Full Polis: ‘National Testing Scene Is A Complete Disgrace’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

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Gov. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) talks to Meet the Press about his statewide mask mandate and Colorado’s re-opening plan, during an interview with Meet the Press.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Full Polis: ‘National Testing Scene Is A Complete Disgrace’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar izza izza says:

    All apart of their plan

  2. Avatar Salina LaCroix says:

    Ayeee the Governor is in my city 🖤💛👏🏾

  3. Avatar Cat Lady says:

    He knows the virus has a 97-99.95% recovery rate, right? LOL

    • Avatar Frans van Mook says:

      But if you get the virus, you either get very sick or your lungs will be infected and damaged for the rest of your life. But you are right, “only 2-3% die” . Wish you the best.

    • Avatar J.M .B says:

      Cats get the virus too.

    • Avatar Marilyn Reallon says:

      Try and convince the 130,000 plus dead people of that! I’ll wait!

  4. Avatar David Ellis says:

    Things were improving until Trump & Pence took a premature victory 🏃. Now they both should take a 🚶 of shame.

    • Avatar Andy Griffith says:

      Trump and Pence are cartoon characters.

    • Avatar pipercat10 says:

      @Andy Griffith go play with Gomer !

    • Avatar David Ellis says:

      @pipercat10 Take off your MAGA Hat & Throw it in the 🗑 !

    • Avatar Higgs Boson says:


    • Avatar Higgs Boson says:

      @Andy Griffith 😂

  5. Avatar Ben Tatou says:

    We have been asking a lot of our teachers and not rewarding them. How about Hazard pay, protection equipment, redesigning school space.
    transfer the cost of building bombs. You can not bomb Covid-19 and we all know that is the only thing we excel at.

  6. Avatar Juan Peguero says:

    The useless and incompetent president could help.. but we know he’s incapable.
    Reason to have him removed November.
    Vote Biden 2020

    • Avatar pipercat10 says:

      @Blunted206 yeah right, that’s what they told you, they didn’t tell you that it was Obama, Biden, Hillary, Mueller, and associate’s that sold 20% of American uranium to the Russians, do your homework, don’t be a sheeple and follow the flock, you don’t make a good leader but you do make a great follower !

    • Avatar Bob Loblaw says:

      @pipercat10 Another delusional dimwit from the cult of the corrupt coronavirus con man. Trump, Jan. 29 – “China has been working very hard to contain the corona virus. The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will work out well, particular on behalf of American people. I want to thank President Xi.” China owns Trump, the clueless corona con man.

    • Avatar pipercat10 says:

      @Bob Loblaw it’s so hard to see the truth when so much hatred gets in the way ! Have a great day cupcake !

    • Avatar Blunted206 says:

      @pipercat10 *yawn 🙄

    • Avatar pipercat10 says:

      @Blunted206 anyone who uses cartoon characters to communicate cannot be taken seriously, smoke another one !

  7. Avatar Sue Parras says:

    Nice to see someone in charge of a state who seems to have more than half a brain! To bad they all can’t follow this example!

    • Avatar Paul Wolf says:

      You obviously don’t live in the mess that Colorado is now, it’s nice to assume.

    • Avatar Bob Loblaw says:

      @Paul Wolf What mess is that?

    • Avatar Andy Griffith says:

      @Paul Wolf,
      What mess? If there is any mess it’s due to Trump’s Corona virus. Looks like no state is immune from the collateral damage Trump’s Corona virus has caused in BANKRUPTING families and businesses, job losses, deaths from Trump’s Corona virus, looming evictions from job losses and businesses shut down permanently. Yes. This is what Trump and Republicans have done to cause “the mess”!

  8. Avatar P L says:

    That’s what I’m talking about woooohoooo good for u Keep on pushing for testing keep pushing keep pushing God Bless. Vote Biden please spread the word

  9. Avatar Will Johnson says:

    While a narcissist is also likely to play up their legitimate achievements, they will try to cast all of their experiences as wins. They’re motivated to constantly portray themselves in the best possible light. This means that they may try to showcase achievements that aren’t their own, or even objective failures, as big wins to outsiders. This will obviously be off-putting to anyone who knows what really happened. In the short term, this may seem like an unlikely, or one-off behavior, and be dismissed or forgiven. Over time, it becomes a pattern that distances the narcissist from potential allies.   https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-dark-side-work/201409/how-narcissists-fail

  10. Avatar Gary Marshall says:

    Colorado has it’s act together. Their economy will grow. Their quality of life will be enhanced and grow.

