Early Data On Oxford Vaccine Trial To Be Published Next Week | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/24
Early Data On Oxford Vaccine Trial To Be Published Next Week | NBC Nightly News

Early-stage data on a promising vaccine trial by AstraZeneca and Oxford University will be published on July 20.
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Early Data On Oxford Vaccine Trial To Be Published Next Week | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (35件)

  • David Ellis says:

    I’ll be on line for a 💉.

  • Noe Berengena says:

    This may sound unpatriotic but I am rooting for Oxford’s vaccine over Moderna’s. In May, Moderna announced “positive” results from an early-stage human trial of their preventative COVID-19 vaccine, driving stock market gains, which boosted Moderna’s market cap to a $29 billion valuation—without a single product on the market. This company is motivated primarily by profit and that is always suspect. The recent news about Remdesivir’s high cost in relation to its actual production cost shows Gilead Sciences to be a pharmaceutical marketing its product at an inflated rate, close to 100 times production costs. Yeah, yeah, people are going to say these people spend years on research, blah blah. These companies have lobbyists helping them to corner the market to make their stockholders tons of money.

    • Edu Wino says:

      @TheFreshman321 both teams are highly competent it will be a close battle , UKs Vaccine should keep moderna from jacking prices high up on their vaccine since both show alot of promise

    • Des J says:

      @Edu Wino
      Moderna and the Oxford vaccines will be much costlier to produce than the vaccine being trialled by imperial college London ,though the Oxford vaccine is to be sold “at cost” only
      The ICL vaccine is given into muscle with microscopic amounts to be effective, apparently many millions of doses could fit inside a Wine bottle and it will be far far cheaper than anything yet being trialled elsewhere

    • Edu Wino says:

      @Des J nope all RNA vaccines will be cheaper and faster to produce than the traditional old methods , the vaccines will cost a few bucks since you have to factor in the fact of economics of scale mass production driving cost down

    • Darren Armstrong says:

      The best thing about the UK’s vaccine is it’s funded by the U.K. government and the deals that have been negotiated on behalf of Oxford and the vaccine manufacturing company Astrozenica, is that they are only doing deals with countries who agree to selling the vaccine ‘not-for-profit’. As in, no markup price, you charge at cost price.

    • Noe Berengena says:

      ​@Darren Armstrong An enormous contrast with biopharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences, which has been selling Remdesivir at a huge profit. There are recent reports that Novartis will sell a set of generic and over-the-counter medicines at cost in as many as 79 lower and middle-income countries in a bid to help fight COVID-19. Novartis claims it won’t profit from these sales until the pandemic is over and a “curative” vaccine is available. The group of 15 medicines includes antibiotics such as amoxicillin, the blood thinner heparin and dexamethasone (a steroid), a drug shown to reduce risk of death in people hospitalized with COVID-19.

  • OneDigitalSoul says:

    I love the British 👏👏👏

  • Jason Johnson says:


  • Marcus Vasquez says:

    TOMZ. Tomi international. Commercial grade disinfectant spray that kills Covid 19.
    Great company with BIG UPSIDE
    Earnings being reported soon
    Company has contracts in China,Israel &
    The United Kingdom.
    Helping to save lives

  • Fred Taylor says:


    • Henry Kim says:

      Their job isn’t to tell positive or negative. It’s to tell the news. Obviously.

      That people like you think it’s about hearing what you want to hear is telling.

  • Henry Niemi says:

    Scientists have admitted that any vaccine will only give about month’s worth of immunity from Covid. So, we will have to take monthly vaccinations until the Covid goes bye bye…

    • Andrew Price says:

      T-cells have memory for years. Google Mers vaccine – you might learn something. Scientists have said no such thing. FAKE NEWS!!!!

  • BigWasabi says:

    Video is fake news and active global terrorism activity and committed global terrorism activity

  • Barbara Van Dyck says:

    I signed up as a volunteer and I am 83 yrs old. I hate seeing so many of our seniors die here in Minnesota. Out of approximately 1500 deaths 1400 are our elders. I have health problems and so did they. I hope I can help if I get chosen.

  • Deca Dent says:

    The Oxford vaccine FAILED in animal studies to prevent infection.
    – It will not work in humans.
    – That is obvious.
    – At best it may reduce severity of symptoms . And that will be very hard to prove.

    Antibodies only last a few months in recovered patients.
    That makes the prospect of an effective vaccine ZERO in my opinion.

    What we SHOULD be concentrating on is.treatments that work .
    – Ivermectin , HCQ , Steroid treatments , Vitamin D/C , zinc , quercetin etc.

    Here is some information that the BRAINDEAD media will never tell you.

    1. In 2010 this paper was published showing that Zinc + Ionophores ( for example, HCQ ) inhibit replication of corona viruses.

    Zn2+ Inhibits Coronavirus and Arterivirus RNA Polymerase Activity In Vitro and Zinc Ionophores Block the Replication of These Viruses in Cell Culture

    2. In 2015 the same author (who worked on gain of function research on Coronaviruses ) published a paper concerning the potential for bat coronaviruses to become a pandemic if it could be (made to) bind to human ace 2 receptor cells.

    A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence

    SO, the conclusion :
    – CV-19 was clearly made in a lab is NOT NATURAL.
    – They KNEW since 2010 that Zinc + HCQ would be a cure of cv-19 if given early and with zinc
    – The attempts via fake studies , “made to fail” studies , studies with fatal dosages to discredit HCQ have been done KNOWINGLY.


    Covid-19: Vindication! HCQ+ & Ivermectin Work!

    • OJS OJS says:

      The Oxford vaccine produced T cells. It means this vaccine immunity could last for years .

    • Zuul Gatekeeper says:

      No the Oxford vaccine did’t fail that was terrible reporting by the media they should be ashamed of themselves for spreading fake news. The monkeys were given massive doses of the virus it was introduced in the nasal passage after 3 days no trace was found in their lungs but it was still present in the nasal passage but after 9 days it was gone altogether. In short the vaccine worked it stopped the spread of the virus prevented the monkeys getting sick & despite massive exposure cleared it completely from their system.

    • Andrew Price says:

      @Zuul Gatekeeper Most negative comments are from the USA – they only seem to talk about US vaccines and ignore others. Person who did the original article from Harvard isn’t an expert in vaccines – probably explains why he got confused.

    • Vipin Nair says:

      In the end there is always someone who always wants to fyck around. I guess you are that lucky one with full of negativity

    • Darren Armstrong says:

      That’s just lies. You probably think tupac is still alive and the moon is made out of cheese

  • Ruben Pacheco says:

    It sucks knowing that I’m in the US and I’m sure we’ll be the last ones to get a vaccine here

  • Nick says:


  • Inc n says:

    Nobody should buy shares of this company until they make a real vaccine

  • Manning Fan says:

    Dr John heehee

  • Des J says:

    Here is a link that discusses the expected data to be released,it should make it a pleasant read for those seeking positive news

  • Ralph Raffles says:

    Oxford intends to sell each vaccine shot for a few dollars. No profit; good on them.

  • vincenzo cositore says:

    “the first casualty of wars is the truth”, see before to believe…

  • Lewis Adobo says:

    Ccr5 Tees. Yummy 😋