Joe Biden Emotional As Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Rename Part Of Bill After Beau Biden | NBC News

Sen. Mitch McConnell and Sen. Harry Reid proposed renaming part of a bipartisan bill to speed government approvals of drugs and increase medical research after the vice president’s son Beau Biden, who died of cancer.
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Joe Biden Emotional As Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid Rename Part Of Bill After Beau Biden | NBC News

194 thoughts on “Joe Biden Emotional As Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Rename Part Of Bill After Beau Biden | NBC News

  1. Jacob Simpson Reply

    they’re trying to set up his run already, damn oligarchs

    • Lisa Czyzniejewski Reply

      You are a complete idiot. Why would MITCH MCCONNELL ( you know, a REPUBLICAN) try to set up Joe Biden to run in 4 years?   McConnell has done nothing but put Biden down for the past 8 years. However, finally, the man shows an inkling of humanity and names a very important part of the bill after Biden’s son who died from cancer a few years back. Lear to read before you post Simpleson.

    • Jacob Simpson Reply

      @Lisa Czyzniejewski have you noticed the flood of articles shooting him up for a run in 2020?

    • Areanyusernamesleft Reply

      Jacob Simpson some one is afraid that Joe Biden could defeat Trump in 2020. And they should be, had Biden be in the general election in 2016 he would have wiped the floor with Trump. While not a “revolutionary” choice like Bernie Sanders, Biden actually addresses the economic issues that the working class cares about without Trump’s division and bigotry, and has done so for his entire political career, also he doesn’t have anything close to the amount of baggage (deserved and not) that the Clintons have.

    • Areanyusernamesleft Reply

      @Jacob Simpson, well perhaps it is your manner, your personal idiom as it were. 😉

    • BigGuyBoleslaw Reply

      I think Hillary should have asked Joe Biden to stay on as VP. She would have won PA and MI for sure with him.

  2. Lyle Fox Reply

    fucker’s a liar, just trying to steal people’s attention. YOUR TIME HAS COME TO AN END FALSE DICTATOR.

    • Allan Garcia Reply

      Lyle Fox, Do you even know the definition of a dictator?

    • Lets Say It Reply

      there is no evidence to suggest he is a dictator, and can you not see that he is watching over a DEMOCRATIC Process, don’t spread hate for an individual doing his job, in no way did he try to steal peoples attention, that is what you are doing and it is shameful.
      I hope you learn to use your brain one day otherwise you’re just a waste of space and resources.

    • Lisa Czyzniejewski Reply

      Who Biden?  Or the thing that is coming into office. You talk about dictator… just wait.

    • The INTUITIVE Guitarist Reply

      +Lisa Czyzniejewski exactly …

    • The INTUITIVE Guitarist Reply

      +Allan Garcia the fkng dipshit just elected a dictator

  3. michael andrews Reply

    i dont even like biden but this was nice.

  4. Linda Fukuyu Reply

    I’m so glad that Those Crooked Uselss Politicians are OUT !!  Haleluya !!

    • Linda Fukuyu Reply

      @Aventedor 2013 I think you are in denial and talk rubbish ! I hope you’re out of the unemployment soon. And, you will be begging for Donald Trump to give you a job .. ha !

    • NeuKaiser Reply

      Linda Fukuyu Ok you know what it’s not worth talking to you if you can’t look at the facts.

    • excel366 Reply

      Linda Fukuyu where do you get your news from?

    • Veteran Child Reply

      Linda Fukuyu You liveyour live uninformed and believe crackpots like Alex Jones.

    • Ryan Gilligan Reply

      I know that you’re an embarrassing troll, but shut your mouth to things that you don’t understand. One of them being able to judge great character in people.

  5. Jeff Zylfi Reply

    Linda…please get educated prior to your statements.

  6. sheraton gallacher Reply


    • Josh Reply

      sheraton gallacher Americans don’t care about Ukraine, only Russians.

  7. Anita Breslin Reply

    Everyone loves Joe, even the goat talking in the beginning

    • Matt Newman Reply

      I read that first as “greatest of all time” and got all uppity. Hilarious.

    • John Calvin Reply

      If only people loved Joe as much as he loves 12 and 6 yr old girls.

    • Kaiser Wilhelm II Reply

      A turtle with no spine

    • Michael ‘Hee Hee’ Jackson Reply

      @MAGA OFFENSIVE And I’m sure no one likes conspiracy theorists

    • Jima Alex Reply

      Anita Breslin 😂😂😂😂😂 Salvage.

