Americans shocked at New Zealand’s move towards gun control

2020 7/29
Americans shocked at New Zealand's move towards gun control

In addition to sharing tributes online, people in the United States are surprised by how quickly New Zealand’s government appears to be moving on to the gun control debate after attacks on mosques in the country killed at least 50 people on Friday.

Al Jazeera’s Andrew Chappelle reports.

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コメント一覧 (141件)

  • Brandon Bomberger says:

    What about Las Vegas

  • Or Hi says:

    No gun city

  • مغرب الحضارات says:

    Love ❤🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦from kingdom of Morocco to new Zealand

    • Veda desma says:

      Özil Yılmaz Morocco is such a beautiful country ❤️

    • مغرب الحضارات says:

      @Veda desma Thank you this from your generosity New Zealand is also very beautiful. Welcome to Morocco🇲🇦. We love visitors a lot🤗🤗🤗

    • Hannibal Lekta says:

      bless you, brother…peace, live & respect from NZ

  • Zaheer Mahmood says:

    Love the New Zealand 🇳🇿 leadership and the public, They really showed us the love and care after the terrist attack, No country better then Great New Zealand 🇳🇿 Muslim community is always ready to contribute and stand with people against any threats

  • Gods Klanof says:

    Islam means killing People – quran

    • Rich 91 says:

      so does the bible, stoning gays and killing caananites…no true scotsman belief is what ruins islam

  • ⚽CiTy BOy🚵 says:

    Because Americans have learnt hate from their presidents as Trump and W Bush who destroyed Iraq, and all people seen on the media videos how American police killing children and black people in side U.S. for little mistakes or none, the United States lacks for humanity. Thanks much NZ for the stylish humanitarian sympathy

  • Mubarak Tajdeen says:

    P M for a nation, not for a section….

  • Dannielle Smith says:

    New Zealand is actually doing something about guns, I’m proud of my country xx

    • 1080sucks says:

      Ad an ounce of intellect & read a history book or two, try to form an opinion not derived from the media propaganda machine & you would understand these moves are about people control, nothing more. As in OZ next to go will be free speech. They will disguise it as fairness or equality or some other buzz word but it will be silencing the populace if history is anything to go by.

    • Brandi Bohannon says:

      Not a country, a commonwealth

  • R H says:

    Islam perhaps may not an ideal world in the eyes of the west, but it exists in the real world. A world that we live together and let’s step back and define our purpose of life to co-exist together.

  • Nathan 911 says:


  • Adil Nawaz says:

    New zindabad

  • Melanie T says:

    I am pleased that our PM has been so swift in securing banning the military style semi automatic weapons here. Australia did similar after the Port Arthur massacre. The skin we wear is just a bag to stop our innards from dribbling about….we all bleed red. God bless New Zealand!

    • Lissia J85 says:

      It’s pretty the same thing, we had a mass shooting and Government tightened gun laws with a buy back on certain guns.

  • Gru Stache says:

    I live in new Zealand and my friend was supposed to be at the mosque. I feel happy for him to be safe but my heart goes out to the ones who are directly affected. New Zealand is a beautiful country and have beautiful people. Acts like this should not change us. The people who had done this had no heart, New Zealand had done nothing wrong to deserve this. Our prime minister is doing what she can but everyone needs to take a part on fixing this. Whether it is comforting a friend or looking after someone who was directly affected, we should all take part in doing what is right.

    • Veda desma says:

      As a nzborn kiwi with European /french ancestry, I will have to point out that what NZ has done absolutely wrong is not address the rascism that has been going on for centuries .It is all around us and it’s taken this awful tragedy to bring it to light

    • Gru Stache says:

      Steve Terry are you seriously calling this fake?

    • Iceberg Rose says:

      Well said

  • AMEER says:

    I wont stop loving new Zealand and their PM. She is totally love

    • 1080sucks says:

      Where is the love for 250,000 completely innocent citizens she just vilified to the nation. Send a unequivocal message we hate you & do not trust you, then stole there property by force of arms. Love & peace all right

  • wizmailov says:


  • BeReal says:

    Amazed by New Zealands priminister. Need more people like her. Donald Trump can take some lessons from her.

  • ωєвкιн says:

    I’ll give peace Noble to Jacinda. She deserve for this.

