Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba | The Brave Ones

2020 6/14
Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba | The Brave Ones

The Brave Ones – In collaboration with Credit Suisse: Jack Ma may be one of China’s biggest success stories now – but he started from humble beginnings.
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  • Abdul Aziz says:

    Jack Ma Thank you from Bangladeshis 😍😍

  • Bhaswanth Pandiri says:

    He is not brave . The bravest one is miles kwok.

  • Jonas Tchebebia says:

    My Hero

  • marcelino bolesa says:

    dont believe easily on jack ma the chinese is spreading communist over the world

  • marcelino bolesa says:

    watchout jack ma is a trap

  • lov3lygina says:

    Jack Ma is a good guy, I hope the Corruptive China will not do anything bad to him…God protect him and his loved ones….😔

  • Florence Gangte says:

    JACK MA very hygine and smart person.

  • Pratiek Singh says:

    8:39 who’s he talking to?

  • Adams Namayi says:

    Inspiring into the future’s way of life.

  • kath david says:

    Looking at the face of an insidious AI pushing psychopath… him and Puppet Elon Musk… LOL they always give us the started from humble beginnings bullshit story. always the same story yawn yawn zzzzzzzzzzz

  • kath david says:

    The little front man for the establishment… pushing his slavery induced AI agenda.

  • Devenir entrepreneurs africains says:

    Bug up to you

  • Joy Mdolorzo says:

    CCP…strategy of china

  • vjunloc1 says:

    Jack Ma is a fraud, like all other chinese

  • thelma mendoza says:

    Jack Ma must be protected by CCP that he is so confident doing business so he has no competition in reality.

    • FAJAJ DOE says:

      ur dumb jack ma was founded by the CCP goverment on top of matters they made him SING over hes company a few days ago …….jack is nothing more than a face ….the CCP is washing money and hes company is nothing more than a front………LOOK IT UP >>>> EVERYTHING BOUT JACK MA WAS FAKE FAKE FAKE…….

  • Lisa S. says:


  • Jerry PEAL says:

    Jack is now gone

  • Thaokholou Ramai says:

    EQ is much better than IQ

  • FAJAJ DOE says:

    hes a crook ALLLLL the showing off was this was all backed by the china mafia…….all china banks are family owned that leads to the top ranks ……jack ma jus lost hes company look it up ……and he WILL BE GOING TO JAIL….CCP goverment …that is a fake company from china to wash the money

  • panthera Manasa says:

    Worship 🙏🙏🙏🙏of jack ma

  • Jade Ramirez says:

    Wow he calls it “ my city “.

  • M dizzle 78 says:

    Ali Baba = bye bye – i will never buy from this site

  • DorianLS says:

    This video sounds like a Jack Ma advertisement.

  • Classics ForLife says:

    Jack Ma as good as he is, is trapped. The Communist Party wont let him travel abroad with his family and his family can’t travel abroad with him, essentially they are hostages of the Party. Forced to give up ownership to five unknown men. It’s just a matter of time until he gets jailed or murdered like Wang Jian. He was just born in the wrong country. It is truly sad.

  • HolySam Holy says:

    He is afraid if CCP that’s why he gave all his wealth to unknown persons in China…But where he reached is amazing.

  • Classics ForLife says:

    “you will never learn to fly until you get thrown from a building!” -Wang Jian HNA Chairman.
    Watch your back Jack Ma, those bodyguards are not there to protect you.

  • Minh Hieu says:

    This guy suddenly resign billionaire CEO?!
    There is something not right!
    1-2 years he is going to jail
    He going to be vanish without a trace!
    Never trust ccp!

    • 海纳百川江泽万民 says:

      Minh Hieu hhha your comment really make me laugh

    • 海纳百川江泽万民 says:

      Minh Hieu but you are right, he is vanishing out of people’s eyes now, there is an old saying in China, person afraid famous and pig afraid fat,that means jake ma needed to stand behind in Alibaba

  • Surathong Jongs says:

    I highly respect Jack Ma history. But sadly there is also a negative role played by CCP.

  • TONY ALLEN says:

    Poor English…

  • kerry folden says:

    steal outlying be small quit the gan g be small be the chineses tkke wut u can never care about othes its the way

  • kerry folden says:

    point is the chiny is the atrt of war

  • Darya Tan says:

    Is anyone can help me, how to direct contact with Mr. Jack Ma, may his personel e-mail address or WeChat or WA or Mobile phone or whatever that can get him personally. I have a money making invention to offer to him, and I believe he will agree with it. Pls. I’ll give my contact no. if there is an affirmation counter.

