Jussie Smollett Indicted By Special Prosecutor In Chicago | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/21
Jussie Smollett Indicted By Special Prosecutor In Chicago | NBC Nightly News

“A Cook County grand jury returned a six-count indictment charging Jussie Smollett with making four separate false reports to Chicago Police Department officers related to his false claims that he was the victim of a hate crime, knowing that he was not the victim of a crime,” the office said in a statement Tuesday.
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Jussie Smollett Indicted By Special Prosecutor In Chicago | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (101件)

  • D TRUMP says:

    You do the crime ? You must do the TIME

  • Tanner Shortnacy says:


  • pauly says:

    What an odious fake self serving disingenuous individual…..I hope he never works again.

  • Malcolm Kelner says:

    Uh oh, don’t pull a Jussie!

  • Nick says:


  • Titus Pullo says:

    That darn frenchman!

  • T W says:

    Juicy…. Smoooy’ay! – “He was a very Famous FRENCH Actor!!!”

  • Barkeroni says:


  • Rock says:

    I wear maga hat in Chicago downtown get stares cuz I’m 63 n 230 fit black man

  • Song Henry says:

    If they can indicted Amber Heart next. So far she’s still living good in her fancy world

  • BlockBurner says:

    Ahhh the world famous french actor juicy smolyay finally gets what he deserves

  • 32 32 says:

    Look the worst mayor in history….

  • juan sanchez says:

    Maxine waters and Michelle Obama are also involved in this hoax. Send this unscrupulous person to jail.

  • Ernest B says:

    I can’t even read his name without hearing “joo-see smoh-yay” in my head. Thanks Dave.

  • Jon Idemoto says:

    This POS should b in Jail

  • raul macias says:

    All I can say is when Jussie Smollett goes to prison, I’m sure he’ll have fun taking care of all those inmates!

  • Richard's World Traveler says:

    He deserves punishment if he made false claims. False claims hurt the real claims.

  • R B says:

    Juicy smolley… the french actor. Fake news… liberals and media spread the fakenews…. and they get oddly quiet.

  • Frank Johnson says:

    he don’t need to be nailed to the cross,but he does need to be humbled with some jail time I think,i really don’t know how right an left ever guna come together again in this entitlement society we now live in,its a sad state were living in now,cuz no one ever got to choose their skin color,i wish the day come about good or evil first,an if it’s possible bring the evil to light,an the world could be a much better place,how ironic it would be if the human race all bled into one an all people find harmony,only to discover a yr later the sun burned out an life was no more

    • RThompson FL169054 says:

      See! Amerikkka has a serious mental illness.

  • PoodleDoodle Quilter says:

    He is ruined

  • Iwon says:

    Black folk want to see him in jail too!!

  • Bev Mark says:

    LMFAO…Why are you people making this a president Trump issue…Your attention span has a lot to be desired. My humble opinion is Smollett does not have what it takes to draw headlines so he pulled this crap. He fails as a actor and criminal. Give him a year in a state penitentiary. He can experience all the hate crimes he wants there.

  • John jacobjingle says:

    It’s about time they get his lying a#$

  • Baerchenization says:

    It is not in the interest of justice because police spent so many resources, it is in the interest of justice because first he tried to incite a race war and THEN, with help of friends in high political offices, they tried to hide it under the rug.

  • Kimberly Myers says:

    Black Supremest

  • cg l says:

    it looked like two aliens walking away from that scene

  • Norman Osborn says:


  • rdobery says:

    NBC News, huh? Now who’s lying? Personally, I stopped watching you when you became blatant propagandist.

  • Steve Smith says:

    Sissy Smellit needs to meet the guys in hoods.

  • Joji Poji says:

    Inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame

  • Voice of truth says:

    Just remember black racism doesn’t exist lol
    Just imagine if he were white and did this……I wonder what that black lady prosecutor would have done???

  • Linda York says:

    If you going to win this case, do not go to Gayle King. Will Oprah Or you will be home. And I wrote. Obox

  • Cee C says:

    Poor Jussie🙃😢

  • That Guy says:

    directly to JAIL
    do not pass GO

  • Jumperman 1 says:

    You left out that they had Make America Great Again hats. How convenient……..

