President Trump Makes School Re-Opening Latest Front In The Culture Wars | Meet The Press | NBC News

2020 7/21
President Trump Makes School Re-Opening Latest Front In The Culture Wars | Meet The Press | NBC News

President Trump complained that CDC guidelines for schools were too stringent, and tied re-openings to the November election.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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President Trump Makes School Re-Opening Latest Front In The Culture Wars | Meet The Press | NBC News



コメント一覧 (123件)

  • Mike Marder says:

    Red states will not DIE for Trump. Every sick person has dozens of friends and family that are turning blue. Texas Florida Arizona. Smart move.

  • Alex King says:

    I wish we had someone like him in europe

    • Pak De says:

      You did but apparently he killed himself.

    • Alex King says:

      @Pak De you obviosly dont know what you talking about, entiteld america kid. We had many dictators in europ and i can tell trump is note like any one of them

  • Brian Connelly says:

    I cannot believe what’s happening. He refuses to listen to Fauci et al. He is killing the USA, helped by idiots like Pence. It is all so unreal.

  • Dan Rich says:

    The President said it’s too “..tough and expensive” to save the lives of children.
    I’ll remember that in November.

    • Juan Peguero says:

      Dan Rich
      We just can’t wait…
      Overwhelming defeat awaiting the useless president in November 2020

  • 2B06 Dior Tan says:

    Thanos: ‘I’ll be on vacation for the rest of 2020.’

  • John Doe says:

    There’s 325 million of us and the best the nation has to offer are these two.
    Trump? Bidin?

    • Pak De says:

      Would you want the job? There’s your answer (assuming you’re not insane LoL)

  • Richard K. Flowers says:

    Trump won’t be satisfied until we are all dead from the Covid-19 virus. What he doesn’t realize is that there won’t be anyone left to worship him. Then what will he do? Go to another country and do to them what he did to us? There’s no satisfying this evil sadist.

  • OBoo Strauss says:

    Looks like he’s been led out by the military. Lol

  • Brandon Angstman says:

    I’m terrified to think if how many will die just to massage this idiots ego

  • Froggy says:

    Dr. Fauci IS a nice man, and an honest one. Unlike you donnie.

  • Anna says:

    He’s not making any parent send their kid back to school PERIOD- he cannot control our decisions

  • TheUsername217 says:

    So how are they going to practice school shooting drills without breaking social distancing rules?

  • Chitchatr says:

    Journalist stating facts or part of the biased seditious media looking to affect an election? Take the poll at unbiased free speech social network. Get facts not fiction. Free think and free speech at What is the number of people testing positive/ number of people tested? What is the morbidity rate as of today? get the facts at the CDC website. In general based on CDC you have a 96% survival rate. 132,855 deaths/ 3,106,931 cases in US = 4% morbidity rate or 96% survival rate. . The virus is serious and sadly has affected many but there needs to be perspective. All you get here is biased news, Try telling us about treatment somethig worthwhile and BTW did not Obama stop testing with the swine flu in 2009? Why ? Pathetic reporting or seditious you decide

  • Chris Adkins says:

    Trump has a timeline, he’ll send kids to school in September, he’ll say everything’s great, it’ll take a couple of months for them to get sick, and by that time it’ll be election day.

  • Mr. Human says:

    Trump is destroying America… Republicans failed America…

  • Nalani Timas says:

    Such a dummy human being sick of!!!

  • uda wyma says:

    New cases drive HERD IMMUNITY?
    HOSPITALS ARE CHANGING TREATMENTS for the better…Oxgen, Hydroxichloriquine, VitaminC IVs and Naturopathic supplements… instead of ventilators and other experimental drugs? Is profit considered in procedures for treatment?

    Who supports and may earn money from CDC vaccines:

    All illnesses can be passed…not just covid? Older people adjust to them all?

    DOES Wearing a Mask collects toxins/Pathogens, dangerously lower Oxygen, Lowers Immunity, allows covid-19 to pass in and out…and lessens HERD IMMUNITY?
    Masks? Stores Masks–Q_dZj4. Masks Masks KnutWittkoski

  • uda wyma says:

    Listen to PROMINANT Medical Advisors:
    You might want to air discussions with Professionals below:
    Findings of “Renown Doctors and Researchers:
    Dr. Rashid Battar
    Dr.Shiva Ayyudurai
    Dr. Judy Mikovits
    Dr. Dan Erickson
    Dr. Artin Massihi
    Dr. Pam Popper
    Dr. Rima Laibow
    Dr. Kyle-Sidell
    Dr. Bergman
    Dr. Berg
    Dr. Mercola
    Dr.Robert Cassar
    Dr. Axe
    Dr. Ford Brewer
    Dr.Mike Hansen

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    Mike Adams (Online)
    Vincent Rhodes
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    Build Immunity with them?
    Mega Vit C
    Mega C IVs in hospitals for most
    seriously infected.
    Colloidal Silver
    Quercetin w/pomegranate
    DOES Wearing a Mask collects toxins/Pathogens, dangerously lower Oxygen, Lowers Immunity, allows covid-19 to pass in and out…and lessens HERD IMMUNITY?
    Masks? Stores Masks–Q_dZj4. Masks Masks KnutWittkoski

  • Halliday Acres says:

    If children start getting sick and die from trump forcing our childre/ grandchildren back into schools there will be no saving anything about his presidency- he will be done

    • Marty Baldwin says:

      He wouldn’t force MY children, period.