    • Avatar B. K. says:

      Unfortunately if they are surrounded by other states that can come and go into their state, they cannot get through this.
      A national rational response, with federal responsibly is needed.
      Until there is 15 minute testing available on your way to work every morning for anyone not working from home, stopping the spread will be virtually impossible in the current ‘every state for itself” environment.

    • Avatar Day Time says:

      You must be rich because that’s the only people in Colorado not struggling to survive .

  11. Avatar Mary Emanuel says:

    That’s how Trump and the Republicans do things.

  12. Avatar cat man says:


  13. Avatar Chris O'Brien says:

    I live in Colorado and I work at a King Soopers grocery store. My store manager told us not to enforce the mask rule even with the new law and there are signs by the entrance that say No Entry Without Mask. She doesn’t want any drama or escalating problems even though its supposed to keep us safe.

    • Avatar penny caldwell says:

      Chris Obrien, Stay safe.

    • Avatar GiGi Goodwitch says:

      Seems like a community service officer would help.

    • Avatar Dollar Collapse says:

      You have a smart manager. Your King Soopers will probably stay in businesses and you will probably keep your job.

  14. Avatar ruth depew says:

    All it will take is one positive kid in each class or someone from the lunchroom to infect all the teachers, and the schools will all close in two or three weeks from lack of staff. Check your local stats. Our county had 6 infected 0 – 9 year olds for the first three months. In the last month that number has gone up to 133 ( eight more than yesterday. It’s worse for the 10 – 19 age group (350 total today). That’s 8% of the county total, up from less than 2% a month ago.

  15. Avatar Jackie Smith says:

    You are part of the problem or part of the solution. Put on a DAM mask Colorado and stay away from each other. Sick of this debate just do it. Business need to step up and enforce it. WALMART!!!!

  16. Avatar Day Time says:

    As a resident and citizen of Colorado I have witnessed the rapid decline in quality of life for the citizens of Colorado since governor Polis has taken office . Governor Polis is a traitor to the USA

    • Avatar ღSwnsasyღ _ says:

      That’s weird since his polling shows differently as well as the word of people I know there. My daughter for one says life is much better there than when she was in Georgia.. Maybe it’s just you that don’t like him.

    • Avatar Day Time says:

      @ღSwnsasyღ _ lol you are welcome to believe whatever you want but I am willing to bet my life governor Polis won’t be reelected

    • Avatar Freedom4all says:

      @ღSwnsasyღ _ I live in Colorado. Polis is lit. Got us the tests under the table when the feds were confiscating all orders from other states on grounds of priority. Polis is absolutely HANDLING this mess

    • Avatar Freedom4all says:

      @ღSwnsasyღ _ Colorado is full though… no really

    • Avatar Paul Wolf says:

      @ღSwnsasyღ _ anyone advocating or praising Polis just has no clue on the negative impact he’s had on our great state. It’s sad but many people just moved here and have no idea how things have changed

  17. Avatar A google Account says:

    Make pot legal in ohio if you want cooperation ..most people in ohio are rather unhappy with dewine over a lot more then mere pot. He snuck in a large gas tax without anyone consenting to it .behind everyones backs .. .but legalized pot over age 21 would get the under 40 crowd to cooperate

  18. Avatar Russell Berwick says:

    We can clearly see the path to wellness, with the help of our scientists, but our path is blocked by Trump and his cult. If we can’t be on this path, then we just get worst. And we stand here unable to do anything.

  19. Avatar Jennifer Dunn says:

    I guess it’s getting better, from a management view, if you live in a larger city. I live in a small town in SE Colorado and you can only get testing if you have symptoms, even when you have a known exposure. The reason stated is that there are limited tests available. Only way to get a test is with note from doctor and active symptoms. Mandatory masks is not enforced. Sad and dangerous. Easy to play blame game with government, there is a lot they have failed to do, but that doesn’t excuse the Americans that can’t seem to get with the program and be responsible. It’s a mask and a little extra room. Everyone can do their part and this will become a controllable situation. No need to wait like sheep to have the government save us. Actually, that has proven to be a fatal choice.

    • Avatar GiGi Goodwitch says:

      Well said, thank you.

  20. Avatar Andrew McGee says:

    How does the governor of Colorado get where the Denver Broncos play wrong? The Pepsi Center is where the Nuggets and Avalanche play you dingbat.