    • Anime Daily says:

      @Darya Tan you can search it up online , search up how to get in contact with him .

  • Ma.theresa Vios says:

    Lets learn the JACK MA WAYS.

  • mj w says:


  • Danny Millions says:

    Fake China appointed billionaire

  • Ralte Fren says:

    Jack ma looks like that funny face morphing video effect on Snapchat, and as poor as i am, im happy to be me.. but his decidation and perseverance for his success will always be an inspiration for everyone including me

  • Kebenesh Melaku says:

    Jack ma you are Awesome . Thank you. God bless you.

  • Jhas Jhis says:

    Why is everything he says an amazing quote?

  • BEHOLD ท่านจงมาดูเถิด says:

    AmaZing guy

  • moon woo says:


  • Vignesh Shankar says:

    That’s awesome

  • ROBERT CRAIG says:


  • arunperth says:

    Globalisation is meant for civilised societies …. not for undemocratic sinister societies. If the policy makers in the world till now have not learnt what globalisation really means, don’t know how the future will look like.

  • SuperSilverRage says:

    Stop Buying “MadeInChina”

  • Pei Chen says:

    He works for CCP ..

  • Jeto_ Pse_Jo says:

    (CCP) killed many people worldwide at the same time killing the Globalization!



  • Shahrukh Khan says:

    Wo to m hamesha s hu

  • Lisa Wong says:

    I heard he shipped all the ppe out of the west to China

  • Alberto Reyes says:


  • Sandor Varga. says:


  • Amparo Alvarez says:

    Yes we can stop it to certain extent… Competition is not good…It only puts value on people…and we are all equal…Unique, but equal…Stop talking nonsense…You think you have all the answers, You don’t …I don’t think you have the future and no I don’t like you…

  • Vishal Bedade says:

    Ban chines billinear world
    Ban chines prodect

  • Yuhang PENG says:

    “Here is the interesting look English teacher” 😹😹 笔芯马爸爸

  • Shatri Zakiyyu says:

    In life we have to learn that every one is use full to one another no matter what you are poor or rich insane or not God created us all with deferent values to one another thax Alibaba thax jack

  • Clipper Stwawberry says:

    We have the Internet connecting us with the best medical experts all around the world, why should we need this WHO of the CCP commie regime of mainland China?!! This WHO is so corrupted by those CCP commies that they can’t even provide any good enough and/or useful information on their site about DIY aspirators for anybody of the world for this pandemic emergency situation. Kick them out!!!

  • Ben Afako says:

    I wish all Presidents in the whole world think like Jack ma. We would have the real inclusive world..

  • AB Normal says:


  • Ronnie B. says:

    Big head Jack ma

  • RedLeben says:

    Only very few in the world are born special, rest are born like Jack Ma. When you see you are not a peer of Jack Ma you see what made him different, rather what he did different.

  • Sharp Sparty says:

    Why don’t you write the names of the people who talk about him so we know how they are related to him. Kinda pissed rn

  • Jo Mac says:

    To have money you have to earn money – Jack ma

  • Tiah Nelson says:

    Straight English he speaks amazing

  • George - The Money Making Wizard [Weekly Videos] says:

    Jack Ma’s vision will live on forever, truly a GOAT.. Was sad to see he retired from his position at Alibaba but I see them still going on a massive run the next couple years and reaching a trillion dollar valuation, especially with their 26 billion investment in cloud computing 🐐🔥🤑🚀

  • SIMON DAVILA says:

    Go Forrest 🤩

  • Graham Desmond says:

    We’re is hé now, I’ll tell you the CCP retired him, he is finished I bet you one year from now he will be in jail or dead I hope not but very probably

    • Fishy says:

      Here’s someone with a vision, agreed

  • O. Heck says:

    I love his logic and Mr. Spock would too = logical (Spock) have nice day

  • Julio César García says:

    What a great guy! I admire you Mr. Jack Ma. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you. JC

  • Loren Santiago says:

    His philosophy reminds me of Bruce Lee’s philosophy.

  • Bara885 says:

    Well, I head that he signed off his ownership of the company to the government. They made him retired from Alibaba. Is that true?