  • Johnny C says:

    He knows schools won’t reopen. He just wants to pass his own failures onto Democratic Governors & Congress for education funding. Trump is fvcking useless.

  • John Smith says:

    trump didnt lock up hiliary because he loves the clintons

  • Michael Ortiz says:

    Charlie Uniform November Tango
    Foxtrot Alpha Golf Golf Oscar Tango
    Papa Uniform Sierra Sierra Yankee

    • Marty Baldwin says:

      Shame on you!

    • Michael Ortiz says:

      @Marty Baldwin pregnant by her brother Again

    • Marty Baldwin says:

      Can’t you say something intelligent?

  • Laurie Huntley says:

    What a goof

  • Jonathan Chiang says:

    Why trump is trying to weakening US. After this COVID 19, how can America be great again ? How can we America can be the world leader again? No countries are willing to friends with US anymore because our ignorance.

  • Jeffery Pettit says:


  • Benbhoy9 says:

    The Big Orange Man has definitely Lost It…. 😡

  • Catherine Williams says:

    My first response was how are we going to pay for the actions that are going to be necessary to make our schools safe enough for our children and their educators and faculty supports.

  • Catherine Williams says:

    2:18 Awww Poor baby. Does your tummy hurt?

  • Latanya Engemcleod says:

    Some body send me a text telling me non filters and a. Code number the frist check i wasnt. Non filter who is that. A scam who

  • Steven Farina says:

    Trump’s credibility is shot .There is nothing from him or his administration that I believe or even want to here .He’s the worst president in my lifetime. I thought Nixon was bad . Trump makes Nixon look like a angel .Also Trump is a discredit to my race , white .

    • Mark M says:

      🙂 there has not been a man like Trump for a president in my lifetime, I’ll be 65 in December if covid doesn’t get me. Absolutely the worst president I can remember.

  • blackmagic414 says:

    Re-open schools and more of you will die!

    • Scopa Steve says:

      That’s why I’m not listening to Trump because of his stupidity.

  • Mark M says:

    Trump has failed in the only two crises he has faced in his presidency, the virus and civil unrest. And he keeps right on failing with both.

    • Marty Baldwin says:

      You forgot the hurricane.

    • Mark M says:

      @Marty Baldwin Oops.

  • Justin says:

    Thank you Mr president

  • JC says:

    Everyone must vote!!!!!
    🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 BIDEN 2020 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • Jonathan Horton says:

    We should all gather together and protest the coronavirus! Gather as many as you can and protest! 🌠

  • song yardbird says:

    How many people must die? That madman in the White House MUST BE STOPPED!

  • Log Chop Productions says:

  • 8-happiness says:

    Trump finally did the right thing and wore a mask. I hope this is the turning point. Maybe we can start beating COVID-19 now.

    • Pojo says:

      88happiness It was just a stunt put on for the reporters, you probably won’t see him wearing one again.

    • 8-happiness says:

      @Pojo Unfortunately, I think you’re probably right. 😔

  • Alex Brenzinger says:

    on the bright-side there where no school shootings the last few months

  • Malia Beaver says:

    Traitor Trump and the complicit Republicans are the amoral pandemic. Now he’s coming for our children. America needs to social distance from them and VOTE Blue 2020.

  • Surfergirl Maui says:

    Time has run out!!! The virus is out of control!!!! No schools should open!!!!! November 3rd will hurt you, Trump!!!!

  • Maggie Hea says:

    I wish Fauci was interested in being the president. I’m sure he’s not.

  • Dana Hook says:


    • Marty Baldwin says:

      Easy now……

  • birgit mitchell says:

    New joke going around the world: What borders on stupidity? Canada and Mexico. So sad, I feel so bad about their situation. And now some US Congress folks are asking to open Canada’s border. Dream on.

  • Donna Delgiorgio says:

    The republicans should lose, The US could have saved lives if the had removed trump when they should have.

  • BINGEBOY says:

    And he cheats in golf!

    • Reaper's END says:

      9 iron the shirt.

