Why is Trump’s Middle East plan so divisive? I Start Here

2020 7/29
Why is Trump's Middle East plan so divisive? I Start Here

The Trump administration and Israel say their offer to the Palestinians is the best one yet. In fact they say it could be the last one they’ll ever offer Palestine. But Palestinians say it’s a non-starter.
So how does US President Donald Trump’s Middle East plan stack up against the ones that have failed before? Will Palestine reconsider? And why now?

Start Here explains.

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  • Positive Venom says:

    The biggest devil 😈 country “israel”

  • No Suicide says:

    It’s for isahail
    Not for Palestinian 😡😡

  • V C says:

    The plan is trump’s plan done without the participation of the people of palestine.

  • truth absolute says:

    Trump’s so – called Deal of the Century cannot be good, cannot be bad , is not divisive , it’s not something, it’s not anything…It’s nothing at all because it never existed at all so it shouldn’t be discussed at all.

  • Donald Trump says:

    She is hot.

  • normal guy says:

    Qatar what’s your press freedom index?

  • TWO CENTS ARMY says:

    Did they invite any palestinians to draw up the plan ?
    Or will they just be able vote with their rocks only.

  • Mahbub Dawood says:

    Becaus we have blamed him on his an illegal formulas of Covid 19 for no reason

  • Tahawar Hassan says:

    Pakistan never accept Israel as a country and inn Sha Allah we will never accept it in the future Long live Palestine

  • Hamid Ghulami says:

    Any other religion in the world could negotiate obout their issues but not Ebrahemic religions because from their first day of their coming, they were against other religions.

    • Linda Steckel says:

      Islam and Christianity are achieved their numbers through violence.

  • Alireza Falamarzi says:

    Gulf Arab states allying themselves with Israel is just disgusting. It really shows how far they are from the principles that they claim they uphold. I believe if they desire to become part of US’ sphere of influence they just have to give up their status as Islamic nations. Especially Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The fact that Mecca and Medina are under the control of such US – dependent nation is really sickening for me.

  • Adam Cheirif says:

    Why didn’t you include the 2 intifadas in the “highlights” section?

  • IseeJesuseverywhere says:

    I have a plan. Both of their religions are wrong. I have endless, indisputable, undeniable proof on my channel. Jesus Christ’s enlightenment is true. We see him like the light from lightning that lights up everything (omnipresent), when we obey him (see the promise John 14). I have seen his face (eyes nose mouth and beard) in every visible thing for over 18 years and I prove it. Let people be one!

  • My River is Mekong River ลัดตะนะ says:


  • Mark Fischer says:

    The account omits countless facts with the purpose of clearly intending to demonize the Israeli Jews. This is totally contrary to al Jazeera’s usual role as a journalist putting it firmly in the category of propagandist. This is one of al Jazeera’s darkest moments. The goal of the Arabs who started calling themselves Palestinians after 1967 is to ultimately destroy Israel and drive out or kill all of the Jews. They will accept only everything and in the end will get mothing. They rejected this plan before they even saw it.

    • Linda Steckel says:

      The Palestine Mandate of 1922

  • SacredSteeler says:

    Silver or Lead? Make the choice

  • John Smith Sam says:

    Palestine don’t exist send them back to Turkey

    • Sahil Somsagar says:

      Christians dnt exist in middle easy send them back to Europe

    • Sahil Somsagar says:

      Take ur religion out it would be better 😂😂😂😂to nuke Israel and America again like 9/11

    • Linda Steckel says:

      Genocide? Shame!

  • Asad Ullah says:

    The Divine Intervention in the shape of Corona Virus. The whole World is going to Stuck.

  • abiem zorg says:

    Mature guy took a candy from little child how shame full

  • LordElites says:

    I hope the cornoa virus gets to Israel.