  8. ds12z Reply

    If only McConnell had gotten cancer instead. What a better country this would be.

    • FactsOfDeath Reply

      That is a terrible thing to say.

    • Lester Juice Reply

      The tolerant left huh

    • Fahad Shahid Reply

      Well he’s going to jail so from what I have heard, it’s worse

    • Anne Liesveld Reply

      Try to just respect dignity of the day.

  9. Timothy Doyle - The Golden Ones Reply

    We don’t have better things to do in congress?

    • Veteran Child Reply

      I guess it’s better than the usual gridlock.

    • Danny G Reply

      Since when is an act of compassion and humanity a waste of time? The problem is that this doesn’t happen enough. This type of thing breaks down political walls and makes people more open to cooperate. That’s something seriously lacking in our leaders today.

    • Anne Liesveld Reply

      It’s a half day. Plus all these people are watching beau struggle and joe lose himself in loss. I think half day is fair.

  10. scotty77 Reply

    This bill contains many removals of personal choice where in your doctor can choose things for you without your consent in some cases. They buried this under $1.8 billion in cancer money because few will say no to that. And they’re pushing it through at the end of a presidential term because that’s always the easiest time to pass the really nasty stuff. I hope Trump plays his smoke and mirrors game on McConnell so bad that McConnell doesn’t know which way is up.

    • scotty77 Reply

      What the hell is a “death panel?”

  11. Merry Chase Reply

    Just a casual McCain at 1:00 😀

    • Colin Corbitt Reply

      James Merry Actually at 0:45

  12. Z Reply

    JOE Biden is the only good thing about obamas 8 year term

    • John Graves Reply

      Aaron Perez amen to that!

    • Tabeazzz Reply

      Aaron Perez not so sure, did you see that Vid of Obama singing call me maybe? that’s pretty funny.

    • Pablo Horteg Reply

      The status of the economy means nothing? Pulling troops out of the bullshit in the middle east? 20 million more Americans have health insurance? Nah? Ignorant or blind partisan?

    • J N Reply

      no, he did all that while being black so it didn’t count 😉

    • Aharon Lawrence Reply

      Pablo Horteg does adding 9-10 trillion in debt also mean nothing?

  13. Antonio Marron Reply

    That moment when you realized it should have been Biden/sanders 2016

    • कट्टर हिन्दू Reply

      That would’ve averted disaster

    • Mynameisobnoxioslylong &ucan'tdonothinabtthematter Reply

      Didn’t age well

    • Edward Nygma Reply

      @Mynameisobnoxioslylong &ucan’tdonothinabtthematter Aged pretty well considering the partnership that seems to be blooming between Biden and Sanders.

  14. spidermonkey871 Reply

    old Joe the child groper. sick, sick man.

  15. BluePittsley Reply

    That is a wonderful tribute …

  16. ZENTOPIA Reply

    talks about cancer, yet votes to get rid of Obamacare…. moron

    • NeuKaiser Reply

      Ben Clausen Where is your plan?

    • ZENTOPIA Reply

      Aventedor 2013 in his ass

    • zachos2 Reply

      ZENTOPIA But they “want” to make a better plan, wanting and having are two different things.

    • TheEko Reply

      ACA hardly covers anything that has to do with Cancer.

    • shaanmi Reply

      this was passed under the 21century cures act, not Obama/aca. God forbid Ocare gets repealed, the cancer funding from this video/bill will remain.

  17. Angel the fellow7 Reply

    Mitch McConell actually does something good who knew?

    • Ronald Reagan Reply

      Angel the fellow7 pretty much everyone that’s why he’s majority leader

    • Wyn Williams Reply

      Ronald Reagan
      No he is majority leader because he is the biggest POS snake in the grass i the party (if you dont include trump of course)

    • Boom ds Reply

      +Ronald Reagan Mitch McCOnnell may be the biggest weasel to ever grace US politics

    • कट्टर हिन्दू Reply

      @Ronald Reagan he needs to GTFO Washington DC

  18. colleen Reply

    Poor man. No matter how you felt about him, it’s heartbreaking when a parent loses their child.

    • Ben L Reply

      colleen lost two children and his wife. He redefines tragedy

    • Me_for_president Reply

      colleen agree

    • Jacob Ketcher Reply

      Well said

    • Juliaflo Reply

      Colleen You said it so sweetly. Biden would make an interesting president. God go with you.

    • Napoléon Bonaparte Reply

      @Juliaflo Amen

  19. Evelina Turk Reply


    • toplobster Reply

      They were voted in by their constituents to represent them

  20. ComedyJakob Reply

    John McCain showed up late

  21. Bobby Bobby Reply

    Mitch McConnell have enriched himself as a Congressman, but Joe didn’t.