  • Unais Mohamed says:

    A wonderful priminister for wonderful people, lucky priminister lucky people. Thanks kiwis from sri lanka

  • Pablo Picasso says:

    This country proved to be different.
    They stand together as one.
    New Zealand earned my respect, I hope I could visit someday.
    Love from the Middle East. 🇶🇦❤️

    • Steve Terry says:

      @David and Gail Lorier-May In Peace! Islam has been at war with the west for 1400 years
      Obviously you haven been taught history,
      or what history you have learnt is fake

    • David and Gail Lorier-May says:

      @Steve Terry you know nothing about what I know or don’t know about history. It appears your islamiphobia has influenced your own perspective of it. Your islamiphobia is not welcome here.

    • Badbob9nine2 says:

      @David and Gail Lorier-May who are you too decide who is and isn’t welcome here buddy

    • David and Gail Lorier-May says:

      @Badbob9nine2 read properly. His islamiphobia isn’t welcome.

    • David and Gail Lorier-May says:

      @Locust God oh so that makes it ok for a White Supremacist to indiscriminately kill 50 inoccent people with one as young as 3yrs old and injure 40 more where one is as young as 2yrs. Is that what you are implying? Because if you are you can take a hike because there is no justification for that what so ever. None!!!! Take your hate elsewhere it is not welcome here.

  • abdullah farrukh says:

    Thank you New Zealand thank you PM of New Zealand

  • Universal Composing Centre says:

    so much respect for NZ PM Jacinda and New Zealand nation. from Pakistan

  • Top 5 dead or Alive says:

    shocked?at what?we dont give a f lol

  • Aaisha Ajmal says:

    The PM of NZ is truly amazing!!!!

  • Mr Zeus says:

    Just try taking guns from Americans and see what happens!!

  • 원더루나WanderLuna says:

    Sure they are surprised. Wondered how to do gun control? Well this is how you do! Much respect for NZ’s leader.

  • Vitale Tufuga says:

    They take action when it’s too late

  • dan vaca says:

    More like sickened and apalled- I live in a country where gyns are illegal – guess what? The criminals still have guns…..

  • dan vaca says:

    Idiot award…

  • Bobby Simar says:

    Newzealandrs are the best people on this planet… I love them.

  • Elyaz Abaz says:

    Love u New Zealand for sporting vactume family

  • bxnxnx bby says:

    I am Muslim, I am Maori. I thank every single person who has shown their love, sympathy and support. You are all my whanau.

  • bü Gü says:

    I’m so proud of jacinda arden…

  • naeeman fuzairi says:

    I’m proud for New Zealand Government action. Salam from Malaysia🌹

  • Veronica Wake says:

    New Zealand’s will take a long time to get over this tradetity the gun laws should have been in place, long before this happened. Automatic guns should be out flawed in every country around the world. Only the military defence should be issued with automatic riffles. They are trained to use them.

  • Glidescube says:

    An immigrant shoots other immigrants and now citizens that have lived there for many generations have to give up their guns.

    Is that What happened?

  • A S H E R says:

    ✊ from 🇺🇸

  • atque scientia europa universalis says:

    Only an idiot would compare New Zealand to America. New Zealand is like an isolated commune compared to America and most of the rest of the world.

  • Maqsood Hussain says:

    Very sad days😑😑😑😣

  • Rooks x says:

    Just saying we dont have snakes in NZ too. So come on down guys 😂🤘

  • bushjogger says:

    Where is my ham sandwich?

  • Pieter NIEMANDT says:

    Not even the police in New Zealand have guns. Peace for the affected families.

    • Veda desma says:

      Pieter NIEMANDT yes they do lol just often officers on duty don’t always Carry them but have access

    • Pieter NIEMANDT says:

      @Veda desma Ok cool. But it is so peaceful there. I think the last cop was killed there in New Zealand around 40 years ago. I think everyone expext this to happen in the U.S. or even Europe. Never thought in New Zealand.

    • Veda desma says:

      Pieter NIEMANDT the last officer killed in the line of duty was officer Len snee In the Napier hostage siege where a madman with a gun shot at 3 officers and then killed himself in 2009

    • Pieter NIEMANDT says:

      @Veda desma Ok. Still long ago though.