  • Takis Christofilis says:

    Really…You must have been born yesterday as an alien with accelerated growth rates…According to your profound experience under Democrat’s rule the Arab world was in blissful unison…And no I ain’t speaking of game here…The first time in human history that admin was directly bribed by and bribed organised terror groups to conduct crimes against humanity in home grown capacity and worldwide…while preaching peace and forces demob there was no single month without invasion, massive terror offensives and pure sustainable war atrocity maximisation on all traditional, non traditional and assymetric even allied fronts…way to go…FYI…facts, books and International Press ain’t cosmetic surgery vice…

  • Son Of MahaBharat says:


  • Mohamud Dahir says:

    Crazy how the prosecuted became the prosecutor. You would of thought they would have more empathy

  • Plantation World says:

    Dead and thief plan nothing already they violated human abuses and fundamental human rights of oppressed palestinians .History will be never forgive and forget atrocities of USA Funded tax payer occupier illegal zionists forces in occupied palestine since 1947 ! Illegal zionist fake state have no roots no history in Palestine 🤲💣✌💀

  • Brain Washington says:

    Two corrupt and criminal jokesters sat together, wrote up some jokes, and called it “the deal of the century.” Why would you take them seriously?

  • transformers Decepticon dude says:

    Dear Al Jazeera English,
    Kind Host,
    All Citizenry Concerned,
    We honestly can have peace, prosperity with equality. Just read Jim Marrs books. Thank you.
    Don Suiters
    Clearwater Florida

  • João Soares says:

    The other plans failed for only one reason, the Arabs have refused every single plan, while the Israelis accepted every single one of them. The truth is that this isn’t a point of rights but of religion,

  • Di Gix says:

    Israel should obey Gods command… its like they are taking revenge after having lots of power… are you even God’s people?

    • Linda Steckel says:

      The G-d of Israel commanded us to conquer the land of Israel

    • Joseph ford says:

      Yes we are and never again we will figh6

  • Simon Safro says:

    What she narrates is not a fact but story that repeated many times without analyses of the real roots of all this and history of the conflict. First, whether Arabs were owners of this land before 20th century (only for a short period of time at the end of 7th century. Before that Judea was incorporated into Byzantium and Roman empire and before that it was Jewish land and state. Even when it was within the borders of Roman empire Judea was a self-governed province. Later Crusaders, Mameluks from Egypt, Ottoman Empire and British empire included it into their borders. Jews presented there all the times, however they were restricted to return from exile in the time of Mameluks and some periods of Ottoman empire. In other words they were denied to return to the land of their ancestors between 14 and 18 centuries. That is one of the reasons that by the beginning of 19th century the territory was almost empty, rare population. However one of Italian travellers from Venice describes Jerusalem as a city of predominantly Jewish population in 1698. The history of new Palestinian region we know better. When Ottoman empire paid attention on that forlorn part of the world they brought there hundreds of Arab families to build roads and cities (19th- beginning of 20th century). Also some Jews in Palestine were forcibly converted into Islam between 14th and 18th centuries. So some families in the villages have JEWISH ancestry not Arab. Starting from the end of 19th century Jews from European countries and North Africa, and other countries of Middle East returned to Palestine by religious or other reasons. It was beginning of repatriation. Whatever happened later is well-known facts – periodical conflicts between Arabs and Jews, new progressive Jewish communities – kibbutzs, integration of Jewish population, building Jewish motherland anew, repelling Arabs attacks for decades, making the country one of the most progressive in the world. At the same time Jordan kept pretty large territory of Western Palestine for 15 years. At that time nobody spoke about people called “Palestinians” – they were Arabs, nobody spoke about state of Palestine (though name of Palestine is not an Arabic word). The situation changed in 1960th. And the reasons of almost permanent hostility between tiny Jewish country Israel and 150000 million population of Arab countries in the region and the whole Muslim world was that Jews and Judaism created their state in the heart of Muslim world – nothing else. Not land, not racism (Jews and Arabs of the same color and same race) but RELIGION AND ENVY. Think about it. And also I want to remind that part of Jordan is also area of Palestine – why does not this kingdom offer its land for creating Arab of Palestine state?

    • Linda Steckel says:

      You should re post this as many times as possible.
      Corey asks channel is a good place.

  • Omar Al kayal says:

    “ the Palestinians are not even there “

    Basically, it’s like 2 people negotiating over a pizza while one of them is eating it

    • Usama Sadiq says:

      And the pizza belongs to the third person.(Palestiniane)

  • Sohanur Rahman Sohan says:

    America clearly shows her partiality for israel and the are mainly responsible for the Palestinians sufferings and i think UN security council has something to do with this but unfortunately they are not doing this.Shame on the world leaders…….

  • Guidance Seeker says:

    2022 wait for it

    • Linda Steckel says:

      The true Mashiach, not JC, is around the corner.