  • Dick Oldham says:

    He deserves to serve time..

  • Path2Greatness Baller Edition says:

    Any indictment passed down for anyone on this list?

    How about any public outrage?


  • Grumpy Sega Tech says:

    I hope he gets the book thrown at him.

  • bayca says:

    Jesse small at AKA, Little man boy

  • Dante Duruisseau says:

    Not juicy smuyaa (in my Dave Chappell voice)😂😂😂

  • Ix GRUB xI M says:

    Wow another black man crying racism. Fuq off

  • cj smith says:

    faking a hate crime should be jail time…

  • Shaun Clark says:


  • MrPete60441 says:

    He is good at getting his name out there…. I never heard of him or the show he was on…..

  • LeeLoveGL Rayne says:

    I have mixed feelings about this on one hand he should pay the price with whatever consequences that is but on the other hand he needs psychological therapy and some soul-searching .Also, the embarrassment alone should be enough ……

  • Frank S says:

    The Lib media sowed the seeds of ‘White Guilt’…and it bore this fruit.

  • Ranid says:


  • Valelacerte says:

    Jussie Smollett’s anti-Conservative hoax is only one of tens of hoaxes perpetrated by Democrats between 2017 and 2020, is highly divisive, destabilising and dangerous for society and should be severely punished. If there was a rash of hoaxes portraying any group, other than whites, as inherently racist, it would be a national scandal. However, non-white celebrities, politicians and journalists routinely insult white people without any repercussions.

  • Rockbomb 2018 says:

    He lies like a typical democrat

  • santiago garzon says:

    He is not special. The law is for everyone.

  • TheTlewis3074 says:

    9 murders in Chicago just last weekend. I live in Charlotte where there were 12 charges filed in the UNC Charlotte shootings, but there have been 20 charges filed against Jussie Smollett where no one died and no property was damaged. You tell me.

  • M B says:

    Throwing bleach part I don’t quite understood 😂😂he’s nuts .. he needs to go to mental hospital

  • Daniel May says:


  • Shanunoy Nandi says:

    Ahh yes…i now this man very well… the very well known French Actor… Jussy Smoolyay!!

  • Aaliyah Kassim says:

    White people do this all the time but there is no outrage and nobody goes to prison

  • CartoonPhilosopher says:

    Justice for Juicey Smoüyey

  • Mark Fisher says:

    every trump supporter should sue this moron for slander with a class action suit

  • Steeldriver says:

    *Future Juicy:* but they hurt my booty
    *Future Police Guards:* here we go again
    *Future Juicy cell mate:* smiles
    *Song playing:* can’t touch this…

  • Mike Fernandez says:

    Putting him in Jail is exactly what he wants because he wants to be around other men and be a prison wife. We should send him to Iran where the peaceful Muslim Community will welcome him with open arms since Islam is a religion of peace.

  • Wake UP. America says:

    Call the Waahmbulance: Jussie Smollett Indicted AGAIN!

  • R L says:

    So good at being a victim that he’s become a victim of himself. LOL.

  • Eric O! says:

    This is the same network that reported this story as totally true. They thought they had their “gotcha ” moment against conservatives.
    Mainstream media is a f***ing joke.

  • Eric O! says:

    Only the people who watched Empire new who this dirtbag was . Now the world knows.

  • First Nations Protected says:

    If a person has money or famous friends he doesnt have to obey the law. That is the message we got from his previous charges dropped

  • Thomas Gage says:

    yesss….. finally we get Juicy justice for jussie smolyay

  • Landy Bob says:

    Can’t wait to see juicy sue the city for slander…👻👻

  • Chief Louie says:

    He will get 2 weeks max. More surprised is the reporting of NBC about Smollet.