  • Jesus Reigns says:

    You should see the interview with Miles Kwok, about how crooked Jack Ma is

  • Malgorzata Miroslawa Kim says:

    Very nice to see the Mss Martha Stewart cooking 🍳 lovly and har Recep come from har mather grandmother WER the ladys come from Poland, WER she hove some problems buts evryone we do, I remember this moment WER 2000 is be chenge the Internet, WER I gest is time, like in eny business, , congratulation

  • Malgorzata Miroslawa Kim says:

    I dont trust this machine , I big problem, to the public we start used awer humanitarian,

  • Malgorzata Miroslawa Kim says:

    Babol time in China they come hier to Japan from China they wost best customer,, AKIHABARA, MITSUCOSHI, GINZA , today is diferen WER You ask the custemer way you Bay in Japan products from Europe WER they answer the relly, in China you can’t trust the product,

  • Malgorzata Miroslawa Kim says:

    Whit my respect they Very talented business people, but can’t we trust the product like they trust Awer? Hier is the problem, respect or chiting wich one you choose to get rich,

  • S T says:

    Alibaba is fraud thieves! Don’t buy anything from them. Trade assurance takes scammers side !

  • taniela Loketi says:

    Where Jack ma today no where to be found CCP kill him one ccp pillionare tell all n he warn Jack ma don’t go back to China Jack ma went back anyway he no where to be found now he’s dead pillionare said

  • Demelaw Embeale says:

    If the customer like us,we have the future! Customer is the king.

  • Demelaw Embeale says:

    When i heard the first time Alibaba name, i thought he is an Arabic business person.

    • Balla Jallow says:

      Demelaw Embeale yep it means father of Ali

  • Demelaw Embeale says:

    Social responsibility is the key! He understood the economic aspect of main points in early ages.Thai is the secret of his sucesses.

  • Schools Fan says:

    Ownled by the CCP they own every Chinese company. OUT of the USA now!!

  • BOwdiz。艾力克斯 says:


  • Mai Ly says:

    I don’t believe anything from communist people saying. You never know when they turn around to stab you in the back. Look at what Nixon and Bill Clinton also betray your country, how could we trust Jack Ma?

  • Chyn fu says:

    jack ma advice : 3 things not to touch is power, money and glory . Power is corrupt and money was a time in Wow where you can buy gold causes massive inflation that made money worthless , same as printing money prices soared and basic need was so cheap , made things worthless with little meaning . Fighting for glory been there in battlefield with strategy of War that were our glory. now i think back about it , it was like a heavy burden that i want to throw in Thrash garbage bucket.

  • Chyn fu says:

    the 3 things that should not touch. been there , seen it , touched it , and depressive with little meaning to life.

  • Business Plus says:

    What an inspiration!

  • Born Winner says:

    Jack Ma is very smart and brave. He is very good businessman, intelligent risk taker.

  • Udar Pavarota says:

    Jack Ma: “Sure there are aggressive sharks in the water, but if you don’t go swim in it, how will you ever know you can fight these sharks back? I say do it, lose your fear, jump into the water. The rest will follow.” 😃

  • Rong Jun says:

    trust 5% is enough

  • Dan Hua says:

    Dude, this little creep is a CCP member idiots in this room. Winnie the flu made this little douche bag sign over his company. All they ever did was link B2B that stole copyright from everyone around the world. This thing is pure propaganda BS

  • Rana Mansour says:

    Yes ..yes

  • Rana Mansour says:


  • Anna Maria V. Tomas says:

    The man of the hour … slaying in the business defying the Menendez Brothers line of thinking 💭… that is a winner ❤️

  • J X says:


  • 흥부의성 says:

    China is deeply involved in the US riot and is growing.
    If the brain function is normal, don’t be instigated, but this time, it should be quiet, and when everything is stable, it is necessary to reveal the fertilization.
    At this time, rioters and robbers may be beaten to death.
    Those who are being used by the Chinese government can be killed.
    Left politicians and China must be eliminated on Earth!

  • frederick gozum says:

    Be brave jack and tell CCP to f off but you can’t cause you will be found missing in china

  • James Reames says:


  • Mrs. Cordero says:

    I just love this man♥️ thank you so much for the inspiration, Jack Ma♥️

  • Truth Imperative says:

    OK, but NOT admirable. All he did is copycat Amazon.
    This is what Chinese do: steal Americal IP.
    Jack is too young to recall how Mao and his communist gang starved some 30 MM (“great leap forward” 1958-1962) and how they assassinated 20 MM Chinese (“cultural revolution, 1966-1976).
    All that shameful history occurred just 50-60 years ago.
    In 1978 Den Xiaoping Went to America and started copying everything about capitalism, and naive Americans started investing, educating, and buying everything from China.
    Now the Chinese communist party CCP, bytes the hand that fed and saved them from such communist failure. They support all the other tyrants and terrorists around the world (Iran, Cuba, Venezuela etc.) oppose all the American democratic values, infested the world with a virus minded to destroy western values.
    Never forget, of course, Hong Kong and Tiananmen!!
    Confusious must be ashamed of such UNGRATEFUL TRAITORS.