  • channel says:

    biblically anonymous.

  • Robert Fenkell says:

    The biggest issue in the Gaza Strip is the Arabs don’t believe in birth control

  • Dava Golino says:

    AIPAC President Betsy Berns Korn Is a Trojan HORSE….AIPAC is election MEDDLING …it is criminal to keep supporting THE AIPAC Zombies, that foreign illegal apartheid nation, Zionism is a foreign government’s ideology. anti Zionism is not hatred of Jewish/ Israeli people. it is a disagreement with people who put this Criminal ideology, that murders and steals for conquest by force. I am not anti-Semitic … I love Palestinians. they also speak a Semite language, too

    • Linda Steckel says:

      Israel is the nation state of Jewish people. It was built on Zionism, a religious ideology.
      Zion is another name for Jerusalem and Zionism is the love of Israel and settling the land.
      It is Jewish self determination in our ancestral homeland Israel.
      Anyone who denies us this is a anti semite.

  • DAVID Mondragon says:

    It’s going to happen read your Bible

  • DAVID Mondragon says:

    Watch Irvin Baxter on end times to come up on YouTube awesome video 👍

  • teacher4all says:

    ARABS go home to Arab countries

  • farooq azam says:

    Mam ur tight legs and buts didn’t allow me to listen ur news. But i liked it

  • Searchingforcrosser says:

    Please make a start here episode about the Philippines. How the leadership of our country is being haunted of our dictatorship past by the current antics of our present presidential administration. How our government blatantly ignored human rights and the outlandish infrastructure spending that leads to the citizens paying a bigger per capita international debt on top of what Marcos regime gave us. A plan that synchronizes with the so called ‘economic development’ of my country like Chile however the reality also gives a blurred and obstructed picture (and yes OUR GOVERNMENT WHETHER PAST OR PRESENT BUILDS PHYSICAL WALLS to cover our slum areas whether International delegates and dignitaries come into our country) of the true state of the quality of life of the Filipinos

  • Rizwanunllah Jaihoon says:

    I have watched couple of documentaries about Palestine and It add in my information.
    The thing I like is you provide us information from every angle.
    Still impatiently waiting for U.S and Taliban peace deal to give us details about.
    Thank You

  • sagbeye ikiriko says:

    it’s a perfect plan !!! the Palestinians can not make a deal because they have no decision-makers, no might, no vision and nothing to offer. So in the case, it is wise to just give them a deal (whether they like it or not) to save and help the young/future generation.

  • Nadia Bouti says:

    There is no existing for smthg like israel ! Even if palestanian excapt! We dont … we never excapt never

  • Nadia Bouti says:

    Freedome freedome freedome from algeria we will come back

  • Yusuf patel says:

    Th big deal is that it’s a No Deal. Stupid

  • Benson Baby says:

    Enough of Jewish Muslim hatred
    World needs love of Christ

  • Chander Kumar says:

    Ma’am do upload a video on Venezuelan crisis

  • Rob Davidson says:

    Sandra, Islam was founded 700 CE… Jerusalem was named “David’s city” around 1000 BC, 1700 years before Islam was founded and there is extensive archaeological & Biblical evidence to show that Jerusalem and Israel had been inhabited by the Jews long before Islam even existed.
    In the 19th century, there were numerous historical accounts of Israel being a desolate waste land at the time… If you also study Biblical history from the Old Testament, the Jewish history is essentially completely routed in Israel.
    Islam was formed in Saudi Arabia, so I just do not understand how Islam has any claim on Israel or Jerusalem. Perhaps, this is something that can be explored in future editions of Start Here… I would love to hear your findings.

    • BVEmasTRUTH says:

      Rob Davidson lmao there’s a reason why this post has no likes. Dumbass 😂✌🏽

  • TheMatron'sMilitia says:

    No state solution. Anarchism

  • Abdullah Faisal says:

    Thanks sister.. This is very informative

    • Emperor_Sheikh_Salman says:

      Sister ? Okay but lol…

  • Dawood Sedeqi says:

    It is the real face of USA 🇺🇸 politics because they have done all around the world. No one speaks about this in western …. countries.

