One Nation Overdosed: How Children Cope With A Parent’s Addiction | NBC Nightly News

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Ohio teen Victoria Brinkman grew up with a heroin-addicted mother who struggled to take care of her. Now, she wants to spread awareness about drug abuse to help others.
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One Nation Overdosed: How Children Cope With A Parent’s Addiction | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar guss whu says:

    NBC is fake news

  2. Avatar tackless says:

    Wow , what a bright and seemingly nice kid. She is living proof that you can grow up to be a good person no matter what you are surrounded by. I have seen this before and I’m always amazed by it . I wish you luck kiddo.

  3. Avatar W C Emmons says:

    NBC makes its own news. Fake

    • Avatar Tori Brinkman says:

      Actually it is not fake. But you can believe what ever you want.

    • Avatar FC Careta says:

      Ok sure…I only know the girl but whatever it’s totally fake.

    • Avatar Reflected Miles says:

      @Tori Brinkman Pay no attention, kiddo. A large percentage of YouTube commenters have little education and don’t do well with basic judgment. Keep it up and I hope you’ve gotten some college scholarship offers if those are going to be needed.

  4. Avatar THe King says:

    Why do people think this is fake?

    • Avatar Martin Wilkinson says:

      Because according to many whites in Youtube comments sections, white people all have sky high IQs, they are the most civilized and law abiding people in the history of the known universe, they were responsible for all ancient civilizations including ones in Africa and The Indus Valley in India where they’d have constantly got sunburn and skin cancer thousands of years ago and because the world would fall apart if they ceased to exist and stuff like that, so this video *must* be fake. Can’t you see the white genocide conspiracy agenda against white people? Are you some kind of SJW Libtard?

  5. Avatar David Dimachki says:

    Wow what a way to exploit a kid

    • Avatar Joseph a‘ Christian says:

      David Dimachki – True. NBC is a disgusting, propaganda/exploitation, bunch of cold blooded mutts.
      They should have filmed the back of this girl’s head. – Josef

    • Avatar Wendy Lopez says:

      David Dimachki XX,

    • Avatar Hayley Marse says:

      I kind of agree but hearing from a kid what it’s like with a drug addiction is important for people to see because this is an epidemic in America right now. You can hear from other people that it ruined someone’s life but children are often forgotten

    • Avatar Reflected Miles says:

      So what _she_ wanted done and expressed here, and why, doesn’t matter . . . Not even considered, in fact. Brilliant.

  6. Avatar Armanda Callen says:

    She is such a beautiful little girl besides being very mature and strong.

  7. Avatar Kev Mac says:

    I’m so proud of you girl.I know how you feel. Do good in your life you’ll be ok.

  8. Avatar Hannah Simpson says:

    The same situation happened to my uncle I get everything she’s going through

  9. Avatar Hannah Simpson says:

    She’s beautiful too

  10. Avatar Ningi says:

    I consider myself the parent and my Mom the kid , i know exactly the feeling.

    • Avatar Klynker says:

      Ningi that comment hit deep for me too. <3

    • Avatar Karen Acton says:

      Something an adult should ever have to relate to from their childhood. I’m sorry for your difficult lives, you had to miss out on your childhood.

    • Avatar Hailey Little says:

      dude this comment literally hits home so hard

    • Avatar MelissaMedlockMusic says:

      God bless u. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    • Avatar Tia Surmon says:

      Ningi that comment hit deep

  11. Avatar Marci HF says:

    Beautiful and strong young lady. May she have a wonderful successful life.

  12. Avatar Jeff Thompson says:

    You have the fortitude to do great things in your life.

  13. Avatar Madlyn Blinderman says:

    My was was a past heroine, cocaine, and meth addict all at the same time. She’s now an abusive alcoholic. I can relate to this girl so much and it breaks my heart…

  14. Avatar diana levy says:

    what an angel of  a girl.

  15. Avatar Spike 1984 says:

    Poor kid. How was she was not taken years ago?

    • Avatar Jaycee Lynch says:

      Spike 1984 my mom was the same and I wasn’t taken until I was 12

    • Avatar Neurology Love says:

      Broken system. Kids that shou of be kept with good families are taken out of them and kids that should be taken out of bad families are kept there.