  • Bigg D says:…I was just saying if this did happen to me, this is how it would of went down…I didn’t say it really happened….thx for the advice OJ…..hahahahahaaaahhhahahahahahahaaaaa

  • Vincent Rose-Pangelinan says:

    #JusticeForJuicy! 😂✊🏾

  • TheFallsCapone says:

    What an utter bellend of a man , the funniest part is when the cops show up to lil juicys apartment, over an hour after the alleged “” Attack “” , and he’s still wearing the washing line noose …WTF ????..😂😂😂😂😂

  • mcw089 says:

    Why would NBC report on something that didn’t go CNN’s way?

  • C m says:

    Justice for juicy!

  • Jason Merrill says:

    I bet he never thought it would blow up like this when Jussie concocted this plan. Glad they are not letting it be brushed under the rug.

  • d r says:

    What about Casey Anthony?! She lied to the authorities and murdered a baby, Now you can watch videos of her bar hopping.

  • NW W says:

    you getting prison time

  • Shiva Yogi says:


  • Shiva Yogi says:


  • Shiva Yogi says:

    What Bill did the Senate pass regarding lynching?
    Who were the authors of the Bill?
    What event took place just prior to the passing of the Bill?
    Did the event involve a ‘noose’?
    Did the event sway Senators in their decision to prevent attacks from the news media?
    regarding the Smollett case?
    Did the news media contact many Senators prior to vote seeking out pro/nay in attempt to coerce using Smollett case as foundation for possible future smears?
    What is the mathematical probability of these two events occurring within this same time period?
    What is Smollett’s relationship with senators Booker/Harris?

  • ModernPlague says:

    “Hate crime” laws shouldn’t even exist—there are already laws that cover those crimes (harassment, assault, vandalism, etc.). Making laws for “hate crimes” elevates certain groups to special/priveleged status, discourages free speech from applying to discussion of those groups, and encourages members of those groups to make false claims of crimes.

    In England, minor incidents & baseless claims that are not even crimes are now recorded & counted toward “hate crime” statistics.

  • Russbot Apocalypse 2020 says:

    Lock these racist pieces of trash up.

  • damnjustassignmeone says:

    No reasonable person agrees with this guy. Why were the original charges dropped? I just don’t get that

  • Larry Lambert says:

    Sad really how the main stream media made a case of this knowing the doubt that was from the very beginning. They should be held just as accountable!!

  • Aaron Lustenberger says:

    Lol karma

  • ROrlando SP says:

    Great news!!

  • Redhook Brooklyn says:

    Jesse on drugs for real

  • El Chingon says:

    Remember what Smollett said when they dropped the original 16 charges against him last year? “I would not bring my family, our lives or THE MOVEMENT through a fire like this.” The movement? This dude is a total woke POS. He’s the poster boy for the left’s unrestrained lunacy, hypocrisy and evil.

  • Alisha L says:

    Haha NBC must have had to hold its nose when they did this story. Losers

  • Shaun Sweeney says:

    People are going to Prison for 5 year’s for traffic violations! The whole system is broken and corrupt and we don’t need Government at all.

  • B K says:

    He thought he in the Body Guard movie,what a fool

  • M P says:

    Kamala Harris name all over this the cover up part.

  • Hoosier James says:

    Kind of funny since empire got cancelled

  • Eric Leavitt says:


  • Frank S says:

    Funny how many use the ‘ I’m a powerless minority’ gag as a weapon.

  • Jay Miller says:

    Lets hope he goes to jail for ten years.

  • fat matt says:

    Can sing….play instruments…..
    Act… not too old..
    Coulda became an amazing being…..
    Beyond sad his ….chosen path…

  • L RQ says:

    While Empire actor Jussie Smollett has been having a tough week so far, there appears to be a silver lining: cable news channel CNN has offered Smollett a job as an investigative reporter and on-air anchor after witnessing his skills at fabricating a story entirely out of thin air.

  • Medic Ceja says:

    Equal rights baby! 😎

  • J Moore says:

    I wonder if he reads comments.
    Hi Jussie!

  • ma pa says:

    Any penalty less than what someone would have received for the crimes he alleged is too little.

  • Alex Ling says:

    Where did this end up?