  • Titan King says:

    Anti semitic bs

  • احمد فواد عباسى says:

    If you ask me the plan I will first recommend slap Trum first then Nytan nonsense

  • Bradley Ouna says:

    Very informative

  • Ilay Levi says:

    We Israelis don’t need peace with the Palestinians. We live in relative peace thanks to the actions of our security forces. The Palestinians, on the other hand, are losing lands everyday that an agreement is not existent. “Justice” will not be reached, because it’s not a fairy tale. It’s real life.

    • Jordan ball says:

      wtf are saying lol you are ruled by a religious lunatic

  • fassbinder werner says:

    Intresring how she never mentions the west bank including Jerusalem was owned and controlled by the Jordanians and they didnt create a Palestinian state why not?

    She also never mentioned that …….

  • Ropa Mel says:

    Khazars have no right to any parts of Palestine.

  • Jfk says:

    Israel belongs to Israel! Jacob was his name, Israel was his second. Read the Old Testament that will tell you who it belongs too. Ask Cesar the roman emperor and he could tell you who it really belongs to, but he is dead and if you want manuscripts and proof, ask the vatican….people that know THEIR HISTORY KNOW THE TRUTH. START HERE With THE TRUTH NOT YOUR OWN NARRATIVE. 🤐🙄😴

  • Syed Sidhiq says:

    Saudi Is a power broker…… betrayed islam in 1916…

  • AJ Ghali says:

    Palastine countries invade Israel when Israel push fight back and annex land palastine complain like britches

  • rehim cv says:

    Western cheat…

  • exx8eran says:

    this video is really biased. The deal contains a lot of Israeli concessions.

  • samuel fitzpatrick says:

    You said Israel isn’t giving up their land. But it’s not their land.

    • samuel fitzpatrick says:

      @Rachel l their isn’t anything complicated about this we live in the 21st century time to stop living In the past and start moving forward away from all the unnecessary conflict. Their is enough room on this planet for everyone but some people believe the planet is just for them could you tell me y is Israel still fighting Palestine in modern time it makes no sense and people like u make it worse instead of trying to make it better but one day all war mongers will come to realize it makes no sense.

    • Rachel l says:

      @samuel fitzpatrick WE DONT FIGHT THEM,ask any average israel and they will tell you that they want peace!we want peace we want to live side by side and flourish together!HOWEVER,WE proposed 7 peace proposals and they were al rejected and refused,they had the choice to make their own state,they break multiple ceasefires, initiate violent protests at our border,and use human shields as,and I quote,”tactic against occupation”!imagine of someone was threatening the existence of your country and trying to attack its citizens through tunnels?would you sit and whine or get up and defend yourself?we have every right to defend our citizens!war is absolutely horrible and yes civilian casualties happen on both sides,we want peace,we have no reason to be the agressors,our army is only used for the sole purpose of defense,our country has the size and population of new Jersey while the Arab world have 22 nations.I dont understand how people label us as warmongers when we havent started one war,initiated proposals and never broken ceasefires,its just absurd

    • samuel fitzpatrick says:

      @Rachel l look I get what u say and I agree to an extent but I still believe Israel can do more to promote peace in the region

    • Rachel l says:

      samuel fitzpatrick peace is a two way street and I assure you that we do what we can,both sides have to work and cooperate and work towards co-existence🇮🇱🤝🇵🇸

    • Joseph ford says:

      Yes it is

  • Ian Comandao says:

    Very interesting take, but completely sidestepped the reasons on why the 1948 war started… Though I, suppose that’s one of the few things we can’t blame on Trump.

  • Rayhaan c says:

    Netanyahu is a pig

  • Umar JJ Johan says:

    Looks like a thief trying their best to legalise the stolen land by using their own criminal court with a bunch of war criminals as their judge.
    The world will never end as a test lab for powerful criminals of the world.
    3 Clown criminals : Trump, Netanyahu and Jared.

  • Eru Ilúvatar says:

    Same god, different prophet, endless bloodshed.

  • Thupten Khangsar says:

    she is sooo hot

  • Saad Khalid says:

    the only arab state supporting this are the saudis whove become americas slave

  • dor azati says:

    Lets put a very importent point on the table here, any deal that puts the old city of jerusalem in the palestinian state will be totally rejected.
    if anyone wants to make a peace plan, it should be build around this point. thats why the 67 lines will never be accepted.