    • Avatar zombie slayer 22 says:

      @Jaycee Lynch – What were your struggles growing up?

  16. Avatar Angel G. says:

    This is happening to me

    • Avatar Brittney Green says:

      I know how you feel but it does get better. I know how hard it is. I’m so sorry you have to go through this.

  17. Avatar romans8910 says:

    Everyone in this show died from fentanyl and or heroine. This is a tragedy and in the middle of all this millions and millions of Americans living in horrific chronic pain. Scripts for pain pills are NOT the problem. Show me 1,000 of people started with pain medication. If you check autopsies overdose and show me out of 1000 deaths how many had any amount pain pills that had anything to do with it. Yes some doctors were bad apples I agree. You can’t blanket USA and say chronic pain is part of the problem. We are thinking about suicide every day because our meds we’re stopped. If I knew where to go on the street and buy it.

  18. Avatar Pretty Nikki says:

    This epidemic is nasty i pray for all families who suffer from their love ones choice to do drugs

  19. Avatar __spencer__ says:

    on the bright side…
    that’s one way to get into college👍

  20. Avatar Carrie Bizz says:

    Very sad situation Tori was in. Tori is absolutely remarkable. She had an awful start but she is obviously a survivor. I am a mother and i couldn’t imagine not looking after my children. Very upetting.

  21. Avatar Florida Sunshine says:

    This poor girl

  22. Avatar Noxious Lair says:

    Oh boo hoo, I’ve been through worse 🤷‍♀️

    • Avatar ʟɪᴛᴇʀᴀʟʟʏ ɴᴏ ᴏɴᴇ says:

      Svetlana Volkova you sure look like you have lmfao

    • Avatar Noxious Lair says:

      literally no one don’t be jealous

    • Avatar FC Careta says:

      You know you are a terrible person. How could you possible think her problems don’t matter just because you think you’ve gone through worse.

    • Avatar Hi Y'all says:

      You are disgusting. If you’ve been through such a bad time, post a video on yourself. This ain’t about you.

    • Avatar Reflected Miles says:

      And given your reaction, you haven’t handled it fractionally as well as she has, we see. A good therapist might be of help to you.

  23. Avatar Melanie Nava says:

    Who cares

    • Avatar casual artist says:

      Have you gone through parents going through addiction? Such as alcohol, or substance abuse. Whats the point on clicking on a video of a girl that has been NEGLECTED because her parent was addicted to heroine just to leave hate?

  24. Avatar Michelle Yook says:

    She is a very resilient one!

  25. Avatar Good human be happy says:

    I’m raising my neice right now because her mother died from junk. The woman overdosed once and her family came to her aid dusted her off and propped her up when they should have let her hit rock bottom and learn a lesson but they didn’t and less than a month later she was at some drug friends house and she overdosed and that was it. Twords the end she was a tyrannical person to everything and everyone around her. Pure evil.

    • Avatar Moe says:

      So many have stories like this, it’s the children that will bear the burden. Be well.❤

  26. Avatar youknowwhatflav says:

    I know how she feel

  27. Avatar Amari F. says:

    Poor girl 😪

  28. Avatar yvonne manuel says:

    The childern learn what they see.Some childern grow up to be drug addict.Sime see learn i dont want to go out of this world like this.This is my saying ive seen so mych growning up and daid no no not me.Im not perfect but i learned thats not the way to live i never did drug but i drank only beer.It wasnt a everyday are weekend but i relized this isnt what i want so i stopped out the blue i vow to never go back i havent.Thanks to God showing me what your life is when your an alcoholic.Most of my family died tgat way drink to me is the same as a drug you can get addicted.

  29. Avatar samantha Lang says:

    Nice to she how well spoken and intelligent she seems…. hope she can continue to overcome everything she has been through!

  30. Avatar Equal Opportunity Offender says:

    A bullet to the brain of those opioid addicts will cure their addiction and it will save our taxpayers billions of dollars each year!

  31. Avatar Bill Anderson says:

    She’s 14. She still has a lot of time to go down hill 😂 saying she made it out the other side OK is seriously jumping the gun. I didn’t become a degenerate until about 16 lol

    • Avatar The Isaiahnator says:

      And you’re still a degenerate.

