Full Expert Panel: ‘Drive Down The Decision-Making To The Local School Districts’ | Meet The Press

2020 7/22
Full Expert Panel: 'Drive Down The Decision-Making To The Local School Districts' | Meet The Press

Dr. Wayne Frederick, President, Howard University, Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, Chief Medical Executive, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, and Michael Osterholm, Director, Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota join the Meet the Press roundtable to discuss steps to reduce the spread of COVID-19.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Expert Panel: ‘Drive Down The Decision-Making To The Local School Districts’ | Meet The Press



コメント一覧 (73件)

  • discorperted says:

    This comment section has been politicaly censored by your comrades at YouTube

    • Betty Anne Wilkinson says:

      Comrades were are you from…COMRADE?????

    • discorperted says:

      @Betty Anne Wilkinson YouTube. Where censorship is assured my friend.

    • pipercat10 says:

      Utube is owned by China !

    • Walter Bo says:

      Still a lot of Trump cult brainwashed covidiot around

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      You’re posting aren’t you?

  • David Ellis says:

    People just need to wear a 😷 when shopping & practice social distancing. No MAGA rallies & watch church on line or in your car. Use some common sense.

    • Hadassah S says:

      @Walter Bo yeah, but what does that have to do with death? Some people say that they got covid while wearing the mask. Never-mind.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      @Hadassah S Maybe if they took them out of their moth and wore them correctly that might change. There is NO science that suggests that masks prevent anyone from breathing.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      @Hadassah S Why can’t they wear a mask?

    • Carolina Prince says: check this out this what they not telling us 🤯

    • Zed Dead says:

      MAGA has nothing to do with common sense.

  • Sheldon Gray says:

    Americans are self centered.

  • J R says:

    If it looks like a “duck”, swims like a “duck”, and quacks like a “duck”, then it probably is a “duck”. “RACIST”

  • Tosca Tattertail says:

    TRump abdicated authority over the states back in Feb. or March. He said he was not responsible for state based decisions then and therefore should not have any say in how the states manage their schools or law enforcement now.
    The governors, mayors and school boards need to have the final say in when the kids can go back to school safely, Not an irresponsible man who’s only concern is turning the government back to a Nixon era level and allowing corruption and fraud overwhelm the country.

    • 4 Raven says:

      I totally agree with you. Let the mayor’s and governor’s decide when to open schools. Let parents just swing in the wind. If parents lose their jobs because they have to stay home with the kids well that’s just to bad. The democratic cities will stay closed and parents will be out of work which is exactly what the democrats want. Let Trump sit back and smile while this is happening. We can turn on the news and watch cities being burned to the ground and listen to CNN tell us that it’s peaceful protest. Sounds like a plan to me. : )

  • Gary Quarty says:

    Trump is not mandating schools open. He gave his opinion that they should. It should be up to each district and the property owners who finance shools.

    • Walter Bo says:

      He can’t mandate it!! It’s not in his power (do you get it or not?) . However he threaten to block funding to those school that do not reopen. That’s not only an opinion, dude.

    • Andy Griffith says:

      @Walter Bo
      CORRECT! Those words came out of Betsy Voss : “If schools don’t open, they won’t get funding “! She said that!

    • Frank Maitland says:

      Abdicating his responsibilities.

  • DA7545 says:

    The virus won’t slow down til we get to 50% or 60% population infected.
    I doubt this. 0:55

    • Pop Land says:


    • Frank Maitland says:

      He’s the leading person in the world on disease, Him and Hotez.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Based on what? A gut feeling like the demented dotard in the WH?

  • cm1971it says:

    By the end of the year the USA will be a failed state.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      It’s already becoming a police state with an ignorant dictator wannabe at the helm.

    • mugwump242 says:

      We’re already a failed state. Have been for a while. It’s just that we’re now starting to see the long-existing undermining/erosion process reach the surface where the collapse becomes visible.

  • Mike Bernard says:

    If they’re on this show, we already know what they’re going to say…. the narrative and anti-Trump is all that matters.

    • Jeffrey Bucklen says:

      Just look at the data. This pandemic is out of control. And we all know why. Stop blaming the media and start excepting facts.

    • Walter Bo says:

      Another covidiot

    • Frank Maitland says:

      Get off Trump’s nuts.

  • JZZN Products says:

    Get a quality mask if you must were one at jzznproducts dot com and they come in vibrant colors, comfortable to wear and breathable. Peace everyone.

  • Mike Bernard says:

    Michigan currently has 11 deaths per day. They’re locking down their population and destroying their economy and violating civil rights for 11 deaths a day….
    And these “health care professionals” give that their full support. Think about that.

    • Walter Bo says:

      Italy yesterday had only 3 deaths from coronavirus plus 219 new cases, because in the past they had a strict lockdown. And people have still to wear a mask when shopping. American are like children that complain all the time about everything and have a very childish notion of freedom… very childish, coz they don’t want responsability taken in account

  • Mike Bernard says:

    The mortality rate for people under 40 is essentially zero…. so WHY should anyone but older teachers be kept home?

  • I SEE U: says:


    • Walter Bo says:

      And it’s very entertaining to watch

  • Walter Godsoe says:

    They make it sound like we are nothing but kindling.

  • Jeff K says:

    142000 covid deaths and Donald is playing golf and selling beans….and he calls himself a war time president

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      The snake oil salesman reduced to selling beans.