  • Raphael Jasi says:

    Remember it was Israel before it became Palestine please

  • Shoa Ib says:

    First: they didn’t invite any Palestinians to this plan
    Second:its completely unfair
    Third:its a clear blockade of freedom a country has

  • aiysha hussein says:

    Mahmoud abbas: it’s a swiss cheese.
    😂😂Thats exactly what come into my mind when i saw the map.

  • Mudassar Jabbar says:

    I love her

    • Joseph ford says:

      So tell here but I think she’s out of your league

  • Zakir B. says:

    no way to Zionists !

  • Heimskur Hungog says:

    Why don’t you talk about how the Palestinians are the ones that are to blame for the nonexistence of their state.

  • N. I. says:

    Trump made couple of deals for which he will be cursed for the rest of his despised life. Some of deal bearing fruits he will taste in couple of months and some he will taste long after for long. But the taste definitely he won’t like, but he will have nothing to do about it.

  • Nick Ftilakis says:


  • Kevin Tely says:

    you are a very beautiful journalist, I love you

  • Cash Cash says:

    what are those young kids doing here (Kushner and his wife).Qualified people will run America or The Trump family .

  • PA Bulbul says:

    Israil’s end is very near…
    Millions of thousands of innocent people is killing by Mossad in Palistine every day…

  • Dee Boss says:

    More land and more power to Israel. Jews rule

  • ミンティちゃん•minty Chan• says:

    Alright guys, i’m going explain this in five words, Trump. Has. Ruined. This. World.

  • alex kagan says:

    Such a misleading and full of lies recap and banding facts. Al Jazeera should be ashamed of themselves. Fake news !!!

  • Port Mancing says:


  • Miss Lollipopp says:

    ألم تخشي الموت

  • Danny Gluten Gluten says:

    It’s should be stops on 67′.. whether there is letter between Rothschild and Herzl’s.. it’s clearly they aborted laws and Oslo declaration’s.. and world’s supposes.. sanctions Israel for their actions against Palestine’.. war in 67.. to caused Nakba’.. should not happened if they’d abide the International law’s and they did it again.. after 48′.. if you’re rationale u know the truth and by Laws of God’s or laws of humans’.. Israel and Zionism with allies of U.S.. against all’s.. if u are believers

  • Nicholas Chong says:

    So Israel and Trump’s so-called ‘Deal of the Century’ to the Palestinians is essentially “we are not going to give back what we stole, although we guarantee we won’t steal more, and you get to call whatever you have left as a real country”. And “oh you better take this offer because that’s the only deal we will ever give you”.

  • Robert Corona says:

    No one cares anymore !!!!

  • Robert Corona says:

    ISREAL has won 3 years with ARBAS !!!!Wars have consequences!!

  • Robert Corona says:

    The Palestine have no say so???this people are divided!!!

  • Robert Corona says:

    Go to war!!!!

  • Hashim Rose says:

    Awesome presentation! @Sandra

  • Dr EJ Langseth says:

    I don’t understand WHY Islamic arguments FOR a separate Palestinian state have status when the land historically was given by YHWH to Jews long before there was Muhammad. First there was Abraham who took a concubine to have a son who went on to be the Palestinian heritage while Abraham —a Jew— had a son continuing the Jewish lineage in ISRAEL. Canaan was a loose knit multitheistic tribal people who were awakened to Allah ,, the same God of Abraham known centuries earlier before the Babylonians took the Jews into slavery. Yeshua (Jesus, of Abraham and King David’s Judaic lineage) was born 4BC. Muhammad ‘Allah’s Prophet’ of Abraham’s lineage, and author of the ‘Quoran’ was not historically recognized as the founder of Islam until many centuries later. So science, history and religion concur the lands belong to Israel.

  • Peselo says:

    New chair. Lol.

  • Mr steel yo says:

    She is so hot 🔥

  • bella frances says:

    If Xi Jinping is in Israel, all Palestinians would be for live body organs and free labor.

  • Delon Thomas says:

    Where to start

  • Syed Shah Nawaz Ali says:

    They are creating the largest jail the world has ever seen actually. This is why Israelis love it. It is final solution for their ‘Palestinian problem’.

    This is setting for Armageddon. What Arabs fail to understand is that, when Israel is free from oppressing Palestinians it will turn it’s gun to Arabs for creating Greater Israel.