  21. Avatar Rasheed Madar says:


  22. Avatar One Fly says:

    Wish the interviewers would start asking how much assistance they are getting from the federal government.

    • Avatar Blair Fraser says:

      We already know…..zero

    • Avatar Bob Loblaw says:

      Because we already know the answer. None!

    • Avatar Scott B says:

      Why is that relevant? Everyone in Colorado pays federal taxes. It isn’t Trump’s money.

    • Avatar Blair Fraser says:

      @Scott B You are paying for governance on a national scale believe it or not.

  23. Avatar tam gr says:

    Rapid fast testing SAVES lives, RAPID! If celebs and elites can have one, so can YOU! You are more important than they are because you are essential in God’s eyes. Waiting up to a week for results is dangerous in many ways.

    • Avatar Blunted206 says:

      God isn’t real you fool

  24. Avatar Quintus Horatius Flaccus says:

    Sometimes blunt honesty is the best.

  25. Avatar Blair Fraser says:

    Imagine Italy, multiplied by over five times, with no borders and no lockdown….and you have the US with COVID-19.

    • Avatar Z says:


    • Avatar Blair Fraser says:

      Short memory? Italy was the poster child for COVID-19 nations out of control. They subsequently locked down the entire country and now have it under control. Not only is the US not locked down…they have no national strategy and are actively pursuing divisiveness for political gain. We are 5 1/2 times the population, which makes Italy’s’ problems seem pedestrian.

  26. Avatar Chato Pierides says:

    Politicizing Coronavirus by Trump caused all of this DIVIDE. If putting a mask works and is evident that it is saving lives, a mandate can put some order to avoid rising death toll. Republican governors took the political move on this coronavirus and unfortunately we will be seeing 200,000 plus Americans dying Under Trump Watch. Too late for the learning in my opinion.

    • Avatar Paul Wolf says:

      Your comment about Trump politicizing this virus then blame Republican leaders and politicize it yourself. The hypocrisy …

  27. Avatar pipercat10 says:

    Meet the FAKE, biased, agenda driven, anti American Press ? No thanks ! Chuck you Todd !

    • Avatar Ver Coda says:

      What a weird person you are. One wonders what source you’d cite as a ‘true’ news source, if you aren’t just trolling.

  28. Avatar Kim B says:

    Ohio has mandated masks in many counties. Most are still not wearing them. Waste of time without consequences and enforcement.

  29. Avatar Matt & Beth McNeilly says:

    GOVERNOR’S do NOT have the authority to enforce this mandate. It’s NOT a law. This whole Covid is a LIE. Be careful with FREE testing, FREE anything from the government it comes with deathly consequences. This is a plandemic, check out Event 201 pushing the whole world to ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, ONE WORLD RELIGION and ONE WORLD CURRENCY! Agenda 21, ID2020 to name a few. Oh and the biggest thing is Jesus/YUHSHUA is coming soon we are at the END OF THE WORLD as we know it. Do you know Him? Does He know you?? Time is running out. Much love and shalom.

  30. Avatar Christmas Lore says:


  31. Avatar Stephen Anderson says:

    Some parts of Colorado people are not wearing masks especially in some stores. People not caring will be the reason why schools will stay close and possibly back to square 1 with stay at home orders again. We should have opened up AT ALL until the curve truly flattened and no cases for 14 days like the original plan was.

  32. Avatar Desperado5501 says:

    MEET THE FAKE NEWS !!!!!!!!

  33. Avatar John Stocker says:

    Are we to ignore the fact Polis believes the Pepsi Center is the home of the Broncos? Terrible Governor.

    • Avatar Nate Roelke says:

      just a mistake bro chill you really want Polis up on his sports trivia?

  34. Avatar Phyllis Springer says:

    The cases have been on the rise since the protest.

    • Avatar Bob Loblaw says:

      Check you facts, they been on the rise since the clueless coronavirus con man wanted states reopened without following his own CDC guidelines. Trump is a lawless lying lowlife loser.

  35. Avatar Tony V. says:

    Surrender….. They have you…. You are the Conquered….. https://youtu.be/zXUtsft0Z74

  36. Avatar Bill York says:

    Your lies are a disgrace. 333 company’s tested tens of thousands and 100% tested positive for COVID1984. Mathematically impossible. A goat and a fruit tested positive. Earthworks next. Shouldn’t give out ideas. MSM IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. All day. EVERYDAY. DECADES AND DECADES. DISPICABLE.