  22. zachos2 Reply

    Cancer needs to be addressed universally until it’s defeated. If we can afford 90 billion dollars in slush for the military we can spend billions towards curing cancer.

  23. mastshke Reply

    after all the blocking these Republicans did.

  24. spencer Reply

    It’s a rare day when turtles exert human emotions.

    • Mr. Brawl Stars Reply

      spencer stfu. The man served his country his entire life. Wtf did you do for yours? I get it that u don’t like him but u still have to show some fkn respect to ur elder, do u even know how hard it is to lose a child!? And also, wouldn’t you be fkn emotional if ur mom died right now!? I am ashamed of this world for having people like you in it!!

    • Andrew Gao Reply

      @Mr. Brawl Stars YES!

    • Adam Reply

      @Mr. Brawl Stars He has not served his country. He has served large corporations and his own personal wealth. He has done absolutely nothing for his home state except make it poorer while he keeps getting richer.

    • Mr. Brawl Stars Reply

      Adam that sounds like the 45th president of the United States to me!

    • Adam Reply

      @Mr. Brawl Stars you realise spencer is on about McConnell as he is known as a turtle. Dont worry I hate every bit of McConnell and Trump

  25. Marcus Harmon Reply


  26. Rob Schmidt Reply

    There are a great many things upon which I disagree with Mr Vice President Biden. That statement is as true as it is irrelevant. God bless him for his service to our nation. Even if from time to time I did not agree with him

    • Kiran Patel Reply

      This is a very classy statement and I wish that both Republicans and Democrats can follow along with this anytime a transition of power occurs.

    • Greatest Fly Reply

      I’d like to thank you for those words.

  27. Colby Hodges Reply

    Dumbest VP in U.S. history.

    • The American Crusader Reply

      Lyndon Johnson was the dumbest VP in U.S. history.

    • Ryan Gilligan Reply

      Really? What about Dan Quayle? Is it spelled potato or thbdhcnhujk?

  28. Jbomnerdude 76 Reply

    What did we do to deserve Joe Biden?

    • The American Crusader Reply

      Voting for Obama.

    • EJSFilms2K Reply

      Something wrong obviously.

  29. Austin Henning Reply

    As a hardcore right-wing libertarian Republican Paulbot, I don’t think there’s anyone I’d enjoy hanging out with more than Fmr. Vice President Joe Biden.

    • Pepi Os Reply

      I said the same bro.

    • babytina Reply

      He seems like a sweetheart

  30. itsjustmyopinion Reply

    Wrinkly old satan worshipping paedophile

  31. James Murphy Reply

    What a classy guy.

  32. Chief Kurtz Reply

    2:04 Gimme the goddam folder son.

  33. weezie1971 Reply

    Why can’t this kind of collegiality be preserved. Think how the Senate could be. Tragic.

  34. Caged Reply

    Biden should have ran. What would have happened if Beau Biden never died?

    • AlekWheeler Reply

      Well Trump knew and knows Joe is legit. He’s the only democrat that he’s afraid of. He probably wouldve won

    • Anne Liesveld Reply

      I can’t believe him running is your thought regarding him dying. Like serious. Even if he considered he has to be ready for enormity. You don’t get over losing a child.

  35. John Morley Reply

    John McCain wanders by at 0:46.

    • The American Crusader Reply

      John, quit photobombing.

  36. Pedro Zaragoza Reply

    That’s what we need, statesmen who rise above party politics and place the nation above all.

    • Big John Reply

      Renaming a bill isn’t putting the nation above party politics. It’s cheap propaganda to make them seem honorable, don’t fall for it

    • pigs18 Reply

      To bad it’s not necessarily what we deserve.

    • Anne Liesveld Reply

      It’s a gesture. Get a grip. Trying to become a senator or president next year.

  37. Pedro Zaragoza Reply

    Thank God for these moments of cooperation. This is when we are Americans above all. One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

  38. LUXURY BOX Reply

    ❤️ Biden

  39. Craig Esq Reply

    Hopefully in late 2020, we will all get to hear these words: ‘President Elect Joseph Biden.’

    • Warren Rhinerson Reply

      We most likely won’t based on the betting odds and historical precedent

  40. Pat Reply


    • John the Medic take 2 Reply

      I personally think that (yes Mr. Biden raises his voice at times but definitely pretty chill for a politician) is a politician version of Mr. Rogers.