  32. Avatar browneyedgirl428 says:

    Tori is absolutely beautiful and a survivor!

  33. Avatar Klynker says:

    I identify with this girl, although my mom had mental health issues more than drug addiction. Alcohol played a dangerous role in her episodes for a long time. This girl will grow up to be amazing, observant, and caring beyond the capacity of others who have not encountered early childhood trauma. Wishing her all the best!

  34. Avatar Deana Wells says:

    You are brave and you will make a great impact on this earth

  35. Avatar Harris S says:

    It’s sad .

  36. Avatar Bethany B says:

    Wow tori is so brave!!!

  37. Avatar Name Change. says:

    Lovely young lady.

  38. Avatar Macky1101 says:

    So the her mother know who the father is?

  39. Avatar Glymm3r P says:

    I’m so glad this amazing girl has found happiness and her mom is sober!

  40. Avatar robert sanchez says:

    i hope she do good.

  41. Avatar Kelly Hernandez says:

    She is an awesome little girl to share her story…. I still struggle with the questions why i wasnt good enough or what was wrong with me for my mom to not stop taking drugs and im 41 now smh

  42. Avatar Christopher BF1 says:

    The fact that at 2:12 said she has her own tissue, you can tell how much she has gone through and how strong she is in her independence. She is strong and wise, prayers go up for her and her family.

  43. Avatar kaelyn betts says:

    yup… i can relate to this.

  44. Avatar Jack Keyhoe says:


  45. Avatar Jack Keyhoe says:


    • Avatar zombie slayer 22 says:

      Go back to Mexico! COMPRENDO, SÉNÓR?!

  46. Avatar rochelle123ist says:

    What about terminally ill cancer patients and people that needed emergency surgery? Should those people be denied oxycontin or morphine? That being g said I’m glad this young woman is okay.

    • Avatar casual artist says:

      What are talking about these are MEDICAL drugs. Drug addiction to things like meth, and heroine is completely different.

  47. Avatar Phoenix 1101 says:

    She’s incredible. Go on to your dreams baby girl.

  48. Avatar ZoAnn Sites says:

    God Bless this courageous little girl, and keep her safe. She has a good life ahead of her.

  49. Avatar Mak3up Lov3r says:

    What an amazing young girl, praying she doesn’t fall into the trap of addiction as well

  50. Avatar gabriela razo says:

    God bless you so much, special child of God 😭😭😭😭💕💕💕

  51. Avatar S P O O P Y B O I says:

    I like how kind the reporter lady is

  52. Avatar C Boo says:

    😁 Good job Mom 3 years! Congrats. One day at a time. What a brilliant young woman we need her to help others in this crisis of opiate addiction.
    Love, Recovering addict ♡

  53. Avatar Blackwood says:

    What a strong girl. God bless her!

  54. Avatar MondoBeno says:

    The war on drugs advertised the problem as Black Americans in the inner cities. Since 2000 there’s been a bigger drug problem in the rural areas and the mining towns.

  55. Avatar Roger Cook says:

    Wonder why The media don’t say anything about us being over in Afghanistan getting all that poppie to supply these folks

  56. Avatar Meira Cannarsa says:

    That hickey

  57. Avatar hlrasisqueen says:

    She is adorable!!!

  58. Avatar Maryjane4201998 says:

    Drug addicts shouldn’t have kids. If you wanna do it fine but dont have kids while doing drugs. So many kids torn, broken and messed up due to it

    • Avatar Sam says:

      Maryjane4201998 indeed my father would rather murder his own children for drugs and alcohol instead of having a family

  59. Avatar darklexx says:

    strong kid

  60. Avatar Debretta Mcdonald says:

    Hi my mom also use drugs I’m 8 years old and I feel just like you are. What else can I do to feel better. I hope you have a better life over the years.

  61. Avatar Aqueriks says:

    She is beautifull, even if parents even didn’t take care of them.

  62. Avatar Bonnie Hundley says:

    How on earth is this kid so wise? Maybe her grandparents intervened early enough to provide stable support? She’s so positive about making right choices despite having been in a toxic destructive environment. Wow! She’s an example of a self-responsible person that makes healthy choices despite overwhelming negative circumstances. Her parent? What a screw up. Sorry, there’s no excuse for being loser drug addict when you have a kid that need you.