  37. Avatar Higgs Boson says:

    Australia has a second spike .
    The state the virus has come back in is shut down after 200 cases.
    Whole suburbs are being closed down with no one allowed to leave home. ( 9 massive public housing blocks are under total lock down sorrounded by army and hundreds of police)
    Each affected person is paid $1, 500
    and all food is supplied and medical and counseling.
    An army of contact tracers have descended on Victoria.
    Mandatory masks for the whole state. $200 dollar fine for wearing no mask.
    The Aussies have this pandemic under control.
    They have a joint State/Federal task force , app tracing testing on demand same day results.
    They have closed there borders and restricted expats coming home.
    Aussies have the lowest deathrate and 110 deaths.
    This outbreak is despite the above-mentioned.
    Trump’s response has been miniscule and inept compared to the efforts of the Aussies , hence the horrendous deathtoll in America.
    Australia 110 Covid deaths
    USA. 135,000 Covid deaths.
    America is 15 times bigger than Australia.
    America should have 1,700 deaths.
    Trump’s criminal incompetence got us here , our only way out is vote.

  38. Avatar A Skewed Chimp says:

    Polis never answered the first question of why he didn’t do it sooner. The interviewer dropped the ball and didn’t make him answer either.

    • Avatar Station 2Station says:

      I live in CO. We are doing excellent for the most part. 343 new cases yesterday. No hospitals taxed. Everything the Gov has done has been spot on.

    • Avatar A Skewed Chimp says:

      @Station 2Station I would have preferred a mask order sooner. Our cases ARE rising, albeit slowly. Hopefully the new order turns things around.

  39. Avatar Marcus Vasquez says:


  40. Avatar Aaron Christoffersen says:

    Science is real.

  41. Avatar Samuel Douse says:

    Wear a mask !

  42. Avatar Terry Victor says:

    Love Gov Polis!!!!

    • Avatar Dollar Collapse says:

      I call him Pole-Licker.

  43. Avatar Dollar Collapse says:

    His name is Jared Pole-Licker!

  44. Avatar Cia Webster says:

    I have lived off and on in Colorado for over 21 years. I know this state well and what it stands for ultimately…. Front Range, Western Slope, San Luis, Eastern…regardless of your party and part of the state you reside in, Colorado is making huge strides in the fight against Covid. However…Since there is a lack of leadership nationally, there are individuals who simply dont respect the state mandate for masks. Many counties, including EL PASO COUNTY,
    establishments simply wont enforce the rule, so they wont ‘stir up issues’. THIS IS A STATE WIDE SENTIMENT TO CATER TO BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES! PLEASE STOP! Im a bartender, and would like nothing more than to have a busy tourist season. That’s not gonna happen for YEARS because y’all dont know how to go somewhere and sit down for a handful of weeks to get this under control. I don’t care what side of the fence your on, but Gov. Polis has tried his best to navigate this hot mess. He’s not perfect..and neither am I or YOU. I’d rather deal with all this in Colorado though..

  45. Avatar Bayarea Grl4ever says:

    I don’t trust these tests or the stats. Gov lies

  46. Avatar danscoolpaper says:

    I think he said “MASKS WORK”. please wear a mask and stay away from others…

  47. Avatar j b says:

    The real national disgrace is the “cases” of jobless, homeless and evicted, that we have allowed them to surpass the “cases” of covid19 without even a mention!

  48. Avatar Barbara Bergstrom says:

    Everyone needs to keep their own contact tracing list .

  49. Avatar Dennis says:


  50. Avatar Ditching The Grind 3 says:

    Govenor Polis, you are doing a good job, better than many other states. Wish you were our Govenor. I am from Wisconsin- still no state mask mandate and no discernment from our Govenor about the poor testing!

  51. Avatar jeff scarpino says:

    Polis is a weak governor……ranked 49th in testing out of 50 states

  52. Avatar Tolu Osinowo says:

    Here’s a way to enforce it. Enforce it like you do seatbelts. You won’t catch every case but you will catch some and prosecute those who you don’t catch and lead to injuries or fatalities. If someone died or was hospitalized from coronavirus and they were contact traced to you being the carrier, you should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  53. Avatar Y S says:

    I have been waiting for my results since July 7th it’s now the 21 and no results yet. How does this help anything. I’m out of quartine but no results. Not sure if I have it or not. This is an awful. I m still in quarantine till I find out for sure.n

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