  • EyesWideOpen 55 says:

    PM Jacinda is who we need in Australia. We have politicians who encourage anti-Islamic violence and the worst part is members of Liberal, Labor, One Nation (just to name several) who fuel hate, violence and division through their revolting comments. All this while calling for peace and unity. Our choices at election times are a pathetic joke

  • Rashid Ali says:

    New Zealand’s pm is far better than trump he should take a leaf out of her Jacinda we salute you

  • Mel says:

    Yesterday most of new zealand did the haka to show their respect, my school did this to and we were at camp

    • Thehole Yourin says:

      What do they say if you refuse to do the dance for this particular event would you be in trouble would they force you to do it? Just asking? always wondered

    • Mel says:

      @Thehole Yourin at our school we were forced to do it

    • Thehole Yourin says:

      @Mel Thanks for the info was just wondering

  • Sahil Sam says:

    Big respect and love from india 🇮🇳 to New Zealand government

  • Black Widow says:

    Kudos to PM Ardern. Never mention the name of the murder. Celebrate the lives of the victims! ❤❤❤

  • nz original says:

    We need to get jacinda out of parliment she is hopeless

  • Nasar Kwt says:

    Iam Indian Muslim. Assalamualaikum.
    Oh dear brothers and sisters, you have an efficient Prime Minister and powerful and matured decision makers. The World has to learn something from you. I pray to Allah for you and your Martyrs, and all of us in order to our goodness, calm and peaceful, and respectful life for each others.. we can rise our hands or sounds together against the world terrorism as long as we live.

    Really, I long if I born in your Newsland.
    Dears, once again, my Salam. Assalamualaikum.

  • neil Emerson says:


  • Sheikh Sameer says:

    Americans must change their attitudes for good. New Zealanders has won the hearts of people. Thank you PM and New Zealand

  • xn poop says:

    Israel terrorist country

  • albert wescombe says:

    Yeah become like Australia and let the criminal elements have access to semi auto guns. You are turning law abiding people into criminals just as it happened in Australia. Guns will continue to be available to people who really want them through an underground network just like anywhere else in the world. So who are you arsehole politicians trying to kid. If some one in the mosque had been armed maybe that scumbag would have been put down before he killed so many. Guns don’t kill people, PEOPLE, KILL PEOPLE. You should license people to carry but instead like all arsehole politicians you go the other way hence people die because we are not allowed to protect ourselves or our loved one as is the case in N.Z. and other places.

  • Raspect Twin sister says:

    Boring 😴

  • BJ Johns says:

    Jacinda Adern a tue world leader of the free world. Our thoughts are with all new zealanders

  • Arif Sohail says:

    New zealand show that thay are peace loving ppl i salute u

  • Boxer Khan says:

    Best Nation ….. Best Country …… Best Prime Minister ………… No Muslim No Christian Just A Kiwi ………. Period !

  • عبدالرحمن العجلان says:

    الله يهدي القاتل ويرحم القتلة الشهداء ويهدي يوفق رئيسة الوزراء والمسيحيين واليهود والسنة والشيعة وكل من يقرأ والبشرية جمعاء

  • Michael Z says:

    I find NZ ridiculous. This is dictatorship, not democracy.

    • Tei ti Craig says:

      Michael Z your an idiot

  • wiilka qarniga says:

    But what about thoughts and prayers?

  • chrisvidz89 says:

    Lol they’re shocked because any event happened like this over there they’ll be quick to brush it off and change the subject to something else so that they don’t have to change the law. American government provided the guns to their own people even the blacks in the hood to ultimately wipe their own race out.

  • Mustapha Troqui says:

    Me too so proud of NZ

  • Abdul razak Shaikh says:

    We lifetime’s thankful new Zealand PM and citizen ALLAH gives every parent’s baby jecinda ALLAH KARIM India we are ONE

  • Sam Samma says:

    I love my country . Kia Kaha

  • C W says:

    Do you really think that a tarorist, will comply with the laws, or turn in a Banned gun? it’s only going to make things worse, and more unsafe,.