  41. The American Crusader Reply

    Did Mitch McConnell just act like a decent human being for once?

  42. Moe Biden Reply

    This buffoon crying like a woman shows why Beau is better off dead.

  43. Helen Thomas Reply

    However, it was overly generous to name this after Biden’s son.

  44. Dennis Dwyer Reply

    What do you mean by “He was also a Democrat? That’s one of the problem with Democracy!

    • CJ Hedberg Reply

      “He was a Democrat, but he was ALSO available to anyone at anytime”. Listen to the clip before commenting.

  45. ERM AV Reply

    Biden loves his pizza 🍕

  46. Jonathan schaefer Reply

    Look at Mitch being a good man. Come on Mitch we need you to be this man more often

    • MELLO1102 Reply

      Jonathan schaefer ..,You got that right.

    • SugarTomAppleRoger Reply

      Good? Women are always fooled by this guy. Trump is an angel compared with this guy.

  47. L.C. Street Reply

    Mitch! You gotta do something about Trump man! Please!

  48. Michael Thompson Reply

    Trump was n

  49. Michael Thompson Reply

    Trump won

  50. Christopher Mango Reply

    The only noble thing Mitch McConnell has ever done.

  51. Jetrick Policarpio Reply

    This is the bipartisanship that is missing and should be sought by both sides of the aisle

  52. me262jet Reply

    All of them are traitors . They all make me sick. MAGA.

    • chattiermike140 Reply

      me262jet haha they’re traitors ok. Your boy Donald’s got The Russia investigation hot on his tail. He can discredit all he wants, manaforts going away and Cohen is starting to talk. Tick tock

    • Michael ‘Hee Hee’ Jackson Reply

      Russia Russia Russia Trump Administration. Spot the Difference in the connotations.

  53. asphyxiafeeling Reply

    Biden just might be our best bet for 2020

  54. marcos romero Reply

    This is the swamp creatures praising the swamp creatures.

  55. Ade Machin Reply

    Creepy joe

  56. Zazch Gnik Reply

    This just makes me cry. Why can’t we just be good to one another all the time?

  57. Karan Bhullar Reply

    0:47 GANGSTA

  58. Brian DiVincenzo Reply

    God bless Joe… We need him in 2020…and had his son Beau not passed away…. We’d have Joe as Commander-in cheif

    • Anne Liesveld Reply

      How bitter sweet it would be just him and hunter and his daughter with Jill??

    • MELLO1102 Reply

      Anne Liesveld ..That would be awesome!

  59. Phillip Beckman Reply

    Biden changed history.

  60. ajtronic Reply

    As McCain walks by. 😢

  61. awakeningspirit20 Reply

    Pretty creepy to see McCain walk past the shot at 0:45 when McConnell is talking about the cancer that Beau had that later killed McCain.

    • Stinky Piece of Cheese Reply


      Senator McCain at that point could have already had the very beginning of his glioblastoma. Its rather ominous in hindsight.
      Its an ugly, ugly disease.

    • Tanish Kumar Reply

      @Stinky Piece of Cheese Hopefully, we can eradicate it off the face of this Earth.

    • Nicole Murphy Reply

      I’m pretty sure it wasn’t *Beau Biden’s* cancer that a few years later would claim John McCain’s life, but rather, McCain’s *own* cancer that would be culpable for the deed.

      (And yeah, I know, I know: shame on me for nit-picking over a matter so trivial as syntax, in particular such an incredibly inconsequential solecism as yours, in so profoundly heartbreaking and momentous a context as that of a beautiful and uncommonly decent man’s untimely funeral. I’ll own that, I suppose. But…

      You gotta admit: the fact that I even *thought* to tender such an absurdly pedantic correction, especially in connection with *just* this sort of singularly tragic affair, is pretty damned funny. 😉

    • Anne Liesveld Reply

      Ok. Ur right. Both dead of a disease that killed both pretty young. Even John was just 78 I think??

  62. Joseph Dozier Reply

    0:48 a wild McCain

  63. Jamie Ross Reply

    Look, When it comes to it. These guys disagree, but they are friends (and everyone hates Ted). The Sen. is not like congress. Its seems much more gentlemanlly, cordial, And they work together more. Thats why there is no Freedom Caucus . Thank god.

    The best thing that could happen is the house swing back dem and the Senate stay Rep. Then they might start working together and compromise – and the politics head ack to the centre after the last 10 years that started with things like the tea party.

  64. Abe Reply

    When they’re respectful
    And than Trump is president and their true personalities appear.

