartbreaking.

    • Kenneth Nguyen says:

      That is indeed weird. Just my speculation, may be she’s included as employee and has to go through training and testing to ensure adequate safety level. While you can’t really do that with visitors due to resources constraint.

    • Jennifer Selman says:

      Possible but a hug is a hug trained or not. It’s really disheartening to see this is what she had to do to be able to be with her husband.

    • Kenneth Nguyen says:

      @Jennifer Selman Agree 🙁

  • Toronto says:

    Fvcking right! Thanks for this

  • EMPOWERMENTalist says:

    *I lost the **#LoveOfMyLife** this past Thanksgiving to stage 4 cancer, before the onset of the **#COVID19** pandemic. Watching this beautiful loving couple makes me cry, and miss her even more. LOVE is everything a person can hope for, while trying to survive in a world full of HATE.*

  • Michael Burris says:

    Now that’s true love and dedication!

  • sgt capes says:

    SUPER 💞 sweet …

  • Shawna Weesner says:

    Your a Hero, Mary! Sending you many thanks for being a positive role model for couples in times of crisis!

  • Jeff Duncan says:

    Instead of dishwashing bring your husband home. Simple.

  • Joe Traveler says:


  • David Fuentes says:

    Thanks for reminding how great people can be

  • Jimmy Stallcup says:


  • Gladys Smith says:

    Wow that is love what Mary has to show.beautiful.

  • Butch Maddox says:

    Am I the only one crying 😭 this was so sweet I would have try to sneek in window 🤣 anything ,that’s true love, good for her

    • Helena Brecher says:

      Nope I cried as well… So beautiful and incredible ❤️

    • Am Ca says:

      No! We should all be so blessed to love and be loved like that!

  • Jonnie Mae Middletonlotte says:

    I believe that once this country is sufficiently weakened by Covid 19 war will come. May just be a conspiracy theory but it is looking real to me.

  • Am Ca says:

    We should all be so blessed to love and be loved like that!

  • T N says:

    Wtf I’m crying

  • Tia Mitchum says:

    He looks so happy! What a wonderful wife!

  • Apirak Jiravachirapakul says:

    Love is almighty power. However stay safe and get well soon.

  • Snake Jr says:

    Did she apply for the job

  • Samantha W says:

    This pain is what Trump doesn’t understand and frankly doesn’t care about. This is a moving story of love, commitment and compassion.❤

  • Rhonda Greear says:

    That’s beautiful!

  • Dave Rose says:

    This is true love

  • Jeph Bennett says:

    HOW BEAUTIFUL, cried the slaves, so grateful for this crumb of hope, fallen from the tables of their masters.
    Dear Slaves, instead of applauding this “heart touching story”, perhaps question why we all accept a system where this woman must resort to washing dishes at 65 years old just so her husband doesn’t die alone without seeing her for 3.5 months.
    A sane system would allow visitors to see their loved ones once a week, outside, wearing masks and tyvek suits.
    A compassionate system would not ever require putting our elders into some lonely nursing home in the 1st place, and would instead pay a tiny bit more to have nurses care for these patients either in their own homes, or in retirement facilities where both spouses can live together.
    But those options cost more resources, and you slaves are not allowed such luxuries as that would sap the profits of your masters.
    So keep clapping and praising these wonderful tales of sacrifice, Slave. Cheer the shiny new collar around your neck, and be sure to thank your invisible sky-man for the shallow mass grave that awaits you after the system has drained all your value.

  • fhj 52 says:


  • T00L1993 says:


  • pat white says:

    We need more Marys in the world.

  • Jupiter Stars says:

    I just took my papa out of the nursing home he was in. We keep our grandpa at home with us now!

  • Mat F says:

    Seen this before with other couples. Sounds sweet except the partner who’s supposed to be working usually favors their spouse and does a terrible job at the worksite

  • Zk Sharpe says:

    Im not gonna say it.