  • Akio Le says:

    It’s kind of sick watching when Trump speaks. The way he talks and what he says is exactly the same way babies soiled their diapers. Babies couldn’t care less when, where, and what they soil in their diapers. Alike Trump cares about where, when, and especially what comes out from his mouth.

  • Tanya Zee says:

    I Am agree with President about Fauci don’t listen Fauci he is lied

    • Scopa Steve says:

      Oh ok. So you think it’s a great idea for kids to go to school during a pandemic and they get infected by other and they die. Good idea? What do you think.

  • Beach & Beer says:

    Trump is only for trump himself . Hey republicans…… do you think he care about you or your child’s ?

  • dpremi1126 says:


  • S Tim Ulate says:

    trump cares not about reelection or the wall he only cares about acting like there is something he wants but cant have, something that someone might take from him in this case bipartisan joe he is only interested in the asocial value the anti social value, he is a complete sociopath as is joe, this information is reliable and completely trust worthy, follow current events and to some its is all writing on the wall in plain site

  • Max Go says:

    it is dangerous for the children, and they can bring it home to their parents and grandparents. and that’s the most dangerous thing. let trump send his grandchildren to school first. ask Ivanka if she will send her children to school.

  • xyzzyxf says:

    The only chapter that Trump aced in his math class is Division.


    I’ve been watching all these sneak previews for “Idiocracy 2”, but when is the movie coming out?

  • Edward Emmick says:

    So the children need to be warriors? If they get sick do they stay at school or is it a given they come home to infect their family? Trump is a transmission vector. Don’t listen to him.

  • sgt capes says:

    135000+ DEATH is 10fold … 🤣🤔.. WOW gooodgrief THESE folks are really …I’m stuck with ALL I’m about to say Soo I WILL keep it like THIS

  • Yehye naaman says:

    They should be discussing what are the needed processes to re-open schools, students need to go back to schools.

  • Paparazzi 911 says:

    Is trump sending his boy to public school???

  • Geoff Priestley says:

    Hes lineing up the doctor to blame for the high death toll. it will be its his fault he gave me the wrong advise .ive never met him, i dont know him

  • P N says:

    I like it. Hides his mouth.

  • Itscrazymina says:

    trump u are very dumb and i- we need get u help sir

  • Francyne Lane says:

    Trump is wearing a mask because he doesn’t want to catch covid19. Trump is not only insane he is evil.VOTE A STRAIGHT BLUE TICKET.

    • Mary Cel Frumos says:

      He should duck tapes his mouth instead wearing a mask

    • Mary Cel Frumos says:

      And hear what we have to says

  • BigWasabi says:

    Video is active committed domestic terrorism activity and active large scale child torture and abuse activity

  • Sailing Solo says:

    God please take trump out of office

  • Holandrach says:

    I would suggest going to On of 07/12/2020 the death rate fell below the epidemic
    threshold. Not suggesting things are good by any means. But it does appear to fall somewhere in between CNN’s “We’re all going to die if we don’t hide in our
    homes” and FOX saying “Don’t worry about it”. Please don’t develop such impassioned opinions based on a news cast. If it’s important to you I suggest then
    doing your own research. CDC states covid has minimal impact on kids, based on this I believe keeping them out of school will cause more harm.
    Wrong Opinions = Wrong Ideas = Wrong Actions

  • The Phantom says:

    RIP in advance to 50% of america 🥀

  • Brad Tays says:

    Fauci ======== Vaccine

  • Montana fishing Fun says:

    This is insane. My kids aren’t going anywhere. Trump is an ignorant fool.

    • Erika Fitzgerald says:

      Thank you mommy

    • Montana fishing Fun says:

      Your welcome wicked step mother.

  • HeavierThanLight says:

    trump: Is the pandemic on its peak? Ok nice, OPEN EVERYTHING UP NOW!
    putin: good boy.

  • gayle Shatzkes says:

    It’s more than the kids who are at risk.. it’s the teachers, the maintenance , the front office. What happens when kids or staff contract covid? Is anybody thinking forward? What happens when kids get covid and strep or mono at same time?

  • Bradly Brad says:

    Devos said no big deal only .02% kids will die. That’s 12000 kids. That’s a lot of kids yo

  • Kim Cornelissen says:

    just like Trump says everyone has a choice to wear a mask the same should apply that every parent , child, teacher and governor has a choice of whether they open up their schools.

  • Variety Media### says:

  • Marina Dubois says:

    Ever tried “social distancing “ kindergarteners or 1 st graders ? Even if it’s “only” a small percent of children who get really sick or die. There are 56 million students in USA. Thousands of children could suffer horribly. The kids will take the virus home to grandma who watches them. There offering no plan , no extra funding. The poor will get sick and die in greater numbers. It’s happening now and will get much worse. We don’t have a national response because trump refuses to take any responsibility yet says he can tell the whole country to reopen schools or they’ll cut federal funding for schools.