  • Tei ti Craig says:

    Love NZ and very proud of what we stand for. Unity Love and Respect for all humans. NZ maybe small but we make a difference. We believe in Aroha that’s Love ❤️

  • Big Bird says:

    Our PM is a true leader 👏🙌😍

  • Qamar Ali says:

    We love newzeland PM… I m frm Pakistan 🇵🇰

  • dearest of the dears says:

    Im not a New Zealander…but im very proud of NZ. You hv a BIG heart indeed!

  • Matthew Wong says:

    There is absolutely no reason for you to carry a weapon designed for anything other than hunting outside of the military. Not in my New Zealand.

  • 24 and 7 says:

    The entire Parliament and the Prime Minister should be executed for treason..

  • david wakefield says:

    Just a reminder people, you don’t have rights you have privileges , rights can’t be taking away privileges can

  • Tyler hobby says:

    This is a normal thing in new Zealand where I live people get shot every month

  • brian temple says:

    We did not see this kind of reaction when Churches & cristians were killed in Lebenon & Egypt, why not???

    • Bob Semple Gaming says:

      All honesty probably because that stuff happens alot in Africa and new Zealand is a first world country

    • Maleah Lock says:

      We didn’t see it when christians burned alive 36 “witches” in Nigeria either. Or when a tsunami killed 350 Indonesians last week. The point is: Whataboutery is a really poor way to feed your martyr complex during a tragedy!!!!!!!

  • zepbigfoot bearcove says:

    If they aren’t willing to fight for their gun rights they don’t deserve them.

    • Matt Molloy says:

      zepbigfoot bearcove How many guns do you have?Do you need Automatic or semi autos for stalking deer and prey?

  • SM says:

    The world should get rid of the old tarts and vote for young fresh, open minded intelligent people like Jacinda!

  • Badbob9nine2 says:

    I’m from New Zealand and it’s not some fantasy hobbit land out here there are alot of problems that need funds to resolve…..Spending 200 million dollars of tax payers money too buy back semi automatic weapons is a waste of money. If some one wants too use as gun for an attack like this they would probably hide it rather than handing it in. Also it’s just a snap response too make too a big news event too make it look like we are taking action. Hasn’t been properly thought through at all.

    • Monkey Junkyard says:

      Has there been an uproar from New Zealand’s gun owners? From the US I can’t seem to find anything other than praise for your PM.

  • Sam Su says:


  • Oc Conv says:

    FYI Americans not shocked cause nobody is gone take there guns away.

  • esf asia says:

    If you are superior, you compete with opponent
    If you are not, then you kill the opponent. *Mic drop*

    No offense intended, but it’s a reality.

  • jOrDaN MaLiK MaLiK says:

    I salute Pm new Zealand …i m from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • jOrDaN MaLiK MaLiK says:

    Great lady I from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • starboy hustle says:

    Americans aren’t shocked bcuz those laws are against our constitution so those laws will never happen here. plus we have over 3 million people not only 500,000 peace to new zealand for there losses 🇺🇸 condemns such acts of hanus activity.

  • Ruzindana Jean -Marie says:

    tonight in Belgium terrorist were not to much just there aircrafts communicate in Absolutely Disgusting action__, terrorist accomplices, hate preachers and radicalized individuals, … ..

  • Maleah Lock says:

    The rest of the world is just confused why usa citizens keep making this tragedy about themselves and their completely unrelated politics. It’s absolutely disgusting.

  • Terry Thompson says:

    Hey geniuses, the police do not protect you. The fact that this can even occur is proof. The gun men had legitimate licenses for the weapons. The most the police can do is offer a mild form of retribution, IF they catch the criminal. This idea that you should give your entire prerogative to government is foolish.

    Moreover, if one of the mosque members had so much as at least a pistol, maybe MANY of the deaths could have been prevented. If you care about lives, allow people to protect themselves. You don’t get to claim moral highground when you prioritize government power over the prevention of the deaths of so many people. You’re not fooling ANYONE.

    The government CAN NEVER protect citizens better than they can protect themselves. EVER.

    • Rich 91 says:

      the govt protects its citizens pretty well in the uk, we handed out 6 month senteces for even stepping into looted shops, unlike your cuck government whose letting arsonists and molotov cocktail throwers out on bail….what good are guns when criminals can throw molotov cocktails at unattended shops and get away with it…or loot shops and get away with it like ny mayors daughter

    • Terry Thompson says:

      @Rich 91 The existence of “sentencing” just reiterates my point that government doesn’t protect anyone. It deals with the person who did harm, AFTER THEY DID HARM.