  63. Avatar Sean Payne says:

    my mother went through the same stuff, she always made sure her boys had food and clothes on their backs.

  64. Avatar Xander says:

    WOW! amazing story, very heart touching.

  65. Avatar Ion Dina says:

    Poor girl.. There’s enough of us that this should be a much more attended issue. Nobody looks for these things, and it damages the kids for ages. They have noone to help them understand, and never feel comfortable confiding in what they really experience day to day in fear of life change or retaliation

  66. Avatar Freya Lightbody says:

    I relate to this girl so much, my mother died from drug addiction ❤️

  67. Avatar mweb1 says:

    We are not overdosed.

  68. Avatar Bonnie Waddell says:

    Such a strong young girl I know what it feels like it’s hard to even put into words what the feeling is like

  69. Avatar Taggers Z says:

    My dads an addict, lie’s all the time and thinks his blatant lies are believed. He’s not only destroying his life but ours as well.

    • Avatar Sam says:

      Taggers Z same with me because my father hates the police and he bing drinks alcoholic drinks and smoking cigarettes around pets and animals and worships fake news
      Hates his own family because he’s unfit and rather bully and abuse everyone psychological and mentally abuse everyone unless he gets he’s drugs and what he wants

  70. Avatar eric dietz says:

    We had an addict mom in our building who kept sneaking into other appartments to steal other people’s food. She was too proud/stupid to go to the food bank, or didn’t want a record of it. She got kicked out of the building when the caretaker got 17 complaints about her in the same week. She bascially spent her whole day walking around the building looking for unlocked doors so she could get in and take everything she could grab.

  71. Avatar Barefoot Prof says:

  72. Avatar Barefoot Prof says:

    Smart little strong kid!

  73. Avatar Desiree Christine says:

    This was the lifestyle I had as a child. Both my parents are deseased the time I was 18. I was an adult by 12.

    • Avatar zombie slayer 22 says:

      Can you tell your story? I was abused as a child!

    • Avatar Desiree Christine says:

      @zombie slayer 22 My parent used Herion and when I was 6 years old CPS was called and we were taken away for almost 3 years. I moved back my parents were clean but then my mother became sick with Cancer from the years of drug use. Once she passed I was 11 and my father started using shortly after that. So 11 to 13 I took care of everything. Cleaning, Cooking, Laundry, and watching my little sister. When I was 13 CPS took us away again. My dad was unable to change his ways and died when I was 18.

  74. Avatar DatMarshTho says:

    I’m 16 now and I’m feeling exactly like her. I don’t know what to do, I don’t have grandparents and my dad is over seas.

    • Avatar Jenny Rudd says:

      Hey there, are you ok? Do you want some help?

  75. Avatar alister_valkrum says:

    It’s so sad that how much I can relate to this girl😔 glad my grandparents toke care of me or I would’ve followed in my moms footsteps, she stopped doing drugs up until I turned 13 though so my life is going good I guess

  76. Avatar The Isaiahnator says:

    Humans are remarkably resilient. This girl is a testament to that. I hope she seeks out supportive people who will help her stay on the straight-and-narrow.

  77. Avatar Sam says:

    substance abuse boomers are not worth saving nor rescuing if they refuse therapy or psychological treatment nor care just to further show how mentally weak they really are both fathers and mothers best for those that have successfully been treated and cured through constant rehab are the true heroes in this world regardless which generation you come from

  78. Avatar Jolte4 says:

    She goes to my high school wtf I found this video on complete accident

  79. Avatar Basic Tutorials says:

    It just breaks my heart how many kids are dealing with this its just unfair because many don’t even have support for stuff like this.😢

  80. Avatar Jeremy Ulfohn says:

    What a bright little girl she became.

  81. Avatar Amy Brooks says:

    Aww baby girl 💔💜

  82. Avatar Patrice Marie says:

    GOD PROTECT THE INNOCENT! Those 🙏🙏🙏 embroiled, in these very damaging ….. stressful, Irrational environments! Things, horrifying ….. things must end …. for very rational ….. GODLY REASONS!

  83. Avatar m Zaki Banyu says:

    Why is the Subtitle Late?

  84. Avatar Eire 32 says:

    If you ever get to read this i admire you for your strenght.

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