  65. Shivu anir Reply

    Love Mitch

  66. Milk And Honey Reply

    Never seen Mitch say something caring. Maybe it’s a clone?

    • Edward Nygma Reply

      Yeah didn’t think McConnell had it in him to act human for once.

  67. Gcode Mfg Reply

    McCain did walk by, how ironic , old news being publicized for what? Just coverage to stay in news,? How low have they come.

  68. Pepi Os Reply

    I’m a Republican and I would be honored to vote for Biden

    • Adam Reply

      @Justin Edwards the results in 2016 were within the margin of error of the polls. Biden will easily win

    • Justin Edwards Reply

      @Adam whatever dude. I wouldn’t be so sure on that but whatever makes you feel better lefty

    • Siontix Reply

      It’s okay, Justin, it was a fun experiment while it lasted. Democrats and Republicans will work together under President Biden and get us out of this Trump Recession.

    • Justin Edwards Reply

      @Siontix lol are you really this stupid dude. im sorry but we are not in a recession plus trump didn’t cause the economy to slow down but we all know you liberals hate facts

    • Ernest Doucette Reply

      @Devin McIntosh: Those Stimulus Payments Started in the Congress which is Mostly Democrats, Trump Agreed because his stocks are suffering! He does not Care that people are suffering too!

  69. कट्टर हिन्दू Reply

    0:45 Crazy to think that, unbeknownst to everyone, something lethal was growing in McCain’s brain #RIP

    • Anne Liesveld Reply

      Yea look ar him at ten years on Clinton or bush and i think omg that could be Clinton or bush jr

  70. Brian Baker Reply

    That’s cool no matter who you support for president

  71. Carla Costa Reply

    F U Mitch McConnell. You are the cancer in this country.

  72. post traumatic stress Reply

    Why he needs to be PRESIDENT because he wants to end cancer. IT’S REAL because it’s not natural to lose a child. R.I.P. true patriotic family. WOW. GET TRUMP or he will damage everything OBAMA & BIDEN DID. Also, there’s no way I would vote for BILL CLINTON BACK IN THE OFFICE so yes, morality, choice, fidelity & love/grief matter to people. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one grossed out.

  73. Paul Stillman Reply

    Bipartisanship at its finest.

  74. Paul Stillman Reply

    I hope and pray Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States.

    • Stella Shepherd Reply

      Warren Rhinerson


    • Warren Rhinerson Reply

      @henryptung Please look at the date on when I wrote that comment, at the time the RealClearPolitics average for the betting odds had Trump as the clear favorite

    • lol shit Reply

      @Warren Rhinerson During the past month, many voters of Trump during 2016 has already expressed their regrets on why they voted for him, i guess he’s not really winning.

  75. Vincent Venturella Reply


  76. Onkel Fabs Reply

    Does Kentucky really have the most awesome senators?! Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul are on fire!!

    • John the Medic take 2 Reply

      WERE at least for the first one.

  77. Tinnakorn Wantae Reply

    Hate him or Love him in the primaries, Biden’s life was though and you should respect him for standing up against it

    • Angel Castaneda Reply


  78. malsiimian Reply

    One example of why The United States of America is the best country in the world.

  79. Chantay Berry Reply

    Still, Joe Biden is reeling the loss of his son.

  80. Lisa Reply

    EU für JOE..

  81. why am I wasting my time on this Reply

    who’s cutting onions here!

  82. Edward Nygma Reply

    A very touching moment.

  83. Justin Edwards Reply

    biden and reid 2 of the most partisan politicians this country has ever known

    • Destroyer007 Reply

      Biden wasnt partisan

    • Justin Edwards Reply

      @Destroyer007 lol if you truly believe that then you don’t have much of a brain

    • Destroyer007 Reply

      @Justin Edwards yeah you don’t have an inch of brain if you actually think biden is one of the most partisan politicians.

  84. Robert Bingenheimer Reply

    Let all politicians familes die of cancers god bless

  85. Ivan Kalema Reply

    Rest in peace Boe, I’m so proud of Boe Biden’s sacrifice ! Thanks Biden Family for your service to our great plannet! #Joe2020 #MissBoe

  86. Mr T. Reply

    What? Feels like a parallel universe.

  87. Michael Sinclair Reply

    Why can’t McConnell be more like this?

  88. Sami Saleh Reply

    You can see when the clerk read Beau’s name, Joe had to wipe a tear away… been nearly 4 years and its still emotional

  89. SugarTomAppleRoger Reply

    McConnell has had no pain in his life. He stands for big pharma, big guns.

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