Deadly Tornadoes Devastate Nashville And Central Tennessee | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/29
Deadly Tornadoes Devastate Nashville And Central Tennessee | NBC Nightly News

At least 25 people were killed when several tornadoes barreled toward the city, destroying entire neighborhoods and homes. At least one is believed to have been an EF3 or higher, with winds up to 160 miles per hour.
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Deadly Tornadoes Devastate Nashville And Central Tennessee | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (102件)

  • chris huss says:

    geoengineering set this up! weather modification!

  • Philip Lee says:

    If these houses were made out of metal shipping containers, they could’ve survived this storm with minimum damage.

  • Anna Burgdorf says:

    It’s 2020, we have the technology to create AI, create clones of animals, allow deaf people to hear again. Yet we still don’t have technology good enough to alert people and give them enough time to get away from mother nature’s bad weather ?! Are you serious ?? Wtfff

  • Miguel Ortega says:

    I just saw the video of the guy in the crane that is crazy to see!

  • Pat Marsden says:


  • bigbangnone says:

    Please help the families of the lost. Early warning alarm and tracking radios should have been issued free. And those who had deep shelters should have previously told their neighbors welcome. 24 deaths indicates poor tornado processes in the town.

  • Kelley Manning says:

    Condolences from Gallatin.



  • Patrick Alexander says:

    Did it take the Trump and Biden supporters with it

  • Butiti says:

    Sending a thought and a prayer. A sign from the God.

  • 5ives says:

    If I had the money and lived in an area like this I’ll make my house custom under ground so I wouldn’t lose anything especially if things like this happen often where I live

    • North Ayase says:

      Same. Wouldn’t want to live there either way though.

  • Phil Gamer says:

    Every house in tornado areas need to have a basement!!!

  • Domenique Triest says:

    Let’s get back to corona now…..

  • Killing Gma says:

    (Creek squad) be safe skins are prayers are with you.

  • bmx7596 says:

    I used to live in Nashville. I literally moved because of the traffic and… tornadoes.

  • Jampack Gaming says:

    Sending prayers from CA 🙏❤️

  • Kyle Lewis says:

    How deep are you asleep to the point that you wake up to the tornado last minute like that 😂😂 WTH tornadoes can move fast but not that fast to the point you won’t hear it coming

  • Fast Internet says:


  • Min Yoongi says:

    I live in TN and my mom made us sleep downstairs (so we could access our safe spot easily) a tornado didn’t come to our county, which I’m really thankful for, but we had really bad storms. As it turns out I slept through the whole thing. My family was very fortunate, but not everyone else was as lucky. My condolences to anyone who lost their loved ones or homes during the tornado.

  • The White Shark Rogerthat says:

    Forget about the Bible we should probably read all together at the same time

  • The White Shark Rogerthat says:

    What y’all think was going to happen for real is just the beginning

  • gotanygrapes831 says:

    Oh man they should move

  • urapp says:

    Very sad. This is why I live in California. Earth quakes are NOTHING in comparison.

  • Parker aka Name Family says:

    We woulda notta made it lol

  • Parker aka Name Family says:

    Someone I know that is close to God said “watch the weather”

  • Anna says:

    I am so sorry to hear that this has heart goes out to all the citizens and families affected.

  • DEREK 777 says:

    I was In my room and I was playing fortnight when I heard noise outside and I saw a roof come off a house but I sat back down because I only have a few people left in my game

  • Kaan Deniz says:

    Allah Azze ve Celle’den, sırf İslam şeriatını ikame ettikleri için bu haçlı ülke tarafından bombalanarak ölen binlerce mazlum Müslümanın intikamını en şiddetli şekilde almasını diliyoruz.

  • Paul S. Lynch says:

    The names of the couple that was killed were  Michael Dolfini, 36, Albree Sexton, 33. If you are going to name them in your post, at least get the names correct! They deserve at least that.

  • SearchingUFOs says:

    I hope every body gets help and I will be praying for those affected from this tornado. And remember everyone appreciate what you have 😇

  • Kam Iam says:

    I thank God for having a president like Trump in control at times like these. Liberals would just be sending thoughts and prayers. Trump 2020!!!!!

  • MY NAME JEFF says:

    I’m glad we only have earthquakes and wildfires in California…I can’t imagine a tornado 😫

    • Ryan Blanche says:

      But they can both be equally as destructive as well.

