Billionaire Bill Ackman looks ‘to marry a unicorn’ with record-breaking SPAC

Pershing Square Capital Management CEO Bill Ackman joins Yahoo Finance’s Julia La Roche and Akiko Fujita to discuss the public debut of Tontine Holdings, and what he looks for when investing.
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43 thoughts on “Billionaire Bill Ackman looks ‘to marry a unicorn’ with record-breaking SPAC

  1. John Tarach jr Reply

    What is this?

    • Bobby Digital Reply

      He’s pooling money and then he’s going to find someone that needs it. A merger with another company

  2. SAY FAMI Reply

    Just another way for the 1% to keep their distance from the 99%

    • O L Reply

      People hate the 1% so much yet use all their products every single day,how do u think they became the 1 per cent

    • Junny Monthy Reply

      Everybody can buy stocks and part of the growing economy

    • ali hussain Reply

      it is listednin the exchange andu csan have exposure to it unlike IPO’s. Its way harder to participate in the ipo than a spac

    • Jared Carpenter Reply

      @Ford H This dude gets it

    • Clément C Reply

      @Ford H I worked on some SPACs when I was working for an investment bank… the sponsors of SPACs legit makes x10-20 of their investment for no work lol.. but yeah that’s also risky cause if the sponsor doesn’t find a target (unlikely here) he looses it all

  3. Mattias Persson Reply

    Quite well this year, this bish in white is doing the most naive statement ive ever heard. Hahahah

  4. ZiZou Youssef Reply

    Good job

  5. ATIPAT 1212 Reply

    Short More Junk Bond 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. ATIPAT 1212 Reply


  7. ATIPAT 1212 Reply

    Goodbye Free Financial Market

  8. Palden Reply

    whats the difference between a SPAC and a holding company?

  9. KJ Trades Reply

    Already put thousands into it

  10. Arib Rezwan Reply

    These videos won’t get that much views. And people complaining the rich are mean and cruel. Lol

    • Brad Swarm Reply

      Many are, Bill Ackman is not… it’s almost as if wealth exacerbated your actual personality

    • Kobe Dylan Reply

      You mean to tell me people spend years binge watching Netflix and Kim Kardashian instead of focusing on finances only to end up broke? 😂 people will never take accountability for their shortcomings. 🤦‍♂️

  11. Radoslaw Pindiur Reply

    Number of people per square foot approaching 7 or something like that 🤣 imagine that! You’d need vertical cubicles

    • anvit shetty Reply

      Even I thought about it for a second, could he be referring to the Manhattan commercial buildings which have 30 or more floors ?

  12. Angel Sanchez Reply

    Thank you for the video Bill Ackman!

  13. Kevin Clare Reply

    Ackman is a lizard. Ackman: Hell is coming

  14. ali hussain Reply

    5:16 Bill said the SPAC will acquire 15-20% of the target company, but I thought the target’s company enterprise value should constitute at least 80% of the SPAC’s net assets. So is the whole $4 billion that is being raised only to acquire a minority interest?

    • Jared Carpenter Reply

      Yeah. Take DEAC for example which was a SPAC that reverse merged to become DraftKings under DKNG. DEAC IPO’d at $400 million which was used to acquire a minority share of DKNG and enable DKNG to go public via a much quicker route than a traditional IPO

    • ali hussain Reply

      @Jared Carpenter Thanks for the explanation, I wrongly assumed since now that SPACS mostly acquire a controlling interest rather than a minortiy one.

    • Mr Phillips Reply

      Yeah, boring. Lets fucking take a little risk.

    • Clément C Reply

      Most investors also choose to take their money out once the merger is announced so usually not a lot of monies stay in the vehicle..

  15. alexander leo Reply

    Why doesn’t the spac reveal who the company is there acquiring?

    • alexander leo Reply

      Lemarz so how do I know the spac I’m investing in is any good?

    • Adrian Lam Reply

      alexander leo You don’t. You look at the fee structure (minimal management), who’s managing it (Bill Ackman), and you make a bet. I personally think this kind of SPAC is a new trend, a more effective way of raising money, so Ackman will have a lot of incentive to show that it works.

    • alexander leo Reply

      Adrian Lam it’s like a mystery box lool

    • anvit shetty Reply

      If you buy the SPAC stock right now , you are basically betting on Ackman and his team. Ideally you would want to wait for some time to know about the company they are acquiring. Many investors fear that this spac is going to take off, when he makes the reverse merger announcement ,so they think they are getting ahead of the curve by buying it right away.

    • alexander leo Reply

      anvit shetty does the spac remain a stock one the company ipos? Or your shares just get converted into shares for the company

  16. WhatIfGod/ImagineInfinity Reply

    Production value at Yahoo is amateurish at best!

    • Mr Phillips Reply

      Reminds me of CCTV

  17. chicken Reply

    Ticker is psth/u

  18. AirForceA7x Reply

    How does one invest in this? I don’t see symbol on brokerage app

    • Mr Phillips Reply


  19. MasterShredder Reply

    He’s playing pokerstars in the background.

  20. Mr Phillips Reply

    Pretty boring dude for a liberal. He hides his crazy well.

  21. TheRusschannel Reply

    OR you could line yourself up to be SCREWED an marry WeWork or the such LOL…. Bill has been so WRONG too many times, I would not give him a $1 of mine…

  22. meabob Reply


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