  • Steven Jamison says:

    Trying to keep up with Trump’s poor choices is exhausting.

  • Randy Palmer says:

    In the past, unprincipled leaders have used children to clear minefields.

    • Tatsujiro Kurogane says:

      That’s an explosive story.

  • Roger Nguyen says:

    Trump is the best liar and the best failure Man of USA

  • Jalapeno says:

    This is who, what he is, he cares nothing about anyone. If children’s lives mean nothing to him what is the military to him? The most vile individual not just as President but as a person.
    Save the children, vote him out.

  • Walter Duranty says:

    “Study from the New England Journal of Medicine Shows the Only Reason for Keeping Children Home from School is Politics” 13 July 2020
    QUOTE: “[E]ven if children do get infected, they are less likely to transmit the disease to others than adults. We have not found a single instance of a child infecting parents.“
    Alasdair Munro
    Jul 2, 2020
    Replying to @apsmunro
    Small numbers, but some early lessons:
    -Kids/teachers can catch #SARSCoV2 in school
    -Transmission appears mostly rare
    -Teenagers may be higher risk for transmitting (consistent with evidence of higher case loads, plus lots of close social mixing)
    What else to consider?
    Profile photo, opens profile page on Twitter in a new tab
    Alasdair Munro
    First, there is almost no controversy that children’s safety is not the concern from being in school
    Their risks of becoming infected and severely unwell are incredibly low (even accounting for the extremely rare hyperinflammatory syndrome)

  • Andy Melendez says:

    Trump opens schools. They become mortuaries. He then buys the properties and turns them into casino hotels.
    The Reigning Unleashed Monarch Prevails

  • Walter Duranty says:

    Top Pediatricians Tell NBC They Back Reopening Schools: “Yes,” “Absolutely,” “Without A Hesitation”

  • Erika Fitzgerald says:

    But I don’t want to go to school! I’m happy at home with my family!

  • Mary Cel Frumos says:

    Reopened school is serious mistakes and trump keep threatening us but all American pay their taxes fair and square we vote him and hear what he had to says but why can’t he hear us

  • Greg Murphey says:

    Trump is a murderer. And he’s a fool.
    Work against him and his wishes 8 days a week. Spread disaffection and negative thought whenever possible against this monster.

  • Max Go says:

    He wants the children to have the virus and infect their parents, some will die and we don’t know who. He is okay that some of us dies as long as it is not him and his children and grandchildren.

  • Tarra Lynn says:

    i think the numbers r still very jhgh but children still need to learn. asking them to keep 6 feet in impossible. parents coming for pick up cannot either. its not always a smooth pick up. i prposee we set a number goal where cases have declined to a controllable amt and in the meantime appoint someone in the home to help. probide them witj a gift cardd or a specialized package of supplies and a set plan for teaching. the parents can report weekly to the teachers if some students r strugglung they can work with the teacher. also they could provide dree wifi for homes that do not have it and a lap top. this is a much wuser choice at this time so we dont see a 3rd wave. has anyone heard how this virus may be affecting childten ??

  • Jeffrey Beauregard says:

    At this point the sick need to be exterminated.

  • Freedom flag co Customized wooden wall flags says:

    Stop lying about the numbers! Thats why the cdc is out!

  • Freedom flag co Customized wooden wall flags says:

    Riiight joe biden is a great guy, very intellegent

  • Samou Semana says:

    Deaths due to lack of early treatment with hydroxychloroquine and azithromacin and zinc…cut deaths by half…other measures are masks and distancing…we cannot just stay home for ever..people need to work…

  • TRIL SoSa says:

    President you gotta do something!!! Make the corrupt school districts open up again. #trump #trump2020 #mypresident #lovethisguy

  • J. M. says:

    Why does our president continue to refuse to accept science because he doesn’t have any stocks in the company that is going to make the money on it how dare he check this out —->
    Finnish companies develop instant COVID-19 breathalyzer – Xinhua |

  • Marxist-Leninist and Nationalist says:

    Man It’s fun seeing American go down hill

  • Deb wright says:

    🤓🤓🤓Trump and his administration has made the working poor, elderly and American children of essential workers sacrificial lambs for the economy. So much could have been done. Nothing was done.😷😷😷Trump concern is his pocket book and not the United States. 🤒🤒🤒Trump felt this virus was a hoax, trump’s enablers went along with him and continue to do so. 😰😰😰There must be a lot of Americans under the control of malignant narcissist lunatics! because this trump administration is destroying the country and getting away with it.😡😡😡

  • JZZN Products says:

    If you have to send your kids out, get your kids a quality mask at jzznproducts dot com. Love them and they come in cool vibrant colors. Peace everyone.

  • chinookvalley says:

    1:50 WTF does Nov 3 have to do with the schools opening or not? Is *EVERYTHING* about him?