  • Fitzcannon says:

    I hope they have good home insurance

  • Geno Bourn says:

    For Believers…Read your Bibles! The escalating of Tornado’s, Forest fires, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Viruses, hungar, Division, Wars and the existence of wrong being right! READ! You can continue to deny. I know.many donot want to hear it. I pray for you. Seek, Find, Learn, Know, Accept, Apply, Comply and Love Jesus Christ! Only thru His Grace and Mercy Mankind can exist. May The Lord Jesus be with All. Amen!

  • AllahDoesNotExist says:

    Thanks Obama

  • Debra Elkins says:

    I hope Kathy Lee is ok. She just moved there 😞

  • Lord Solar says:

    Nature holds no malice it is

  • Right & Wrong says:

    God sweeping the garbage

  • Mely Mel says:

    Please Pray for our town, Tennessee 🙏💔

  • Marie Streeting says:

    Thoughts and prayers are with you at this dreadful time. Especially those who have lost loved ones. God bless. Marie Australia

  • Summer Springfall says:

    Most houses are insured,maybe life is more important,sending prayers 💓from the Philippines,my aunt and cousins live in Tennessee but I hope they are fine🧡🥭

  • ღSwnsasyღ _ says:

    I wish I had words to say but I don’t. I just keep looking while I’m crying.. I really just don’t know what else, what reaction is needed right with this. I’ve gone through a Cat4 in Indiana so I understand that fear but not the loss.. Prayers don’t help them, I’m so so sorry doesn’t help them. There literally is nothing you can say EXCEPT, I’m not just moving about life smiling and happy while you suffer.. I don’t live anywhere near you but it hurts to know that you’re in so much pain.. That’s what I have and I’m sorry if that is or sounds horrible or bad.. I just don’t know what to say..

  • Edisto Joe says:

    Nashville becomes Smashville. Tornadoes Repay, Vengeance Devine

  • ESTADOUNIDENSE Mexfortuna says:

    We would all need some Tennessee whiskey, and strawberry wine right about now. Very devastating. Prayers.

  • bluebloodbc says:

    HEADLINE -Tornado targets white hipster population in Nashville, acoustic guitar and mandolin sales surge
    in anticipation of memorialized ”thoughts and prayers ballads” due to plague brunch cafes for
    at least the next two to three business weeks.

  • mos ab says:

    This is so scary…. Please forgive my ignorance but I thought they were able to tell you days ahead of time if a tornado was likely to hit your town. I know their trajectories are very hard to predict but I was under the impression the government notified or even evacuated the areas that could be affected. Here it didn’t even seem like the folks were prepared for high winds.

  • Tovarisch Urrraaa says:

    The news story can be emotionally devastating and then you see some dickhead smiling and asking you to subscribe

  • Chill Vibes Over Here says:

    R.I.P to all the lives taken. God bless. Stay strong.❤

  • Jerry Adkins says:

    My prayers go out to Nashville, the families of those lost❤️😢 nice 2:18 segment by NBC, now back to the rest of the hour for one case of the coronavirus.

  • CJ Studios says:

    This year dude

  • Talk2Pro says:

    武汉疫情因祸得福。Covid-19 disaster becomes blessing!

  • Lily Green says:

    The tornado hit just a mile from my house. By the grace of all that is good my loved ones and I along with my home were unharmed. Gonna go volunteer to help with the clean up today, our community needs us. It’s really a mess out here.

  • Samantha Vlogs says:

    I used to live in Nashville and this year a so sad Bc I miss my home 🏡 but thanks god there wasn’t more deaths 😓 ❤️

  • Dr Jyoti Vardhan Sahni says:

  • David Mitchell says:

    Warth of God

  • Dan Roose says:

    Prayers from Michigan, very sad to see all the destruction of such a great state 😥

  • christopher condon says:

    Woke up to sirens grabbed the dog and gun and we took cover scary sh??t

  • Lil Rudra Mc Punisher says:

    💪💪🐔💪💪 8=======O 💦 🎶 💦 🎶 💦 👮 🎅 👩 🙌 🙆 👯

  • Moebius Dune says:

    Sending Love and prayers from Croatia <3 🙁
    My condolences to families, who lost their love ones 🙁 <3

  • SrDemarkes Vester says:

    The Volunteer state will regroup & rebuild, because that’s what we do best!!!

  • Mary Wisniewski says:

    Life is but a vapour. Jesus saves

  • se7en says:

    Will there be any footage of the tunnel they made with it? 🌪️🚇

  • iconoclast says:

    Had this devastation occurred in San Francisco, Pat Robertson’s televangalist disciples would claim it’s god’s punishment for LGBT lifestyles.