  • Patricia Queen says:



  • 4 Raven says:

    It’s pretty obvious that kids aren’t learning anything in schools these days anyway. All you have to do is turn on the news and see these idiots rioting and wanting to erase history but they don’t even know what the history was about in the first place. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. I can’t imagine how embarrassed the parents must be but maybe they are idiots as well.

    • Frank Maitland says:

      That’s a ridiculous partisan stupid statement

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Wow you parents must be embarrassed too. The whole BLM protests went right over your head. Maybe these idiots as you call them are woke to the real racist history of these racist white supremacist statues and symbols of suppression and white supremacy in America.

  • P L says:

    Trump don’t want people testing because he’s probably wishing that only democratic voters will be the only people that die so less for Biden and More for meeeeeeee

    • Southvalleyfox says:

      Not quite working out that way, tho, is it?

  • E z says:

    Vote out Fred Trump’s biggest failure, the most useless President in history: bankruptcy-expert Donald J. (Jobless) Trump. Let the sloppy pig play golf with Kid Rock and OJ for the rest of his days, if we can’t imprison him.

    We need to focus on fixing real issues, not his distractions like drinking bleach to cure coronavirus.

  • Maletina Clarke says:

    States , when reopening, after a successful lockdown. Should continue to mandate that Churches should continue to close for at least another 2/3 weeks. Social gathering should have been kept to, up to 10 people only. They only had to maintain these for another 2 weeks. It works !! In Michigan they have achieved this, and it’s so refreshing to hear that Michiganians worked “together”. It’s the ONLY way to control covid 19. And of course, wearing masks !!

    • mugwump242 says:

      I’m curious, does the term ‘Michigander’ offend you?

    • Maletina Clarke says:

      mugwump242 NO! I don’t even know if ‘Michiganian’ is correct 🤔.

  • Frank Maitland says:

    Michigan has done well but she kinda skirted the situation.

  • myrasmama says:

    It’s all part of the plan people! It’s all part of the plan! Never let a good disaster go to waste…

  • Bob Loblaw says:

    Not a good time to have the absolute worst presidential leadership in history.

  • Frank Maitland says:

    How did a Foreigner get the job as the head of a University.

    • P H says:

      Probably by being the best candidate for the job.

    • claire jean paul-jupiter says:

      When I thought Donald Trump was the dumbest individual in the world then I read your comment…SHMFH

  • Bob Loblaw says:

    25/45 before he kills hundreds of thousand more innocent Americans.

  • Lorenzo Gamboa says:

    She forgot protesters as part of the problem! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤔

  • Patrick Left says:

    it’s like a 50 car train and all the cars have become uncoupled

  • uda wyma says:

    Please discuss:

  • Columbus Brooks says:

    Lot of WOOD to BURN.. Omg, this not the 1,000 year plagues yet

  • stef unruh says:

    TRUMP´s government SAVED THOUSANDS of LIFES! It is absolutely true!
    In many country but the US. But Living with the pandemic so well controlled for weeks, it´s badly tempting to want and let lose just for a Moment.
    But watching news about the US is the most effective public Health announcement imaginable; a stark reminder to stay on track cause any slip up could make you stumble right into Trumps footsteps when he lead his country straight down the path to disaster. A place Europe had visited a couple weeks ago, and no one cares to revisit.
    So sorry for what you are damned to endure! Stay strong & stay safe, as best you can!

  • su mun says:

    ..Trump is the greatest American Warrior, Commander-In-Chief & the man of God who holds Bible in his right hand & is fighting against evil forces: BLM, Anarchism, Defund Police, Fake Media, Dems’ insane policies & tearing him down since day1(enough is enough), & also fighting against evil Chinese expansion that Obama(hypocrite)& Xi Biden(China puppet) ignored & failed..China is collapsing by Trump pressure now. If Trump looses the election, America will be a Chinese colony!

  • Andrew Wang says:

    The most urgent matter for the White House now is to open schools and keep science out of the classroom! Maybe math, too.

  • uda wyma says:

    How are cases determined?

  • uda wyma says:

    Do Tests results change from day to day?

  • R. Syke says:

    It’s a Hard Rain’s a Gonna-Fall.

  • Wesley Smith says:

    People need to be EDUCATED on the fact we cant just keep “PRINTING AND HANDING OUT MONEY” were a country in debt pre-epidemic so sooner or later the AMERICAN DOLLAR WONT MEAN ANYTHING!! Amazing how many IDIOTS dont know this! ESPECIALLY OUR POLITICAL LEADERS!!! But yet not so amazing because the results SHOW in the Democrat ran cities! What a f’g joke these VOTERS need to be educated prior to voting they dont KNOW!!

  • Wesley Smith says:


  • alan james heidemann says:

    We cannot survive this when I see what’s happening in WI.
    I cannot even go to a store during peak hours and Not see flagrant disrespect for the governor mask mandate causing fights and rage.
    It’s easy to tell political parties just by the looks of peoples eyes and mannerisms.
    Once out of a store I am confronted with these people ripping off their mask ( if the store even enforces the policy) and seeking to talk their anger not knowing my wife is a nurse and or my son cannot school safely as he has ASD & underlying conditions.
    A constant state of rage that derives from a President in my situation is completely unacceptable for me as I only shop at night now but most stores close early.
    Cannot buy without round up to avoid change has made service non existant too.
    If we cannot shop without this idiocy I do believe this WH path leads to a dead end.
    Just my opinion but there are my reasons for a genuine belief that we are in serious trouble on all fronts.

  • Retribution Forever says:


  • atotalidiot says:

    I search for osterholm updates here on youtube daily.