  • Psm says:

    Petrol doller from aarab ,changed mindset of world muslim, they became vahabi , educated people went syria to fight for islam ,need to shut all madarsas of pakistan, india, bangladeshi, n all world which supply jihadi to world, need to rethink islam ,not hate others religion.

  • Erdinc Yedikat says:

    New Zealand is so lucky to have Jacinda as their prime minister, she should be be a role model for ALL politicians in the world, as a Muslim living in Australia I think she has shown great compassion and empathy to her Muslim communities and also her people. Thank you so much Jacinda!! We all love you!! God bless you and New Zealand. Lots of love from Australia. 🙂

  • Glenn Martin says:

    new zealand people do not let your govt.take your guns away ,you will not have any protection from the u.n. or any other country when they try to take over your country.your prime minister has been bought off by the world agenda.

    • Dylan Houston says:

      Glenn Martin don’t worry we all keept our gun here

  • Hona Wikeepa says:

    Jacinda Ardern is a Globalist. In other words, a UN New World Order Cabal member. He job is to strengthen the UN New World Order grip on NZ. Her latest trick was a false flag to take away some freedoms. At the moment shes in talks with Macron, another Globalist Cabal member discussing how to tackle terrorism. NZ is an amazing place and the people are nice. However, we are totally under the control of the 3,300 Pedophiles running the UN. Recently we had Biden, Obama, and Hillary visit NZ. What for? Who wants known criminals and Pedophiles in a country? Well, backwards sleepy NZ will. and does.

  • Steve Arcus says:

    The young guy summed it up, the response will be minimal because the government is very left in its views. So much so that they have turned an attack on the Muslim religion into a racist issue. No commentators, corrected this error or pointed out the multiple races practice Islam, including middle aged white males. Talk about seizing the moment for political gain.

  • TJ says:

    And so she did. Had them banned within 6 days. And no one in NZ cared. World still turns. Good on her and the Govt.

    • Dylan Houston says:

      TME3 no one in Nz handed them in also

    • TJ says:

      @Dylan Houston No one? Then I guess the 60,000 that were must have flown there all by themselves. I would have argued that many didn’t even exist in the first place. How wrong was I? But tell me, is blatant compulsive lying taught in your schools over there or is it just a natural default state for you as a people?

    • Dylan Houston says:

      @TJ that 60,000 out of millions

    • TJ says:

      @Dylan Houston Oh ok, well that makes it ok then. Who cares about 60K .. right?

  • Santus Scanderbegus says:

    The Horseteeth PM is despicable!

  • Siaosi Moimoi says:

    American: Hey man
    New Zealander: Sup man’
    American: How much guns you got
    New Zealander: None
    American : …….

    • Dylan Houston says:

      Siaosi Moimoi you seem to think that Jacinda actually succeeded at banning guns

    • Predator 4443 says:

      Go to the wop wops of nz and its anarchy galore

  • ZDriver1996 says:

    Gun confiscation is working out great for Palestinians in Palestine. The current government of Palestine is keeping everyone nice and safe locked in cages. Government may represent the people, until the day government no longer represents the people. As for NZ, the confiscation deadline has passed. So far 750 of 1,500,000+ firearms turned in with the amnesty period extending until December shows mass opposition to theft of property. People who understand the situation know that most of these Kiwis will not hand in their firearms no matter what propaganda the media tries to sell their viewership.

  • jay show says:

    New Zealand is giving ultimatums for the 99% that refused to turn in their weapons. They are now threatening 5 years of jail for not turning in. That’s funny, because you may threaten us Kiwis with 5 years, but those who come to collect our guns will face shallow graves indefinitely.

  • Poopoop Darkmarksonthefloor says:

    Arden is a muslim liberal and probably dislikes pink..God bless white conservatives in New Zeeland

  • Eboss NZ says:

    we dont have gun control here in NZ lol.

  • Alialai Mmmm says:

    Ki gala

  • Mahe Jabeen says:

    Thanks NZ pm

  • Leapheng LENG says:

    _NZ and Canada after one terrorist attack. Forbade the gun control.
    _America after millions of attack. Electe Trump to the White House.