  • Sandra Mora says:

    Mt heart goes out! Stay Strong TN

  • paris rae says:

    Nashville is the most special city. Filled with the most loving and kind people. #NASHVILLESTRONG!

  • Sue B says:


  • Michael Jones says:

    How do people feel about tornado sirens in moments like these? There’s a movement taking off to try and get tornado sirens placed in all counties in Tennessee:

  • GloomySkiez - says:

    Like that one scene in the Netflix series “Messiah”. Was Texas too

  • bumblebee says:

    The crane at 0:14 there is someone inside that crane, theres a video on tik tok about him being stuck in there

  • Jaime Jimenez says:

    Just now I was thinking to build a wooden house for my family in Spain. I’ve forgot it. reinforced concrete. My condolences from Madrid Spain

  • Tyrone Taylor says:

    Couldn’t have happen to a more deserving city. Tennessee is a racist state , and now it must reep it’s punishment from God. This is only the beginning , just wait and see for yourself.

  • Steve 'o says:

    Did you hear about people cheering at a Bernie rally about tornadoes killing and destroying in the red states? No, you didn’t. That was supporters at a Trump speech cheering coronavirus deaths in blue states.. ISIS and Trump supporters both enjoy seeing Americans die.

  • Victor Hugo says:

    well, you know, people live in these potential areas with natural disasters, you can´t complain after

  • Hani Tablet says:

    237 people have died in a tornado. May god have mercy on their soul.

  • Lil Sparky says:

    Yo hope this don’t happen in Memphis

  • Sweeping Up Spirits Ghost Hunting Inc. says:

    A Close-Up Tarot inspired look, at the Nashville Tornado Aftermath;

  • Marcia mellow says:

    God knows… keep faith

  • chinogixxer750 says:

    I’d donate but that would be considered socialism 🙂

  • Om Enterprises says:

    is USA govt sleeping? NO warnings NOTHING??

  • Professor Goat says:

    all tragedy is horrible. but these numbers are low. these homes and businesses held up just like they were designed. they are destroyed. but everything falls to a tornado, esp an ef3-4. most of these peoples basements and cellars held sound. and thats something to be happy about. as long as the foundation is still sturdy, rebuilding will be a lot easier.

  • Jeremy Bennett says:

    I’m sorry for your losses

  • CrazyChickenDude says:

    I wish everyone impacted by this to recover and be stronger than before.

  • James Devine says:

    trumpism has rid me of any sympathy for the south – let their orange evil god help them, I won’t.

  • Christine Curry says:

    I am praying for al the family amen

  • Varnesse says:

    The south is really catching it with these natural disasters!

  • Religion WhistleBlower says:

    Nothing bad happens to you if you follow from the rules of our Creator. He is the best protector.

  • Aaron Gilliam says:

    All you motherfukers keep saying that’s an act of God I guess I’m right cause if you motherfukers believe in him and he tore your f****** house down you have to be one crazy motherfuker

  • ArturoCarrillo _ says:

    Dude my friends dog is missing he was a pug and he was so cute :c

  • Alexa Miranda says:

    A boy in my class said that his mom’s boss and his son disappeared their house was living near the tornado…

  • Stunnaman Ramos says:

    When the Air element goes Mobbin.

  • Sherry Fannon says:

    Prayers for all. Nice to see people helping still helping others….

  • alex autovia españa ramos 3 says:

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  • Blatham Grantham University says:


  • Carla Silva says:

    Misericordia Adonai

  • andre jones says:

    All the places were they did Abominable Atrocities Against Black people(FBA)are being Ripped off their Foundations! Even the burnings in Australia 4 what they did to the Black Aborigines.

  • andre jones says:

    Retribution 4 Enslaving and Mistreating Black people, And denying their Rightful prosperity! Showing All oppressors and their descendants that they No lo get live in Comfort but Utter Despair, something their unfamiliar with but must learn 2 Get Used 2.

  • Billy Mcdaniel says:

    Lowe’s is selling their disinfectant spray 7 dollars a can outrageous price gouging

  • Kristopher C says:

    Uneducated peasants mostly in Tennessee! Serves them right!

  • Ubit Chhetri says:

    I just wanna play fortnite lol

  • Living In Nashville, TN says:

    We have some more possible sever weather tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully we don’t get anymore tornado’s.